Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A whirlwind visit around Sabah...

The loop is back from a whirlwind visit to all the project sites and has exciting stories to tell.

The loop was split into two parts, the first part went to Alpha 1 and 2 and was undertaken by Mac and Alex. The second part went to Alpha 3, 4 and 7 and was undertaken by Mac, Anna and Phil. Meet the team...

Phil, Anna & Mac


Alpha 1 continue to make great progress on the Kindergarten, even finding time to take on another job that of painting the community hall. They have taken part in an inter village sports day and continue in their spare time to teach and play sports in the community.

 The loop was treated to a great lunch of pancakes by Alpha 1’s Thjis and Tim. James also decided to treat the loop to the dubious pleasure of Durian fruit Ice Cream. Not something Mac or Alex would recommend.

Alpha 2 on the Gravity Water Feed at Tampasak have ‘smashed it.’ They have done an outstanding job and are currently feeling very proud of themselves after completion of the work. It’s been a great effort from both the Alpha teams who have been there to make this project a success. It has been a physically and technically demanding project. The loop was made to feel very welcome, as always. We were treated to a great pasta dinner and then a fun Poker night (not for money - just fun). Jack proved to be great a bluffing his hand and Nick was a great teacher to Mick and Alex.

Early the next morning we left to carry on with our visits of the projects. Since Alpha 2 was already up, seeing that they rise at 05:45 every morning, they clapped the Bravo off.

Next was the visit to the stunning Imbak Canyon, one of my favourite places on earth. The whole Alpha group made the effort to trek out to meet us at ranger camp. The heavens opened as we trekked back in, but the group had already put in place some fruit punch and flapjacks for our arrival, made by the birthday girl Nicky.

No, we're only 'slighly damp'...

Although the rain didn’t really stop, it didn’t dampen the spirits of Alpha 3 as they laid on a great night of entertainment at Chez Imbak. James and Matt were both maĆ®tre d’ for the night, looking good in their ties made from AWAS tape. They served everybody with an amazing three course meal of French Canadian onion soup, Spaghetti Bolognaise and a fruit crumble for dessert.

After dinner America took on Canada in a titanic struggle of chess. Phil Logs and Julian battled it out with Canada coming out on top. A welcome dance was then performed by Sharon, Nicky, Laura and Katie. The fun didn’t end there, though. Flop and Josh then showed us the Dutch game of “Nails into Bottles.” Early the next morning we bid them fairwell and began the journey to Alpha 4 and Sepilok.

We arrived late afternoon to Alpha 4, just in time to see the first post being placed into concrete. This will form part of a broadwalk into the sunbear enclosure. Again, this is and has been a very demanding project, physically and technically. We have been lucky with the technical abilities of PM Leon, Drew, Adam and Joel, as well as the muscle of the rest of the team, especially Danny who is dubbed the Alpha 4 strongman.

Again the loop was treated to a fantastic three course meal. Finger food for starters, then Lloyd the chef with his assistants Catherine and Celine made pizza’s to order. I went for the ‘works’ and wasn’t disappointed. Then we finished on homemade chocolate truffles whilst three teams consisting of The Loop, The V’s and the PM’s played “Never Mind The Borneo Buzzcocks” hosted by Joel and Drew. I can see a future in TV for the both of them. The V’s eventually won with the help of Catherine storming the last lyric round. The night was rounded off by wishing birthday boy Drew all the best as he enters mid twenties. Sabine and Nicky PM presented the cake and a non-alcoholic fizzy grape drink, whilst Jessie PM and Tom led everyone in Happy Birthday.

Again we bid a sad farewell to Alpha 4 and made the long journey across country to Kg Nibang and the Community Hall rebuild project at Alpha 7.

We were welcomed at the impressive bridge at Nibang by Sophia, Ruthie and the team and they immediately made us feel at home. Angus, Ali, Andrew, Courtney and Ro help getting some resupplies back across the bridge. Becky made brews and showed me around the work site. Again they have smashed it, but in this case really carefully. The plan was to take down the existing community hall which has fell into bad disrepair and to rebuild it whilst recycling as much as possible of the materials to build a new community hall.

When I left the community hall was completely down. Aman and Tom have made impressive plans and numbered all bits of wood from the old community hall, so it looks like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The team with Zara PM taking the lead have also been doing some improvements to the gravity water feed system that was recently installed by the Junior Lawyers Division’s Raleigh project.

The team again prepared a great meal made by Becky and James, including garlic bread and a cheese cake. It was then another quiz night hosted by Angus. It was very funny with the questions being mostly about Scottish rugby and “What do you know about Angus” which was my favourite round. It ended in a draw.

So that was the loop! We had a fantastic time and in my year in-country as CPM I have to say it was my favourite. I would like to thank everyone in all the Alpha groups for making the loop a great one for Phil, Anna and me. It just goes to show what you can do with Raleigh Rations!

Keep the comments and letters coming because everyone out on project really loves to receive messages. As I go around it always amazes me what positive effect your letters or blog comments can have. To get something from home while they are in these remote beautiful places means a lot.


Anonymous said...

To Alpha 1
Hi Thijs,
Eindelijk valt het kwartje en hoop ik dat dit berichtje je gaat bereiken.Eerdere pogingen zijn door mijn onhandigheid nooit opgenomen. Gelukkig is er dan Joris, die me op even weg helpt.
Vandaag heb ik je kooktalent met pancakes kunnen zien. Reuze leuk je zo bezig te zien. Krijg gewoon trek om ook pancakes te gaan maken.
Met ons gaat het helemaal prima en geniet.
Dikke zoen Pa.

ann said...

for nicola alpha 3
I didn't know you could make flapjacks in the jungle!
You look like you are having a fantastic time, if not a tad wet!
Looking forward to hearing from you at changeover.
All out love mum and dad

Rolien said...

Lieve Lienie, papa heeft afgelopen week al 3 comments verstuurt, maar om een duistere reden komen ze niet door. Verkeerde knop misschien? nog 3 nachtjes slapen en je bent jarig. Ik ga wel slingers ophangen denk ik, veel taart eten en een lekker glas op je drinken.Ik ben weer erg benieuwd naar je telefoontje.Hoop dat je deze keer lekker hebt kunnen werken. Een hele hut afgebroken!? Was gisteren bij oma, heb vandaag gegolfed en zwarte pieten gefreubelt met de kinderen van fleur.Wij slaan sinterklaas dit jaar over. Niks aan zonder piet Rolien. Op de hockey vroegen ze ook al weer of je wilde Pieten. Moet ik je het recept van pepernoten nog opsturen? schatje het gaat je goed. liefs mam

Anonymous said...

Hee Floris! Hoe is het daar? Ik moest even aan je denken toen ik bij Els samen met mama de mooie sjaals van je moeder aan het bewondere was ;). En die vertelde mij over deze site. Wel raar denk ik dat je nu zo weinig communicatie middelen hebt terwijl dat hier in Nederland zo normaal is!? Ik weet nog niet helemaal hoe deze site werkt maar hoop wel dat mijn berichtje aan komt.Mis je Nijmegen al een beetje? En de biertjes op Union na de training? Toevallig nog iemand bijles wiskunde moeten geven ;)?

Nou Flo maak er nog een hele mooie tijd van daar en hoop je snel weer in Nederland te zien!

Doe de groetjes aan Rolien van me, ze weet wel als je zegt dat ik ook een vriendinnetje van Marleen ben en dat we samen een mooi avondje in 't huys hebben gehad!

Liefs Simone(Notten) ook van Carine.

Marette said...

Floortje, hoe is het daar nog steeds alles leuk? geen rotte dingen gebeurd? hoop dat we snel weer even kunnen kletsen lijk me gezellig!! Je mag nu wel weer naar huis komen vind het leuk geweest heb ik tenminste weer een broertje terug! Pap en mam vinden dat vast ook leuk want beginnen al genoeg van me te krijgen!! haha!! Laat maar even heeeeeeeeel snel weten hoe het is daar! heeele dikke knuffel en dikke zoen je zusje! ik mis je broertje

Cheryl Scarr said...

hi my sweet boy - have just read the new blog with your latest visit from the loop. Sounds like you are doing a great job - i dont know, theres you out in the jungle demolishing a community hall and numbering pieces of wood and at the same time on the other side of the world your dad is squirrelled away in the garage doing exactly the same, but to make a book case - the apple doesnt fall far from the tree eh? posted you a letter today - still havent received yours though! eagerly waiting for the postman every day - he is actually looking quite scared now. Missing you tons and tons and love you love you love you. Mum Dad Emily and Mollyxxxxxxxxxxx

danielle said...

Hi Ali,(Alastair Parry)

Looks like your having a fun time!! See your onto the berrocca's, good work! Thanks for my bday message, mum passed it on to me, had a good weekend, not feeling too great at 25, getting old! I hope you are still enjoying yourself, and also being abit more careful, mum told me you had an accident with a large knife!!! remember that being a clutz runs in the family! he he!! Take care and love you lots

Danielle x x x x

Ma Parry said...

Hello Alastair,

Mum again.
Just checking in on your blog and good to see you are taking the Beroccas in the mornings. 5.45 start though, can just imagine Danielle and John being asked to do that every day !!!
Pleased to hear your group finished the gravity feed water tank in record time, both groups must have worked very hard. So wonder what it will be next ? Hope you are managing to see some of the wildlife and taking plenty pictures.
UK being hit by strong winds and very bad rain at the moment with flooding. Strawberry duck reservoir path on one side was underwater at the weekend, and will no doubt be worse now. Have taken to getting my PJ's on when I get home from work, as feel like hibernating. But lovely warm fire always helps.
Hoping Granny and Grandad are now keeping up with your blogs, so perhaps you may get a message from them as well.
Keeping in touch with Sarah, though jealous, she got a postcard and we didnt ?!!
Have told her she is welcome to come up to stay us as we are not going to manage down to London before Christmas as Danielle working every weekend. Especially as your bedroom still smells of you. (not done the decorating as was planned).
Danielle has interview for a design job next week so fingers crossed.
Must go as at work.
Missing you loads. Look after yourself. I keep reminding Charlie and Lottie who you are. xx Mum

Sarah said...

Hi Ali,

Loving the picture of you with your Berocca! Cannot believe it says you get up at 5.45 - how are you coping? We will not be doing that when you get back! Was the poker night your idea - sounds like something you would suggest!Went out for drinks with Adam last night and we are going on an adventure on saturday with Gats to find the church from the Da Vinci Code - random but should be fun!
Missing you every minute, love you a lot

Anonymous said...

Dan O
Strong man my ar*e. bout time you had a shave mate. Ash just had her leg off and has got some duck shoes. Ya bday cards are on their way they may get to you in time. Nan and gramps sed they told you it wud rain. Ash sez :).
Looking forward to next episode!
love mum nd da crew xxxx <3

Mandy and Rob said...

Hi Abbi, at last BT have reconnected our internet. Neil is still here working hard (I think he has moved in!)The house move went OK, can't find anything and boxes still everywhere. Moved the horses across on Sunday, they are all pretty stressed out as it's also fairly stormy and windy. Floss is the worst and to cap it all, 3 had vaccinations today too. The Michael MacIntyre DVD arrived and Richard was thrilled with it, especially as he couldn't get online due to BT's uselessness! Dogs are loving it here, Lily has nearly caught a Guinea fowl! Really looking forward to our holiday now as need to de stress. Great to see some pics of you this time. Keep smiling!

Mum xxx

Rolien said...

Lieve Rolien, alvast van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Ga je een bamboe taart maken? met blaadjes als vlaggetjes? een hele fijne dag toegewenst liefs freubel Lies.

Annick! said...

Ik zit hier nu naast je moeder bij jou thuis:) Ze heeft me ff uitgelegd over dat bloggen. Ik keek in me agenda en er stond met koeienletters Rolien Jarig in. Dus ik dacht, dat is wel een blogje waard. Alvast HEEELL ERG GEFELICITEERD!!! Ik zal aan je denken die dag, maar daarna bellen we wel even uitgebreid:) Hier is het allemaal wel rustig, zo zonder jou haha. Volgende week tentamenweek, dus dat wordt knallen. Ik heb een brief geschreven maar het adres weet ik nu pas dus weet niet of die op tijd aankomt. Als je die leest ben je weer helemaal op de hoogte denk ik. Nog heeeeelll veel plezier daar en ik spreek je snel!

Xxxx je boezemvrindin ;)

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie ( Alpha 5 )
Dad and I have received 2 letters from you this week, one each we were delighted. I hope you have received some of my letters by now, I think I have mailed 4 so far. I guess the one I write this weekend will be the last one, as you will be home in just under one month!!! Cant wait to see you and hear all your stories. Had a look at the new photos but obviously no recent ones of you :( as you are off trekking !!! looking forward to hearing from you at changeover on 22 Nov. Well I have had a bit of an adventure myself last weekend as promised headed off to the jimmy choo launch and 6 hours later success!! so the good news is Santa will have a nice pressie to put under the xmas tree for you :) love you lots + lots and miss you loads xxxx Mum + Dad xxxx

Carmen Sykes said...

Hi Josh, alpha 3, I cant believe you are half way through your expedition, it looks like you have been working hard. Looking forward to you teaching us how to play the dutch game , nails in cans?!!! Holly and Liam celebrated their 15th birthday on Monday, Liam got the new call of duty game for your ps3, Holly got a new tennis racket. Its wet and windy here, im very envious of you being over there in some nice weather. I posted a blog last month but i cant find it so not sure if it got on. Tom said to say hello as do Holly and Liam. Il put some money in your account on the 26th, next Thursday, pay day!! Hope your ok, love you loads

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Rolien !!

Van Harte !!!Jarig zijn in de nooit te vergeten ! Je krijgt waarschijnlijk een berg zoenen van al je maatjes !!Wij hopen dat je een heerlijke dag zult hebben, de 21e, met een feestelijke taart van de beste kok in jullie kluppie.. en een boel kaarsjes !!
Lieve groet van de hele familie de Vos uit Nijmegen !

kate Horne said...

To Lotte Humber

Hello snot face! i was getting well worried you had been kidnapped by headhunters as hadn't seen you pic for a while! only realised it was you because of your SECURITY t shirt! lol. Cant believe your gunna be home in a month! its going well quickly! looks like fun tho! i sent you a letter on monday so it should be there when you arrive! i hope it is! got you some well cool postcards!
i ear you were playing poker! see i told you cards would be a good thing to take! are you looking forward to your next project? cant wait to hear from you and about everything you've done so far!
miss you so much!
lots of love from Kate xxxxxxxxxxxx

MITCHELL said...

Hi Matt, great to see you are in one piece - and using your GCSE culinary skills. You can imagine Dad's comments on seeing you playing chess not digging holes, but I'm sure you must be doing some work - somewhere. Missing you lots and looking forward to hearing from you soon. Not long to changeover and whatever that brings.
Much love, Mum, Dad and Jess (she's looking thinner)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lotte,

Just to let you know that your letter should be there when you get back to your base camp on sunday. Ring me when you get there, as I really miss you and can't wait to actually speak to you. I may be driving the bus back from the surf trip, so keep trying if I don't pick up first time.

Love you, Patrick. Xxxxxx

The Pecks!! said...

Laura alpha 3 hi mum here , just seen piccies of the dancing, love the costumes,Dan said he,s framing that for your room lol.Off to london this weekend with lynn so try mobile first if you get to call.Katy may and gracie have been asking bout you.Thev girls at rainbows have to be filled in each week now.looking forward to chatting soon mum xxx

Eline said...

Bericht voor Sabine Hamer

Heeij Sabine!!

Ik was echt verrast door je berichtje van vorige week! Ik hoop dat je mijn berichtje terug hebt ontvangen! Ik vond het echt leuk om iets van je te horen! Ik lees met plezier alle blogs op deze site! (En dat met mijn gebrekkige Engels! Ben benieuwd of bij jou het Engelse taaltje al wat beter af gaat!)
Ik vind het leuk om je op foto's te zien!! Het ziet er super uit wat jullie daar allemaal doen!
Je bent nu al weer over de helft van de 10 weken geloof ik! Wat gaat die tijd toch snel!
Ik mis je wel hoor!! Maar gelukkig heb je het daar naar je zin en gaat de tijd toch nog redelijk snel! Nou meid nog veel plezier en succes daar aan zo'n beetje de andere kant van de wereld! En ik hoop je snel weer een keertje te kunnen spreken! Want ik ben natuurlijk benieuwd naar al je persoonlijke verhalen!!

Liefs en dikke kus Eline

Nicola Jackson said...

Hi Matt (alpha 3?)

Looks like your having fun, I hope you didn't give anyone food poisoning with your cooking! I've been checking the blog regularly to try and keep up to date, though to be honest I think they could do with a guest podcast or something. Not sure if you would know how to do that? :P

I wrote you a letter quite a few days ago now, I'm not sure if you have received it yet, but I hope you do and that it is of some use to you- whether it makes you laugh or just sends you to sleep at night, whatever!

Anyway, take care of yourself. Don't forget to wash :) Love Nicola xxx

Tasha Wall said...

Hey Nick Oldroyd (Alpha 2)

Went to see Lily Allen Monday she was SUPERB soooo much better live and such a nice person. Went out after with Linzi and had a good night got a little bit tipsy and had a good boogie!
But then the fun stopped there as Weds I had presentation and a report hand in STRESSED as it was worth 50% of the module!! But the presentation was actually FUN as we interacted with the class they loved our Chocolate quiz so was all good. But now next Weds I have my concept pitch SCARY 3 minutes on my own. Bought my A1 card for it today could do with your portfolio holder to carry it as we have really bad winds at the moment and I was getting blown all over the place!!
So I understand that you are back at base camp on Sun? I hope you are able to call as it would be nice to have a break from stressing about my concept pitch. I sent a letter this Monday so hopefully it should be there waiting.

29 days and counting

Love you lot and lots
x x x x x x x ♥ ♥ Tasha ♥ ♥ x x x x x x x x

The Godmother said...

Hi Sam,
I think my last posting didn't seem to get to you!!
Anyway, greetings from your Godmother!!
Sounds like you are having a great time and doing lots of hard work too.
Christina and Chris have settled down in their new house and it is lovely; you will see it soon enough when you get back. Tom(S)has made the electrics safe (ask him!!!) They are getting a kitten from Bleakholt any time soon.
Looking forward to seeing you when you get back, and spending Christmas morning catching up. Last year New Zealand, this year Borneo, where will we be viewing next year????
lots of love Lizxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte,
It was nice to see you in another photo. Just like Kate said, I recognised the T shirt first.
Lexie is still asking when you'll be back and isn't pleased when I say that it won't be for a while.
She had a fun birthday and loved her crying, crawling baby doll, thankfully it has an off switch.
Not much has been happening here. Morgan is off to a party tomorrow and will be watching New Moon. I believe that's the sequel to the one we watched with the vegetarian vampires!
Josh has to perform a magic trick to Prince Charles next week, hopefully he'll get it right or it'll be off to the tower.
I imagine you have been working very hard. I can't believe how early you're all getting up. I don't imagine that will last when you get home.
Really missing you.
Loads of love,

Kate Horne said...


Hello dahlin!
how lucky are you two comments on one blog thing!! i feel like such an idiot right! i thought i could only leave a message if you were in the pictures!haha obv not! i was reading through all the other comments and saw the one from amalie! im not going to see her anymore, shes far to smelly to spend a whole weekend with! also saw the ones from your mummy about lexie in the rain! IVE BEEN DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING! except naked because a bear came and ate all my clothes!! lol! and i was v please to see that no one has topped my orange for a head joke! ha orange for a head!

Also exciting news! i got a job!!! woop. at lakelands its like a kitchenware shop, soo you'll b getting lot of exciting christmas presents like plastic cups and spoons! im pretty excited about it tbh i love cups!

Also went to a ucas fair on tues and have decided i want to do a visual communications course i think... just need to decide where, liked leeds, glasgow, sussex, canterbury and bournemouth! but thinking might take a gap year as they have changed the whole of ucas! which is the gayest thing in the world, and has pretty much made the point of doing an art foundation pointless! so im going to send ucas hate mail made of all the angriest looking letters from newspapers and magazines! they wont mess with me again i tell you!

Cant wait to hear from you again! miss talking to you!
love from your most gangsta friend! brrrrrap xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire said...

Hi Joel,

Hope everythings going well with the conservation project - hope you've managed to see lots of sunbears! You look like you're working very hard and are having lots of fun. I warn you about that beard though! Everythings ok back home but works busy and stressful. Got the uni girls coming up next weekend so looking forward to a fun break and a trip to the Xmas markets!

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Miss you lots, Claire xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon,

I see that you are making your tasty meals and dancing in the jungle. You will be cooking when you come home, no excuses! Started my job this week, the twins wore pyjams to nursery today. Was children in need day. They were so cute.John says, he hopes u are having fun and doing lots of interesting things.Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you at christmas. We miss you very much, seems like u have been gone for a long time.

Love, ma, John, Jasmine and Naomi.x

Anonymous said...

Hey Aman,

How are you,we saw the last photos of you,you look like you are really enjoying the experience,we are all well,Sadie is away with the GUIDES,Elliott smells good as usual Didi is still as stress head & mum is still high on Indian tea.
Missing you loads hope you are Ok ,try and phone if you can,Love you loads xx

Most of this was written my didi untill "GUIDES" the rest was from me Vice president of the BBC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rolien, Heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd!!! Je 18-de verjaardag op Borneo vieren lijkt me heel bijzonder.
Wel leuk om je zo te kunnen volgen op deze site. Geweldig wat jullie allemaal doen.
Een fijne verjaardag, ik denk aan je en drink een borrel op jou!
veel liefs en xjes, Henriette

fam. de Vos said...

Lieve Floris !!!
Er is een briefje van mij en van Jet naar je onderweg.Ik begrijp dat jullie de 22e weer naar KK komen ?Changeover? Als het goed is ben ik dan net weer terug uit Doha..wij hopen dat je weer even iets van je laat horen!Probeer het moment van bellen even met Jet af te stemmen via msn..wij zijn zo benieuwd hoe 't met je is.Sander is dinsdag overdag ook in Nijmegen.Een smsje naar mijn mob. is ook altijd goed, Floor !
Heel veel plezier straks weer als jullie met z'n allen riant in jullie ' hotelletje' mogen logeren !Dikke kus , mam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim McG, Mum here.....

Great to see you are putting your restaurant skills to use in the jungle. Looking forward to having those skills put into action when you get back.
You all looked very wet in the photos. There has been record rainfall back here in the UK, especially Cumbria and SW Scotland. People evacusted etc.

Stay safe and smiling.

Lots of love.
Mum X

Joris Klinkhamer said...

Mr. Thijs how's life? Ik ben lekker Assasin's Creed 2 aan het spelen! dus ik vermaak me prima zonder jou.
Mijn schoen mag ik 2 keer per week zetten ook gaan we lekker sinterklaas vieren. Dus de tijd vliegt zonder jou!!!

Gr Your big brother Joris

Joris KLinkhamer said...


Ps, waar kan ik geld overmaken dat je langer wegblijft? Het is namelijk heerlijk rustig dat kan je je niet voorstellen. Ik hoop dat jij dat ook zo ervaart.

Groet Joris je broer

Philippine said...


Lang zal ze leven, lang zal ze leven
lang zal ze leven in de gloria
in de gloria
in de gloria
Hieperdepiep Hoeraaaaaaa

Happy Birthday to you
In de wei staat een koe
En die koe zegt: I love you
Happy birthday to you

De kop van de kat was jarig
En zijn pootjes vierden feest
Het staartje kon niet meedoen
Want dat was pas ziek geweest
Het kwam pas uit het ziekenhuis
En had zo'n pijn in z'n keel
En al dat dansen en dat springen
Was hem veel te veel

Ik heb ze heel hard gezongen en hoop dat je ze gehoord hebt in de Jungle...! GEFELICITEERD leukerd!
Heb je ze een mooie taart voor je gemaakt? En heb
je een 'coole' leafparty gehad?

Het is echt niet eerlijk, heb al een paar keer berichtjes gestuurd maar ze komen allemaal niet aan volgens mij. Of misschien vonden ze mijn berichtjes niet leuk genoeg. maargoed, hier gebeurt vrij weinig, dus je mist niks. Heb je al mooie aapjes mogen spotten? Waarschijnlijk heb je Change over als je dit leest, lekker chillen in Borneo Paridise, lekker bedje en lekker ontbijtje etc. Heel veel plezier & Liefs uit Amsterdam xxxxxxkus

Vanessa said...

Hey Jim (James M),

It looks like you're still having a great time, despite being soaking wet for the majority! I think you might have to say goodbye to the "white" t-shirt that you took...

I got your letter last weekend which was lovely and sent you my second one on Wednesday so I hope you get it, although I noticed that someone said that you change over on Sunday so perhaps not...

It looks / sounds as though you're providing much entertainment as usual! Loving the home made tie (I hope you're going to bring it home as a keep sake)!

All's well at home. Looking forward to hearing all your stories when you get back! Call me whenever, if you get the chance.

Look after yourself!

Love you lots, Vanessa xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Angus, all looks well from the blog photographs. Scotland had a solid defence at Murrayfield today and managed to keep the Aussies at bay for a 9-8 victory despite almost no possesion and last minute Aussie try(conversion missed. Robert now approaching Rio for return home on the 2nd sounding quite chipper. Keep healthy. Dad x

kerry wallace said...

amy stirk!!
not to sure if this is the right place? but i got your letter today! loved the educational envelope! i sent you a letter the other day to the address you gave me, so its not a reply to the one you sent, sorry i havent wrote sooner things have been hectic! sooo glad your having an amazing time, but i miss my bestie!! proud of you girl! see you soon. kerry xoxoxoxoxox

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - received your first letter this morning - can't tell you how excited we all were - such a good feeling when we are so out of contact! Glad our first letters and newspaper articles have reached you - there's more on the way - honest! You say you are missing the footi news - Dad has written a whole letter about football so that should bring you reasonably up to date. Won 3-0 today against Everton. Chelsea 5 (?) points clear still. James is despairing about the Fantasy Footi though - the usual, transferring players out who have done nothing who then get loads of points and the players who he's put in on top form are now doing nothing! So, no change there!

Hope Phase 2 has continued to go well. Nice photo of you on your own, if not a little serious - still, let you off, you were reading! 6 am starts though! Not you! Wonder how long that will last when you get home - more like you'll be coming in at approaching 6 am making up for lost time! People are referring to changeover this weekend - if so, that seems to have come quick. Next phase jungle trek and dive? Hope the boots (and the Compeed plasters!)are holding out. Anyway, if it's the last phase, "don't count the time - make the time count!" Sure you will.

Thinking of you loads and sending all our love,

Mum, Dad, James and Grandpa xxxx

The Godmother said...

Hi Sam,
Got excited yesterday as received a phone call from Madam Ombudsman (aka your mum) to say your letter had arrived! See her posting above. Great to hear all your news, you are looking well in the photos; which by the way we are saving to produce on dvd on Christmas morning to entertain everybody at the drinks party!!!
Christina and Chris were approved by the Bleakholt vetter and picked up Justine now known as Izzie this morning. She is lovely.
Keep up the hard work,
with lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, just catching up on the blog and you are looking well in the photo with the children. All well here, weather is miserable. We had a good night out with Karen, Jim, Sandra and Gary in town last night, everyone asking after you. Derek still in Afghanistan and wont be back until 23-12.
Hope the rest of the activities go well, take care,
Dad, Emma, Shelley and Ben.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, hope your getting my messages, really weird not having any contact with you, actually missing your lovely voice,not long before we get to see you though.Just seen the new photo's you look in party mode, Phil was impressed with the non alcoholic fizzy grape juice,said it's going to be the new Christmas drink.
Your technical skills sound like there kicking in, good for you,looking forward to hearing all about it.
Sounds like the weather has been wet for you, dads thinking of a warm holiday in Feb for us all.
Everything is cool here at moment,sending you a letter today, hope you get it,it's in a green envelope, just to be different.

Love mum and dad, hugs from Rach, chit chat from Gemma and cool looks from your twin broth Phil x

Jeannette van-den-Hoek said...


Jeannette van-den-Hoek said...

Hi Timothy, Really Proud of you son, looks like hard work, looking forward to you fixing my front wall!! but mostly looking forward to see you and hear all the wonderful things you've done and people you've met. Jens house is coming on now I seem to be paiting the forth bridge its never ending, loads of things happend in 'Cory' not that your intrested in!! I've recorded all Jamie Olives programes. I made a lovely lamb dinner last night, I wanted to do Swedish Choclate Coffee Lamb but everyone pulled there noises so will save it for you!!

Lily Cooke said...

Dear Jessy Canbas (alpha 5),

I've been working on this i hope u like it hehe.

All i want for christmas is you! You better reach for the stars 'cause Ain't no mountain high enough. Enough is enough with you in Borneo, but it will all be better in time when you get back, so my heart can beat again.

Can't wait for you to say my name, when i see you because you are very very much so irreplaceable . I'll book the spa for when you get back, 'cause damn you'se a sexy chick, and im down for a little show and tell about your awesome trip.

That was just a little one, poetry next hehe. seeing as you haven't got my letters i'm gonna write on the blog as much as possible until you do.

Love you millions

Yours always Lil xxxx

Grandmother said...

Hello my favorite eldest Grandson, we home safely and enjoying catching you up on the blog. Still looks like enormous fun, and wish I was with you! Poor old Gdad has come home with terrible gout, so is home from work, so I am doing the nursing bit!!!Mum and the girls came round to see us last night and told us they had heard from you, and you are thinking of changing your flight details, now I really believe you are having a ball! Molly is tramping around all the local shops asking for jobs, and our Em has been turned down by Waitrose. Can you believe that? Kim and kids arrive on Thursday for a quick vist, so we are all excited. James has started rugby and looks so sweet in the photos Kim sent us. Bless him. Love you darling Gma

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte
I still have to ask your mother to "copy and paste" my messages to you 'cos I still can't do it! Anyway, I've no really exciting news but started on my Christmas shopping so you need to make out your list for Father Christmas quite soon. I'm giving Nanna two of the photographs you took which I've now bought frames for and they look REALLY good. Sean called to see us on the way home from Cardiff last Saturday. He'd been to watch Wales play at the Millennium Stadium - we won! Mummy, Morgan and Lexie are suffering with colds and feeling a bit grotty today so they're being very attention seeking and feeling sorry for themselves! Lexie's just come in and emptied all my old tapes out of their cases and put them in a pile on the table - it should only take me a few hours to sort them out so no problem. As usual, she hasn't got any clothes on. I've got to go now - Lexie's just gone into the bathroom and I can hear her turning the taps on. Hope you're ok and making friends.
Lots of love
Mam XX

The Godmother said...

Hi again Sam,
Just keeping up-to-date with your activities via the blog. Glad to see you are looking well and getting time for a relaxing read!!!
The football matches sound great fun, Graham is envious, I doubt if the Saturday 5-a-side games can compete.
Is it true you are breaking with family tradition and getting up at the crack of dawn?
Keep up the good work and see you soon.
Love Lizxx

Julie Morris said...

Wow - arrived home from work tonight to another letter - done me a power of good. 2 in 4 days - only today's was the first one you wrote! Loved reading it - do wish we'd received it when we should have as it would have saved me at least 2 weeks of worry - well semi worry! We can feel through the letter just how much you are enjoying it all - proper inspired me, hammocks, washing under the waterfalls....then again, scorpions and snakes....maybe not!

That's all for now. here's to a great Phase 3 - cheers!

Lots of love,

Mum X

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, dad and I have just spotted you on the blogg photo's.Sounds like you all had a good party night and the tug of war looked pretty cool. Hope the project is running smoothly and you are feeling fitter by the week, it all looks like hard work. Christmas is certainly kicking off here now, I expect the Xmas trees will be up when you get home, you might feel like your back in the jungle again. Dad and I are going away tomorrow (sat for a few days, it's one of dads secret holidays , so I haven't a clue where I'am going. Rachael is Milly sitting with Russell who has just got back from India. Phill is in Leeds partying. Think we have got rid of our mouse now,thank god,it was making me feel quite nervious. Rachael has got one more week left at home then she is off to Australia, but has decided to come back on the 8th Jan. Looking forward to seeing you soon, not long now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim McG

Only 17 more days until you touch down at Heathrow. Vanessa and I have a booked a hotel the night before so we will be refreshed when we see you, which is more than you will probably be after your long journey!

No exciting news from this end of the world. Can't wait to give you a big hug.

Stay safe.

Lots of love......Mum x

Nicola Young said...


I am lovign this headtorch!!! please bring it back with you...and im well looking forward to seeing your welcome dance! madferit is going to love it! :P

ahhh its less than 3 weeks until you are home and i could not be more excited, lots of very uninteresting things to tell you!

Its cold here and blurgh and were all in the library alll the time as so much to do! thorntons is crazy too, people just cant stop buying the chocolate! 22 sleeps till christmas yaay!

right i will go now, had too much red bull and need to write an essay on criminal law and murder :(

Cant wait to see you

Love you lots

Nicola xxxxxxxx

Mum and Rhion said...

Hello Joel,

Hope you are having a fun time and have survived the 12 day trek in one piece.

All is well here, out to buy the xmas tree tommorrow with Barrie.

Looking forward to your return and hearing all your stories! We're also stocking the cupboard ready for you to indulge when you get back!?

Take care of yourself and check your bag for any creepy-crawlies!!

See you soon back in blighty,
Love Mum and Rhionxx