Monday, 24 August 2009

Dear 09E blog readers..

Dear readers,

I have just noticed that some people are wondering if their messages are getting through to the venturers on the expedition.

To put your worries to rest, all your words of encouragement, birthday wishes, and any other comments were printed out and put up on a wall during the Changeovers.

The comments were read by the venturers with much anticipation during the two days, and we will do the same again at the End of Expedition.

So keep reading, commenting, and wishing - your efforts are very much appreciated by everyone on 09E. Less than two weeks to go now.

cheers, Ed


nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

Congratulations on your A level results well done. You must be on the last phase now The Trek!! hope you enjoyed it and that it was better than you thought it would be. The ten weeks seem to have gone by in a flash and you will soon be back home again. We are looking forward to hearing all about your adventure and seeing the pictures,

All our love from everybody this end
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

hey its d wifey
i was going to send your letter but its too late because it takes a month or so for it to get to u soooo... i guess u gonna c it when u get back miiissss u... keep the good work u babe

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, Congratulations on your A level results we are very proud of you, we will have a party to celebrate when you get home. Everyone sends their love Antie Fi, Sam and Racheal, and all the family. Take Care. LOL Granma and Grandad x

Anonymous said...

Hi David, Auntie Kirsty here. Hope you've enjoyed your self and had fun on this adventure.
No long till your back home. C u soon with love.

Anonymous said...

hey Tasha girl your looking good putting in those windor frames.Keep up the good work your on your count down now. Can't wait to hear all about this trip

Lv u
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie!!
Hope you're still having a brilliant time and it's not too much like hard work for you! :) sorry i couldn't send you any potatoes as you requested, they're too heavy and would take too long to get there! missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you soon! keep up the good work!
lots of love
Char xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello James,
We're enjoying the photos. Glad to see you are able to buy a few essentials. Aidan says hello. Let us know how you're getting on and what your plans are after you finish in Borneo. JC & TPC

Matt Q's ex-wife said...

Hello Matt,
Have you survived then?
Did you win the challenge?
(number 1 son said if not we're VERY disappointed in you!!)
Can't wait to hear from you, give us a ring as soon as you can.
Lou, Ben, Josh, Tom xxxxxxxxxxx

Fionn said...

ite ive wrote 2 my m8 jack in alpha5 just wunderin if theres anyway that jack can write back?

Anonymous said...

Hello James,

Glad to get your e-mail. I have replied. Let us know what's happening next. Take care JC

Hitesh said...

Hello Trusha
Last few days and you will be back. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
We are back from Villars. We did lots of walking in the mountains - Walked up to Bretaye and back to Villars, Walked from Villars to Bex, walked from Villneux to Montreux and also in thevinyards off Vevey. Maadhav was on his Rugby camp. He returns tomorrow, a tired man.
Take Care, Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks for your letter. Fascinating reading.
Take Care, Love, Hitesh

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen :D
Almost time to come home. We hope you have had a fantastic time completing the last challenge. We are looking forward to seeing you. Enjoy the celebration on your final (ish) night.
New York was great according to your siblings.
Have fun! See you soon
Dad and fam xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello James,
Everything sorted for KL. You need to check your e-mails for details. Enjoy your last few days and hope you bring back lots of photos and great stories. JC

Hitesh said...

Dear Trusha
I hope all is well. Rohan has decided to take a gap year and would like to consider Raleigh session for 13 weeks. You may need to advice him. HE will defer starting Medicine in Manchester by a year.
Looking forward to being together again- we are all counting the days.
Take Care, Love, Hitesh

Anonymous said...

Hi Callum A-C
Kerala is missing you, working at The Park but none of her friends are back there. Mike is planning his escape to Israel as he can't get into the hockey team he wants and is bored until law school starts. Rich is still in your room but promises to clear out by the time you are back. Steve is still head of domestic planning and the house is looking much better - except for your room which I promise will be cleaned by the time you are back!
I am off to India tomorrow for three days (don't ask!) and then Steve and I are off to France for a long weekend the following weekend so my feet literally are struggling to touch the ground.
Pasha has reformed her bad ways and Mowgli continues to get friendlier.
Mike is lobbying for either chickens or a box jellyfish but I have said he's too old to need a pet.
Miss you and love you loads. Ring me on the mobile when you can. Sunday - Tuesday I will be only 2 hours behind you in Delhi. Wednesday I am on a plane at 1pm back to the UK.
All your travel information is on your emails.
Mum xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessie
So pleased to see your active listening skills have been identified so soon! Very proud that you found your way across the world to Sabah. Gobsmacking really.
Hope you have a happy time. I'll have fun watching. Is xx

laur paur said...

hey alexia!

hope your having a brilliant time! i'm so jealous and can't wait to hear all about it once you're back! It must be so exciting - much more so then rainy london (had to buy myself one of those dingy cheap umbrellas already!)i've met up with ranjani and went to a bavarian beerhouse the other night with the german slightly tipsy but thats another story you'll have to hear in person (i dunno how many people who arent you have read this message lol - dont want to embaress myself too much in front of strangers lol :D) I've been very good and met some lovely people - im sure you have too! dont be too crazy and hope you're having a blast! love you tons,
Laur paur xxx