Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Trekkers return in one piece and move onto diving!

After an intense 12 days of crossing rivers, fighting leaches, and setting up camp in the jungle every night, Alpha 6 aka The Hard Cores have successfully completed the trekking phase of their adventure challenge, and have now moved onto the more relaxing diving stage. Here are some photos from their adveture, collected by Toria the medic/jungle superwoman.

What lies ahead? The "Hardcores" are ready for a take off

A few blood-thirsty leaches were collected but successfully detached during the trek.

Alpha 6.. leaving it all behind.

Taking a quick break before crossing one of Sabah's many rivers

A local experienced guide helps venturers to cross the river safely

One of Sabah's endless beautiful vistas Alpha 6 came across

The area's unique flora is world-famous - here's a carnivorous red pitcher plant.

Safety is absolutely vital to trekking where many crossings are part of the game

Local guides and Alpha 6's PMs looking hard core.


Anonymous said...

You go Tasha girl glad to see you made it through the first phase all is well at home.

Love u

~LuYi~ said...

Dear Shon,
Great to see that u're enjoying the trek.. did u get any leech bites? haha =)


Shahid said...

Robart you lookin good, you have done it take care and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

sean its jambo how you doing man seen the picture you look badass i wish i could be there its murder over here the weather is pants.see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Wow Christian, and you thought washing up was hard work!! Well done for getting through the trecking phase hopefully you're really enjoying the diving now. Do hope your knee has held out and you didn't find leeches in any of your important little places!! Can't wait to see the next lot of photos and ....all well here and Dad and Simon send their love (and woof from Pip)


Anonymous said...

Dear Greg
Good to hear you have all completed the treking phase safely, hopefully you are enjoying the diving now(and haven't seen any turtles).Everybody is asking about you and we are thinking of you. Jodie was pleased to hear from you on Facebook!

All our love Mum, Dad and Grace XXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
Great to see the photo's of you all, you look as if you are enjoying the trip. We are all missing you but enjoy following your progress.The fauna looks beautiful but dont like the look of the leaches! We are now settled in our new bungalow, hurry home - the grass needs cutting. Luv u Granma and Grandad xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, lovely to see you on the latest photos you look tired after all that treking - we all miss you but enjoy following all your progress and can see you are having a wonderful time.
Come home soon the grass needs cutting.
Love you
Granma and Grandad

Marilyn said...

Well done Tasha and Alisha with your trekking One thing under your belt. Now diving good luck and if you find any valuables bring them back home. LOL. Be strong with the rest of your expeditions and when you look back you will be amazed at what you have done and will have stories to tell to all. Hang in there as not everyone would be able to do this.

Aunt Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Hello James. The pictures look great. You could be in Kerry. Hope you're enjoying yourself and taking lots of photos. Not sure about the socks in the photos! Hope you enjoy the diving. Love Grandma.

Anonymous said...

Tasha, looks like you are making the best of it even though those bags look heavy, hope you are enjoying the experience, I'm sure you will have lots of stories to tell us when you get back, we miss u!!!! Aunt Bev

Holly said...

Suuuuuuuuuuz aaaah you're there!! How's it going skanky? (hope you don't mind me calling you that...i know everyone can read these! haha) seen you in some photos looking extremely trendy in your lightweight trousers and raleigh t-shirt! i hope you're loving it all as much as i did! how you liking the porridge!? :) wish i was doing it with you...embrace the dirt and have fun girlie. not much news to the burgh tomorrow for an intoxic night. then im going to kent and then switzerland. ive actually chosen to do a mini trek out there with dad and others...raleigh turned me into a trek geek! but it all seems so dull compared to what your doing! love and miss you heaps!

Holly xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hi trusha looks like u are having a great time the place looks beautiful hope the mosquitos have left u now!!
monty and jasper spent the weekend with Taka and sydney they both loved it.
take care and dont forget those pics!
love F.A.M.I.L.Y