Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Fantastic end to a fantastic expedition: beach fun at Bukit Naga

And then it was time for one of the most anticipated moments of the Borneo 09E - the beach party at Bukit Naga! Two hours on the bus from Kota Kinabalu was fully worth it when everyone came down to discover a long pristine beach with actual surf and the warmest water in the world.

Without too much mucking round, everyone changed into their swimming gears and got down for some wave-fighting action.

The whole feel of the place at Bukit Naga was very relaxing - just what the crowd wanted!

The beach: a very suitable place to wind down the expedition.

Realising this was everyone's last night together made it for a special time together. Add a finger-lickin' barbeque prepared by our very special cook Loli and you had all the right ingredients for a memorable mixer. 

Amy Holmes, Deputy Programme Manager, who has essentially spent the better part of last year with Raleigh Borneo, addresses the venturers and staff for the final time.

We really are a team: Raleigh Borneo 09E.


And then DJ Gerard took it away with his energising mix of eclectic sounds. Makarena, Michael Jackson, or MGMT - there was something for everyone in the DJ mix.

Got out there: Raleigh Borneo 09E together at the Bukit Naga beach.

There was no shortage of venturers or PMs willing to show off their grooves on the dance floor. The party went on till midnight, after which everyone crashed out for a well-deserved rest!
It was unfortunately the departure day for most of the venturers the next day.

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