Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo Montage - Phase 1

Phase 2 has started and the new project groups are out and about doing their bit to improve not only themselves, but also the environment and the communities of Sabah.

Herewith a few pictures from the first phase (click on a picture to enlarge)...

ALPHA 1 - Kindergarten in Kampung Minusoh

ALPHA 2 - Gravity water feed system in Kampung Tampasak

ALPHA 3 - Building infrastructure for conservation purposes in Imbak Canyon

ALPHA 4 - Building infrastructure for conservation in Sepilok

ALPHA 5 - Dive/Trek

ALPHA 6 - Trek/Dive

 ALPHA 8 - Reforestation in Kudat


fiona said...


Love the photos of you in your last group. Hope you enjoyed the diving and that it isn't too uncomfortable (and wet) in the rainforest. Miss you terribly. Bella's doing her mocks at the mom. Ems is fine as is Daddy. Everyone sends their love. Keep getting in those photos! Fiona

gubby said...

hey sis!!
just got back from italy, and it was amazing (but very cold).i got six pb's. in my 100 free i did 1.00, in the 100 back i did 1.10, in my 50 free i did 27 and in my 50 back i did 32, in my 50 fly i did 33 and the most amazing, 50 breast i did 39. i came 8th. you would of done amazing though, and... ash has requested for you to come train with him. hope your having fun. talk to you later!

Sarah said...

Hey Ali Parry!

Just got your postcard which was so exciting! I was so happy it arrived and have shown it to everyone! Is lovely to see some more pictures of you - glad to see that Captain Planet is still in place - I bet it has turned your whole arm green! Been doing some research for you about NZ and have put it all in an email - its nice to pretend I am going away!
Hope you are not having to see too many snakes whilst you are in the jungle! We are watching a David Attenborough programme you would love it!
Love you and missing you,


Anonymous said...

He schatje, om 24 00 uur voor het slapen gaan toch nog even kijken en ja hoor weer leuke foto's van jou en je eerste project. het is zo leuk om je dan even te zien en.... je lacht nog steeds. Vandaag mailde Raleigh London dat ze nieuwe glazen in je bril willen zetten. Prima ik heb ze wel verteld dat ze het hier al twee keer hebben geprobeerd zonder goed resultaat. Wel een gezeur he? of mag je nu je lenzen in?
Ik hoop dat je het nu net zo gezellig hebt als het eerste project. Ook hier is het nat en wordt het steeds kouder. dag schatje. ik hou van je. liefs mam

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jack, Africa, Taylor and Courtney.
Great pics guys,and great work too. You are all doing a fantastic job, keep it up hey. By the way, we are having a big welcome home BBQ for you on 21st Dec, and you are all coming:)hint hint! It will be a great opportunity for you to network, and also to tell a few tales from the jungle. You will also be meeting Andy, our new Manager. He's x Raleigh, and is looking forward to meeting the 'thunder from downunder'.

Take care guys, we are all so proud of you.

Love and hugs from Nikki and all at BTG.

Gerry O'Keeffe said...

Hello Julia

Hope the kindergarten is fun. My knee op has gone ok and I am at home but hobbling on crutches for a day or so as it is now very stiff and swollen. Hopefully it will ease up very quickly

Love from all of us

Anonymous said...

Hey Lotte,
It was good to see you in some photos. Lexie likes looking at them but wants to know what everyone is called, so we've allocated people random names.
The house is strangely tidy with you gone and I seem to have so much more cash than usual!
The good news is that you've won the Premium Bonds, the bad news is that it's only £25. Better than nothing though!
Morgan is off to the rugby at Twickenham on Saturday, not an important match, it's only England.
Josh has had his interview at UCL, it went well and they made him do a magic trick.
Lexie's birthday is on Monday and she is so looking forward to blowing out the candles on her cake, she seems to have no clue that there are presents too.
We're all missing you, Have fun.
Lots of love, Mummy

Rolien said...

ha die lieve Lienie, wat leuk om je spoor een beetje te volgen en die leuke foto's in de jungle te zien. we zijn heel trots op je zoals je het allemaal doet! Hier blijft alles zoals het is, Syl had lekker boerenkool gemaakt, omdat we samen vaak eenzame weduwen zijn proberen we er maar steeds wat gezelligs van te maken. het weekend na sinterklaas gaan we naar uistland, ipv dat peter hier komt zullen we daar de boele eens onveilig maken. lekker naar de kerstmarkt enzo, (haha). De meiden gaan allemaal goed, Margriet in capetown, maakte speciaal voor ons een skydive... Lidwien gezellig in Grun en met veel vriendinnen maakt ze de boel onveilig. Annelot Kuiper woont bij haar in huis nu. Tjerkje heeft een echte baan en dat valt haar wel zwaar. Ze vindt het stom dat ze zo veel en lang op haar werk moet zijn, nooit meer even lekker iets anders doen als je er ineens zin in hebt... Wat da betreft heb jij nog een lekker leventje te gaan! Geniet er maar van en maak veel vrienden, zodat je zo nu en dan nog een sover de wereld kunt vliegen om ze op te zoeken! Dag lieve Lienie, dikke kus van Tallien en ik denk ook van Willem, maar die is er nu even niet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali Parry,
Mum here. It was great to hear from you the other day, trust me to make an idiot of myself with the the exchange by hanging up, but was'nt expecting a phone call from you, so it was a lovely surprise. Hope the finger is healing up ok, cant say I was surprised to hear you had an accident with a machette. Please try and be careful !!!
Dani had a great birthday and Sarah sent some amazing dairy free Brownies. John took her to the Lake District and they had a great time.
Starting to get cold now, and town getting busy and the Christmas markets start next week, so it will be lots of sausages and mulled wine for lunch.
Will post you a letter promise.
Look like you are all having an amazing time.
Miss you loads darling. xxMum

Phillip said...

Hi ad its the do,
All looks pretty jokes, i know yur not in the jungle anymore but i hope when u were there u managed to find a leech or two then put it on some1 when they werent watching. word on the street is yur building something atm, not really sure what that means but hope its going ok. nothing much is going down at home, gonnna visit some ppl in notts then head up 2 leeds for maxs bday soon, works pretty avg, will be revising when u get back so im sure ull enjoy that. gonna go meet prawn and tom for a drink now, peaccee x

The Hickens said...

Hey Ali, glad to hear you are having a good time, Going to Jades on Friday, so will think of you.
Lots of Love Lesley and Ow Ow xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, just been on the blogg again, saw you on the new pictures. The jungle shots look pretty dense, your still looking good even after the trotts.(What some people will do to be able to swing in a hammock all day, hey) Coping with the leeches still sounds pretty horrific, we're just trying to cope with a little field mouse in the house at the moment- Rachael keeps on letting out loud girly screams. Gemma is home this weekend, (we haven't warned her yet) - should be interesting. Gems said she will blogg you when she is over, its been a bit awkard for her at the moment because there isnt any internet at her flat, -I believe phil has already blogged you. Sending you a letter this week, been told it takes about a week to get to you! Phase two sounds interesting, hope it all goes well. All is well here, anyway missing you loads, lots of love Mum x from the Watts Clan.

MITCHELL said...

Hi Matt
Just been on line and see an update and lots of photos. Started to panic because there wasn't one of my beloved son. Why!!!- Silly me. They were photos of the first phase.
Have sent a letter. Hopefully you will get it before you move on again.
Dad and I have bad colds. No other news.
Hope all is well with you, I do worry.
Lots of love
Mum xxxxx

SooTee said...

Hey Drew Thomson, you look wilder every photo but happy and enjoying life. And now you have all this building experience you can come home and do some for us! I've been doing my own extreme makeovers at the Broons whilst they are in Australia and then we are off to Florida to escape the wrath of Tom! You may have missed your graduation but you can't miss your birthday on the 15th so have a great one and we're all wishing you the very best. Take care
Love Mum

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie ( Alpha 5 )

Dad and I have been looking at all the new photos of you from Imbak Canyon - still smiling in all of them. Cant wait to see some photos of the diving - hope the trek is going ok for you and your wobbly ankles are holding up! love you lots and lots miss you loads xxxx Mum + Dad xxxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie
It was great to talk on the phone.
1 can't believe it was over a week ago. I can't believe you called just as we were showing the girl the text message at the Odeon for
Orange Wednesday!- Sorry we had to phone back!. We saw UP - wasn't that good actually. Anyway I hope you are having a great time in Imbek. I am sitting in my office
trying to think of a way to get the whole world to know about Yummy Dough. I will keep you posted how I get on. Have to go now.
love you loads and cant wait to here about further adventures.
Take care. Love Dad and of course Mum, Joe, Alice. Jes, Toffo etc.xxxx

The Pecks!! said...

Laura mum here, thought u may like a giggle sadly at my expense.Went in loft to investigate a leak in my bedroom ceiling and clever me put foot through ceiling, foot ok and i,m ok too but needlesss to say ceiling has a lovely hole in it.So xmas is off this year lol.Hope u ok and this phase though different is still as good.Hear from you soon love mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

Not sure if you got my last blog message as couldn't find it when looking at all the messages.
Anyway hope you've recovered from 'the bug' and are all fighting fit again.
The photos on the blog are great and good to see you all having a fantastic time. Will write this week with more news from home.
Missing you loads and can't wait to see you at Christmas with all your stories.
Take great care and loads of love.
Mum xx

Mike said...

Hi Alastair
it was good to speak to last week and glad that you enjoyed the trek and diving (sounds like real hard work, ha!).
Went over to see Danielle on her birthday last friday (25 now). John had surprised her with a couple of days in the Lake District which she enjoyed as the weather was really good.
Well, have I had fun tying to get your deposit back from the letting agent. I called every day for a week before Dan would take my call. He assured me that the money was transferred last Thursday but guess what, no money. Anyway, a few more terse calls and another week, the money is now in your account.
I guess you will struggle to find somewhere to spend it out there ??
Good luck with your current project and hope it contributes to the local area.
Look after yourself
Love Dad

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie,
Just been on the blog and seen a load of photos of the first phase. Managed to find you in some of them. You look very fetching in your diving suit!! actually you all look a bit shell shocked, as though you have just been told about the numerous jelly fish that you will see under the sea. The trek looked brilliant too, the jungle so dense and steep in some places. Hope the bridge is going well. You must be so fit with all the digging, trekking etc.
We are all fine. Had a good time at Ann and Erics - the normal late night, a bit too much too drink and ending with dad and Eric getting on down with the guitars.You get the picture. Joe looked after Toff at home and actually ended up staying the night at home with Matty. Toff has a bit of a poorly paw and is limping around looking a bit pathetic. Dads bought him a bone!!
Alice is good and is doing some rag thing towards the end of the week. I've got the Centre Parcs girls round for a meal on Friday and then on Saturday evening dad and I are at the Beamens with the Knotts and the Whites. They all ask after you and send their love. Will end now. Take care sweetie. Love and miss you loads and can't wait to hear all you news.
Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Dan O,
See you is having a great time, love the diving outfit very sexy...
Did ya know you were in the paper again this week. No picy of you just telling peeps about raleigh project and drumming up new interest.
You are not missing much here, the weather is wet, windy and miserable. Got ya letter forgot you knew how to write....joke :-D.
Carry on with all the good work out there.
Bye love ya bye
Mum and Ash

Vicki Hinks said...

Hey Megs
All well here - Dad had his op and is fine - hobbling a bit but it was all good - he'll live to kick the dog again!
It's O's b'day today - she was quite down that it's the first one ever that you've not been together, bless! She's had a new camera (not as nice as yours as she's only 16!) and stuff - she's off to see Flo Rida tonight with her girls - hope she comes back in one piece! No other news really - we miss you loads -where's my letter?? Love seeing the photos - you all look like you're having the time of your lives - I hope so. Love you lots, take care, Mum, Dad and O xxxxxxxxxxxx

Alice Sharman said...

Hi Katie,
Just thought I'd quickly say hi. I'm fine, going home next weekend which i'm looking forward to.
Seen some photos of you which look really good and you seem as though your having an amzing time.
I gave in my first english assignment which was awful but apart from that uni is good.
Missing you lots,
love your bestest sister, alice xx

Nikita said...

Dearest Cat! I miss youuu! Hope you're having a wonderful time. Loving the pix.
Guess what? It's pouring down here in London - our own monsoon season.
Been so busy with work, I've forgotten what a social life is. They've decided to keep me on til April which I'm pretty happy about. I'm going back to Manchester for a couple of days at the end of the month - my own little adventure out of London, haha. Sadly no sunbears there.
Went back to the Legion for Ben's birthday, will have to go back there for your return plus for a Vietnamese lunch next to my office!
My graduation is coming up - a few days before you're back so you'll be able to see the cringey pix haha.
Take care my lovely, have a brilliant time and keep safe.
Love Nikita xoxo

The Pecks!! said...

laura peck (alpha 3)

hey laura, dan here. hope u r wel n having a great time. have seen many photo's of u working, lol! all is wel here. bet the weather is great there. its raining pretty much everyday here :( lol. hope to hear from u soon :) have a great time! xxx

Sharmans said...

Hello Katiee,

I am ok. Looks like you are having a great time. This morning Toff went to the vet and had injections for his paw which he really liked (only Toffo would like going to the vet)He has a bandage on and looks quite funny. Only about five weeks untill your home and im off school for Christmas! :D
It was funny speaking to you on the phone at the cinama the other day.
Hope your you ok and having fun Smell!
Jasabale says hi.
speak to you soon!

love joe and toffo

fam . de Vos said...

Lieve Floor !!!

Wat was het een feestje om je even te spreken,vorige week !Zag je net op een foto met een blije toet !Heerlijk !
Hoop dat de 2e fase net zo leuk voor je is als de eerste. Maak je foto's...ik weet 't, het zijn de eerste die je zal maken in je leven...maar doe het voor ons ! Dan kunnen wij lekker meegenieten als je terugkomt !!
Hier alles OK. Maret is naar een hockeyfeest in Hengelooooo, Sander chilled gezellig door in Utrecht en pap en ik rommelen aan in Nijmegen. De kamer van Jet is zeldzaam keurig !Prachtig geschilderd, ze geniet ervan.De jouwe is ook weer opgeruimd !Een mooie tijd daarginds Floor !Liefs van ons allen !!Kus, Mam en Pap

Pieter van den Hoek said...

Heey lieve zussie, hoe maak je het? doe je veel goede dingen voor deze wereld? Ik heb net nog lekker bij onze ouders gegeten en zit op dit moment weer in Amsterdam. Ga morgen met mijn dispuuts team mee hockeyen, en owja ik heb zonder te vragen jou stick meegenomen! Ik zal er goed voor zorgen!!
Wel raar dat je straks jarig bent en er zelf niet bent, volgens mij zegt mama dit jaar nog steeds dingen af omdat ze de 21e nov als een datum heeft staan die ze vrij moet houden om jou verjaardag te vieren. Natuurlijk zal ik jou verjaardag vieren alleen dan even een keertje zonder jou. Er zal uitgebreid getoast worden!;)
Heb je al een idee wat je na deze interessante ervaring gaar doen? Ik zou er maar heel erg van genieten en proberen zoveel mogelijk van de wereld te zien. Ben jaloers op je! misschien ligt er een beetje aan wat je plannen zijn voor hierna, komen wij jou opzoeken in een lekker warm land. Hier regent het namelijk alleen maar.
Lieve zus, een hele fijne verjaardag toegewenst en maak er nog wat moois van!
heel veel liefs en een dikke kus van je broer.


Granny Ruth said...

Hello Darling Katie,
Have been watching your every move. So exciting! What phase are you on now?
Keeping well I hope and making lots of new friends.
Are you going in the jungle again?
Have you seen any orang-utans!?!
I am fine, playing alot of bridge, can't wait until christmas when I see you!
Tons of love, chumpi chumpi chumpi
So happy for you
Love you, Granny Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,
It's been really wet and stormy here. That hasn't stopped Lexie from playing barefoot in the garden wearing nothing but her swimming costume. She looks like she's been mud wrestling. You know what she's like. At the same age you would at least have had your fake fur coat on with your swim wear.
I wrote you a postcard which your grandmother kindly posted for me. After she posted it she commented that the only thing written for the address was 'Raleigh'. I guess you wont be getting it!
I think Mam wrote to you about Josh's near suspension from school. That boy has always been such a handful. He has just arrived back from Grace's 18th birthday party, so I asked him if he had anything he wanted to add to my message, this is what he said..
"what did the fish say when it swam into a wall? .......Dam"
He also adds...
"A woman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for an innuendo .......so he gives her one!"
Neither of them are a patch on Kate's orange for a head joke!
Miss you loads.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Lieve Sabine,
Wat vliegt die tijd, je bent alweer ruim met phase 2 bezig als ik het goed begrijp.
Wij zitten hier na een heerlijke herfstwandeling met een kop thee bij de openhaard en denken aan jou!
Geniet, veel plezier en suc6!

Anonymous said...

hi lieve rolien, coole foto's zeg! we hebben net met zen allen naar de foto's gekeken en het ziet er allemaal super gaaf uit! hopelijk geniet je met volle toeren en creer je daar een sfeertje zoals je dat hier ook altijd doet. wat ben je nu precies aan het doen? Hier heerst de mex-griep nu en heeft de herfst toegeslagen. doe voorzichtig en een dikke kus van James, Ellen, Fee, Jimmy, Emilie en Tessa! xxxxx

'Salmon' said...

Hey Lisa Hoongyyyyy,

Hope you're enjoying the 2nd phase!! You're not missing out on too much here...sounds like it's way more fun out there...although a bit tough...but it's probably worth it!! Hope you get my letters soon!!! Look forward to hearing from you...missing you loads!!
Take care and have a great time!! Oh and i bought new shoes too :D ..love youuuuuu

'Salmon' xxx
p.s. forgot to write in the letter but that tesco express already opened opposite lidl!!!! good times!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael (Alpha 8),

Just had another look on the blog at the new photos posted, your looking lean and mean !
Hope all is continuing to go well, Derek and Tracey were sking after you as well as te rest of the family. I heard you got to phone your mum which was good.

It's cold here now we are well into winter, football still rubbish which you may know about, though still on top of the league just.

Enjoy the rest ofyour trip, take care, everyone says hello.
Dad, Emma, Shelley and Ben x.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Carin here. Thanks a lot for the snail mail that arrived the other day. It was great to hear from you. Hope that your are well and that your skin is adjusted to the sun and the heat. Stockholm is cold and dark so I am a bit jealous of you being in a warm and sunny part of the world.
Hope to hear from you soon again. Do you have access to Internet at all?
Take care Tim. Thinking of you a lot.

Anne O'Keeffe said...

Hello Julia

Thank you for the beautiful flowers for my birthday. You made me cry again ! I have had a lovely day but we all missed you. jeni has finally received her birthday present from Mark - the VW camper van and she has been "playing" in it all weekend. Hope you are still enjoying yourself

Love from Mum, Dad and All of us

Anonymous said...

lieve rolien, alvast HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LIENIIIIEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! 18 dikke kussen, van de 6 achterburen!!!!

Julie Morris said...

Woah...defo looks from the photos like it's been hard, hot work in Phase 1, not that I imagined it any different! Hope that you are enjoying Phase 2 continuing the kindergarten and that you're keeping well and happy. Sounds a little easier and do think the order seems to have worked out OK for you ie the hardest one first! Maybe the long trek next and finish off with the leisurely sounding dive?? Anyway, (quote from the cork on a recent bottle of wine) "whatever you do, pour yourself into it"!

You do seem to have been away for ages and we are keen to hear from you - lots of messages seem to suggest people have been in contact but not us! Hope the letters are reaching you. We all think about you regularly - Liz sent you a message too as her alterego "the Godmother" but it hasn't been published - don't know what she must have put in it! You are never far from our thoughts. Take good care, Sam.

Love Mum, Dad, James and Grandpa xxxx

bilal said...

Alexia! You FINALLY got into a photo! Well done! Keep it up though, you'd better not slack off like you normally do in life...jokes :) Everything looks like its fun, very sunny too! Surprisingly theres more sun than I thought in Nottingham, doesnt stop it from raining quite often though. Been rainbows and what not though. And the campus is so amazingly beautiful. Hope you're having a good time (sure looks like it from the pictures!) and i'll definitely see you in Dubai- not long left now! Miss you! BK x

Lily Cooke said...


Looking at these pictures made me cry.
I love you so much and i am so so proud of you.

Miss you, can't wait for christmas.
Keep safe and being you.

Love you always and forever

Lil xxxxx

Lily Cooke said...

Hope you've got my letters and lyrics :D
and.. you've got some hotties out there sheesshh! love you jessy xxxxx

laur paur said...

hey alexia!!!!! how are you my lovely??? london is very busy (loads of work and essays and grammar tests!) hallowean was great - went to this club dressed as an angel (LOL) saw siobhan and nupur there! today i went to the gym and had the most intense work out of my life - i swear i wont be able to move for at least 2 days (the man was insane, he kept saying "if it hurts - it works, or "dont cry before you try". he scared me a little bit, and made me laugh. at the same time. he made us do reps of 50 and 100.... other then that ive not been up to that much, i went to eat lunch on a boat on the thames which did a buy one get one free dessert policy (how i love london). i have an esps presentation to do tomorrow (about causes of world war one - yay me) and a german grammare test - wish me luck! u look fab in ur photo btw! love u and miss u soooooo much! laur paur xx

Amalie said...

Hello Lotte!!
Hope you are well and enjoying the warmth - it's very cold and wet here in Durham, I'm very jealous of where you are! I can't wait to hear all of the exciting stuff you have been up to. I miss you so much!!

Uni is going really well, so much happening all the time. Getting a little bit stressful now with work, have so many essays and lame things like that! Wish you were here to help me with all the philosophical stuff! I need your genious! Kate was meant to be coming up tomorrow but we couldn't get a train ticket and I just found out that I have an essay that counts in for tues so thats really gay :( Can't wait for you to come visit when you are back in the counrty.

Anyway, take care baby rhino! I miss you and love you lots
XxXxXxX Chinchilla

Anonymous said...

Lieve Lien,

Al dagen denk ik aan je aanstaande verjaardag. Je 18 de. Je zit ver weg en ondanks dat je niet bij ons bent zullen wij het intens vieren. Lieve schat van harte ge-feliciteerd. Heb veel plezier met je team genoten en maak er een gezellig feestje van. Tot spoedig horens. Dikke knuffel van ons.

tessalekkerkerker said...

Lieve Lienie! GEFELICITEEEEEEEEEEEERD!!!!!!! eindelijk volwassen, en dat in de rimboe hahah! we missen je zo hard hier, zo upward feest en nu kan ik niet met je partyen! ik stuur je morgen even stukje over mn schoolfeest avonturen! heel erg gefeliciteerd en geniet van je dagje, en kom snel terug! Hele dikke kus, Lau Eef Roos Marijn Anne Anouk Laura en Eem kusje

Emz Tyler said...


I love you.

It's Emz here - your chubby-faced best friend back in rainy, rainy England! Your Mum told me how to do this, I hope it works, you know how terrible I am with technology!

I love you.

I cannot wait for you to get back home to me! I need to give you a massive hug and I'm pretty sure some SNUGGLING is also needed....I hope you just get to read this and it's not read aloud/no-body else can see it...incase they can I will keep it as clean as possible.

I love you.

I hope you are having a bloody fantastic time! And that you have made friends with lots of new people/monkeys! The monkeys are great...please try and bring one back for me, I need a new addition to my University flat!

I love you.

I am in Bristol at the moment having just had Prize Giving and Founders' Day...it was good fun but it would have been much better if you had been there. I miss you! And where is my postcard!?!? I am clearly joking, the last time I checked there weren't many post boxes in the rainforest!

I love you.

I'm glad I've finally managed to work this thing - I tried to send you a message about a month ago but it didn't work so I screamed, ran away and hid under the table. (Again, fear of technology).

I love you.

However I saw you Mum again and she told me for about the 100th time how this internet site functions...so hopefully you will receive this long and deeply boring message.

I love you.

Ok, I am setting out some rules for your remaining time in the land of the monkeys.
Here they are...

1.) Have fun!
2.) Bring me home a cute monkey.
3.) Don't forget that I love you.
4.) Wash your pants!
5.) Keep smiling.
6.) Don't forget me!
7.) Name the next monkey you see "Emz".

Ok my love, have a fabulous last few weeks! I love you and miss you and I can't wait to see you over Christmas.



Emz Tyler said...

Megan I must reiterate that I love you :)

Emz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sara said...

Alexia!! SOON you'll be back in Dubai!! Am missing you incredibly much, am always getting flashes back to when we were chilling and just being silly haha...so much of that when you're back, yeah? It's not quite the same when I sing shani's ringtone alone haha...i hope you're getting this post and will find it amidst the bajillions of comments here.....it looks like you're having a blast, i really want to do this and you can tell us all about it when you're back. and i want the juicy stuff :P anyway! update us when you can? x x x x x see you soon!