Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Phase 1 - Alpha 3 update from Imbak Canyon

by Sarah Young

Alpha 3 - Dropped off with all their kit, food and equipment at Telupid, the first leg of their long journey to reach the remote Imbak Canyon.

A quick stop off, on the 5-hour 4x4 journey to the Rangers' camp

The following day, Alpha 3 trek into the Canyon, and after almost 3 hrs they are rewarded with this glorious view crossing the suspension bridge over the Kangkawat River on the final approach to the BBC Camp - their home for the next three weeks.

As there is no alternative route into this Camp, the next few days were spent on supply runs - trekking to and from BBC Camp down to Rangers Camp to collect all the equipment including spades, saws, a pick-axe, a cooking stove with gas bottle, plus three weeks worth of food for the whole group! Maintenance and repairs were also carried out around the camp to make it a good safe home for all the groups coming to Imbak in this expedition.

Work gloves were then in high demand as the group, accompanied by the local rangers, got down to the tricky and heavy task of ferrying ironwood from where it was being cut to the edge of the bridge. This wood will go towards continuing infrastrucucture works which Raleigh are helping with, such as building a viewing platform looking over the Falls, and gathering all the materials needed for a second bridge to be built over the Imbak itself just above the waterfall. Many exhausting days were spent unwinding 300m of steel cable from its drum, which will also need to be moved into location for the suspension bridge. But with such a beautiful river as their daily shower, the team's stresses and strains are easily forgotten!


nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,

Good to see you on the photo Alpha 3 look a good bunch. You must be coming to the end of Imbak Canyon it sounds as though it was going to be very hard but rewarding work. We are off to see Niagra Falls today its Thursday 23rd July. Apparently its raining at home and has been here as well its not as hot as when we were out here 3 years ago.

Love from us all enjoy munm xxx

Rose Harcus said...

Hi Amy, at last a picture of you! Imbak Canyon looks amazing. Hope you and the team are all well. Everyone at home is asking after you. Take care, lots of love Mum

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,

Hope your not swearing too much in that canyon, as itll echo all around and the first taste the bbc will get is a llanrumney boy fing and blinding.

Good Luck

Phil and Bobbi and everyone at Cardiff YIP.

jamie harcus said...

hey amy, hope you're having a blast we're all thinking of you lots of love yer big bro xx

Pete said...

Hi Bryony

It looks like hard work. Hopefully it's fun too and won't result in you starting a new career as a bodybuilder. We continue to plod on hoping to steer clear of swine flu. Hopefully some of our letters to you have filtered through.

Take care; we're thinking about you.

Love from Mum, Dad and Abi.

auntie nora said...

hi amy, you look really happy, me john and kev are thinking of you, love you loads darlin xxxx

jilly said...

Hi Callum, What an exciting adventure you are on, wish i was there with you. The scenery is amazing. Take time with your busy labouring to soak in the scenes and atmosphere. Enjoy.
Love Auntie Jill

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,
That head band looks so cool, lol, hope it's doing the job of keeping all your sweat off! The scenery looks really nice, enjoy your next project, talk to you soon :)
Love you loads, Steph xxxx

Anonymous said...

Gere, I think i finally got it? i no wat d bandana was 4 now! spoke 2 you on d 25th. today d 28th. N e way love u and miss u! Hope 2 speak 2 u soon. love u!!!, Mom xoxoxo

Susan Fuller said...

Hi Jungle babe Rosie have fun love mum and dad

Tracey said...

Hi Duanette

Your hair is looking fly LOL I know you can't wait to come home and get that hair done I will make your appointment this week, shan went for her operation yesterday Aug 4,09 and everything went well she is doing good, had me catering to her when she came home n it was a shooting right in the hood yesterday any way we all miss you can't wait to see you.

Luv you mom, dad, Shan,Chunky, Kayla, Jai & Kyekye

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom Graat to hear that you are having an amazing time! Saw your pictures ,looks like you've developed some muscles at last!!! Must have been all that hard work lugging concrete blocks up the hill!?!Hope the diving went well, we have all been thinking of you and hope to hear from you again soon!Love Mum,Dad, L,E,&D XXXXX

Elle said...

hello gingeeee :D
its your fav sister, elle
hows everything out there?
i'm sure its better than here, its raining still and its cold :(
not nice.
hows the hammock or however you spell it haha?
i miss you alot, come home :(
also taking into consideration that this house is now full of song,
i.e lucy and dominic's new 'instruments'
you don't want to know tbh
love you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hi tom the pics look awsome i wish i was there i saw a guy had leaches on him have u had leeches on ur skin. Its still quite boring here me and harry tried to go on house of the dead but we wernt nearnly as good as u and me i told him ur the best at it im missing u loads hope ur having a great time from Dominic

Anonymous said...

katie sharman love granny ebby xxxx