Saturday, 24 October 2009

Phase 1 well on its way...

All the Alpha groups are having a whale of a time in Borneo, making excellent progress on all their projects!

Alpha 1 has already put up posts and laid the floor of the kindergarten they are building for Kampung Minusoh and have already started on the walls.

Alpha 2 cleaned the dam that will be the source for the gravity water feed system they are fixing for the community of Kampung Tampasak. They've also cleared the route for the piping and now they are trekking 4 hours every day to carry materials to their worksite. They are also teaching English to the local schoolchildren on days they are not at the worksite.

Alpha 3 are digging massive foundation holes for the suspension bridge they are helping to build in Imbak Canyon. They've also built steps for the path that takes them to the river.

Alpha 4 is hard at work building a perimeter fence for the sunbear sanctuary. Inbetween working, they also find time to visit the Rainforest Discovery Centre for interesting educational talks.

Alpha 5 has finished their PADI qualifications on Mamutik Island and are now trekking in the jungle at Long Pa Sia.

Alpha 6 is still trekking in Long Pa Sia and will return to Kota Kinabalu on 28 October to go diving off Mamutik Island.

Alpha 8 has not only drained and made liveable their camp site in Kudat, but also installed water tanks, rigged netting in coconut trees to catch falling coconuts and they are helping in the process to nurture saplings for the reforestation project. In their free time they even manage to squeeze in a football match or two with the local village.

The Loop is going out tomorrow to visit all the project sites and see for ourselves how they are doing. More news (and pictures!!) will follow after the Loop's return on Friday 30 October.

However, before Alpha 5 left for Long Pa Sia, we met up with them at Sutera Harbour to hand them all their necessary kit. Here are a few pictures:

First unload the Bravo...

Now how do we fit all of this into our backpacks?

Maybe we need to sit down for this... (look at PM Andy scratching his head in the background)

Now we are ready for the jungle!!


Michael and Jemma said...

Hello Beth......
Great to hear from you.....look after yourself.....have Mum, Dad, Jack and Amelia.....xxxxx

ann said...

for nicola moran

Hi nic, just read that you have to trek 4hours a day just to take epuipment to the site. Hope for the others sake the deodorant works!!Sounds like a great experience, enjoy.
love mum and dad

Julie Morris said...

Hi Sam - just thought we'd send you a message seeing that the "Bravos" are doing the "loop" tomorrow!

Love the updates but does sound like backbreaking work for Alpha 3 - still, lots of amazing stuff to come!

By the way, you and Raleigh have eventually made it into the paper - not only that but Jarv reports that you're on the Free Press billboard outside Neary's!!

Looking forward to the photos on Friday's blog so we can see more of what you are all doing.

Thinking of you lots - keep having fun, keep safe and keep well.

Lots of love,

Mum, Dad, James and Gramps xxxx

"United, United Top of the League, United, Top of the League"!

Lulu said...

Hiya Craig

sounds like it is going really well, evrything looks amazing, your mum & dad have been over and your dad left a message on one of the blogs.

Love Lulu

Anonymous said...

Hi adam, just logged on to see a few new pictures.Dad and I amazed that you are diving and treking, somewhat holiday stuff, when the others groups are working hard,wicked.Hope its all going well,and your seeing some sun out there.Rachael is in oslo and its pretty cold,mind you its wet and windy here.Phil went clay pidgeon shooting today,think he is trying to compete with you adam. Anyway take care when you go diving expect it will be spectacular.Got a postal srike here at moment but will send letter no 2 to you. LOV YOU LOADS.

Lisa said...

Hi Julian-
Trekking 4 hours a day. Hope the boots are holding up....! Sounds amazing, remember- take pictures of everything!
and I hope you're getting the cards we're sending you with the Jonesy "updates"....
much love, mom

Anonymous said...

A message from Laura Peck to her mum, lovingly delivered over the radio to us at fieldbase in time for monday...

Happy Birthday Mum, love from Laura xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali,

Me n mum keep checking the bog to see what your up to, looks like your having an ace time, n how jammy ru getting on the trekking and diving first, looks a nice way to be broken into life in the jungle!!!! Have seen you on some pics and have seen how much you are loving wearing your tube of fabric!! Geek! Missing you, and thinking of you lots!!

Bye and love you

Danielle and Mum x x x

The Pecks!! said...

Laura Peck
hello hello hello(:
its amy here:D hows it going? hopee itss all goood! weeree all missing youu a little bit:L jokes. we all mis you loads! be carefulll with the orang utanges nicase they mistake you for one.:S dam that wwill bee badd lol. ill speak soon. Hopee everything goes well. lotss of love amy'oxoxoxoxox

Mandy and Rob said...

Hi Abbi
Just to let you know Emma is off to NZ tomorrow (Tues), she sends her love. Everyone here is well, including your ratty little dog who keeps chewing things up! Richard has returned from Spain and we actually have the removals lorry booked for 10th Nov! Hope the trekking is going well and I bet you are looking forward to doing some new skills to add to you diving quals.
Love always, mam, Dad and Richardxxx

The Pecks!! said...

ello billy here u all right do u still smell bye chucky laura..............SMELLS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aman,

Hope you're having a good time, we're checking the blogs to see if you're ok.
Miss you loads, wish we were there, looks a lot of fun & experience.

It's looks like you're meeting old distant relatives (orang-outangs) they look a lot like you, even Nana noticed.

Hope you're enjoying yourself.
Remember the BBC is waiting for you to come back.

Lots Of Love

The Pecks!! said...

Hi Laura Peck,just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes and the quick!!!suprise call.Birthday was good and was very spoilt.Sounds as though the kindergarten will be finished in good time ,well done to you all.Hope to hear from you soon, continue having a great time and lots of photos.Much love mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sabine,

Even een Nederlands berichtje ;) Ik zie dat je een gravity water system aan het maken bent. Heb ik ook gedaan, maar in een ander gebied. Super leuk project!! Imbak Canyon is ook een aanrader. Ik hoop dat je het leuk hebt en dat je al een beetje aan die bloedzuigers gewent bent!

Ik ben benieuwd naar je verhalen als je weer terug bent.

Gr Joost

Nic Courtman said...

Hi Abbi,
I hope you're having a good time, I have sent my first letter, I will try and send them weekly, I hope you get them soon.
Nic C x

Vicki Hinks said...

Hi Meg
just a quickie to say we are all missing you hugely - I check the website often hoping to catch sight of you hard at work! Hope you are well and having a great time - must be changeover soon - will write a long letter soon, not that we have much exciting news here - same old same old. Lots of love from us all and keep happy Mum, Dad and O xxxxx

corporateflyer said...

Hi Julian! We hope that you are having fun. Michael wanted me to tell you that if anything is lost - you may want to consider staying in Borneo (his words, not mine) You are not missing much in New York! Cold and dreary...


Kelly and Michael

Nikita said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow, Cat!
Lots of love, Nikita xoxox

Phillip said...

ezzzz adam, its phill. cant ask u ne questions cos u cant respond so i thort id jst let u know wagwan over here, im still at work, passed my exams and am now still doing some training but will be out at my first client nxt week - will b doing an audit on oceana which could b interesting. other than that the lads have been v uneventful, god only knows where browns been for the past 3 weeks and toms been jst doing the studio! also the audi will b coming in jan so u can look forward to that as well as me. hope ur enjoying all the camping, driving must also be pretty epic! neways in a biz x

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaz
Can't believe its nearly 3 weeks already! Hope You're enjoying - not too many blisters? Or leeches LOL.
Things at home going well - starting a ladies "club" on thursday nights at the cafe - should be fun.
Taz has extended her stay till the 6th of Jan! Woo hoo. Girls fine - Hayley having a Halloween party this friday night at S/F - what have I done haha.
Take care my love - love and miss you. Mom

Kathryn Stirk said...

Hi Amy,
Hope the trek went well and you didn't have too many blisters! We've been following the blogs and it looks absolutely amazing! Try not to be so camera shy! Can you get me the booking reference for the Aer Lingus flight from Heathrow so that I can change the flights?
Everyone is well here, Dad's in NZ and goes to Australia this weekend.
Hope everyone survived your cooking.
Have a Fantastic time,Lots of love, Mum, Ellie and Conor

samdelahaye said...

Hey Charlie,
Hope phase one going/went well - always good to be the group that starts the construction I reckon! Isla is well (but tired) and sends her love - the rentals are also checking the blogs regularly for a glimpse of you!? London is drizzly, and I know where I would rather be. Looks like we will be living in our own house when you get back - crazy! I think you will approve - it's awesome..though you may well have last choice of rooms! Will write soon. Sxx

samdelahaye said...

Miss Jessie Jones!! Wow - you got the sunbears - you lucky thing! I hope you've had a good phase and your venturers have been behaving!! London is a bit grim - clocks just went back so a lot of darkness :-( Looking forward to hearing all your news when you get back - lets do Christmas drinks (if you're not travelling on that is!) Sxx

Chris said...

Hi Emma (Alpha1)...Just to say hello, and reading the posts, comments and editorials, you all seem to having a great time, and getting on with the task with the school. We have your Mum round for dinner tonight. Keep up the good work, will be looking in daily. Lots of love and Best Wishes, Elaine (Lloyds Pharmacy) and Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Katie Sharman!! (yes it was compulsory to use your full name!)

It has taken me forever to find this blog and it's thanks to Kat that I'm writing to you now! I miss you so much! It's so weird without you here, I just want to call you up for chats!

Can't believe all the things everyone has been up to out there!

Are you in group alpha 5 thingy? I'm sure I can see you on one of the pictures on here, looking rather sexy in your walking boots wheeeey!

I hope you're really enjoying yourself and getting on ok with the spiders and snakes and bugs!

Nothing has changed here, except that we miss you and so does The Ashley!

Stay safe, i love you lots, your bestest friend, Jo x x x x x x x

sam turner said...

Hi Abi,
Hope your having a great time and have made some new friends.
Billy wizz quilified again for the reginals so please can u make us another yummy apple cake?
Think the girls miss you,Willows getting like a teddy bear.
I'm keeping eye on your farm. lol.
Enjoy and take care.

Fraser said...

Hey Alexia! From what ive read it sounds amazing so I hope you are really enjoying yourself!I bet your going to have some great stories and i expect you to tell me all of them!
Make sure you look after yourself and dont go trying to bring home any strange creatures, i know what you are like! Hope to here from you soon and just enjoy every last moment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

We are proud of you and hope you are having a great time. We all miss you loads and look forward to hearing about it all.

Loads of love,

Ma, John, Nao and Jas.

Lamb said...

Hi Emma, just want to say hi from Miami!
We're having a great time so far, hope that you're enjoying yourself.
There's a man who cycles up and down Ocean Drive with a monkey on his back, and another who cycles with a giant snake round his neck. It's quite a novelty.
I imagine you have these type of creatures draped all over you all the time though........
Lisa and Dave xxx

Anonymous said...

Ha Flop,

Volgens mij gaat alles goed daar!
Hier ook, we missen je!
Pap, Mam, Tijn, Beer, Ollie en Hummer.

Nupur said...

Hey Alexia!
Was thinking of you so I hope you're having an awesome time! After the way you ran around in Cyprus, I could bet you're pretty comfortable out in the wild! Been reading and it sounds amazing babu! Anyways, look after yourself, miss you loads and can't wait to see you again in December where you better tell me everything! Love love love,

Jessie's Mum said...

Hi Jessie ( Alpha 3)

It is a grey rainy saturday in London and just wondering how you are getting on. Hope you are behaving yourself and not driving the rest of Alpha 3 nuts with your out of tune singing which I am sure by now you are sharing with all :) We are looking forward to see some new photos very soon now the bravos have been out to visit you all, missing you loads and love you lots + lots kisses, take care xxxxxxxxx Mum + Dad xxxxxxxxx

carrie said...

Hi Bryony , Am in Cornwall , its beautifully sunny and mild, sea full to bursting, like August! Went to a poultry auction today and bought 10 hens. Hope all is going well, I am SOOOOO looking forward to hearing all about it. miss you loads, luv, ur old mumxxx

Anonymous said...

Hola Sharon,

It's nice to hear that you can take time off to dive and go to the beach. When someone asks bout you the The twins say " Sharon is working in the jungle" cute or what? Put suntan lotion on. Don't go blue.

We salute you!

lots of love,

Ma, John,Jas and Nao

humbug said...

Hi Lotte,
I hope you arrived safe and sound. We look forward to following all your exploits. Elbow your way to the front of the photos!
Lexie asks when you'll be back with her sweets?!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael F,

Looks things are going well in Borneo from reading th blog. Great too see you in the photos. Everyone says hello nad asking for you. Take care, Love Dad, Emma, Shelley and Ben x

the watts clan said...

Hi Adam loved the text message,your life right now sounds amazing and I expect some very interesting stories when you get back. The island sounds like paradise try not to fall asleep for too long... on that beach.After all that treking and diving you will be as fit as a fiddle, ull be able to get up and down Chase Park Road in no time. "yoyoyoyo booooooooo"

Everything is good here,dads had a weekend of replacing what seems like a million light bulbs, he could probably do with your head torch.
Ali's here with Phil at the moment and Rachael is with Russel.Gemma is finally in her flat but had no heating for 5 days.
I'am enjoying looking on the website at all the photo's.Will be nice to see you sometime, I guess when you have completed the diving.
Anyway, take care, Dad and I Plus big brother and two big sisters miss you loads. kiss and hugs.

The Watts Clan.

Anonymous said...

Hello Aman,
How are you hope all is well,missing you loads ,Kids are well,Mum is busy chatting to her friend Surinder in India-she never gets off the phone!she cant wait for you to come home is excited about planning a trip back home with you.
Keep safe dude love you loads
Didi,Mum,Ellie and Smelly xx

Natasha Goddard said...

Hi Vicki (Alpha 6),

Glad to see you are having a good time over in Borneo! I am showing your mum how to do this, so expect one from a comment from her sooon! (She is worried about your boots!!)Missing you lots here. Can't believe you've gone 3 weeks already!
Lots of love,
Natasha xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, (alpha 6)

Seems like you have been gone for ages, we all miss you v. much. But want you to know that we are thinking of you. John and I got our rings at the weekend, we are excited about it, hope you will be here by then. Oh Naomi cut her hair today. Enjoy the peace and quiet, won't get it wen u come back. Hehehe

We love you, ma and the crew.x

Sarah said...

Hi Ali,

Just booked my flights to come out and see you in May - I am so excited! How was the diving and the trekking? Cannot wait to hear all about it!
Missing you lots,
Love you,


Marsha Predovic said...

Hi Julian!
Just sent your college app off 11/1 and talked to LIsa. God, you are a brave and dear young man! I'm so proud of you and want to see all your photos and hear your stories. Wish you were rehearsing the fall drama with us. You were terrific as Uncle Billy... seems like just last year. Casey and Dennis send their best. Dennis says he hears the gorilla is delicious... tastes like chicken. xx Marsha

Rosanna said...

Hi Jamie!

Hope you're having a good time in the jungle. loved the orangutan postcard! The new flat is great! Really light and spacious with nice furniture - nice kitchen too so you'll love it. work is still busy - have to go to london next week for another meeting. no plans this weekend- just going to make the flat look good and sort out internet etc.

anyway should get back to work, thinking of you xxx

Peter said...

Hello Jessie Jones:

All the best from the Cayley Bunch in London. It is damn cold, wet, miserable and LOUD at Cayley School and wish you were here to cheer us up.

Arif T is missing you.
Mr. Farrah is gone.

Keep in touch if you could! Come back and visit us soon.

The Cayley people

carrie said...

Carrie said
Hi Bry, Had our first shoot today - it went really well, although the weather was rubbish. Fern was a liability, although she did manage to retrieve a duck without eating it.! Phil and Hay move into the farmhouse this week, and a young couple with baby move into Phil's -they seem ok. Andy home this weekend - hope you're having a good time and got over your D and V. miss yer loads, lots of love Hi-tec Mum xxx

Joeke Nel said...

hoi Sabine
volgens mij heb je het super tof daar
ik zou willen dat ik ook weer jong was dan zou ik zeker zoiets gaan doen
ik zag dat je nu in alpha 4 zit, ook een leuke groep? Heb het fijn daar liefs Joeke Nel en Anton

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie!

Can't believe you've been out there for 6 weeks!! It's crazy! I miss you so much. I've had some WEIRD dreams about you!
It's really wintery here so I hope you're getting a mega tan to show off to us!
It's also getting really christmassy (already!) so it's weird to imagine you in hot sunny jungle life!
Nothing's changed here at all, just work work work and sometimes go to the ashley, what exciting lives we lead!
Anyway, I hope you're still getting on ok and enjoying yourself!
SO looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your stories!

Take care, love youuuuuu

Anonymous said...

Hi James!

Hope your having a fantastic time and that we are able to make you out when you return from the lack of goodies he he.

Take care ad enjoy :-)

We love you loads!!

From Tanya xxx

Lucy Kemp said...

Leo my love!

I sent you a FREAKIN LONG letter. I'm hoping it has been recieved! But just incases I thought i'd write on here aswell.

I was just out for dindins with your Mum and Dad. VERY yummy. And company wasn't bad either. I was the only child at the table so had to keep the parentals in check! YOU KNO.

Your photos look lovely. And your looking VERY sexy. I'm liking the t-shirts your rocking. GREAT. SUPER jealous of everything your doing. Word on the st is your in the jungle atm. I heard Jordan's out there too on "i'm a celebrity get me out of here," so maybs get her autograph. Yes?

I'm SO excited for you to come home despite this being more then a little way off. I hate having you all (georgia, jerome and you) away. Home feels less full and I don't approve. Please continue having an amazing time so my heart ache for Leonora Neal is all worth it.

MUCH, MUCH Love and Bug repellant,