Friday, 25 September 2009

Hotel Fieldbase

Raleigh Borneo has been a hive of activity this week as our team await the project managers arrival. For all those who heard the words, "have a nice holiday...." before they boarded their flights to Borneo here are just some of the luxuries awaiting you in the 5 star accomodation we call 'field base.'

 Spacious bedrooms, suitable for between 1 - 15 guests. Room service unavailable on request.

Friendly tourist information, our staff will be more than happy to show you the sites of Sabah with specialist maps and route cards designed to get you to all your project destinations.

Competitive international and local call rates on our modern communications systems.

For your comfort our ensuite bathrooms come with a 3 level temperature control, allowing you to have a cold, luke warm or 'dry' shower depending on how full the tank is and whether the sun has warmed the water.Optional buckets are available to improve water pressure.

We also offer a very special chauffeur service with our fleet of three Landrovers. Our trained drivers are available to deliver you to all your destinations in these air conditioning free vehicles, designed to make your journey as uncomfortable and sweaty as possible.

Well if that doesn't make want you to become part of a Raleigh expedition perhaps this will. The 09K expedition members have managed to have a plenty of fun this week after work hours with a visit to the famous Phillipino market for dinner, sampling the barbeque chicken, fish and ample amounts of rice and noodles on offer.

This week has also seen staff get a first taster of Roti ,a traditional Malay dish similar to a flat bread filled with anything from chicken curry to condensed milk. Just in case there hasn't been enough food on the menu this week yesterday we celebrated National Braii Day in honour of Elda. This is South Africa's national BBQ day and coincided nicely with Jill, our administrator's birthday! A double celebration saw us eat a BBQ feast and birthday cakes made by Loli our fantastic field base cook.Its been a lively first week in 'Hotel Fieldbase' - look out for new updates when the rest of the team arrive!

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