Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Expedition 09K Borneo Kicks Off With The Arrival of the Advance Staff Team

Welcome to the start of the 09K expedition blog! This is the place to keep up to date with everything the venturers and volunteer managers are up to and where you can leave messages and comments for all those involved in the expedition. You can become a follower of this blog and receive emails regarding any new updates by clicking on the link below.
Preperations are well underway for the arrival of 80 venturers on the 11th of October with the field base team arriving this week and getting stuck into the essential work required to support over 100 people across 9 different project locations for 3 months.

Volunteer staff have been briefed on their responsibilites and the fantastic projects that Raleigh Venturers will be undertaking.With trekking, diving, community and enviromental work all on the cards, its already looking to be a really exciting expedition. So lets meet the team ........

Jim Clements,(right) some know him simply as Sir Jim. Raleigh Borneo's Country Director (CD) who's role is to oversee Raleigh operations in country, secure projects, sponsorship and liase with outside organisations.

Mark 'Mac' McCarthy,(left) in between tea drinking and recalling useless facts he also makes time to run the expeditions in Borneo as the Country Programme Manager (CPM.) He is responsible for the safe delivery of expeditions however, he couldn't do any of this without ....

Sarah Hoare, our Deputy Programme Manager (DPM) a lady with the thankless task of co-ordinating all the venturers across Sabah and keeping all the volunteer staff happy. A volunteer herself Sarah is instrumental in the running of expedition.

Yolanda Graham is a permanent member of staff here in Malaysia working as the HCV and Media Co-ordinator.Yo is involved in many areas of expedition life, often assisting the team with translations and helping operations run smoothly.

Pictured here strapped to a stretcher Jill Willoughby (don't worry she's just having a rest in this picture) is our administrator dealing with everything from visa extensions to the Raleigh shop, she keeps the paper work flowing. Jill's captor is actually our advanced team medic Vicky Brocklebank. Vicky has arrived early to prep and inventory stacks of medical supplies and kits ready to send out with all our Alpha groups in time for the arrival of 4 other medics who are an essential part of the team.

Next up is our South African accountant Elda who, despite spending her time tirelessly managing our budgets, loves it here so much she is clocking up her third Raleigh expedition.

It takes a huge amount of man power and organisation to supply food and equipment to over 100 people for 10 weeks, luckily for us we have a crack team mangaging our logisitics, comprising of Nicky Claydon, Anna Gilliland and Philip Rough who have been completing their off road driver training this week.

Expedition photographer Maria Pilar Guerra-Arias will be catching the high points, as well as the odd lows with her camera over the next few months, capturing memories for everyone and creating a slide show, video and magazine which are always an end of the expedition highlight.

Finally,I am the comms officer, I ll be working alongside Maria whilst keeping track of everyone over the expedition and publishing it in this blog, the magazine and the expedition newsletter 'The Sabah Sun' allowing you to all keep a track our progress in Borneo.

Well, that's the team for so far, in a weeks time all of our project managers arrive making the team 24 strong and the fun begins! Look out for our next update as they arrive.

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