Monday, 27 July 2009

End of Phase 1 and Changeover at Borneo Paradise

Well, it might be hard to believe BUT it's been three weeks since deployment and all teams have officially completed their Phase 1. Arriving to Borneo Paradise, a hotel nestled on a beach near Kota Kinabalu, the muddy venturers have been able to have a well-deserved break, treat themselves to a hot-water shower, gorge on some non-Raleigh rationed food, and have a splash at the Borneo Paradise pool.

Alpha 3 and 4 step off the bus after a long journey from Imbak and Sepilok.

Alpha 1 and 2 get to Borneo Paradise after completing their phase on Community Projects.

Alpha 1's superman Hatti still has plenty of energy after the phase is done.

Sunday night saw every team perform skits they'd prepared to sum up the last three weeks. It was apparent there's plenty of talent on the expedition, and the judging panel of five Field Base staff were no doubt impressed with the teams' standard. Check out some of the photos from the night below.

Alpha 1 performed a Titatic-style saga about their experiences in Mapan Mapan, claiming to have dined on crayfish and fresh fish every night. Yeah, right! Great work.

Alpha 2 decided to rap through their brisk but effective skit a la Fresh Prince of Pinapak styles.

Alpha 3's outstanding skit telling of went on at the remote Imbak Canyon. Everyone, and especially PM Miles Bullock, appreciated the strap-on muscles, Alex's amazing movie trailer voice, and Mac was no doubt impressed with their impersonation of him. Top effort, guys.

Alpha 4 perform their realistic skit from Sepilok.

Alpha 6 sang through their trekking and diving adventure. Leeches and all, excellent work.

Alpha 3... Winners of the night with their prize!!! We look forward to more top quality skittage during the second Changeover.


Anonymous said...

david mum here hope you are enjoying yourself miss you .Scott is missing you as well everybody asking for you coby doing great as well
love from mum and dad,scott miller

Anonymous said...

Christian (Faulkner!)

great to talk to you on the phone a minute ago...and just as I was starting to read the latest update! Enjoy the Kindergarden project...after a well earned rest! Would have loved to have heard your skit! (and shame the phone kept cutting out).

love Mumxx

Anonymous said...

heyy it d wifey.. good job loogin keep goin hard lol.. n plz cloths on at all times. keep ya head up n b d best cuz u kno i love ya boo.. love adribaby

Anonymous said...

Sophie, just had to tell you that the plumber has finally been after one year to fix the upstairs bathroom problem, you will be thrilled when you get home! Love and miss you mum

Anonymous said...

Hen. Glad to see you all having a great time. Good luck with the next projects. Lots of love. Mummy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex...the green pringles are the best, enjoy! Love Steph xxx

Rose Harcus said...

Hi Amy. Love the photos. Glad you got on well at Imbak Canyon! Hope you get on as well at the next challenge. Lots of love mum xxx

Molly Toolan said...

Hi Amy it's your cousin Molly !
I Hope your having fun and working hard x
I'm at Auntie Noras i saw your picture you look happy i'm glad !!!
See you in September byeeee xxx

nashk1 said...

Hi Emily,
So alpha 3 won the skit comp .....well done . It was good to get your phone call on Sunday and good luck with your next expedition the gravity water feed . It looks like you have made a lot of good friends and are having a brilliant time . Keep smiling .
Love mum and everybody else. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily just caught up with you.
You are all looking great !!!Love nan

Anonymous said...

Hiyya Moz,
It looks great in Bornio Human wackamole looks great fun we could tell you were the one with the camera and telling us what it was. We can see you have lost weight, because of all the lifting, carryingand walking hope you have a bath before you get back,weather looks fabby- tastic. Good luck with your next challenge!

Audra & Hilton & Shamar Dill said...

Hi Shavaughn,

Just thinking of you, hope you had a good experience of this phrase of your journey,

have a good weekend and I will try this again soon

Love & Hugs from all your family