Friday, 27 November 2009

Photo Round Up Phase 2 - 14/11/09

Here is a quick round up of photos from the last phase!


Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
Just a quicky before work. Letter and cherry drops on its way. Joe had a dream last night that he got a letter from you. I told him 'In you dreams!!' Hope you are having a good phase three. I think its going to zoom by now' so make the most of it. Not much happening here. Went to the cinema with dad on Wednesday - good film - An Education. Alice in London this weekend for some rag thing.
Off to Jack in the Box now. Take care. Love you. Mum xx

Mandy and Rob said...

Hi Abbi

More great photos! can't see you doing any work though. I'm sure your new found building skills will come in useful at Beauchamps!
Can't wait to see you again in 3 weeks, you will be met at Kuching and taken to Hilton Hotel, where we shall (hopefully) be.
Floss and Willough are now happily sharing a field, they just got on with it - makes my life easier too.
Take care, Mum xxx

Amy said...

Chi-Alpha 1
Hi Chi, hope you are well. Jessica sends you lots of hugs and kisses. She was ill with swine flu 2wks ago, fully recovered now and back at pre-school. She volunteered to be king in the xmas play, she said she didn't want to be mary because she didn't want to have a baby!! bless:-). will take loads of pic for you to see when you get back.
Keep up with the good work.
Amy xxx

gubby said...

Heyy lexi
wow, home is very quite without you, it's weird. swimming is going really well. did my first showjumping competition, tequila went crazy, jumping soooo high!!!
but we got round the course with only 1 fence down, which is fairly some of your photos,when you're trekking, you don't look to happy. hope you're having fun
luv ya xxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie (now Alpha 7)
Was really good to talk on the phone again albeit very quickly.
Really weird - spoke to Alice last night and she is going to London tomorrow for a Rag thing and Nicola is driving the mini bus!
I really hope you enjoy the last phase. Make the most of every moment as it will all go very quickly now.
Everyone here is fine. Things are busy in Toyland - but they should be at this time. Yummy Dough got into one top ten list and Build-it with Bob got into anothers top twenty.
Cant wait to see you. Take Care
Love Dad xxxxx
(and Mum and Joe!)

kate Horne said...

to lotte humber

hello snotty!
hope its going well with the sunbears! sounds like it will be fun! hope u ewere able to get a msquito net! hows it sleeping in a basher? (get me with all the jungle lingo!)
Liking all the pics of you with the big pipes! also there is a pic of you where it looks like your in some kind of bin...? whats that all about? gotta say tho they are proper 'kodak moments' pictures on the blog. everyone seems to be having a good time.
I wish i was on a gap year! stupid pointless foundation! actually feeling like quiting atm tbh. lol. not much has happened really since we last spoke. not going to see cai n lewis anymore either.
oooo ive just realised there are videos on the blog! hope your in one of them!
also your letter still hasnt come!! stupid postmen! they might as well still be on strike! i start my job on mon which is a bit nervey. Also a bit depressing as i had kind of convinced myself that is i didnt get a job for long enough some one would just start giving me money for doing nothing! which would be very nice. Its soo soon now till you back!! :)
I keep wanting to ask questions but forget you cant reply! lol silly me!
anyways hope your well!

not really missing you anymore. haha JOOOOOOKKKEEES. ( i think that joke is almost as good as my orange for a head one!!)


Anonymous said...

Dan O,
You look like you are havin toooooo much fun out there... you won't want to come home.
sorry I missed your call at least you got to speak to nan, gramps and ash. I was away at the riot that weekend. Hope you got your cards ok and have a great 18th birfday on the 29th. we will celebrate wen you get home.
Not long now.
Miss ya loads
mum and ash XXXX oxoxox

kate Horne said...

To Lotte Humber

I just got your letter! maybe the postman isnt useless afterall seeing as he clearly read my mind that i wanted it today! amazing! haha

miss you! love you loads!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time on this phase, I'm very envious. The last phase sounded like incredibly hard work.
The animals sound amazing, particularly the orangutan who steals your food. I Googled Sun Bears, very sweet and what beautiful fur. Is there really a pygmy elephant? Amazing, though they still look pretty big to me.
The bucket shower sounds interesting! Our shower has virtually been in retirement with you gone. Morgan doesn't believe in washing and Lexie wouldn't be Lexie without the layer of dirt and snot.
Josh is hanging in there waiting to see if he has an Oxford interview, he should know in the next week. Fingers crossed.
I have finally started thinking about Christmas, Argh! Your love of surprises puts me under no pressure at all!
You'll have a bit of catching up to do with your chocolate advent calendar, and no, I'll never think you're too old for one!!
Love you loads,

Anonymous said...

Michael and Jemma... good to see some pictures of you Beth...Nana received her letter this morning and called to read it out to us....sounds like you are still having a wonderful time...we are all getting ready for Christmas and we are all looking forward to seeing you back in England...look after yourself....lots of love Mum and Dad and Jack and Amelia xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hallo Flop, hoe is het daar? Zie je al veel grote slangen (sjef). Heb je al veel bloedzuigers op je gehad? Lekker aan het genieten daar? Het ziet er heel leuk en gezellig uit daar op de foto's? Heb je al veel vrienden gemaakt haha. We verwachten heel veel leuke verhalen van je! Veel liefs en kusjes van De sourens!

Anonymous said...

Hey becci, alpha 7,
hope ur having a wicked time trecking through the jungle and getting full use of ur sexy beige trousers, which can also zip into shorts.
England is not nearly as fun without you babe and look forward to having you back soon.
Hope you an em arent getting too brown as i may have to something drastic like fake tan.
Hope Em is enjoying herself as well and is okay.
hope ur okay and not missing me too much.
Speak to you soon trouble.
Miss you loads.

sylvia van den Hoek said...

hoi lieve Lienie, had deze week al een enorm comment geschreven, maar is nergens te vinden. probeer het nog eens, intussen hebben we je ook weer gesproken en het meeste weet je al. Wat betreft ticket enz. Fijn dat Floris de brug afmaakt, anders komen die mensen nooit aan de overkant. De foto's zagen er weer vrolijk en gezellig uit. Birgitte ook nog uitgebreid aan de telefoon. Conclusie, de kinderen moesten vooral zoveel mogelijk er uit halen, nu ze daar zitten. Vandaag laatste dag onder water voor jou. Lekker gechilled? en nu nog twee weken bikkelen. Nou lieverd ook dat kan je. Hoop je nog even te spreken zo niet dan een hele goede trek. Wat een ander leven he? Pieter kwam gisteren thuis en rolt van het ene feest in het andere. Leeft meer 'nachts dan overdag krijg ik de indruk. Lienie heel veel liefs van ons drieen en we houden van je. mams

Alice Sharman said...

Hi katie (alpha 7)
Just thought i'd quickly say hi, although your back in a few weeks!!!
Was nice to speak to you on the phone last week, good to hear your having a good time.
I went to London yesterday to do some RAG thing, spent most the day in Covent Garden which was good, very pretty and christmasy :)
Lara has gone on her ski season in France, she left on thursday but i spoke to her on facebook chat and she seems to be having a good time.
I've got quite a few assignments to do at the moment but I go back in less than two weeks whch seems strange, has gone very fast!!
Our halls christmas ball is next weekend and then I'm going out for a christmas meal with my friends. It's going to be very weird being away from then when I've spent so much time with them this last couple of months.
See you in a few weeks, can't wait
Love you,

Dennis said...

Hi Alex D
It problems at last resolved with BT. You'll probably get this just before you get back. Good to see they picked you for the painting this time - do they know how good you are! ERAC club dinnr last week and week before went to Twickenham to see England loose against Aussies. Still raing here. Toon still top, Arsenal v Chelsea today and you are 2 down at half time! JW should be back before you. See you in a few weeks
E,K,H & J
PS - why's no ome wearing a sarong?

Nikita said...

Cat (now Alpha 1)
Hello my lovely! Missing you loads still. Winter's definitely here now, no more sun, just rain and wind, bloody awful!I'm off to Manchester tomorrow for a couple of days where I'm sure is even colder. Thank you sooo much for your letter, I got it after a really rubbish day at work. Thanks for rubbing it in even more tho - "i'm writing while overlooking an island" hahaa ;)! I hope you got Theo's letter - I snuck in a little message to you! Not long now!!
Enjoy building the kindergarten and loving your yellow shorts ;)
lots of love, Nikita xoxox

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!
Een tweede poging, de vorige lijkt niet te zijn opgenomen..dank 1000 maal voor je lieve brief !!Wat een verrassing !Jij bent nog heel aardig herkenbaar op het Blog, de rest van de heren zijn 'mannen-met-baarden'geworden !Ik las ook dat jullie met Alpha 3 voornamelijk onder de waterval rondhangen in Imbak Canyon !!Heerlijk, joh ! Zal een mooie droom zijn, die vallei.
De KLM heeft mij getrakteerd op een intensieve Kerstreis naar...KUL !Een 9-daagse, van 23 tot 31 dec.Jij zal in die tijd op stap zijn met je klupje..bel ons even zo snel je de kans hebt na terugkomst in KK.Tjonge , wat zijn die 12 weken straks hard gegaan !!En wat zijn we benieuwd naar de verhalen en de foto's!!! Love you..namens ons allemaal ! mama

mattevans said...

Hey Katie Watie (Sharman)!

Think I have got to grips with this thing - about time like! I do apologise for not leaving you a message sooner. I have been looking at all the photos and blog posts, looks like you are having such an amazing time, I'm very jealous and at the same time very proud of you!

I have missed you being here in Leicester with us, it just hasn't been the same without you! I would like to say that Nic was a very good driver when we went to London yesterday, very safe! We both looked after Alice too!

I have nothing to report, except lots of work - we do a module this year called 'Hot Topics' - it's all about debating and I'm rubbish at it so I will be getting 0% in that.

Anyway I hope you are well and I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Lots of love, Matt! x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi James (Jimbow, Timmy!)

Hope your hand feels better after being bitten off by that wild savage bear! haha! We are missing you lots at home. Not long now.

Glad to hear you have made some awesome friends, sure you will be visiting them when you get the chance to at home. Mum and dad had a nice weekend Christmas Shopping in Bath. We have got you some chocolate ready for when you land, but kellys cornish will have to wait. I am also just making you a present for when you return, to get you up to date with the world (hint hint) :D

Also, i have bought some new games and controllers for the Wii so we can have lots of games when you get back! Sounds good.

Your 'lottie lotment' is missing you. Say hello to the sunbears for us, bet they are lovely and cute. Hope Edna the Orangutang isn't causing anymore trouble. Looking forward to seeing your pics - the ones on facebook look great :D

Love Nat, Dad & Mum


Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
Got your letter at the weekend, so Joe's dream came true!! So good to hear from you and it sounds as though you have got loads of stories to tell us. Glad the journal is being used so you won't forget a thing.
Whats this - I've got a plan for January? Please tell us more? Can't wait for you to come back. Missing you loads. I'm sure roast beef and yorkshire pudding will be on the menue.
Joe has a couple of babysits to do for next door and in his mind has already spent the money!
Alice is home in about one and half weeks. She is bringing back a uni friend for a couple of nights before she flys off to Singapore.
Toffo looks very silly in his funnel and goes around bumping into things. And Jezerbell needs Alice back now, so that she can annoy her instead of us.
Take care. Love you lots and lots.
Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

Chris B said...

Hi Emily (Alpha 7)
We really enjoyed speaking and texting during your changeover. Now we have also seen the latest pictures on the blog which are amazing. What's with the walking sticks? England is dark, wet,windy and cold so enjoy the sun while you can. We are sure the re-building phase will be a tremendous time, perhaps you can fix a few things for us when you get home !!
Your car was serviced and valeted today and looks brand new.
As ever, we miss you and look forward to 18 December - bacon butties at the ready.
Lots of love Dad & Mum xx

Ellie said...

Message for Amy Stirk
hey amy:)... hope your having fun. Back home in three weeks and then christmas! exciting! anyway, bubbles is still not rideable because of her im not appy and might not beable to do the indoor cross country thing again:( but ( you wont be too happy with this) i was planning on entering for the sherell duke bursarys -- dont think ill get in thoguh but it'll be a good experience--entries have to be in ont he 12th so you cant help me and i dont really know what to write-- but im hoping when you'll get backk you'll help me with bubbles:) seeing as you havent seen her being ridden yet ..but you can ride her when u get back..slight problem though...we're pretty sure she's a 3 year old instead of 4--hence the baby teeth falling out and only getting these teeth now! i'll need a lot of help! i hope you have fun!

Stefan and Nick said...

Hello there Matthew Mitchell,

Hopefully you've got my letter by now and it should have kept you up to date with stuff up to that point. Soo, what's happened since then i hear you cry... well, the biggest news of the month.... Spurs beat Wigan 9-1 the other Saturday and Defoe scored 5!

But also, that ratty little Russian Davydenks won the ATP World Tour Finals in Londs! He beat del Pots in the final! Was ments! (so many plurals..) Murray won 2 out of his 3 games but went out on games won % or some bollocks.

Aside from that.. I have a 'news day' tomorrow, i'm Sports Editor ffs. So much pressure. Can i handle it?! Nick has just started his new 'job'.. but he'll want to tell you about that at a later date i'm sure :)

You're gunna have no time to buy any Xmas presents for me by the time you get back, so just do an 'Angelina/Madonna' and bring me back a small child. I'll look after him, i promise.

Anyway, Nick says "hi mate, see you soon, love you hard", Stu's funeral is on Christmas Eve and Eddie is going on trial for manslaughter (long story) in February 2010.

Stay safe matey, big love,

Your boyfriend Stefan, and bit on the side N. Pryce xxx

Claire said...

Hi Joel,

There's certainly some interesting photos of you with the 'comedy moustache' on the blog! Hope you been having a lovely time of Dive Island and best of luck with your 13 day trek, it sounds horrific! It was lovely to hear from you properly at Changeover and again at the weekend. Can't wait to hear your voice and see you when you're back. I've just finished writing a letter, hopefully it will get ot you before youleave. Apologies if I've already told you some of the stuff in it!

Avoid the leeches,
Claire xxx

The Pecks!! said...

Laura, mum here hope the trek is as amazing as all the other phases.Saw the piccies looks like we will be selling all your dresses on e bay if you lose much more weight, or maybe sis will turn into a girly girl lol.By the time you get this will be finished work and been to xmas markets with nanny in Germany ,not quite the same as you but a trip neverthelesss.Bedroom coming along nice and my ceiling repaired, not my wallet though sadly.Anyway enjoy the last few weeks, see you soon much love mum xxx

Sarah said...

Hi Ali,

I cooked my first roast completely by myself on sunday - I did pork and the crackling was perfect - you would have loved it. Maybe I can cook for you a bit more when you come back!
Loving the muscles in the picture of you holding the water pipe - very impressive, I hope they will still be present when you return!
My parents sent my advent calendar to work so I would have it to open today - I am pretty spoilt!
5 months today till I see you! Woo hoo! Missing you all the time!
Love you, your girl

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!!
Een derde poging om 'n verhaal op 't blog te krijgen....wie weet !! Het lijkt erop dat er gesensureerd wordt op nederlands talig !!!!Dank opnieuw voor je lieve brief !! We zijn ermee verguld, hoor !Hoop dat je onze twee pakketjes ook zult ontvangen.Ik wacht nog even met uitwijden over onze Kerst-plannen..dit stond nl. in een vorige krabbel aan jou..wie weet plaatsen ze dit 'ooit' nog en dan wordt dit zo'n suffe herhaling...laat even iets van je horen zodra het mogelijk is...ivm omzetten ticket !Hier alles verder OK..Kus, mam

MITCHELL said...

Hello Matthew,
It was lovely speaking to you on the weekend, and hearing the waves lapping on the seashore as you spoke - very evocative, also enjoyed reading your letters. Well done with the diving.

Have rung Cathay Pacific. It would have cost an extra £50 to extend your stay one day - which I didn't think was bad, BUT unfortunately the only flight out of Kota Kinabalu was completely full, so no go I'm afraid.

Saw Stefan's blog. I do hope that was some sick in-joke about Stuart. Your sort of humour. (It can't be true, can it?)

Well, my son, you're now on to the final phase of the Great Adventure and we hope you enjoy the challenge as much as the previous phases. Take care, hope the leeches aren't too formidable.
All our love Mum and Dad xxxxxx

sylvia said...

he lieve Lienie, helaas hebben we elkaar niet meer gesproken. En mijn laatste comments heben ze ook niet ontvangen. Een raadsel waarom de ene keer wel en de andere keer niet. Je loopt nu af te zien en honger te leiden. We vinden je allemaal heel erg zielig.Ik mis je vrolijke noot in huis. Gelukkig heb je in het antwoord apperaat in gesproken, kan ik af en toe je stem horen. Nee hoor schatje, zo erg is het niet. Hier gaat alles lekker zijn gangetje. Zet hem op en ik hoop dat je Tarzan niet tegen komt. liefs Syl


Hej Tim,
Du verkar ha det väldigt kul och intressant där du är, jättespännande, och förhoppningsvis varmt och skönt.
Vi får höras till jul eller nyår när du kommer till Sverige, om vi inte hinner träffas då.
Kram från Sivan i ett kallt och lite isigt Umeå.

Rosanna said...

Hello Jamie (Alpha 7)!

Just a quick message to tell you that you got to next round of Rolls Royce!! One assessment day is Dec 14th but your mum spoke to them and they said you can go to the one in Jan...they'll be in touch again closer to the time.

Absolutely can't wait to see you on the 18th!!

Love you lots,

Ro xxx

samdelahaye said...

Hey Charlie (dlH),
We're officially in the new house! Not without a bit of drama..boroughbridge flooded completely and temp dropped to minus figures. Nice. Got my 45 mile race in Brecon this Saturday..getting a bit stressed about it, but sure I can wing it somehow!? Isla back on R n R soon - I will get her to blog/txt you!! Hope all going well..loads love Sxx

dino Koong said...

Richard !!

Having a good time ? Don't stop yourself now ! keep that heat ! I'm so eager to hear stories from you when you get back! Take good care and enjoy to the max! Jaga baik-baik bah !

Kate Horne said...

Lotte humber

Hello lotte
i heard a joke you might like! i thought it was v funny. but you know my taste in jokes soo..

ALSO dont read start down to the punch line obvs as it will ruin it!!!
pkay here goes...Late last Saturday night; a young chap was walking home from a club.
It was a cold, wet, windy evening, and he was tired and freezing.
Most of the streetlights in the area were broken, and the silence was only broken by the occasional sound of a stray cat sifting through a dustbin.
Then suddenly he heard a strange noise.......
Startled by this, he turned, and to his amazement, through the driving rain, he saw the faint outline of a large box turning into his road.
He froze to the spot, he couldn't believe his eyes, as the box approached from the shadows, he was able to make out its shape more clearly....
It was a coffin
Not wanting anything to do with this, he put his head down and started walking briskly home.
He could feel the coffin gaining on him, he started walking faster...........
The coffin was closing with his every step, he started to jog, but he heard the coffin speed up after him......
He started to sprint, but so did the coffin .......
Eventually he made it to his front door, but he knew the coffin was only seconds behind. Fumbling around in his pocket, he pulled out his keys, his hand trembling, he managed to open the lock, he dived inside slamming the front door behind him.
He shot into his front room, and slumped into his comfy chair.
Suddenly there was a loud crash, as the coffin smashed its way through the front door
The force of the impact broke the lock off the coffin allowing the lid to swing frely on its rusty hinges as it continued its chase.....
In horror the young lad fled again, as fast as his shaking legs could take him he bolted upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door........
The coffin again gave chase up the stairs, across the landing and launched itself at the bathroom door. With an almighty smash, the bathroom door flew off its hinges.....
The coffin stood in the doorway, then started to approach the young terrified lad.
In a last ditch attempt to save his skin, he reached for his bathroom cabinet......He grabbed a bar of Imperial Leather soap and threw it at the coffin.........still it came ........
He grabbed his can of Lynx deodorant and threw it .....still it came BUMP...SCREECH...BUMP...SCREECH...
He grabbed his first aid kit and threw it ......still it came......
He grabbed some Benalin cough mixture and threw it........

The coffin stopped.

HAAAAAA do you get it!
lol cough...coffin.
as my grandad used to say ts not the cough that carries you off, its the coffin the carry you off in.

hope you like it and it made you laugh! also hope your not feeling sick anymore!

love you xxxxxxxx kate

fam. de Vos said...

Hello Raleigh !!!

I would like to ask you why you didn't let my comments through the last week ?? I tried to send some information to my son Floris de Vos, but you didn't publish it ...???
Didn't you receive it ?
I don't see any Dutch comments anymore....maybe there is a problem ?
I hope it can be solved ??

With kind regards, Brigitte de Vos

Theo said...

For Catherine Andrade

Heya Cat, got your letter yesterday, and your mum gave me an update after you talked to her as well. Hope youre enjoying the last phase and that you can bring back some warmth for me, its getting rather cold here these days.

Oslo on the weekend was really good, the gig was insane, and there were so many people there from home. I've rediscovered my hate for people from oslo though. Oh and exciting news, Ivar and Kristine are in the process of getting back together, woop. Happy for em.

Anywho, cant wait to talk to you when you get back to england. Love you lots cutie. Hugsies from Theo.

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - you've asked for more football info so being an obliging sort.....I'll oblige! Further to my earlier message today, perhaps you do now want to be in the Carling Cup semi final as it's v City who beat Arsenal 3- 0. Well, I think that's what the score was! City are getting excited at the prospect of winning their first trophy since 1976 apparently!! The other semi is Rovers v Villa (Rovers beating Chelsea on pennies 3-3 draw then 4- 3 on penalties!)

Think I've posted my earlier message in the wrong place - I'll see if I can C & P it to the correct place when it appears tomorrow - then again you might get it read out over the radio whether or not, or you may be completely out of contact on the trek or how ever many metres under the sea even!!

All for now,

Much love, Mum x

Vicki Hinks said...

Hiya Meg
You must be well into your trekking now - no pictures sadly, so can't catch up with how it's going, or how it looks like it's going! Hope it's not too hard - maybe you'll get the bug and we can trek round Blighty! We're all fine - nothing to report. Still in denial that christmas is so near - still got to do Venice next weekend with Gramps and PJ, still go to buy all the pressies and think about where we'll be and what we'll do - and still have to work. I'll have finished for the year when you get home so lots of time to be together! Dad's fine, O is aggghhhhhhh! We all miss you lots and can't wait for you to get home - anything you need booking? Speak soon hopefully
Mum xxxxxxxxxxx and them x

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - thinking about you, as always, and hoping you are well. Treking and diving - wow - hope they are the icing on the cake and the cherry on top (random!)Did I say we've received a second letter? Well, your first letter really! All sounds inspirational! You let lucky with the Raleigh 25th Anniversary celebrations - hope you got plenty of something good to eat under the silver dome on the table! I don't suppose you got a drink drink, did you?

All is well at this end - other than, well, it has been confirmed that it has been the wettest November since 1951! So, definitely need to enjoy any sun you can get before you arrive home.

Went to Christmas markets on Saturday with the Smarts, plus Sunday Times Wine Tasting at Manchester Town Hall, plus Italian meal out, and United won v Portsmouth (?) - so a good day was had by all. Thomas sounds as cut off as you - no car (blown his engine!, no internet (new house) and no phone (don't know why!)He enjoyed the Ricky Gervais tickets though.

Dad and James went to United last night and James B went too as H is on a Carribean cruise! Won v Spurs - now in semi final of Carling Cup (do you want to be in that?!).

I'll leave it at that for now. Keep on enjoying every minute.

Lots of love, Mum, Dad, James and Grandpa xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,
Not long until you're home now.
It's starting to feel Christmasy here. It's Morgan's carol service next week and his class have all the readings. I say readings, but they have to memorize their lines. He's going to be in Scotland with your father the weekend you get back. Oh well.
Josh's play, Amadeus, starts tonight. Prince Charles came and watched one of their rehearsals last week, Josh spoke to him but didn't get to do his magic trick.
Lexie actually has clothes on, so it must be cold here.
Oh, I rather stupidly deleted your text about Christmas presents! Ooops!
Am I right in thinking you have written to some people!? Wow! I didn't know that your generation knew how to do that. Back to basics.
Anyway, I hope you're working hard and having fun.
Love you loads,

sylvia said...

dear Birgitte, mother from floris the Vos, that's funny the moment you write something in english it is published!I too was wondering were me comments went.
Great that Floris is finishing the bridge so the people there can finally get to the other side of the river. Ahhhh writing in English is good to practice but it takes a awful lot of time. It's to long ago I finished Highschool.

Ellie said...

message for Amy Strik
hey amy! thought i would leave you another comment! mum complained about the spelling on my last one so i'll try and improve! we're starting to get christmas decorations up with the advent calendar...mum filled it with the really nice lindt chocolates ! so everything should be up by the time you get back which is quite soon! and the christmas dinner is next week as well so i have a really nice dress and black high heels in which my walking is improving! but that should be fun:) and i think i will be able to ride bubbles on saturday so that should be good! i tried to write my bursary entry today which didnt go to well and i couldnt find yours to compare! but you will really need to help me with bubbles:) me and mum are going to try to make lolli sparkle for when you get back :) i hope your having fun and i'll see you soon!!
ellie xxx

Anonymous said...

HI Adam, Hope all is well. Thank you for your lovely letter,sounds like you have been very busy, and still fighting off the leeches, finding one on the head sounds scary.
Glad your tummy is now ok, sounds like your coping with everything really well. Time is ticking on and you will be home again soon, looking forward to seeing you,
Dad and I have just got back from Paris which was lovely. We did a lot of walking, taking in the sights, had lunch up the Eiffell Tower, went to see the Mona lisa, and crammed in some Christmas shopping.
Rachael is off to Australia tomorrow (friday) and she is looking forward to some warmer weather. Dad and I are off to the company xmas do next thursday, we are having it at Woburn Abbey so it should be nice.
Phil is off at the moment on study leave, he has Xmas exams,so no rubbing it in when you get back..
I'am going to try to get the Xmas trees up this weekend, hopefully, and try to dragg Phil to Costco for the beer and wine, and hopefully it will still be here when you get back home.
Anyway, nothing much else to report at moment. Hope you get this for the weekend missing you loads.


The Godmother said...

Hi Sam,
Still following your escapades on the blog. We are looking forward to seeing you when you get back and hearing your fantastic adventures. Christina managed to get a place in a box at the United match on Wednesday night courtesy of Kate's boss. Apparently made some awful football faux pas but not heard how bad... Not being the least interested in football it will probably seem quite a sensible comment to me!! Christina was dining haut cuisine and dad was in the crowd eating a pie!!!! What is that quote from Roy Keane re people in boxes and prawn sandwiches??
The new kitten is now climbing the curtains and generally making herself at home. Went into Manchester with some friends today to go round the European Market, really good; met with Christina after work to spend more money and get a lift back. Called at your house on our way back and Rolo was delighted to see us... Jim nowhere in sight - dad thought he must be at the gym.
Manchester is super busy at the moment as you can expect.
Good to see pictures of you again. Keep up the good work
Love Lizxx