Monday, 17 August 2009

Second changeover passes in a flash! Allocations for Phase 3!

by Ed Ptilidi

Yes, it is that time again, and the second Phase finished before you knew it. That meant gathering at the Borneo Paradise complex once again.

Most teams spent the day travelling from their project sites. Upon arrival they could chill out and treat themselves to a heated shower, have a swim at the hotel pool, and, most importantly, catch up with the rest of their mates who spent the Phase 2 on other projects.

After Saturday's dinner, the teams gathered round again to perform their skits. The judging panel were obviously expecting some good performances after the Changeover 1 standard set by some of the teams.

Sunday was spent relaxing, there was a brief opportunity for the PMs to head to a nearby "Cheesy Beach", where Dom and I persecuted them with our video camera.

Everyone had to be up bright and early on Monday morning, to head back out to their Phase 3 projects.

Alpha 1 were off to finish the kindergarten building in sunny Mapan Mapan.

Venturers: Gregory J Cowan, Tasha A Gomes, Zuraimi B. Rahman, Shavaughn S Dill, Stephen Pendrigh, Sophie M Farrelly, Richard Taylor, Bryony Tedder, Gere' A Scraders, Callum Adams-Carr, David Miller
PMs: Colin Burman, Sandra Pritopia, Tom Godfrey, and Chris Ashford

Alpha 3 headed to Imbak to finish off the preparation work for the construction of a new suspension bridge.

Venturers: Sean Rice, Will McNess, Michael G Petrie, Geralvonno Williams, Trusha Kothari, Darreana M Burchall, Christian E Faulkner, Alneisha J Outerbridge, Koong Hui Yein, Maurice A Pomeroy
PMs: Sophia Wilson and Pip Edwards

Alpah 4 will be working on the sun bear enclosure fence in Sepilok.

Venturers: Anna J Harte, Yap Shon Lee, Alisha R Chapman, Catarina D Correia, Tessa L Wharton, James P Croke, Seleta Q Williams, Charlie R Green, Tom J Beirne, Amy Harcus

Alpha 5 started start the phase with the Dive Island where they will get their PADI Water Diver certificate, and spend two days doing an underwater clean-up and coral planting. After that they will be trekiking. [we apologise for the delay with the photo, but our photographer has been away spending some time with Alpha 5].

Venturers: Alex J Barrow, Gareth Mountain, Duanette R Symonds, Henry J Routh, Saskia R Bartlett, Jack L Deith, Razis Bin Nasri, Emily Nash, Madeleine Colmar
PMs: Bobby Rebeiro, Miles Bullock, and Sue Howe

Alpha 6 were also off on their Trek & Dive adventure phase, but start with an 11-day trek around Long Pasia, and then the Dive Island.

Venturers: Yang Su Lan, Katherine Taylor, Joseph d'Ursel, Julian Akole, Gwen Reid, Edward C Ottley, Mandy L Scott, Philip E Holmes, Jessica V Richards
PMs: Leon Warner and Toria Read (medic)

Hopefully everyone will make the most of their final phase before the final gathering for the End of Expedition party. We will keep you updated!


nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

Hope you had a wonderful time scuba diving and enjoy the trek !!!!

Love mum

Hitesh said...

Dear Trusha
Final phase and soon you will be back. I am sure you are having a great time. I am sorry the phone does not work. I have tried so many times. The Lebara is a dud!
Take Care, Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Rose Harcus said...

Hi Amy

Great to see you looking so happy. Enjoy the sun bears and get that picture of an orang utan! Can't wait to see you. Miss you lots. Love Mum and Dad.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey baby girl! waz poppin? I miss u sooo... much can hardly wait 2 hug and kiss u! Sorry 4 d bad news but I want u 2 stay 2 d end. Gary says hi and sends his condolensces. I c u r up front in d photo ... dats my gurl! U look jus like ur mom!!! Jus remember God is der wen u need him most ... pray 4 guidance. Love u xxooxxooxxoo


trudy cowan said...

Greg, You did it! Hull here you come. Been on Track youre place is confirmed. I will go in to school at 930 to pick up results, then let you know. We are so proud! Just wish I was there to give you a big hug! We will celebrate when you get home. love mum, dad and Grace xxxxxx

Hitesh said...

Dear Trusha,
Enjoy Imbak. That should be fun. I am sure the diving would have been great.

Anonymous said...

Alpha 3 Hi Wink's Great 2 c u....& ur off to assist w/suspension bridge sounds like I should b there!! What a great experience that could b... here @ home I've dropped the tents & tighten the ropes on the boat we're about to weather out Hurricane u can imagine everyone one here is boarding up & stocking up w/ hurricane supplies... I'll do my best 2 keep in touch...suppose to get the brunt of the hurricane late Friday through long as the electricity is on I'll b emailing here or hotmail... LUV YOU!!!!!!!Mom

Anonymous said...

James you look like you have lost some weight. The pictures look great. Hope you have got the letters. Hope you enjoy working with the bears. Lots of love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

heyy it d wifey
lol u look different aj :P lookk at my stinky poo ;) keep the good work up>>> it a storm coming (bill) :( n i gotta ride it out by myself.. u gonna pay for this :P love u babe hurry up back <3
**love adr!~B@by**

Anonymous said...

Well done Greg. All that hard work was worth it. We are all very proud of you and can't wait to see you when you return. Love Aunti fee and Sam xxx

Greg's da said...

Giggz, still dunno if yer getting my messages but i'll keep trying! As yev probably guessed this is paw finding five spare minutes in my hectic working life to try and get in touch. Got yer letter yesterday, cheered us all up hearing from you. Found a couple of photo's of ye,and yer actually working in one! Tho i,ve still to convince mum and Ross about that. Keep it gaun and enjoy, lol paw x

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Charlie Greeeen!!
Just thought I ought to send you a message seeing as you opened your birthday card early.
Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful'll certainly be one to remember.
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.
I love you

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaz
Hope the diving was good, I would have loved it! It was lovely for you to phone on my birthday. Looking forward to seeing ya, keep up the good work. P.S the X Factor is back on so our Saturday nights are sorted!
Speak to you soon, enjoy your last few weeks
Mum, Dad amd Katie

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, your second letter got here, and I've sent on variously to family, sponsors and all of your list of friends -- hoping that the rucksack and boots all still fitting comfortably and that the lechees are not too hungry -- watch out next for the stingrays and enjoy the cool underwaters and the coral -- love, dad xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry - shame there is no photo of Alpha 5 as it would have been good to see you - hope the scuba goes well, what an amazing experience and enjoy the trek (in the new boots?). Cannot believe where the time has gone. Loads of love and hugs. Mummy xxxx

Who we are said...

Hi - apologies for the delay with the Alpha 5 photo - our photographer was out with the team, so we had to wait for a group shot, which is up now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mozzer, Cath, mum, Geoff, Chris and Georgia here - have morning of tipping (Eric's rubbish) followed by afternoon sea-kayaking and then down to Fowlmead for off roading in the woods. BBQ last night (salmon and steak). Fund raiging for guide dogs going well-over 1k!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wink's
Hope by now you've read my last comment & that Hurricane Bill was just a bit of 30knot winds nothing to cause any major damage we've been blessed once again here on the island,back home now trying to sort out all the camping equipment and such. Hope everything worked out back in London with your stuff Please! keep me updated & I'll leave some extra's waiting in that spot for your return...dn't have lots to spare so be wise....with it.
Looking forward to our link on the 8th everyone is waiting to hear what time you land in Bermie so that we can all meet you @ keep me posted.
Hope all else is safe with you & your dogs aren't biting(smile)

Luv Ya Bad! Me

Anonymous said...

Dear Henry - what an amazing photo (which was worth the wait) - the beach looks amazing! Enjoy - loads of love and hugs. Mummy xxx