Sunday, 14 June 2009

Borneo Field Base staff descend upon Sabah!

Welcome! Selamat Datang!

The preparation stage of the Borneo Summer '09 expedition has begun last Friday, when most of the Field Base volunteer managers arrived into Sabah's capital Kota Kinabalu. Keeping with the international flavour of Raleigh missions, they have come from all over the world, including South Africa, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and even Cameroon!

Field Base managers, all with different responsibilities - from medics to finance to 4WD drivers - will be extremely busy for the next couple of weeks with getting things underway for a number of Project Managers, who arrive for training on June 19, and a whole heap of venturers on July 3, so that everyone can launch into action without too much mucking around.

While for several managers this is definitely not their first Raleigh Borneo expedition, most of the team have also been busy adjusting to Sabah's tropical heat with some severe sweating and visiting the Kota Kinabalu night markets to sample some local delicacies.

Here are some photos of the team around the Field Base:

Raleigh Borneo Summer '09 field base team (left to right)
: Colin Temple (Logistics Manager), Victoria Reid (Medic), Sarah Young (Adventure Challenge Leader), Mac McCarthy (Country Programme Manager), Jim Clements (Country Director), Yolanda Graham (Recruitment, Suppot & Media Coordinator), Ed Ptilidi (Communications Officer), Elda du Toit (Finance), Amy Holmes (Deputy Programme Manager), Niall Holland (Logistics), Dom Edwards (Photographer)

Raleigh Borneo's Field Base in Kota Kinabalu, from where most of the Sabah operations will run.

Some of the bells and whistles - or rather spades, saws, and buckets - waiting to be put to good use.

Jim, Mac, and Amy, working mostly from the Field Base, share plenty of experience to ensure smooth running of the Sabah operations.

Sarah is very hands-on, even when at the office. She will co-ordinate the five-week expedition, due to arive in second half of July.

Niall has been getting his hands (and feet) dirty to ensure all the required equipment is in good order.

There's plenty of hard work and enthusiasm happening at the Field Base in preparations for the rest of the expedition team to arrive. The next step for the team will be getting out to get some TAC (Traverse Adventure Centre) training this weekend. We will keep you posted!

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Dear Sarah,

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miss everyone in Sabah!