Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Alpha 4 update on Phase 1

by Dom Edwards

Alpha 4 saw the start to the new "Sun Bears" project. Their objective is to trail-blaze through the allocated area of the jungle and build a camp from raw material such as the very heavy “ironwood”. This camp will then ensure the second and third 09E phases and future Raleigh groups have somewhere to live whilst working on the "Sun Bears" enclosure next to the Sepilok Orangutan sanctuary.

The proposed jungle camp site was situated approximately 500metres from a local logging yard. PM Tom presents to the team how they would be entering the jungle and trailblazing through the vegetation to make way for a 500m water pipe and 200gallon water tank to help keep everyone thirst-free when at the camp.

After a few days the Alpha4 team were making good progress, hacking their way though the jungle to reach a good position for setting up the accommodation block. Tools are ready as everyone diggs in to help get the job done.

A highlight was a young local bearded dragon carefully guarding her eggs. A wild orangatan was also seen swinging in the trees early one morning. Snakes and spiders also liked to make an appearance on site at the jungle camp.

Alpha 4 made easy work of clearing the dense jungle at the Jai Ho camp to make way for the ironwood and timber delivered to the local logging yard.

Sophie, Gwen & PM Ruthie demonstrating their construction skills as they show off the new mess tin and water bottle holders built to make the camp more homely.

The second delivery of all the timber needed to make the accommodation. Steven, Phil & Gareth all help out to unload the packed flatbed truck.

The Alpha 4 team enjoying the local scenery and a little break at the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) on the 10ft canopy walk.

It was a great opportunity for everyone to see the opening ceremony of the Sun Bear project. A number of local guests and volunteer groups attended the opening. Several High Priestesses from the Kazadandusun tribe, the main enthic group in Sabah, performed a traditional blessing of the Sun Bear Conservation entre by sacrificing a chicken.The Centre will help with preventing the sun bears from becoming extinct, and will eventually have the facilities to accommodate over 40 sun bears, a visitor's area, and a natural walkway.

Finally, after nine days of hard work the Loop arrived with some much needed supplies of extra energy, equipment, and some refreshing soft drinks. It was time for me to move onto Alpha 2 to view what was happening.


Marilyn said...

haha. look at amanda scott lookin all rough n rugged. um gotta keep this one for de archives. hope ya enjoyin yaself . be safe. n i know u miss me.

Anonymous said...

Ruuuuuuuthie - a wild orangutang - whoah, please take lots of photos!! How are you?
Have funny stories for you which I will write and post - including a very dangerous mini golf game hehe! Hope it's all going as well as it looks, lots a love Amy x
PS - Last day at Raleigh today - eek!

Marilyn said...

Mandy and Shavaughn I see that you have made it this far and I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Mandy I send you mail not sure if you have received it yet. I will tell everyone that there is pictures up. Your dad and Shayla said Hi and hang in there. Aaron and Nekeya send their love and miss you. Nekeya and Dennis celebrate their birthdays on Saturday. We take pictures for you. Miss you and again proud of you.

Luv Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathrine,

Looks like your having loads of fun there.
Whats happened to your hair though!! lol.

Hope your enjoying every moment of it.

Good Luck From Phil And Bobbi and everyone at Cardiff YIP.

Anonymous said...

wow sophie, so good to see the photos, love the mug rack, very cool. Glad to see the boots aren't blue any more. Do you know what the next phase is yet? It looks as though you are having the most amazing time. Love you and miss you Mum and all of us.

Marilyn said...

hey mandy!!... i hope you are having a great time.& i hope you are working very hard. i miss you!! && i will see you when you get back.. enjoy. xoxo

~LuYi~ said...

sun bear Sulan,
Got your postcard!
enjoy playing with the bears?
take care n have fun!!


Anonymous said...

Hi SASKIA (Delta 4) You look as if you're having an amazing time in the jungle! Can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!!! Lots from M & D xx

Suin said...

Mulan!!!!! Good on you (still surviving =P!!!) Keep it up!!!!! wei how come i got no postcard?!!! Tk good care & be good!!!

Suin x

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, your mess tin and water bottle holder tree is most impressive! You guys seem to be having the time of your lives, keep up the good work,you're doing a grand job and we're all thinking of you back home.

Trish & Willie x

Anonymous said...

Ayup Gaz
The photos and blog are amazing. You all look like your having an amazing time. Dad says thanks for bday present (good old me, eh?) Cant believe you saw a tribe sacrificing a chicken, were you sick.

Anonymous said...

Sophie, it was so lovely to talk with you this morning, Edward says you wouldn't be able to keep up with him on Mont Blanc, but you can go with him to Everest Base camp if you like. Do let us know what the next phase is when you know. Hope you enjoy the hot shower and the bed (no leaches or ants) we really miss and love you Mum (and Dad, Alexandra and Edward)xxx

Anonymous said...

Sophie, well done to you. It is great to read about your adventures on this blog,I have got Badger on board as well now so he knows where U r.
Lucky Sun Bears is all I can say...can you plan my kitchen when you get back, it looks great.
Have fun. Thinking of you.Kate

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaz
hope your doing ok? it was really good to speak to you the other day. We've sent you more letters so hope you get them! Everyones ok a home, still the same. We all send our love and best wishes. Keep up the hard work. See you soon, Jungle bro!
Mum, Dad, Katie and the family xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there Rosie
great to see you in thick of it working in the jungle, whilst your mum and I have been on a spending spree in Harvey Nix and Harrods, eating cavier and blackberry crumble, hope the rice is tasty. We are all in morden wishing we could see an orangu tang and a bearded dragon.
lots of love les rob, han and alexis and ben (and mummy babes of course.