Monday, 27 July 2009

Phase 2 teams allocated and all leave tomorrow!

Monday morning, after having a chance to sleep in till 10am (my Lord!) for probably the first time in at least three weeks, the venturers finally found out what adventures and challenges Phase 2 holds in store for them.

There are five Alpha teams this time round, but instead of two Environmental projects, there will be two teams completing the Trekking and Adventure phase. You can check out the freshly-formed and good-looking project teams from this morning below.

Alpha1 - Community project tasked to build a kindergarten in Kampung Mapan Mapan, Pitas District

Alpha 2 - Community project that will see completion of a gravity water feed system in Kampung Pinapak, Pitas District

Alpha 4 - Environmental project working on the Bornean Sun Bears Centre at Sepilok, Sabah

Alpha 5 - Dive and Trek adventure challenge stage - Mamutik Island off coast of Kota Kinabalu, then 12 days of trekking through Sabah's jungle

Alpha 6 - Trek and Dive adventure challenge stage - 12 days of trekking through Sabah's jungle, Mamutik Island off coast of Kota Kinabalu.

All teams and their Project Managers will be leaving Borneo Paradise bright and early tomorrow morning. We will be keeping you updated with how they are all getting on as always.

Everyone had a chance to read through your comments at Changeover, so thanks for those - keep following our blog and keep them coming!


Robert Green said...

Hi Chiggs, great to talk yesterday - everyone pleased you guys are having such a good time. Also trekking and diving sounds like a plan for the next few weeks.

We're off to Zambia on 16th August, so hope to keep in touch lots before then.

Loadsof x


Anonymous said...

Hi Duanette

I got your FB message but i deactivated my profile shortly after u sent the msg. Everything is ok- LIL NANA just came back from away saturday-ill tell her u said hi and yes we all need a drink and we have a lotta catching up to do! I gave your brother your message also.

See you soon

Anonymous said...

Hey Wink's hope you hve a fabulous't wait to hear frm U !!!

Luv Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Wink's forgot to mention ur brother's back, he asked how u were making out....when he saw ur articles...he said..check u!!!...having a dinner on the boat 4 his family will do my best to take sme pics,uncle suppose to b there as well..

Luv ya!mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,

It was good to hear your voice on Sunday; short as it was due to the signal. How time passes, the first phase is over already. Have fun diving and trekking, and good luck! Remember to look after your feet.
I remember the vinegar smell well, indeed in Scotland when you were small we almost lost Isobel the French au pair as a result! I am missing you. Have fun and keep safe.
Lots of love from Papa xx

nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

It was good to get your call on Sunday yesterday ,glad you enjoyed the first part of your expedition and see your now in Alpha 2 and going off to complete the gravity water feed , have fun.

Love Mum and all x x x

Kibriyaa said...

Hi Mandy!!!!! It YoU FavOrItE PErson!! Gue3ss who!!.................. KIBRIYAA'!!!!!! I MIss U MORe Then You Miss me!! Ii ThInk AboUt U EnOuGh Times 2 tell a story! I wish you would take time out your day to write me

Anonymous said...

Hen - you get the bears - yay! Looking good and like you are still enjoying yourself. Everyone sends their love. Mummy xxx

Marilyn said...

Hi Mandy it was good talking to you on the phone.I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. You are finished your first phase and going into your next phase the water system for the enviroment. Enjoy. You can help us back here what you think.LOL. Time is going fast. Good luck with this phase of your venture. I can not wait to hear all the stories and please take a lot of pictures as we know that you loveeee a camera and I will send a message to let you know who wins Cup Match. Somersetttt/ St. Georgessss. The Boyles/ girls are going to Jamaica for 2 weeks so they will see you when you get back home. Faizon and Nazeem are doing great and will send a letter soon.

Luv mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Sophie!!!!! hope you're drowning and being eaten by sharks haha...but seriously, no joke. Just been walking with Madre in my kit. I look so cool (espec in the mirror!!!). Hope all is well and think of me in the snow freezing whilst you sweat profusely (i left out the part about you smelling like 'vinegar' LOL). Love from your immensely gorgeous brother XXoXoxXO

Rose Harcus said...

Hi Amy was great to talk to you before you left for the gravity water feed project. Got your letter today which was brilliant. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of you hard at work! Lots of love. Mum and Dad. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Will in Alpha 3. Hope you've enjoyed all the lobster - now for the enjoyable bit in the jungle. We're missing you and look forward to hearing something form you sometime! Hugs galore, Mummy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Gere, Miss u baby girl! Glad we got 2 talk 4 a while it felt so good 2 hear ya voice. Jenny got here on Friday 24th. We had a beach party 4 Vonnie on his bDay out Pontoons! Cuz Charlie be campin out Whale Bay 4 Cup Match. Not sure wat i wa b doin? Hope ya enjoying your adventure. I wa b prayin 4 u! ttyl Love mom xoxoxo

Trudy Cowan said...

So lovely to hear from you Greg! Trekking sounded fabulous, everyone was so excited to hear you have been getting on. Sorry to hear youre not enjoying the porridge(bacon sandwich awaiting you on your return)Thinking of you, and sending our love, mum, dad and Grace xx

Anonymous said...

hey it d wifey :P u look sexy loogin wit ya scaff dat my boo.. im givin ur mama my letter 2ma hope u get it aj love u baby boy MWAH<3 =P

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian

good to talk to you on the phone even if we did get cut off 3 times. What an adventure you're having..great photo of you in your new group for Alpha 1. It should be awesome being involved with the kindergarten and the village people.Off to see Jules Holland on Sat... will take your e mail and photos on the blog to show Kime etc and Audrey etc.
Glad the sea urchin didn't turn out to be a stone fish (not what Mum's want to hear !!)...but I know how painful it can be ..poor you.And guess what..the same thing happened to me in Croatia except out of the 15 spines only 2 or 3 actually penetrated and only a little way.What a coincidence!

Stay safe ...lots of love from all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey shavaughn,

Its good to see that you are hanging in there. Enjoy your next adventure. Im very proud of you. Hang tight!


Edward said...

Hi Gwen, got your letter of today -- great to hear from you -- I typed out most of it and e-mailed to Helen -- and also forwarded to J&M,R&D. Have checked your e-mails daily -- nothing to pass on as everyone knows you're away and is not e-mailing except facebook additions. Village life here good as ever. How is/was village life for you in phase 2? We're looking forward to the fish recipes you'll be bringing back. Love as ever, E. Stobart xx

margaret,maxine n mom said...

HI AJ it was good to hear your voice that made my day continue being productive my boy cause there's nothing to stop you your always in my thoughts and prayers I love you unconditionally. Aunt Maxine says hello finally[lol],Aunt Margaret says be ready to build her house when you come back.STAY COOL

Rohit said...

Hey Throofy (trusha)!

I just got your letter, made me smile haha. Sounds like an amazing experience so far. I would write back but i wouldn't know where to write to... so send me another letter and I'll reply...
Anyway glad to see you're having such an incredible time!

Take care

Anonymous said...

hi david hope your still enjoying yourself tryed phoning you but i take it that your phone doesnt work over their MISS YOU LOTS FROM MUM,DAD AND SCOTT.XXXX

Marilyn said...

i lovee you mandy because you love me.(faizon) i can not wait for you to come back home. aunt cindy misses your mouth.

i love you (zemmie)

Hey mandy peanut!!! love aunt shanda


Marilyn said...

wheeee I went swimming today and they had big waves.(faizon) My nany said hi also.
It is cup match and everyone is here. Everyone said hi and can not wait for you to come back home with your stories. will let you know who won the game tomorrow as there is no score yet but will let you. Its a good game.

Luv mom

Marilyn said...

Hi from the Eastdale, Bermuda gang. We're so proud of you. Keep up the great work.

Aunt Joyce & Papa Scott

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sophie, missing you loads, Edward passed his theory driving test today, do hope the diving is going well, have you seen any interesting fish? Weather rubbish here, wish I was back in Malaysia. When do you go off trekking? Miss and love you Mum

Antoine said...

Mon Jozy!!! How is goin' bro' Envoi moi un message des que je peux t'appeler meme si c'est a 5h du mat' !!! J'espere que tu vis des trucs de fou, fait le pour moi parce que je suis enfermé dans ma bibliotheque tout l'été!! J'ai trop envie de te parler alors hesite pas!
Bon courage!!

Ciaciao mon Jozy


Anonymous said...

Vas y Josy alpha 4 c'est le meilleurs team, ça se voit toute suite

Question subsidiaire: pourquoi il n'y a pas de alpha 3?

jimmy said...

Geralvonno I saw your pictures keep up the good work and take care.

Anonymous said...

Tom (Alpha 7)
Hope its all going well, do you fancy working this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Quilleta Said
Hi Tasha as u know we went camping for the cup match holiday. Granpa's computer wont work up there glad i had taken the day of and was able to talk to you miss u lots. Proud of u and take lots of pictures for memories. Everyone ask about u. You should have seen Azari she is crazy like Zyire in the water and Zy was swimming a little without her arm bands.
luv u Mom & Dad

joseph d ursel said...

bonjour Joz, quelles bonnes nouvelles de la jungle ?? Cela a l'air très beau et en meme temps inquiétant quand on pense aux bestioles qui vivent la dedans. T'ai ecrit sur facebook quand tu reviendras ds la civilisation. Take care of you and have fun ! Miss you enormously! T'embrasse mille fois et à très vite!

Anonymous said...

waii joz trop cool de t'avoir eu au tél, have fun dans la jungle, tu dois etre ravi!
ici tout se passe tres bien, le dhak a eu un excellent campn ils t'ont bcp regrettés!
mill kisses et take care!

xx Claire

Anonymous said...



nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

Its 4th August and we are back in England , Benji's back and all ok. Hope your enjoying your second group as much as the first ,your letter was waiting for me when i got home which was nice. hope you have managed to keep your socks dry on this phase !!!!! I am surprised there was no chocolate on your list of goodies that you want when you get home, most of it i can arrange not sure about the KFC though. When do i ever bump into your friends ...... if i do i will pass your message on but its probably too late now as you will have sent them letters. I will top your phone up later this week,not sure if you need it though? Wil write again this week .

Love from us all here. Mum xx

Marilyn said...

Hi Mandy how are you doing. Hope you are making out okay with Alpha 2 doing the water enviroment system. Seen your pictures and everyone is proud of you and what you are doing. cupmathc was a draw again and St georges retained the cup. A good game was played. No one camped this year. Not sure that you have received the mail but something else is coming in the mail soon.
luv mom and the Scott family

Marilyn said...

Hi Shavaughn, I am sending this message for your mom. Your dad, mom and Shamar said hi and they miss you. Your mom said that you should receive mail soon. Hope you enjoyed your diving expedition and I guess by know you must be doing your trekking. Hang in there with Alpha 5 Good luck with this project and before you know it soon you would heading back home. From Mandys mom enjoy, stay strong and keep your head up.

luv Marilyn

Suin said...

Hey Su Lan@Mulan!

Read your letter to home! Fantastic!!! Good to hear you are having an amazing experience in Sepilok and saw wild Orang Utan!!! Keep up all the good work and your contribution certainly means a lot to the team and the whole community. Miss you heaps and we have sent a card to you, hope you receive it end of this week or early next week. Stay safe and give your best shot! See ya soon!

Suin x

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaz

Great to see more photos of you, mi mum said what she guna do with all your clothes now ur guts gone! hope the kindergarten's going good! Everyone's says Ayup and keep it up and get ready for a big fat take away with a cold john;s smiths when you get home.
Loads of love
mum and dad and kate xxx

Pete said...


We hope you survived the trekking and enjoyed the diving! With any luck the worst of the trudging and the working in the jungle is over and you can enjoy the 3rd phase. We're all OK. Abi is in Edinburgh to do Bosnich and Wishful Thinking, Mum continues to visit her favourite old people's homes and I have to visit a *real* jungle, the one beyond Liverpool Street. We continue to send letters and keep hoping to hear some news but we understand it's difficult.

Take care and look forward to seeing you again. Lots of love from all of us; you're always in our thoughts.

Dad and Mum and all at no 24.

Melanie Hamman said...

Hi Tony (Alpha 2)
It looks like you're having a thoroughly awesome time! It really suites you :)
Stuff to tell, fancy a catch up beer in sunny South Africa when you're done? Talk to you soon... when you're back in the land of communication that is.
Be safe

Anonymous said...

Hey Gwen,

Nice to hear from you! Well done on getting into Uni no doubt i'll be visiting you in aberdeen at some point! I read your letter and sounds like you are having a good time as well as doing something great!

Miss you lots!!

Love Sophie Judah xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy Harcus!!!

It's your bro here. I'm in the North Sea at the moment and get home on Monday. I must say I do like what you guys are doing over there and it seems like you are having a whole lot of fun. If a spider tries to bite you punch it in the face then tickle its belly so it goes away and tells all the other spiders that you are coool!!! I shall write you a wee letter when I get home to tell you what i've been up to bla bla bla. Love from Scott the stud muffin :D XxXxX

Anonymous said...

Hey Tasha finally received your letter. Hope your having more fun on this project the end is almost near. Keep up the good work and continue to have high spirits. Saw DeShun's mother today, went swimming today you should see Zy swimming. missed Kristin so i sent a letter in the mail talk to you soon.
Love Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Henry - sent your boots - hope you've got them by the time you read this! Lots of love. Mummy xx

nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

have topped your phone up.....hope i did it properly LOL. Hope the gravity feed is going well and your enjoying this part as much as the last . I am getting on with the decorating now your old bedroom. I guess your about half way through now so keep going and enjoy.

Love all back home.

Anonymous said...

Wil - Alpha 5 Great to get your letter when we got home and so happy to hear you are having a wonderful time. Look after yourself - stay away from spiders. Mega hugs M&D

Anonymous said...


You are on the last phase, hang in there,4 more weeks, saw your mom the other day and asked her if she misses you OF course she said YES!!!! Everybody is doing fine and we MISS you, just think you will be home soon and talking nonstop about the monkeys chasing you!!!!!! See you soon and be safe
Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen,
letter in the post, but in case this gets to you before that does -- exam certificate received, so it is really true, university acceptance certificate received, so that's really going to happen as well, place offered in Carnegie House at Hillhead -- the one opened in 2008 with ensuites, so start dreaming of being clean again. Enjoy the mountains and the underwater -- and watch out for things that bite in both -- love, us xx

Anonymous said...

Hallo Greg, thanks for the letter it was wonderful to hear from you, hope you are enjoying the Sun Bears do they really bark?
The grass has been cut you will be pleased to hear and the garden looks lovely.The fox has now had cubs and they visit every night. Grandad hasnt got his chickens yet - should be fun with the foxes when we do! The weeks are now passing quickly and we look forward to you coming home.Love from Granma and Grandad xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sophie, just to let you know Edward has his driving test on Thursday and Dad and I are going off for a romantic break to Egypt, (next week when Edward goes to Mont Blanc) we miss you and hope the trekking phase went well can't wait to talk to you. Love you mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie, how are you? Everyone's good here, finally having a warm and sunny weekend.

We're off on holiday a week today, so if you get a chance, drop us all a line - would love to hear how the trekking and diving has gone.

To think you are over half way through your expedition now, time has whizzed by - looking forward to a great big family get together at the beginning of September. We're going to have lots of great stories to all tell.

Miss you loads, take care.

D x

Anonymous said...

Hi sophie, its mum here, no egypt now going to kent so we can go skiing this winter. Can you call us so we can check out which resort you want to do, do you want to go back to your old haunts or would you like to try something new. Bumpa is coming with us! Hope trekking went well, bet you would love a bit of snow!. Love you Mum

heathergraves01 said...

Hi Charlie (alpha 5),
Hope you are having a wonderful time doing the diving and trekking, and that you are looking forward to your last project. Is this when you'll be working with the Sunbears?
I'm off to Scotland tomorrow, for 2 weeks, but I will leave a landline number with your parents, in case you get a chance to call when you are back in 'Borneo Paradise'.
Still awaiting your letter, but I look forward to receiving it soon.
Honestly cannot wait to see you, but make the most of your last few weeks.
Sending you HUGE hugs and all my love!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephen,

I hope you have had a wonderful time being a jungle man. I'm off soon to be a real city girl for a fortnight ;) We saw the diving site on the net and it looks wonderful, we bet you enjoyed that. I also saw some of the crazy insects and feel for you guys! Pls do not bring any home lol. ever!! We all have returned from Devon safe and sound and had a lovely time.

Enjoy your last project with the construction of the kindergarden. Be careful, take care and see you soon. Wishing you lots of love and wishes.
From Maura, Alex, Maria, Stephen, Martin, Ross, Morgan, Trixie and Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Reid!!!! :)

It sounds like you're a brilliant time in Borneo...lots of lazy summer for you i guess.Thats great news you've got into Aberdeen...i'm so pleasedfor you!!i had a nice chat with your mum the day after the results when she came down to my work.I almost cried infront of her when she told me the good news...but i held it in :P i'm getting better at that ;) Everyone's missing you loads back home and i cant wait to see you again!
As always...dont do anything i wouldnt do ;)
Love You

Sarge x x x

Alasdair said...

Hey Gwen :)

I read your letter with equal amounts of excitement, pride, smiles and extreme jealousy...sounds like you're having an amazing time, hope it continues for the rest of your trip (as I'm sure you do too).

I'll write you an email one of these days to fill you in on the procrastination that has been my summer for you to read on your return :)

Big love, Alasdair.

[Also, congratulations on those exam results...I knew you'd do it!]

dad said...

Hi Cal it all sounds fabulous although you are beginning to look as thin as one of those noodles! I'll take you for a large steak and a few beers when you get home! How was the diving? we were at eastboune yesterday in cold sea on a stony you're jealous...
Lots of love
dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Callum! congratulations on the straight A's! It looks like you can dump that place at Middlesborough Poly...

Missing you lots.Lots and lots of of love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mans n Nette,

I have been wondering how you 2 have been doing out there....I know its not the easiest thing but everyone is proud of you 2. Its only a couple of weeks left before you come back home but I hope you to use this experience as an eye-opener. I bumped into Aunt Marilyn the other day and we both said some things about you Mandy and I promised her that I will make sure you get everything in order. Life isn't easy but now you to know what life can be like without technology and the things we are blessed with everyday. Love you both so much and I miss you.

Love always Kiesha

Anonymous said...

Message for Rosie Fuller hi there jungle babe get in touch -hope your ankle is better lots of good news for you love Mum

Tracey said...

Hi Duanette,

I called u the next day but it was 3:00am and mandy answered the phone but i told her not to call u I'll call u later but when I called I guess u left 4 ur next venture. We had a hurricane on saturday in the early morning but it passed us as a tropical storm. I went to Danelle's wedding she looked beautiful n the wedding was really nice I got a program 4 u, I put it in ur room. Chunky said he spoke to u, O and I heard about the monkey chasing u n tasha u kno I LOL.
Everyone said hi and we all miss u can't wait 2 u get back.
Luv Mom,Dad,Shan,Chunky n the rest of the family.