Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Alpha 4 on top of their game in Sepilok

In the first week of Phase 2, I had a chance to spend a few days with Alpha 4. The Sepilok-based project team are well on track with the building of the new camp where Raleigh Borneo teams will be based while they work on the new jungle enclosure for the Bornean sun bears.

In the first week, the team have finished the roof of the first building and were able to move in. According to PMs Ruthie and Tom, who have been in Sepilok since the project started, sleeping in their new accommodation was much more comfortable, resulting in a better sleep for everyone.

Ruthie, excited to finally be moving into the new building, just as the roof was being finished.

The team then had to clear more space for the second building, similar in design to the first one but slightly smaller. The second building will be used as the team's new kitchen and store room. The site was infested with miriads of fire ants, which got the best of everyone. Fight fire with fire they say, so we decided to start a small fire to smoke the pervasive ants out.

Then it was time to start on the building's foundations. Here, Maddy is battling the annoying tree root that turned up right in the middle of the post hole.

..more hole digging followed.

Extra-heavy belian wood post then needed to be cut and put up, while ensuring all the angles and levels were correct. Tough job.

To make their work more efficient, the team decided to split tasks. Fredrick Taylor would have approved.

PM Tom, a construction manager back in the UK, had to single-handedly cut the belian posts to size. The power supply came from an unbelievably-heavy generator used for this tasks only - it would have been next to impossible to cut the wood as required using a hand saw.

After a hard day's work, nothing is better than a good dinner meal. And even better, if there is a desert to follow. Unfortunately, in this case the custard powder turned into something that was reminiscent of many things except custard. Nevermind, the team could always come up with imaginative ways of turning their Raleigh rations into various sugar-based concoctions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Henry! You look really well and if you don't know already, your new boots are on the way! Next photo give me the thumbs up so that I know you got them! Everyone well here and send their love. Hope you've been getting my letters. Miss you but know you are having a great time. Lots of love and hugs. Mummy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth:)
Don't really know which page i'm supposed to write on so finger's crossed you'll get this! I sent you a letter a couple of weeks ago when I was in London but you probably haven't got it yet...hopefully it'll make it lol! I saw you in one of the pics, very exciting, looks like you're having a great time:) Hope you're ok and enjoying it like crazy!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home and seeing you,
Lots of Love
Rozza xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie, great to see the photos you look well despite the fire ants! You must have huge muscles by now. have sent another letter let us know if you need anything honey. Lots of love to you. mumxx

Grant said...

Hey David.
It's great to see these photos. Life back here has been boring without you. It's rather good to see you helping people that need it. :). Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there.
Good luck. See you soon.

Grant :)

P.S Nice to see you sporting the top for the best Scottish football team. Hahah. :D.

Russ Cowan said...

Hi Greg,
Good to see you working hard, although the pot belly hasn't gone yet! Hope you are enjoying the sun bear project, everbody is very proud of you and always asking after you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon . Love Mum, Dad and Grace XXXX

Marilyn said...

HI Mandy I received your postcard. Hope you have received the letters sent to you. Also did you get the package sent to you by Shavaughn mother. You are almost finished your phase with Alpha 2. Your next phase is the trekking. Good luck. Nazeem worked his first day last week with David he had on a suit and tie. He passed out the obituaires. I have not seen any pictures of him yet but he looked smart. The boys are doing great. Kari is going overseas to get his check-up but he still says your his girlfriend. everyone is okay and they are asking about you. They hope you took some pictures especially all the insects. Talked to Quinton (Dalen) the other day, he is okay. Papa is okay and asked about you. The Boyles come back this weekend. Time is really going and soon you would be back home. Tell Tasha, Duanette. Shavaughn and all the other Bermudians I said Hi. Oh have you seen Kristin yet and got your package.I hope you were all in good spirits when you did. Enjoy and hope to hear from you soon. Give us a call home. Everyone misses you.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi 'Fatlad' (Greg) you look great on the photo's keep up the 'good work' son. Luv u Grandad x

Anonymous said...

salut Josz. Avons reçu ta lettre - merci pour les bonnes nouvelles. Content de savoir que tu as aimé la 2e partie, et bravo pour la performance! J'espère que le trek est sympa. Avons hâte d'entendre tes récits. Ici c'est tjs plein été. Claire ets en exam, Alix en Espagne, Ma & moi at home. La fête pr Claire prend bien forme. Tu nous manques, tibi Papêt

Anonymous said...

Hi James (Croke)
Kate and I have been watching your adventures with interest. We are very jealous, I know I would have loved to do what you are doing. It looks like you are having FAR TOO much fun and meeting people that will no doubt be great friends. I hope you are enjoying it and you feel you are doing something worthwhile. The weather there looks very hot and humid, I think your system is in for a bit of a shock when you get back as it looks like summer is coming to an end here. We look forward to hearing about it all when you get back. All the best for now. Your Aunt Kate and Uncle Michael.