Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Britain's ex-PM meets Alpha 4!

by PM Ruth Taylor
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Alpha 4 is always an eventful place to be, but when we heard a VIP was coming to visit the BSBCC (Bornean Sun Bears Conservation Centre), arriving by helicopter for a flying visit, everyone was quite excited. Guesses as to who it might be ranged from the King of Malaysia, through to Bono and Gordon Brown.
In the end, the latter was the closest as Tony Blair and his family were the special guests. The visit by the British ex-premier was obviously a big deal for the BSBCC, as such a high profile visitor was bound to pique interest in the media in Sabah and around the world about the sun bears and the incredible centre Raleigh groups are helping to build.

The Blair family's trip to Sepilok coincided with alpha 4's first full day working at the centre, clearing the area along the fence's perimeter. Tony, Cherie, son Leo and their party came to see the bears around lunchtime and spent a while looking at the bears and listening to a talk about them, their plight, and the centre from the passionate head bear keeper Wai Pak. We were introduced and chatted to the Blairs about Raleigh's work in Borneo, compared leech stories with the nine-year-old Leo, who seemed very taken with the beautiful bear.

Hopefully this visit will open the eyes of more people to the endangered, gorgeous sun bear, and as Cherie Blair said wisely, help remind people of why big, wild animals should not be kept as pets, even in their home countries. Alpha 4 certainly enjoyed the visit, and maybe Leo will be a venturer in Borneo in 10 years!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hati you look great beside the PM :) Christiane

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessie meeting famous and influential folks in the middle of the rainforest, great photos honey. the project looks amazing. We miss you xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Ruthie! fame at last. You're looking great! Hope the post is getting through. Much love from all of us - M, D, A and of course Tahoe who purrs to you, loudly. XX

Anonymous said...

Henry - totally unreal! I am sure you will share your observations when you get home. Lots of love and hugs. Mummy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Henry - update on boots - delivered Raleigh office at Kota Kinabalu on the 13th (yesterday). Hopefully you will get them at the end of this phase and you won't have to use your gaffer tape any more! Lots of love and hugs. Mummy xx

Anonymous said...

Jack, good for you, building looks great. Hope you are well, proud of you. All our love Mum xxxx

Russ Cowan said...

Dear Greg
Great to hear from you today and hear about all the good work you and your team are doing and the fantastic time you are having. Just a quick note to say keep up the good work, we are missing you and always thinking of you, counting down the days until you are home now. All our love Mum, Dad and Grace XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Shavaughn,

Looking goog on Phase 3 now you can build our house,

Miss you and Love you.

Mom, Dad & Sharman

Anonymous said...

Alex, we are all missing you and can't wait for you to get back!
We are so proud of you, and hope you are having a fantastic time!

Laura & everyone else xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Alneisha, I am sorry that I have not written you up until this point but know that you are loved and missed by your family. You look great inspite of your concerns about your hair. Candace had a little party for her second b-day. It was just nana, michelle,myself and baby candy. We sure missed your presence at the party but we can make up for lost time when you get back home. Stay safe my lovely queen and remember that you are blessed and have blessed the lives of many people. I saw aunt Laquita and Charlene last night at the grocery store and they asked how you were doing and said to say hello for them. We miss you and love you very much and can't wait to have you back in our arms.

P.s. I think you are going to love your new home and your new room. I have been working very hard to have everything ready for your return.

Love Mom & Candy

Anonymous said...

Aup Greg,

The pictures look great, hope youve had a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing about your adventures!

Lots of love,
Auntie Bridge, Uncle Mart , Nat and Jode x