Saturday, 17 October 2009

TAC and Alpha Group Allocations

During three days of intense training at TAC, the venturers learnt a variety of useful skills.

The first demonstration by the project managers was to teach venturers how to act convincingly like an amoeba. It was only for purposes of a fun ice-breaker game, but who knows when this skill may be useful in future?

More useful skills followed, like being taught by the professional guides at TAC how to safely wield a parang...

...and how to make (and use) a loo in the jungle...

...and how to string up a personal basher between two trees...

...and how to operate a HF90 radio.

The venturers listened attentively, despite the adverse effects of their jetlag, to first-aid lessons skillfully delivered by our volunteer medics.

It was all-round excitement on the second-to-last day of training when the project group allocations were announced by country programme manager, Mac McCarthy.

In Alpha 1, building a kindergarten in Kampung Minusoh, we have clockwise from top left: Ced (PM), Emma, Laura, Charlie, Andrew T, Aydan, Folkert, Celine, Christina, Chi (PM), Gordon, Nat (medic) and Leonora.

In Alpha 2, building a gravity water feed system in Kampung Tampasak, are from left to right: Nicola, Nicky (PM), Sabine, Bryony, Joel, Sophia (PM), Sam, James P, Floris V, Taylor, Joshua, Stan (PM) and Julian.

In Alpha 3, building a suspension bridge in Imbak Canyon, are clockwise from top left: Kenji, James D, Sam, Thomas, Nicolas, Bruno (PM), Tessa, Rolien, Jessica, Heidi, Lakshmi (medic).

In Alpha 4, working on infrastructure for the Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre, are from left to right:  Richard T, Richard S, Craig (PM), Ronald, Jamie, Lisa, Courtney, Elizabeth, Megan, Aman and Jessie (PM).


In Alpha 5, who goes diving off Mamutik Island first and then go trekking in Long Pasia, are from left to right: Thijs, Julia (medic), Katie, Amy, Sally, Ali, Andrew M, Angus, James M, Bethanie, Lloyd and Andy (PM).

In Alpha 6, who first go trekking and then diving, are from left to right: Vicky (medic), Leon (PM), Alistair, Sharon, Floris d V, Abigail, Daniel, Adam, James W, Catherine, Jack, Victoria.

And finally, in Alpha 8, who will work on a reforestation project in the district of Kudat, are clockwise from top left: Zara (PM), Tim, Boquin, Maartje, Andrea, Shari, Ruthie (PM), Oren, Alexia, Michael, Alexander, Gavin.

After returning from TAC, venturers had to sort and pack all their food and equipment for the phase ahead. A long day of scurrying around was rewarded with an opening ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Sabah. The evening's events included traditional Malay cuisine and a display of traditional Malay tribal dancing.

Some of which the venturers also participated in.

The evening's events was closed and the expedition officially declared open by Encik Yang Berhormat Datuk Jahid Jahim, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sport Sabah.

We trust all the volunteers on this expedition will have a great time in Phase 1.

Please continue to post comments, we love to hear from you. And watch this space for news from the different Alpha groups as they progress with their projects.


Nat, Ang & Paul said...

Attention Alpha 6!

Hi James, looks like your having loads of fun - loving the photos of you and your group, and you tribal dancing! I notice your are wearing the 'bear' trousers too. haha. I hope you have learnt how to make a good hammock - don't want no spiders or snakes in your bed. By the time you read this I guess you will have completed your trek and scuba diving! Wow! Bet you are having such a great time, and bet the fish look amazing. I am jealous of the heat over there - its pretty cool back home, not in a good way.
Also, gotta say, your car is awesome. Such power. I love the HUGO. I will never be driving mums weak little car again. haha. Don't worry, I am looking after your HUGO well! :D
Mum wants your to teach her the tribal dance when you get back, and Dad spends his life checking for updates on here. Its a hard life for him at work.

Love you lots - Nat, Mum & Dad
x x x

JONA said...

hi james D
its your "Best" brother ;) hope your having a great time, your prodject sounds cool but please TRY your hardest not to fall down the canyon! enjoy
from Jona
p.s its your bday on wednesday. so happy birthday for then.

the pecks said...

saw the photo laura, you look like you are enjoying it miss you around alls well here but colder please bring me a orangutan lol take care luv a lot nanny magaret xxxx

gub said...

i heard that you are still alive, somehow.
it looks like you're having fun ,aye.
missing u loads ( and so is everyone else)

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie, Great to see all the pictures on the blog. Have a fantastic time diving and treking. We will be thinking of you. All well here including Toffo and Jezerbel. Say hi to my Orangutan relatives should you bump in to them! Can't wait for the next blog! Take care. Love M,D,A and J xx

the pecks said...

Hi Laura, its Em, Mum and Mark here...hope you are having a good time!! Its quiet here without you haha!! Mark said hi, hope your ok? I can see in your pic your hairs already been played with by the monkeys haha!!...cheeky!!Hi laura been following your trip so far,hope you are working hard and having fun with the kiddies,no teaching them rude songs lol.Everyone has been asking after you ,now watching X favtor you,re not missing much,catch up again soon lots of love mum xx

Watts clan said...

Hi adam, just spotted you on website you look cool, and hair is growing. Camp looks amazing, bet your having fun, will write soon, love mum and dad, x

Carynn Josue said...

Dear Celine and Richard,

Gambatae in your expedition... have fun..

God bless xxx

Carynn J

ann said...

message for nicola moran-mum and dad just completed red walk-you think you got it tough x

Angela said...

Hi to Nicky (PM Alpha 2) from Mum & Dad. Many thanks for your lovely dedication on Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs for our 35th Wedding Anniversary. It was a lovely surprise for Dad - several people at the golf club had heard it and spoke to him about it. Hope the project is going well and that it is not too hot/wet! Going to see Grandad & Pudsey next week. Take care & best wishes to all in Alpha 2. Love Mum OXO LOL LUL

Anonymous said...

So update, nothing crazy so far ( probs cus you're not here;))
Meh and I and totally coolies, decided to just chill with that, Vak and mariah seem to be at a stand still and God and I have a speech in a week =/ ( anyone who reads this must think im a spaz)
Anyhoo hope you are having a blast, miss you sooooo much, be good ;) x shani

Ellen said...

Julian, glad to see you're there. I 'll post the picture and let everyone know you're alive and well and building a gravity water feed system...sounds quite impressive. Will look for you on the blog! (and Brown went out...)

Ellen N

The Pecks!! said...

Laura Peck in alpha 1:
hey, its dan here! hope u r ok n having a great time there! all is well here. have sent a letter so shud b wiv u in next few weeks. have seen the pics of u arriving at the base camp :p lol. wil speak to u agen soon, have a great time! x

Mandy and Rob said...

Hi Abs, how come you get to do all the fun things first? Enjoy the trekking(hope you don't get blisters) and diving. I look forward to seeing more photos of everyone. Mxx

David M said...

Nicola M

Hope you are enjoying the experience with no nasty creepy crawlies. Trying to keep up to date with everything.

Love Mum & Dad

de vos said...

Dear Floris de Vos !!!
It seems that you are doing fine ????!We follow you on the blog ! Diving and trekking first..we are very anxious to hear from you..have a great time with your group and enjoy Malaysia !

Love you !
Mum, Dad and Maret

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruthie! hope the new phase is going well. Any sign of the camping kit we sent out yet? It's autumn in Herne Hill and the leaves are coming off the trees - and it's cold! Tahoe's keeping warm though. Lots of love from Mum and Dad, we'll write soon.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow from neil Rushton Tessa dad looks fantastic fun weather pants here rainand wind . I'd love to do medic thing another year . Think they'd take a fuddy duffy gp from Devon . Go for it alpha 3 .

Sarah said...

Hi Mr Parry,

Cannot believe you get to go trekking and diving first - that'll be so fun, hope your camera holds up in the sea! I sent you some post so fingers crossed it'll get to you in the middle of the jungle! Hope you are having the most amazing time, I love seeing you in the pictures. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Love you, Sarah xx

Colin S said...

Hi Rick S, saw your first aid lecture photo and your Alpha 4 photos. So you arrived!!! hope it all goes well, missing you already.
3.20 in Amsterdam!!!
C, J & K

de vos said...

Lieve Floris en Rolien !!!

Het lijkt er werkelijk op dat jullie 't goed hebben in de jungle !Het is een feestje om jullie zo nu en dan op dit blog te bekijken...leuke foto's!Jullie groepen lijken heel gezellig te zijn !Voor Rolien vooral big party !Heeeerlijk !Heel veel plezier met jullie eerste ' opdracht'...hoewel, in hoeverre is het duiken rond een bounty eiland hard werken..Floor ?
Dikke kus van ons allen hier !
Maarten, Brigitte en Maret.

Nicola Young said...


Katie, it's Nicola! The pictures are amazing, it looks and sounds like youre having so much fun. We all miss you very much, and keep having blue point in your honour!
Although we're back on weight watchers so this isn't very good!
We're going to Sweden next week also. and don't worry, Alice is fine! Enjoy the trek and be careful of snakes.
Love and miss you so so much
Love everyone in LE2

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,
Looks like you're having a good time. Girls have been checking out your pics on the blog and are waiting to see a picture of the kindergarten you're building. Good luck with that!
Love Claire, Dan and girls xxx

Stewart said...

To Alpha 1
Say hello to our wee Christina. Great to see a picture of you on the Blog. Hope you are having a fantastic time. The Kindergarten gig sounds cool. We're all thinking of you. You are the business.

Love from Dad, Mum and Anna xxxxxx

Sharmans said...

Hi Katie (Alpha 5)
Really looking forward to the next news. Hope the diving was fun.
Have a great time on your jungle trek. We are going to see Alice in
Leicester this weekend - half term already.You take care and have fun.
Love M,D, Alice, Joe, Toffo and Jez. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ro said...

Hello Jamie!

Hope you're having lots of fun, Exeter isn't the same without you though! Have sent you 2 letters with all my news, been really busy with work but everything's going really well. moving into the new flat on november 7th so very excited about that. how are the naughty orangutans? i'm so jealous you get to see all this cool stuff...not sure when you'll see this so you might have had my letters by then. have spoken to your parents too so they know you're getting on fine and that.

Anyway I hope you're having an amazing time and can't wait to get your letter so I can read all about it.

Loads of love,

Ro xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yo Chi

Hope you having loads of fun & are on your best behaviour.. lol.. Marv

Nikita said...

Enjoy the trekking and diving, Cat! Missing you loads in the hood.
Love Nikita xox

ruthvh said...

Selamat Katie
Apa Kabar? Ada biak? Thinking of you so much and want to hear all about your adventure. So excited for you. Mum forwarded your text and I know you are in the jungle now!! great. Love you tons. GRuth x x x

Stewart said...

we love Christina. Hope you are having a great time. Mum, Dad and Anna.

SHAUN said...

Hi Emma,
Hope all well with you and your enjoying your time in Borneo.We are staying at Chris and Mikes for a few weeks while the Kitchen is fitted .Wizz and Tab spend the day in the Barn and the night in the porch in the office.I will write soon Love Papa Sarah Chris Mike Katy Laura XXX PS just lost to L-----ool 2 0 Bad Day!!!

cheryl scarr said...

Hi Tom - am keping up with you on the blog - looks like you are having a great time with the whacky Aplha 3 group. Hope you have been cured of your sleeping sickness - ha ha. Love and miss you loads - be good and take care - love you love you love you - mum dad emily and molly xxxxxxxx

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie,
We'v been checking your photos, you look like your having fun and still smiling, keep enjoying the experience love you lots and lots xxxx Mum + Dad xxxx

manny said...

Mother and Father Bear wish Cat a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 28th October. Hope you and the rucksack enjoyed the jungle!!! We love you and miss you lots xxx
Ma and Pa

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie
Dad and I have been looking at your photos - there are a couple of you - you look like your having fun. Imbak canyon looks amazing, your phase looks like hard work - bet your gardening gloves are being worn to death, love you lots and miss you loads Mum + Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Leo. We MISS you. Just back from Naples and off to Marrakech with Ems and Rosie tomorrow. I have sent one letter and will post another from Marrakech as it will reach you quicker from there than from the UK because of the postal strike. Ems and Bella send their love and say they are missing you as does Daddy who is hovering as I write this. Alpha Group 1 Looks great - hope you are still enjoying it. Love you my darling girl, Fiona

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie,
Sounds like you are having a brilliant time, looking forward to hearing about all your experiences!
Photos look great. Keep up the good work, missing you lots. Mum xx

Anonymous said...

shannon sends his brotherly love to taylor dodds, looks like you are doing well and having fun, keep up the good work, got your letters, tahlia brought them over for us to read, we all miss you too and yes we will all write you back sis, emma also says hi, PS: if ya think 32 is hot, come to work with me up north, last time i was up there, it was 51.5 degrees on the first day and 45.8 and raining, thats hot and very humid and muggy, PPS: have fun and enjoy yourself over there ok !!!

Carol and Katy said...

Hello Emma It's Mimi.
Hope all is going well with your kindergarten project. Have you seen any ooorangoootangs yet? Missing you lots, Love you very much. Keep up the excellent work you are doing out there. Take Care. Waiting for new pictures on the blog to catch up on what your'e doing. Love Mimi xxx

Anonymous said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Katie Sharman!!!!! sorry its taken me forever to write! it wouldnt work properly last time i tried. o my gosh by the looks of things you are having such an adventure! you look rather lovely in that diving suit! i cant wait to hear all about it when you get back.

we are all missing you a lot! Jenny was home for the weekend and she says hello and that she misses you also, as does everyone else! even my mum keeps asking how you are!

i am unemployed again, as thorpe park is shut for winter :( however i have an interview on wednesday so fingers crossed for that!

i hope you have fun and be careful of the wildlife, did you see any real life jelly fish?!? i hope they didnt scare you too much!!!!

love you and miss you lots, your buddy Georgia Hill


ps. remember to bring me back a monkey