Thursday, 9 April 2009

The final 09B loop!

Well the final loop around all the static project sites has just been completed as a marathon rather than a sprint. The Loop started off with Daisy, Amy, Yolanda and Elda visiting Alpha 1 for the special occasion of Jake's birthday where they were treated to a birthday tea including burgers, beans and chips....well sort of, it's amazing what you can do with corned beef these days. There was also a 3 tiered chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles on top, some would say that's too luxurious for the Raleigh experience, I wouldn't. There was also some interesting masks for the masquerade party in Jake's honour. Alpha 1 were also lucky enough to have logistics Steph there for the week who seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Steph has been helping the team lay pipe to finish off the gravity water feed system. The Loop helped lay one pipe during their time there. The fantastic news is that Alpha 1 are so amazing that they have finished and there is water now running to Rugading for the first time in 5 years! They are now helping repair the community hall and organising the grand opening of the water feed system.

Alpha 1 on their day off at the hot springs

Next stop was Alpha 2 where we said goodbye to Daisy who is staying for the rest of the phase and we picked up Jean which was the best thing to ever happen to the loop, having Jean on it I mean, who is not writing this blog by the way. The team were happy to see the loop, so happy in fact they spent about 4 hours making dinner and so everyone was ecstatic when it was finally ready about 8.30pm. Only 8 hours since lunch then. Alpha 2 have been busy sorting out the path of the pipes from the dam to ensure that Tampasak gets water before the end of the phase. Lots of carrying pipes through the jungle and the river with the big group of villagers who have been enthusiastically helping Alpha 2.

The full Alpha 2 group on the steps of their home.

Just to mix things up, the next day the Loop set off to Bata Puteh to see Alpha 4 and were given a big, warm welcome by Charlotte B and Graham. The Loop were staying at a homestay as there wasn’t enough room with Alpha 4. However we did get to hear how much they are enjoying their time working at the eco lodge and working with the villagers which was fantastic.

The next morning the Loop set off at the crack of dawn stopping briefly to pick up hastily scribbled letters from Alpha 4 and set off to the lively town of Telupid and then onwards to Imbak Canyon where they were lucky enough to spend 3 whole days and nights. After a quick journey of 4 hours of rough track, one river crossing, another hour by 4x4 and a trek to the infamous BBC camp the Loop were warmly welcomed by Alpha 3. While the Loop were there they helped Alpha 3 clear up the camp for the visit of the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Jahid Jahim, who was visiting Imbak, carry sand, relax, repair the roof, relax, clear up some leaves, relax, clear up the table, relax, go for a wash in the river, relax, eat dinner, relax and finally go to bed after a tough working day.

The Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Jahid Jahim, talks to Poh-E & Lela.

The Deputy Minister enjoyed talking to Alpha 3 and Jim about the work they have been doing and the useful Malay Lela has been teaching the group. It was a great day having the Minister and his entourage there.

The Deputy Minister finds out about the work Alpha 3 have been doing in Imbak from (left to right) Dan, Ben, Sarah, Hazel and Elda.

Alpha 3 wave goodbye to the Deputy Minister and his entourage.

Amy volunteered the Loop for rota duties so she ended up doing the washing up with Elda and Jean while Yolanda helped the group relax as they are finding that task pretty hard. The Loop trekked out the following day with Jim who reluctantly left Imbak and returned to Fieldbase.

Finally a request to all venturers, staff, family and friends . Raleigh are participating in the Globalgiving project challenge in order to gain a permanent presence on their website. We currently have another £600 to raise from another 31 donors.

Please can you add the Globalgiving widget to your Facebook page (it takes a minute to do and instructions are below) and let your Raleigh network know what we are doing.

How to share the global giving widget on your Facebook profile:

1. Visit
2. Scroll down to ‘Actions’ and select ‘Add to facebook’
3. This will take you to your facebook profile (you may be prompted to log in first)
4. Select ‘post’ and it will be posted to your profile

Alongside this, please add a message to your status update i.e. ‘can you help us build 14 homes in India this April with Global Giving? -

Many thanks,

Raleigh Borneo 09B


Margie Long said...

Hi Graham, So sad not to see a photo of your group, but happy to see you were part of the welcoming committee. I tried to add the thing to my Facebook, but I needed login and password for Raleigh. Remind me next week and maybe I can use yours? Dad and I had dinner with a friend of his and his wife, who is a HK canto-pop star. very nice evening, even if I had no clue who she is. Now we are at the airport waiting for flight to Paris, where we will be for a week. Then to BJ to welcome you, although you will be getting there first, so you should welcome us! Meema, Ruthie, Damiel, Sophie and , a surprise for Daddy, Katherine will be joining us in Paris. Any ideas for bday present for Liz?
Lots of love and hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

Huubje lekker bezig kerel!
Vette bandana ook :P
ben benieuwd hoe t gaat als je terug bent, hard zuipen? of hard aan school ;)


Susanne M said...

Hi Richard

Happy Easter my darling - no egg hunt this year but I'll keep some chocs for you.

Dad and I are off this afternoon to to see the movie "The Boat that Rocked", tomorrow L&L are coming for dinner whilst Mophead is at a party and then Sunday we are meeting up with Lib, Les & Nana. Lib is renting a unit for the weekend in the same complex as Christmas. Les will collect Nana in the am and then Dad and I will take her back in the pm.

Was thinking about when you first get home: on Sunday apart from sleeping in I expect you will want to get out and see some of your friends in the afternoon. Makes sense given they will be at college/uni/work during weekdays - we can do our catch up then. So Dad and I have accepted invitation to a BBQ Sunday pm. If you want us home then let us know and I can cancel.

Dad is off checking the "new" dam - there have been some dead fish in it recently which is puzzling (and worrying) him.

I notice that someone else is arriving in Brisbane on the 18th - are they on your flight? Looking forward to seeing you - only a week (or so) away now. Everyone knows I'm going to be unbearable with excitement next week waiting for you to return. Touch down 9.45 pm Brisbane - 8 day 8 hours till I give you a proper hug!

millyloat said...


.....not long. Get your ass to a phone at changeover and call me cause I'm very confused as to how where & when we're meeting in HK. Its fairly unorganised lets be honest. You're dads given me the reservation stuff and i get in 9 hrs before you so Ill go check us in at the mandarin (ooo errr its so nice cant believe your dads so kind!). Catch the AIRPORT EXPRESS to the IFC mall and ill pick you up there. Call for timings. (sounds rather ominous doesnt it like some sort of pick up)

Less than a week, we can have a mass junk food eating and catchup session to celebrate & to prevent those raleigh blues setting in.

Cant wait miss you like youve probably missed smelling nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You're looking good in the latest photo. No sign of a tan yet. But the muscles are on the way. You can start doing my garden when you get, just to keep you in shape.
What do you want for your birthday? I'm doing a marathon shop tomorrow, so since I doubt you'll get back to me before then you'll have to take pot luck with my taste.
Borrowed back 'The best of Simon and Garfunkel' to add to my iPod. But I've left you a chocolate orange in your room, for easter.
Have fun.
Robin and Alison

Anonymous said...

Hi Frankie alskling! Lovely to read Milly mess. Great to get confirmed that you are joining forces for the 2nd leg of your gap year trip.....and don't you forget to call me from your Mandarin bed. Love you and HAPPY EASTER from all of us/ mammaxxx

nicky said...

Dear Jamie, hello from Granny!
I am keeping Mum company while all the others have gone to the Rugby match at Leicester Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip and I expect you will be sorry it is coming to an end. Hope you have a good journey home, looking forward to talking to you.
Love Granny

manda said...

Haz -

I'm just about to start leg 6. Razzle Sailing is very much looking forward to you taking over at the helm! Si things he is going to cream everyone! wait till the master returns I say! Have a great easter weekend. We're looking forward to the Easter Bunny here! Its probable a monkey in Borneo. Love you loads and loads. MuMxxxxxxxxx

André said...

Ivo of moet ik zeggen rooie,
Ik hoop dat het nog gaat lukken met het omboeken van je vluchten. Ik doe m'n best. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Harry H,
Can't wait for next Saturday! I hope that the last three weeks of expedition and diving has gone / is going well. I expect to hear tales of Tarzanesque extremes from the jungle and of Jacque Cousteau type adventures from the depths.
Lots to do when you get back, some treats arranged before Ed goes way.
Enjoy your remaining days in Borneo and have a safe journey home.
Love Dad xxxx

Marlies said...

Hai anne-Fleur,
Nog een weekje en we zien elkaar in Kuala Lumpur.Heb er ontzettend veel zin in.
Ben je weer een beetje opgeknapt? en weer beter?
Ik hoop van wel.
Kus mamalies

Bill CROZIER said...

Paula, Jake & I just got back from Maleny - wet & cold for Easter. I'm sure the Easter Bunny didn't make it to Sabah but I expect you managed to obtain a supply of chocolate!
Sadly for you, only a week left. You get in fairly late on Sunday, but have a good sleep and give me a call on Monday. Plan to come over for dinner on Monday evening when I look forward to sitting back and hearing all about it.
Safe journey.
Dad xxx

Mark said...

Hi Seb

Well, only a week to go. I bet you're going to miss Raleigh. We just looked at your latest photo taken on the last "loop" visit and you're looking good- but why are you wet? I suppose it's the pipe laying!

We also are wet. I'm most pissed off- England is basking in glorious Easter sunshine while here in the south of France, it has rained all week(except Thurs) and looks set to continue next week. Will came last week and we managed a bbq on Thursday and ice skating on Tuesday- Danny was determined but soooooo stroppy if you tried to help him. We went to Carcasonne on Thurs and the boys bought more weapons, which they are currently fighting with in the living room. Anne wanted to know where to send you a birthday present ,so I gave her your dad's address. I hope to see you when you get back so will give you a present in person. I am still waiting to know your plans. You can e-mail us now- we're all set up with the internet and also skype. E-mail me and I'll give you the address. Anyway, joyeuses paques ie Happy Easter and see you soon. Lots and lots of love from Mum and Mark and Dan and Ben xxxx and Floppy x

Jerry Roberton said...

Dear Amy E,
It's Easter Sunday - doubt if you're having chocolate eggs there! Mind you it's too hot in St. Lucia for that also. We're having a great time here - have been on a lovely sunset cruise where the rum punch flowed and the steel band was excellent and have now hired a car to explore.We'll be leaving on Thursday - arriving on friday. I expect you are sad to be coming to the end of your stint in Borneo - looking forward to hearing all your news.
See you soon, Love, Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham, Happy Easter! Daddy was completely surprised to see Katherine - took a minute for him to register it was she. We have been having lovely weather, enjoying the sights and time with family. Less than a week until we see you! Love, Mom

james.mcmullan2 said...

Hi Sarah Mc
Easter Sunday- very quiet! Niamh got back safely from Colorado & was full of stories. We suggested she stayed awake as long as possible to avoid jet lag- she just about managed until I went to make dinner & I found her curled up on the floor of the front room!Michael & Sharon are coming for a few days- but I promise I'll change the bedsheets for you coming home!
Can't believe it's only a few days till we see you again- can't wait to see you & hear all about the trip.
See you early on Saturday morning!
Lots of love,
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

Hai Venessa,
HAPPY EASTER TO YOU MY GIRL. Wah!wah! time gone, can't believe that you coming back oready.

Ie Virgil Baptis noh di ontok hari enam sodop Paska. Ogumu zikoi minugad mum, dad, mama, papa aluk, Al om uncle John.

Ci, songian avi poh ino Raleigh nu kada hivai monongkotohuod dii Bos Raleigh, Yoland om saavi-avi kawan-kawan nu kio. Popoiho mum songian mogongoi diau, pukul pio on id nombo.
Ingaton noh songian do muhi kou poh om kada hivai ngavi mogovit barang-barang kakamot nu kio.

Until we see you on friday. Bye. Love from mum and dad.

nicky said...

Hi Jamie
Can't believe that I will see you now in just 5 days time, it doesn't seem real, you will have to excuse my excitement when I see you.Easter chocolate awairs you, plus any meals that you request.Home is going to seem so dull after Borneo, you will have to see what you can get sorted to keep you going till the summmer hols.Hope you enyoy the remainder of your trip, have a safe journey home and be ready to tell all. Love you.

johnandang said...

Hi Frances (Aplha 3) just got back from a great time in the Alps, hot, sunny and lots of snow. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

hey zoe, hope you have a great last few day. stay safe in thailand man!

all my love

Anonymous said...

hi chazzy b (charlotte briody) very weird to write a blog. im home. savour your last few days because all i want to do is go back out there. so enjoy. miss you alot. thank you for your letter i burst out crying when i read it. i dont know what phase or whatever your on but im sure your having a sick time. prepare to feel very weird when you get home i feel lost very lost. anyway love you to the moon and back cant wait to talk to you. pura vida :) x

Mum said...

Hey Huub,

Ik hoop dat je een gezellige pasen heb gehad, wij hebben Emmy & Tom met alle kids op bezoek gehad, zijn naar Zandvoort gefietst en hebben iets op een terras (Lou dr werk) gedronken. Samen gekookt. Als van ouds. Ik las Roys bericht; zijn wij ook benieuwd naar!!!
Verder gaat alles zijn gangetje,

mis je, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMUMxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dirk said...

hey matthijs,
hier in doorn mooi weer. vandaag ferrari experience gehad, heel veel toeren gaat minder ,maar wel veel lol.zondag 02:15 naar rome, heb je nog tips voor goeie en goedkope snacktenten? . waar heb jij het boekje gelaten van rome (ik moet boekje maken en kan hulp gebruiken) hoop dat je het daar goed gaat, hier wel.

latez dirk

Dirk said...

hey matthijs,
mooi weer hier , vandaag ferrari experience gehad. veel toeren gedraait.
hockey gaat minder maar hebben wel veel lol daarna, zondag 02:15 naar rome . heb jij nog tips voor goedkope en lekkere snacktenten?waar ligt jouw rome-boekje ? kan wel wat hulp gebruiken met het samenstellen van boekje.
hoop dat het goed gaat daar , hier wel

latez dirk

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel

Was wonderful to speak to you early Easter morning and hear all your news. Really missed you yesterday. Went over to Omi's for lunch. great seeing Simon, Breda, Liam and Katie. We had the annual Easter egg hunt and the kiddies really had fun at Shorne Park. Tracy and Karlo came too. Karlo insisted that he send out some small eggs for you with Dad when you meet up with him. Savour the taste!!
Dad has sent you a long email re Bangkok. Hopefully he will get over. He is speaking to Mike tomorrow for an update about the situation so will update you.
I expect you are sad your time in Borneo is coming to an end. Sounds like you have made lots of new friends. Only 4 more months of travel and you will be home !! August 6th seems ages away before I see you next!!
Love always Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

emily-van-dedem said...

Lieve Emilie,
Heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag alvast! Het is erg gek om je niet zelf een dikke verjaardagszoen te geven en ik heb ook nog geen cadeautje voor je bedacht of gekocht. Raar he?
Ik spreek je snel, bel je voor je verjaardag, dan ben je al terug op basecamp denk ik.
Kus mama

Susanne M said...

My darling Richard

Thinking of you in your last 3 days with Raleigh in Borneo... after this you may want to do Raleigh in another country. Make the most of your last time. Remember to wear as much as you can on the plane (minimise luggage allowance) and hope you've sorted out what you're doing for the few hours in KL.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday evening. Lots of love Mum xxxxx

the-elliotts said...

Hey Rosie-toes,
Wrote on here a couple of weeks back but it doesn't seem to have appeared, whose knows what I was doing! Anyhoo, hope all's well. I got your email last week, that all sounds fine and no problem, just give me a shout when your back at base camp and then we can sort out flights. Dad said it's no problem to cancel the hotel so sure we can sort out without any probs. Steve n I have just had a great long weekend up in the peaks, managed to do lots of climbing which was really good and only had one day of rain which was a bonus!!!Right, just finished lunch here so best get back to work really. Can't wait to speak. Lots of love Ru xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susan C said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Emily - its already today where you are! Maybe you won't get this till later but wishing you a great day - pipe laying or whatever!! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and hearing about everything, hope you can get it all back in the bag. The cards are piling up here but hopefully some have made it to Borneo, we'll save the rest. Big hugs from us all, Love you loads, Mum xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,


Grandma sends her love. She's just got back from Eastbourne, with fudge.
Can't wait to see you on Sunday. I hope you have a lovely trip back and aren't too sad to leave all the excitment behind. You'll have to bring some with you.

Love Robin & Alison

Anonymous said...

Not long til you get back YIIIPPPEEE!!!!! Cant wait to hear all your stories and see your photos. See you soon Mr Wonderer!
:) Hugs and Kisses from everyone,
Safe Journey
Andy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Seb

Looks like you are sweating up good in that picture but you are enjoying yourself. I got your letter today and I am really pleased that you are loving the Raleigh experience and that you have chosen the location that you have. I saw mums blog entry and Will has now returned to Oxford via Newbury. He is getting a stress on about his finals so has started work already.

Lara and Olivia are here right now, although Lara doesnt want to be. If there is ever an expedition to College Green she will be in. Granny is here too and sends her love. I printed off your picture and she has it. The house is pretty full atm.

Anyhoo, take care and let us know what you are doing next and how we can contact you.

Lots of love


Kate S said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!! I hope you have an amazing time! Your letter arrived this morning! It was so good to hear from you. It sounds incredible in Malaysia! My postcard didn't make it to me before I left Sheffield but Iona has got hers because she only came back this week because she went to Barcelona on band tour. Can't wait to see you! xxxxx

Reedmans said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! We are thinking of you on your birthday and so looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I expect you will experience a "culture-shock" on your return but hopefully won't take long to readjust to a more decadent life-style! Enjoy the time you have left and take good care of yourself, lots of love Aunty Jill, Uncle Paul, Todd and Bethxxx PS Champagne, chocolate and lots of cheese await you!

Mum said...

Lieve Huub,

Dank je wel voor de brieven, je hebt inderdaad de smaak te pakken.
We zullen er voor zorgen dat je brief voor Roy snel bij hem terecht komt.
Vandaag was het heerlijk voorjaarsweer. Je bent vast vergeten hoe dat voelt. Vergeet trouwens niet om iets warms voor in het vliegtuig in je handbagagete doen, het is altijd koud aan board. Je vluchtnr naar Br is MH0141 vertrektijd 09.00 . Vergelijk die maar met Richard.
Het was heerlijk om je stem weer te horen.
Tot snel Elizabeth

Pien said...

Lieve Emilie,
heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. het wordt ongetwijfeld een verjaardag om nooit te vergeten. Veel plezier nog de komende weken en geniet van het chillen daar. Liefs aan Matthijs,

liefs Pien

Pien said...

Hi Matthijs,
ik weet niet of je deze blog nog krijgt of leest, maar Elske heeft een zoon, Luuk, en alles is helemaal goed en gezond! Wilde ik je even laten weten,liefs Pien

Brigitte said...

Ha Pieter Bas,
Het aftellen is begonnen, nog maar anderhalve week en we zien elkaar weer in Bali, life is nice! Dikke kus, je moeder

Anonymous said...

HI Georgia

Just to say a very big Happy BIrthday on the 17th - hope you have a very brilliant last day in Borneo and really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Lots of love Mum 7 Dad xxx