Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Changeover 2 and deployment to final phases - 25/11/09

The whole of expedition 09K has hit Kota Kinabalu after a fantastic second phase out on project. The two day changeover period encompassed all the essentials - logs issuing out crackers, noodles and other delicious tinned food goods in abundance, alpha groups and projects managers debriefing on the highs and lows of their phase and everyone waiting with bated breath, to find out where they would be spending their final phase - and who with. 


However this changeover was just a little bit special because it was somebody's birthday and we decided to throw a party with 500 guests to celebrate! Of course to warrant such a grand affair, it must have been somebody pretty specials 'bon anniversaire.' We were actually celebrating the silver anniversary of Raleigh as we turned 25 years old this weekend! It is 25 years since Operation Raleigh launched its expeditions on sailing ships, on a long and amazing journey involving 30,000 volunteers around the globe, it has flourished into what it is today.


Long time supporters of Raleigh Borneo, Sabah's Ministry of Youth and Sport threw the birthday bash at Sutera Harbour and the function was attended by the entire expedition and all those who have been involved with Raleigh Borneo throughout the years, including project partners, alumni and Raleigh support groups  - many of which were attending the Raleigh Conference this weekend, from as far as Hong Kong and Australia. Our special guest of the evening was Raleigh CEO Stacey Adams who is visiting from the UK.The glittering event included a Malay meal, cultural dances, live music, a fantastic slideshow featuring 25 years of expedition images put together by Maria and guest speakers. The 09K venturers took it up a notch by swarming the stage and throwing some shapes at the end of the evening.


The next day kicked off with allocations with all the venturers regrouping and prepping for their final expedition projects.

 Alpha 1 who are all off the Minosuh to finish the build on the kindergarten will be having fun painting murals and finishing off the job on this community phase.

Alpha 3 are about to embark on their journey to Imbak Canyon to continue work on the bridge on this environmental phase.

Alpha 4 are the second environmental project and are heading back to Sepilok to work on the sunbear sanctuary infrastructure.

Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 are going to complete an adventurous phase trekking and diving in Long Pasia and beautiful Mamutik

Alpha 7 seen here are off to Kampung Nibang to work on the reconstruction of the community hall for their community project. 

And now on to Borneo's very own 'Edinburgh Fringe Festival'  - skit night. The skits that evening were of a high calibre once again with one or two project managers getting a little competitive about their groups performances. We saw how easy it is to rescue kidnapped sunbears from terrorists with the use of crackers at alpha 4, we found out what really goes through a teams mind during the solitude of a long days trekking and Imbak Canyon featured on MTV's cribs at Alpha 3. The handsdown winner though was alpha 7 with a medley of scenes to make any thespian shake in their RADA dance shoes. 

Groups this time also received prizes for their efforts entertaining the loop and we even squeezed in a quick tug o' war session before early morning deployment today.


Everyone was grateful as ever to recieve letters, call home and pick up comments from the blog. At changeover the blog is printed and displayed along the wall and there is always a crowd around it looking out for their messages and reading them out to their friends so please take the time to drop them a note! 

We have one special guest to mention today and that is Mr Cat the new fieldbase moggy who has joined the team this changeover and is causing a nauseating amount of cooing from the staff throughout the day. We are now launching an alpha group competition to come up with a new name for her.Here she is asleep in the filing cabinet.


Molly Mac said...

Loads of loove, Molly XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
Hope you're ok. Sounds like you've been working hard as well as partying. Mum said you'd called and have decided to stay on, good for you! We'll miss you over x-mas though. Keep up the good work and enjoy the diving.
Love Claire, Dan and girls xxx

Richard said...

Hi Andrea,

Alpha 1,

If Borneo is a bit short of water we have a little to spare. The dogs haven' had a dry walk in weeks.Grandad got his car stuck in the water driving along the lake road.
Something has happened to you out there, you're in photograph smiling, with your eyes open!!
Your post card arrived the other day, a week after your letter. Grandma and Grandad where going to have a go at sending a blog, so if there are any strange messages on the blog, probably them.

Still looks and sounds like a you're having a fantastic time, have fun and hug a Sun Bear for me, lots of love Dad and Mum, xxx.

Anonymous said...

For Jessica Canbas (Alpha 7).

Heyaaaaa Babe,

Looks like your having a wicked time!! Wow your hairs got long. We miss you and can't wait to have you back, not long now. There's a letter on the way to you, hopefully it will reach you in time. Missing you loads, speak to you soon.

Love you lots,

Soph and Bec xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

What is that on your face Alastair Parry?! I hope that is a razor related temporary problem! I do love you though.
Also for the record we will be 'planning' (because I like a plan) everything in advance from now - your flights are majorly stressing me out.
Went to see Lily Allen yesterday she was pulling pints of Guiness and handing them to the audience - made me think of you - oh and she sang naive by the kooks!

Love you mr, love your girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim McG

It's your lovely Mummy again.......
Only a few more weeks to go before you're home from the big adventure.
No interesting news from my world.

Can't wait to see you on the 19th.

Lots of love

Mum x

julie said...

I Nicky, great to see you looking like you are having such a good time!!!! not sure about the beard?
The party looks fun, and looks like you were all treated to some great food.
Really glad you are able to go diving, that fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy yourself, takecare, love you lots.
love from mum xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

alpha 7

Hiya Alex good to talk to you the other day - sounds like u r having the most awesomest time. Pretty lady is booked and a return to the pyramids for another fantastic massage is also booked - that should take care of the hair, body and nails. Had our first 5 minutes of rain for the year yesterday and that sent the whole of dubai crazy - not that they weren't crazy already. Have a week off this week for EID and rugby 7's. Looking forward to seeing u and getting down to NZ for xmas. May go to thailand for a few days this week.
Love u heaps
Mum and Dad and Gub and Maxi and Misty and Sasha and Chaka and Ernie

sylvia said...

Lieve Lienie, en je lacht nog steeds. erg leuk om weer wat mee te krijgen hoe het met je gaat. Eerst de telefoontjes en nu weer de site. Had net Brigitte aan de lijn. Wij genieten enorm mee met de belevenissen van Floris en jou. Ik heb gebeld voor je ticket. Zodra je 17 dec opzegt willen ze een nieuwe datum horen, wanneer je dan wel wilt vliegen. De twee trajecten kunnen wel ieder op een andere dag geboekt worden Ik begrijp dat dit moeilijk is voor je om te zeggen. Ene keer hoor ik dat je 25 dec in sydney wil zijn. En het volgende moment dat je nog naar Thailand en Camboya ( hoe schrijf je dat? )wil. Moeilijk he keuzes maken. Je hebt nog even de tijd. Lekker doen waar je zelf zin in hebt. En ik kan je alleen helpen door te zeggen dat hier alles zijn gangetje gaat. Met andere woorden: haal daar eruit wat je kan en wil. Keek net even naar dat filmpje op youtube over het duiken. jeetje wat moet dat heerlijk zijn!zon,zee, diepzeeduiken en gezellige mensen. Ben blij dat Floris die brug afbouwt, anders komen die mensen nooit aan de overkant. Ik ga nog even kijken of ik deze week contact met je kan krijgen. Dag schatje, Ik hou van je. Heel veel liefs van je moeder.

Ro said...

Hi Jamie!! (Moore, Alpha 7)

Hope you're enjoying the last phase. saw some pics of you doing tug of war in your blue shorts! just had a letter from you today actually - it was from a month ago but only just arrived!it was nice to get it though. work is ok, weather is really crappy - i see you're looking nice and tanned. meeting in london tomorrow and might do a bit of shopping if i have time before my train back! party this weekend too then only 2 more weekends until you get back!

Thinking of you lots, sent you a letter yesterday as well.

love you xxxxxxxx

Nicola Young said...


Katie you lyer! you are looking so bloody skinny on these pictures, wait until you see us, we have doubled in mass!!! i wish i was exaggerating even a bit there!LOL

Loving the tug of war pic...hahaha and you cant de-tag :P

Also I hope youve got my parcel by now, and quarantine hasnt had it disposed of!lol.

Me and Alice are going on a raid to London tomorrow, im, driving the safety bus of 15 people arrghh!

Also its thanksgiving today and were having a huuuge roast, travis is having his own so we created a rival one!lols.

Missing you like crazzzzy, when do you get back, i need a countdown please?!

Hope the kindergarten was fun fun, get some food in you!

Love you heaps and heaps xxxxxxxxxxxxx

'Salmon' said...

Hi Lisa Hoongggggggg,

Hope you're well!!! I'm liking the pictures on the site...not sure if you seen them yet but i think you might cringe a bit to some of them :P :P :P And sorrryyyyyy i keep missing you're calls!!! everytime you call me i seem to not have my phone with me!!! ARGHHHH!!! But at least i got your voicemail :)

Still same old stuff happening in this part of the world...tbh it's been so long i've forgotten half the things i've done :P

Can't wait to see you again!!! Enjoy you're final phase!!! Miss you Hoongyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

'Salmon' xxx
P.s. i hope you're actually getting these blogs...

Nicholas said...

Hey Abbi,
Hope all is still well. Christmas is nearly here, I'm 3 weeks from going home, You are soon too. Have the best last bit you can.
Take care, best wishes. Can't wait to see you in the hols. I have so much to tell you, and share with you.
Rah rah

Anonymous said...

Jungle Jessie I don't do facebook so looking for teeny email when you can! I do follow Blog and think of you. Why no dancing queen photo - were you too drunk or too responsible? Also not spotted in tug of war -sensible.
Everything manic back here - long for simple life of the rainforest.Much admiration still. Is xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Aman,
It's your big sister here,just seen your photos on the website,looking good hone!!Am really glad you are having a great time out there,really jealous bloody cold back here in sunny Staines!! will send you another message on Monday but if you don't get it have a really fab birthday out there,love you loads Didi,Mum,Elliott and Sadie xx

ann said...

Hi Nic Nac
I know you are deep in the jungle now but we want u to know that we are proud of you and love you very much. can't believe it's only 3 weeks until you come home. Bet when it comes to it you won't want to leave(unless you see any more spiders!)
P.S Don't forget my pygmy elephant

Anonymous said...


Hi Gav... How's it going??? I received your post card and read your letters that you sent home...

I love your beard, are you preparing for the role of Santa in the nativity play???

Sounds like you are having more fun than work... Enjoy the rest of your adventure...

Ian & Neil


Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie ( Alpha 7)
It is just under 3 weeks until you return home, Baba and I miss you more and more each day and can't wait to see you on the 18th! It was great to have the chance to speak with you last weekend, I only wish I could have been with you to give you a great big Mummy hug and cuddle when you were feeling so ill. I hope by now the DNV's have passed and you are enjoying your final phase. Baba and I are so so proud of you, taking on such a challenging and worthwhile adventure. For a non - sporty girly girl you have done brilliantly and you should be very proud of yourself. I received your letter of 26th Oct, this week! it must have got caught up in the Royal Mail strike, but better late than never :) I will write to you tomorrow and that will be my final letter to you in Borneo! Thinking of you, Baba says optum kizim seni cok seviyorum and lots of hugs and kisses from me too xxx Mum + Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Dan O Happy birthday darling. Hope you have a good day,still missing you loads. Counting down the days till you are back with us stinking us out with your smellies! Hope you received your cards on time. Gramps said dont forget to sign the mural time,date and name bottom left hand corner. Lots of love and kisses, Nan and Gramps P.S. We will do the celebrating here for you, I have started already. Nan

Vanessa said...

Hi Jim (James M),

I hope your final phase is going well and you're still enjoying yourself. The Changeover party looked like loads of fun, I hope you showed off your dancing skills!

You look very different in the most recent picture with your new group, I hope that I recognise you when you get back... I think we're going to have to fatten you up over Christmas! Can't wait to see you, not long now! Make the most of the rest of your time.

Lots of love, Vanessa xxx

Philippine said...

To Floris & Rolien!

He Flo & Lien,
Als jullie dit lezen is het 1. of de LOOP is op bezoek 2. ENDEX.... Wat is het snel gegaan! Hoop dat jullie laatste projecten ook leuk waren... Lien lekker met mijn rugzakkie door de jungle gehobbelt?! En Flo zit ook in Imback. Raar idee dat Ik én Rolien daar ook geweest zijn. Hoop dat jullie een beetje hebben kunnen werken en dat de rivier niet te hoog stond. Ben benieuwd hoe ver de brug nu is! Al bijna af?
Geniet van de laatste, bijzondere dagen. Eerst even bijkomen op Borneo Paridise & daarna een groot feest bouwen op het strand!! Gaan julllie ook naar 'the long house'?! Heeel veel plezier, Liefs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Aman,

Happy Birthday little bro,hope you are well and enjoying your birthday,have a great day babe.

Love you loads
Mum,Gagan,Elliott ,Sadie and Neel xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Aman,

Happy Birthday 'President of BBC'
Hope your having a great time. And hope you learn from this experience.

See you soon President.

From Elliott
(Vice President)

P.S Hope the you get to know ancestors(orang-utans)family. You know you look an awful lot like them. Maybe you inherited some genes from them. :)

Once again
Elliott Dallas
(Vice President)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aman,
Happy Birthday you might not get this actually on your birthday but i am writing it on Monday the 30th of November.Hope you are having a great day well a great time and yes we have remembered you birthday. The latest news on the x factor is this week well last week Lloyd went out. Anyway everyone one is missing you.Actually Elliott is not putting that much gel in his hair.I am really excited it nearly Christmas and i can't wait for my birthday it so near today it is 35 days until my birthday HURRAY!!! but back to your birthday as i said hope you re having a great time and day
lots of love
Sadie xxx P.S. I still want a sun bear baby by the way

Anonymous said...

To Alpha 4
Thijs Klinkhamer

Hi we zien weer erg leuke foto's en genieten van je vrolijke gezicht.Bij de berg Pannekoeken.
Ben benieuwd naar alle verhalen maar kan zo wel zien dat je een top tijd hebt. Wat een prachtige natuur omgeving geweldig. Geniet nog even goed.
We vieren een beetje Sint dit weekend met z'n viertjes We missen je Klaas gedichten natuurlijk vreselijk.
Groetjes Pa.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaz. Hope you've had a gr8 last phase. Well done of your diving - no fear of "dark water" anymore Haha.... Can't believe its nearly all over - gone so quickly, well for us anyway!! :)

21st, Xmas, and over to Africa soon!

Miss you lots - even Hayley had to admit she missed you :)
Cafe going better as the weather has warmed up. Band going really well - gigging nearly every weekend. things still going "well" on the farm!!

Take care and hope u got the msg re recharge ????
Chat soon - love and miss you

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - thinking about you, as always, and hoping you are well. Treking and diving - wow - hope they are the icing on the cake and the cherry on top (random!)Did I say we've received a second letter? Well, your first letter really! All sounds inspirational! You let lucky with the Raleigh 25th Anniversary celebrations - hope you got plenty of something good to eat under the silver dome on the table! I don't suppose you got a drink drink, did you?

All is well at this end - other than, well, it has been confirmed that it has been the wettest November since 1951! So, definitely need to enjoy any sun you can get before you arrive home.

Went to Christmas markets on Saturday with the Smarts, plus Sunday Times Wine Tasting at Manchester Town Hall, plus Italian meal out, and United won v Portsmouth (?) - so a good day was had by all. Thomas sounds as cut off as you - no car (blown his engine!, no internet (new house) and no phone (don't know why!)He enjoyed the Ricky Gervais tickets though.

Dad and James went to United last night and James B went too as H is on a Carribean cruise! Won v Spurs - now in semi final of Carling Cup (do you want to be in that?!).

I'll leave it at that for now. Keep on enjoying every minute.

Lots of love, Mum, Dad, James and Grandpa xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi James D

Hope you are having a great time. Glad to hear you all survived the durian ice cream. We had never heard of it before reading the blog, so we looked it up on the net.... Well it reads "Its odour is best described as pig-****, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.' Wow that is hard to beat! Hope you enjoy your trek. Mum X

Hi James, it’s Dad, heard about the `killer` bees, we were very worried...about the bees. How are they, are they coping, it must have been traumatic for them. They can`t all have been `killer` bees, perhaps some were just `robber` bees or bees that had been led astray. Had they escaped from prison, were they on B wing.(we got there in the end).
Can`t wait to hear all about it, see you soon love Dad.xx

Lily Cooke said...

HEY BABESSS!!! (for jessica canbas alpha 7/5)

Its dani and Lil here,

Your home soon!!! :) how exciting, have you got my letters yet?
when you are back us three need a HUGE catch up.. we wana hear everthingg!!!
we are both sooo proud of you and cant wait for you to get back.

Jessy we love you very much and hope your still enjoying it!!!

AHH 15 days!!! :) love you lots love dan and lil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx