Monday, 16 November 2009

Birthday wishes!!

On behalf of Laura Peck we would like to wish her sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Rai's said...

Gurr wishing you a very happy birthday...lots of love and hugs always...Manj, Dee, Jordan, Mia & Massi xxx

Prem Virk said...

This is a message for Gurpreet Virk (Alpha 5)....HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!!

We're thinking of you on this special day. We hope this is one you'll never forget.

Love from Dad, Mum, Prem and Sanj (and the entire family back home) xxxxx

The Pecks!! said...

Thanks Laura, having a great day!! got loads of pressies and a very special one from mark!! we are officially engaged!!!!! youve got no escape from him now haha!! look forward to speaking to you soon, Love Em and Mark x x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady!!!!
Ahhhhh so wonderful to hear from you I got your message as I was walking into la senza - so looked proper werid laughing in an underware shop what a drongo.

Its so great to hear from you I am so jealous of your early mornings!!! You know how I love them! You sound like you are having a whale of a time. I really hope you are enjoying every minute as I miss you very very much and don't want you to go away again!!!

I really hope to be able to pick you up I am negotiating with work at the moment as its all fully booked up at Christmas but will keep you updated...

Glad you got the letters ? including the recipie??? Will explain that when you return!

All good here just sitting in the computer room with sktinky Barney bless him....Des an I off on hols in 7 days!!!!! SUPER DOOPER So will have lots to tell you about that.

So exciteds to hear all your news. I miss you so so very very much and love you loads.

Will be in touch before I go and before your birthday (can they give you a baby orgranganag for you pressent please??)

Anyway lady can't wait to see you hear all your stories and enjoy a big fat Rushton Christmas with you!!! Jo and Terry poped over Sat to watch rugby already have plans in progress for Christmas Eve take 3 (strict instruct from Joe you can't drive!!) Also have family day out to beach as last year with Dad in his oxfam finest!!

Have so much fun Miss you love you
Evo xxxxx

Iris Nerurkar said...

for Louis N. always good to read of your adventures and what a great job you`re all doing .Hope you have a log book and photographs to tell us all about the expedition (Or `almost all`!) Busy- busy here as usual but keeping fit or almost!! LOADs of love from Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, All is well here, got your update from Phillip, hope you all know what your doing now sounds a bit scary not sure about you being an engineer. Glad you have had some time off,and the weather has been kind, felt like we were in monsoon conditions on saturday. Gem came back to base on the weekend which was nice, Phil has been in Thetford for 2 days, there working him hard, he is hitting the sack early times,he he.
Keep checking your mail, but nothing urgent, so stay cool.Glad you got our letters ok nothing much is going down here at moment,mind you Rach saw a fox in our back garden carrying a rabbit which was exciting,certainly to be encouraged, keeps the rabbit population down. Not a patch on your wildlife stories though.
Anyway keep up the good work,will catch up soon. x ALL OUR LOVE FROM THE WATTS CLAN X AND BIG HUGS FROM MUM X

Evo Rushton said...


Just wanted to let you know I left that Anonymous comment on the last post.

I was a silly billy to not write it properly.

Anyway off to netters. So glad your having a great time. Hope everything is great.

Enjoy yourself lots and lots.

Love you miss you millions.

Big sis Evo Hannah Rushton (incase it needed clarifying!!)

Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie
Just a quicky. All good here. Toffos paw is on the mend. Back to vet on Thursday. Very excited as Alice is coming home for the weekend - Arriving on Thurday evening until Monday. Will no doubt send you another longer blog from us all. Went on your facebook and people have left messages saying they miss you and don't believing you haven't got access to the internet!! - Both Hannahs, Georgia, Nicola, etc.
Miss you loads and loads and hope you are still having an amazing time, all be it hard work.
Love you. Mum and Dad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotte
I did write to you a few days ago but I must have done something wrong because I haven't seen it on your Raleigh messages. Anyway, nothing really exciting happening although Lexie's birthday was a bit like an early Christmas - she found some of her presents a day early but no surprise there, she's into just about everything. Ally and Seren are coming over tomorrow (Wednesday) and I've actually cooked a vegetarian chilli - hope it'll be ok - Lexie eats anything, so at least some of it will go. I'm off to Oxford for the weekend with some friends but apart from that everything's fairly quiet. Oh, the weather's been so bad here that the wind blew a window out of the greenhouse on Saturday night.
It's half past midnight - Wednesday 12.30 am - so I think I'll try and get some sleep now. Hope you're still enjoying life in the jungle.
Lots of love
Mam XX

Angela said...

Hi Nicky with the sunbears

Lovely to hear from you, but please don't leave your phone in your pocket & call by mistake at 3am (our time) again. It takes your aged parents days to recover - especially as you texted to apologise at 6.30am !!! Only kidding!
Dad is off playing golf again, but as howling gales are forecast he might be back early. What's your weather like - the internet says 30 degrees & thunderstorms - sounds like a nice warm shower.
Grandad seems cheerful at the moment - we will see him on Sunday & Pudsey after that.
all our love Mum & Dad OXO LUL LOL

annet said...

Lieve Bienebal! Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Beetje saai dat je niet hier bent vandaag om de herfst wat op te vrolijken. Maak je er een feestje van daaro? Aan de Piet Heinlaan alles OK (Annet weer opgekrabbeld na kuur no 3)en verder belangrijke dingen als AB feest (bestuur redt het maar net zonder jou) voor Bo (bikkelt tegenwoordig op het Rhedens). Annet en ik gaan nog even bij Just in P. langs. Morgen eten we bij W+T en gaan keihard voor je zingen! Hou je taai en dikke zoen Titus & Annet

Anonymous said...

Lieve jarige Lien, de slingers hangen, de taart lacht me toe ( zo'n gezellig pieten taartje heeft papa gekocht) en wij nemen alle telefoontjes in ontvangst oa van de beide oma;s die je toch ook heel hartelijk willen feliciteren. papa en ik hebben er een gezellig avondje uit van gemaakt. lekker eten en daarna naar het posttheater. Heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd schatje, het lijkt net of we je missen he?! zo vaak schrijven we je. Maar dat lijkt maar zo hoor. Ik hoop dat het echt een onvergetelijke dag is gweest. Ik weet echt niet meer hoe ik mijn 18de heb gevierd. Jij zal het vast niet vergeten. Hier papa nog even en tot hoors. liefs and big hug mam.
Tot slot nog een paar mannenhugs. Pieter om 4 uur vanmiddag aan de telefoon. Hij had een vermoeidende ALV vergadering gehad. Zodra de kop weer helder was, gingen de gedachte direct naar zijn jarige zus en hebben wij even met elkaar gebeld. Vanavond nog vuurwerk en dan was het mij het verjaardags- feestje wel. Morgen natafelen bij W&T. Tot gauw horens schatje. Je vati