Monday, 28 September 2009

Project Managers, Medics and Trek Leaders Arrive

Yesterday marked the arrival of twelve projects managers, medics and trek leaders making us a full complement of 26 volunteer staff and 3 full time Raleigh staff.

The new team were collected from various points and airports across KK in the Bravos, here we can see the arrival of medic Nat and project manager Jessie; who has spent the last 9 weeks travelling here from the UK overland.

Anna is seen here greeting Lakshmi and Emma, who are also members of our medical team. Along with Vicky, Nat and Julia we have a 5 strong team providing invaluable support to our expedition either out in the field accompanying the groups or back in fieldbase on 24 hour call to assist over the radio.


Ruthie seen here is testament that eating rations and being eaten alive by insects in the rainforest is actually fun as she is returning for her second expedition, hopefully Zara and Ced, two of our new PM's, will feel the same way.

During expedition a system called "three bowls" takes place of the kitchen sink when running water and amenities are limited. Here Jill is explaining the dipping system to Julia, Nat and Craig, who are demonstrating the use of a three bowled mug by drinking a brew.


Next up was another great Raleigh tradition, 'the name game.' With eighty venturers names to remember in the coming weeks we got started by keeping up with the staff names.Thanks to the name game I can now tell you that the people pictured above are; Craig, Anna, Nicky, Nicki, Vicky, Andy, Philip, Emma, Sarah, and Yo.

Yesterdays sessions gave everyone the opportunity to meet the permanent Borneo staff, learn a bit about Raleigh and watch the last expeditions slideshow for a bit of inspiration and an idea of things to come over the next three months. Seen here are, Julia, Jessie, Andy, Nicky and Emma listening intently to Mac and Jim also pictured with Bruno and Chi below.

Today the new team are getting excited about the projects on offer, learning how to use the HF 90 radios which are a communication lifeline out on remote project sites and discussing the roles they have undertaken and how to carry them out to their full potential. Bright and early tomorrow, everyone will head out to the beautiful riverside Traverse Activity Centre (TAC) to top up these skills and deploy out to jungle camp to test their mettle in the great outdoors. More on this in a couple of days ..........

There have been some technical problems with the blogs comment facility recently, hopefully this has now been rectified. Apologies to those who posted comments and have not seen them up on the blog, please try again as we love to hear from you!


Amy said...

Hi Chi, you look great in the pic, hope you had a good journey. Hope you will have an interesting and challenging time there. Jessica says hello and gives you a big hug and kiss xxx. spk2usoon amy x

Ali said...

Hey guys, good to see you've all arrived ok and are getting stuck in. Hope you have a great time! All the best. Awesome Ali.

Bharti said...

Hey Chi, glad you got there in the end :) Have fun and look forward to more pics soon...Bee & Luke.x

Jeff said...

hey uncle chi,
howre you doing? hope you have a brilliant time

love from jeff and family

Lulu said...

Hiya Craig - trust you to be drinking tea, hope it was Yorkshire and I'm looking forward to seeing all that you get up to.

Love Lulu

Lulu said...

Hiya Craig - trust you to be drinking tea, hope it's yorkshire, looking forward to seeing all you get up to.

Love Lulu

Lulu said...

Hi Craig good to see your picture, trust you to be drinking tea, hope it was Yorkshire. Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to

Love Lulu

Angela said...

Hi Nicky

Have a super time. work hard but enjoy yourself! Went to Minh's yesterday - had all your favourites!!! Not doing the diet any good - but it was enjoyable.

Love from Mum & Dad OXO LUL LOL