Thursday, 13 August 2009

Going loopy again

by Dee Siddiqui

The phase 2 loop left last week to check on the progress of the Alpha groups and to bring the post and all important snacks and sweets for PM's and venturers alike.

Amy, Niall and Dee set out to brave the scorching heat at the beautiful seaside kampong of Mapan Mapan along with Kristen - a visitor from Raleigh Bermuda.

Alpha 1 continue to make great progress on the kindergarten project. Helped along by a special appearence by 09H (5 weeker) PM Karl, who agreed to leave his gravity water project at Alpha 7 to lend his carpentary skills to Alpha 1 for 5 days. The whole of Alpha 1 in particular really appreciated Karl helping out.

The building is coming along well. Currently, the wall posts are all up and the floorboards are being laid, prior to the roofing being fixed.

09H PM and carpenter Karl came, 'saw', and left.

As well as being updated on the progress on the project and helping out moving wood and banging nails into belian posts, the loop were provided with a seafood treat of fresh prawns and coconut rice for dinner served generously by Julian and Tess.

Alpha 1 certainly win the prize for the earliest starters in 09E. at 5.30 the next morning, the group woke up, ready to start working from 6am. In this way, they manage to work for a few hours before the afternoon heat kicks in. So when the loop set off at 7am, the team were already hard at it moving wood up to the kindergarten site.

'Wood' you believe how early Alpha 1 start work?

Next stop for the loopsters was Kg Pinapak to see how Alpha 2 have been getting on with their project to supply water to the community.

The team were also working very hard having completed piping into the community toilets, building a sink and installing standpipes around the kampong.

On top of all that, they have made time to teach English in the local school, learn malay from the children and round off the day with a game of football with the locals before heading off to the river to bathe in before longs o'clock (6pm).

Pipes are 'knot' a problem for Kat and Tony

This is James and Phil - not Doug

Anna, unwinding

It is clear that Alpha 2 have established themselves well in the community and the children in particular enjoy interaction with the venturers. The project is close to its completion now and last night, we were given the good news that the first gerry can of water had been successfully filled from the new standpipes. Congratulations!

Today is the opening ceremony for the project and Country Director Jim has travelled to Pinapak with a host of guests and the media to celebrate this achievement.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna, great to see you unwinding! well done enjoy the clebration of the water project completion. Hope all is well with you honey.
love rachel and bethxx

Anonymous said...

Omg Katherine Taylor Actually working har at something in Alpha 2!!! Nice going Kath, All the best Phil, Bob and everyone aT Cardiff YIP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen,
nice and cool for you when you get back here. And you can get up in the morning a bit later than 5.30. Your results feature in the Helensburgh Advertiser this week. Various communications coming from Aberdeen -- all okay to leave till you get back -- I have e-mailed them to confirm you want the accommodation. Heron just flew past -- beautiful. The loch is very still. Have a great trek and scuba, dad xx

Rose Harcus said...

Hi Amy

Great to see a photo of you. Hope you enjoyed the gravity water feed project. What's next? Cara is staying with us just now 'cause Jamie is away to Tiree. Missing you lots. Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

A photo of the elusive Anna! Ha, someone sneaked up on you then..... it looks as though your hula hoop may have unravelled somewhat?? Wish I was there, looks such fun, and it's sooo quiet without you here, hope your wit is entertaining all at Raleigh as it does at home!? Ella & I missing you lots. Mum xx

Anonymous said...

hey dua

guess what duaaaaaaaa???????? ya got 25days left, ya almost done baby hang in there umma see you soon ;-)

love james

Anonymous said...

Hello Gwen,

We have been looking at lots of pictures of your second phase location today -- looks like you're having a fab time. Now a little luxury weekend before you move on to your adventure on the trek and scuba diving. Have a great time on your last phase -- love you lots -- keep safe -- your loving mum xx

Marilyn said...

Hi Mandy see that you are just about finished phase 2. I am so proud of you. I received your letter today, many laughs. The tub awaits your return. I guess you have seen Kristin and got your package and did you get your ipod from Shavaughn with your mail. With all the work you have done your uncles will have you working with them next after all of this. Your next phase is trekking and diving. Good luck and hang in there, tell Duanette, Tasha and Shavaughn I said hi. Do you and Duanette do the last phase togehter.Oh my gosh. (LOL) Enjoy your last phase and be safe. No monkeying around. You are alomst to the end of your venture. Later

Love mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Wil, how's the jungle? the snake looked quite friendly! Looking forward to hearing your news. We're in St. Malo on the boat, thinking of you as we look at the swimming pool on the beach!
much love Mummy and Daddy

Peter Adamson said...

Hi Tony,
Many congratulations to you and your team on the completion of the gravity water system.
Hope you have a great time celebrating its official opening.
All is well with Tina and at home.
Love from Dad

Anonymous said...

For Lucy Hedges. Alpha 8.
Hi Lucy,
Just to let you know that we are thinking about you. Have been looking at the pictures and I envy you and the experiences you are having.
Anyway have a wonderful time and take care of yourself.
Hope to see you when you get back.
All our love,
Jon and Gwen xx

Pete said...

Hello Bryony

We look forward to hearing from you. Letters are taking such a long time but we hope to hear your voice soon. Meanwhile I can report that World War 2 is over so ignore the letter that talks about rationing and air-raid shelters. We're all well, Abi is enjoying the not-performing part of Edinburgh, Mum is still doing unsuspecting retirement homes and I'm either commuting or computing. London? It's a jungle out there.

Take care, enjoy the kindergarten and remember that children are not from outer space, apparently.

Oh, I nearly forgot. The IKEA shower, soap and hot water you requested are in the post.

Love, Peter and Denise

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian (F)
lovely to get your call this afternoon especially as only 2 pictures of your project on the blog.Really nice to hear your voice again and know you're well and happy ...(well, apart from the foot, the toe and the impaling incident!!!!)
Simon was chuffed you called in time to say happy birthday for Sunday..he's planning what you and he can do in New York at xmas!!

keep safe chum and make the most of the days left. Look forward to hearing about your next project.
Lots of love mumxxx

Anonymous said...

HELLO GERALVONNO , I've been keeping up with the pictures and all the hard work everyones been doing , tell everyone keep up the good work can't wait to see you we've got three more weeks be safe -luv u mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony and phase 2ers!! Good job!!


Anonymous said...

Wil, hope you had a great time trekking and diving.
Look forard to hearing/seeing where you are for the last stage. Can't believe its nearly time to come back home -look after yourself . big hugs Mummy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Rami in Alpha

This is your Auntie Maeve from Ireland, wondering how you are getting on? Hope you are having a brillian time. Gran and Poppa send their love. Talk soon. XX

Anonymous said...

Winks!! Girl how u make out with those interesting creatures!!! saw the spider & other fellas stand firm

Luv Mom!

Hitesh said...

Dear Trusha,
Wow - did you really engage with the leech?
that must have been really messy and bloody.
How was the diving? did you do any seeding of the coral in the sea? fascinating. Proud of you.

Asha said...

Dear Trush
Hard work- where are the muscles? you really appear to be enjoying yourself.The Lebara phone is a flop. does not work at all. I have tried numerous times unsuccessfully. I hope you received our letters. I have sorted out your occupational medicine appointmentfor 9th. Take Care

Maw and Paw said...

Giggz, Alpha 9, was beginning to think you weren't there, until i caught a glimpse of you in one of the photographs! We're all thinking about you, Ross is back fi Zante....."mazin" he says, no doubt he'll tell you more than he's telling us! Hope yer enjoyin, and al get in touch soon. Maw and paw