Friday, 28 August 2009

Magic Mamutik: Alpha 5 complete the dive, now Alpha 6 move in

Alpha 5 have spent the first week of the phase on the Mamutik Island, one of the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, completing their PADI couse and doing some coral planting and clean up. They are now trekking in the depths of Sabah's jungle somewhere near Long Pasia, but here are a few photos from the team's week on the island.

Finally loading the boat at Sutra Harbour, on route to Mamutik, after 5 hours of sitting in the classroom with the pre-dive training.

The group's communial basher with the on-suite dining area and outside kitchen.

The Borneo Divers team explain the underwater landscape with a map to Henry.

All ready for a day of diving, just making the final checks to ensure the air canister's safety.

This goes where? Jack figures his diving kit out.

Checking it just one more time.. Saskia. A5 group checking the safety signal for "out of air".

Some of Mamutik's fish are enticed by the bread offered to them by the team while snorkelling.

Everywhere you go, always take a.. bucket with you. Well, that's the case for Maddy at least.

The team have successfully completed their time on Mamutik island, and grand time was had by all. The group left for the trek part of their adventure phase on Sunday and all are safe, well and trekking happy.

Alpha 6, who had to complete their trek first, will be heading to the Mamutik this Sunday. Reports are that the group are conquering the jungle and attempting to beat all previous Raleigh records for trek routes. No doubt, the Mighty Alpha 6 will have plenty of tales to tell when they return.


Fionn said...

o yeah do the sf sign in the next picture ur in aswell. safec u when ur back

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry - it all looks pretty fantastic and I am sure you are all set up for your oncoming trek. Good luck with that and may you not 'have interesting times'!!!!! Lots of love and hugs. Mummy xxxx

Katie said...

Happy Birthday for Wed Pete, hope you have a good one.

Love from mum, dad, Paul, KT, Dave and Daniel x x x

Fionn said...

RUSSELL(jack) learn 2 dive lol looks sick out there. when u getting back safe

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, did you catch any of our lorries on the mountain tracks on your trek -- best wishes -- Eddie S.

Marilyn said...

Hi Duanette, I hope you enjoyed your water expedition and are you a qualified diver now. lol. I hope you enjoy your phase of trekking and will see you guys when you return home in another week. I know you all have a lot of stories to tell. I can not wait.

Aunt Marilyn.

Marilyn said...

Hi Mandy, I guess by now you are finished your trekking and ready to do your diving. Did your group finish the trekking ahead of everyones group by time wise. Good luck with your diving. Bring home plenty of pictures as we know that you like to take a lot of pictures. We can not wait for you to come home and tell your stories and show them pictures. Everyone is asking when you will be back. Imagine you will be back in just over a week. We will see you then but enjoy the rest of your stay. All your family says Hi and see when you return.

Love Mom.

Anonymous said...

Heya Alex, hope you had fun diving my love, take loads of photos!! I can't wait for when you get back, I'm sure you'll have a lot to say :) I've just got back from Asia and sooo jet lagged. Did you get my postcards? I'm not really sure whether they had the right stamps on :S Enjoy trekking and I'll bring some milk to the airport, love steph xxx

nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

How was the trekking did your alpha group beat the previous groups? The scuba diving sounds fantastic hope you enjoyed it , have a wonderful last few days and see you next Tuesday at Heathrow.

Love mum xxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey dua

5 more dayzzzzzzzzz left & ya back wit ya family & friends & MEEEEEEEEEE ;-). I cant wait to see you baby love man i cant wait ;-), ya on de count down babes, wanna see all de pics you took & de news ya brother told me you got chased by mokeys wuz up wit that why you & mandy was runningfrom ya own kind lol!!!!!!!!!, o i saw ya pics of you sitting on de boat you look like(i dnt wanna do this i just wanna go home) but any waysssssss ill see you in de next 5 dayzzzzzzz kiss kiss see you soon

love james

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sophie

Cant believe you are home so soon. Edward had his driving test postponed so he very gloomy. Dad back at work full time, I now officially finished work at the school! we had our annual BBQ great fun about 100 people. Autumn is really here now, much colder! Take care the last few days and have loads of fun. Love and miss you Mum

Anonymous said...

hi Gwen, how was the ocean and the coral -- have a great finishing weekend -- don't hang about in Heathrow (not too much time between flights) -- call home from Heathrow if flight problems and you think we can assist -- see you at the checkout in Glasgow on Tuesday morning -- and we will bring extra warm clothes, love dad xx

Anonymous said...

Hi gwen, everybody is asking how you are and when you will be back. How are the diving skills? Can't wait to see you, and to hear all about it. Safe journey home -- lots love, mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian (Faulkner)!

not long now...really looking forward to seeing you but you're bound to be a bit sad leaving everyone. Hope you're partying hard and enjoying the last few days. Dad sailing this week and there are gales here! Simon in Washington state now and probably climbing Mount St Helens! See you next week

love mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey everone its JU. jus wanted to say good bye to all the people i didnt get a chance to. bigup 2all the bermudians, im proud of all of you. Finaly i jus wanna say we have all come a long way[by ''we'' i mean youguys] & itz all over now. so take what you have leanrned home & use to be a better person. i love youguys & enjoyed spending my summer withyou.wit dat said....
Love,Julian Akole[aka ~JU~]

Mumsy said...

Hello Bobby! Seems like you've successfully completed you mission & ready to RELAX!! How r u feeling now? When r u starting your travels where?? Hopefully you'll have your phone with you so please keep in touch everyday so that we know you r safe. Glad you liked the letters... if your phone has reception, we'll get in touch with you on there? Looking forward to having yo back home. Lots of love, mumsy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Neen said...

Mum tells me u ghot the 1 and only letter I sent...I'm a bad sister :-( but I guess u kinda know that there's been a lot going on back here, so I hope you'll kinda forgive?? pwwwwwweeeeeeeeaaaassssssssssseeeeee?????
Anyways, u're not the only one who's been enjoying blue waters & basking in the good weather(in amongst providing water to remote communities ofcourse)...remember the greece trip I booked b4 you left?? Just got back today & it was ace!! I'm a true carappie now!!!!

we can swap stories when you get back!
want to watch 3rd series of Dexter with ya!!
loadsa love,
Neen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx