Friday, 19 June 2009

Project Managers are in the house!

The Field Base got much cosier last Friday with the arrival of 12 fresh-faced project managers and an extra medic. Everybody was suitably jetlagged, however all appeared extremely enthusiastic and roaring to get into the swing of things, like any good project manager would.

After a warm welcome from the Field Base staff, the team were given a tour around their temporary new home, which included such vital survival elements as the three-bowl system (for making sure plates, cups, and cutlery are clean and safe to use) and the honesty fridge loaded with cold drinks and chocolate.

Project managers (PMs) will stay at the Base until July 3, preparing for the arrival of their venturer teams, who they will lead on various projects around Sabah. First serious bit of training PMs go through is TAC (Traverse Adventure Centre) training, so that they know how to survive in the jungle.

Niall Holland (Logistics) is taking PMs through the intricacies of a three-bowl washing system. Left to right: Bobby Rebeiro, Leon Warner, Niall Holland (FB staff), Tom Godfrey, Miles Bullock, Sarah Young (FB staff), Tony Adamson, Ruth Taylor.

"We don't miss a beat: bright-eyed PMs are explained the daily break-down of the ten-week expedition." Left to right: Chris Ashford, Ruth Taylor, Miles Bullock, Tom Godfrey, Colin Burman, Bobby Rebeiro, Sophia Wilson, Susan Howe, Leon Warner, Pip Edwards, Sandra Pitroipa, Tony Adamson.

"How you doin?!": Leon Warner, Chris Ashford, and Sarah Young

Mac MacCarthy is happy to see the arrival of fresh, unsuspecting victims for his "what song/movie is this line from" quiz.


james said...

wuz up dua bay bay, just wanna let you know that um thinking bout you & i miss you i wanna wish you de best & do ya best, but in de meanin time um doing good my self, i had a nice BDAY but it woulda been better if you was here. i see ya pics & it looks like ya havin fun & thats all that matters i hope you see my message when you get a chance. i'll hit you back soon KISS KISS LOVE YA xoxoxoxox

Marilyn said...

Hi Mandy and Shavaugh. How are you guys doing. Hope you are okay and beating those night bugs out there. I have been on the blog and seen pictures of you guys look like you are having fun. hang in there and before you know it will be over. How is Sunbear conservation. Take plent of pictures and have you seen any bears yet. mandy your boys would like to see that. I have been trying to get them to write you but maybe soon. They are both burnt from summer camp. How is Duanette doing have you seen her. Well for know hang in there and I will keep in contact. how are teh night bugs treating you. lol