Monday, 16 March 2009

News From the Alpha Groups

On Sundays at 4.00pm, Malaysian time, the Fieldbase team get busy and excited about Radio Raleigh, where we get to contact all the groups at one go and give them some news and entertainment. We hope the Alpha groups get just as excited and enjoy it as much as we do!

Sometimes, not all the Alpha groups call in because of their locations and schedules, but when they do, we get some news and gossip about what they've got up to so far in the week. That's in addition to the daily SITREPs (situation reports), of course. 

So on Sunday, the 15th March 2009:

Alpha 1 didn't tune in, because they were at a wedding, but they did call in earlier to let us know they are fab, as usual :)

Alpha 2 had had a homestay and had delicious food and some funky jelly (interesting...) The Sunday before that they had performed Amazing Grace at church, which they had practised the week before. Another unfortunate soul in Alpha 2 had also fallen in the long drop, which was then waist deep. 

Alpha 3 has told us that they have all become Buddhists and have decided to stay at Imbak Canyon and are not coming back to civilization. The construction of the steps for the bridge is going well. One morning they were woken up by the sounds of gibbons and actually got to see some of them swinging about in the wild. They have also seen some orcas (yes, whales). 

Alpha Four went on a trip to the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary and will be attending a wedding somewhere this week. Their work is going well and they are having a great time. 

Alpha 5 and 6 are not having the best weather where they are, deep within the jungles of Long Pasia. But they are making friends with the local leeches. Alpha 6 are going on a homestay and soon after that they will be back in KK and heading to Mamutik Island kfor their PADI diving course!

Yep, it's true, it was raining a bit over here in Sabah, Borneo. While some places have been experiencing floods, some areas have less rain and our Alpha Groups were fortunate enough to be out of those flood zones. So everyone is wet, but not swimming.  

But in the past couple of days you will be glad to know the skies are perfectly blue and even cloudless. Alpha 6 who will be here in a few days will hopefully have great weather for their diving lessons, fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a good time in Sabah.
Bring me back an Orang-Utan

Love from Alexei.

mandyb said...

Hello Daniel

Congratulations on achieving your PADI qualification sounded awesome in your letter. We are all proud of you!!! Sorry to hear you not having the best weather its been lovely and mild here quite springlike. Hope you not becoming too friendly with the leeches!!! Having problems applying for uni finance need your password when you next ring. We all ok and missing you loads. lots of love Mum, Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Marlies said...

Hallo Wiebel,
Nog een paar dagen en je bent weer terug op het basiskamp.Lijkt me heerlijk weer je verhalen te horen en hopelijk ben je net zo enthousiast als de eerste keer.
We zijn dit weekend druk bezig hotels te zoeken en krijgen al een beetje de kriebels.
Herman is net terug uit Australie en ze hebben het fantastisch gehad, dus neem ik hun hele programma mee.
Groetjes weer en tot snel.

breda said...

Hi Daniel
man utd were beat 2:0 by Fulham,and had two men sent off.arsenal won 3:1,at newcastle.spurs beat chelsea 1:0.hope you are well.


melissam-h said...

Hia Robbie (alpha 5). Haven't found much news about you, apart from the fact that you seem to be very wet in the rain - could have stayed home for that! Georgie's in the yurt tonight with friends also in the rain and wind and generally yuk weather - hope she gets the fire going! Not much to report - had two of my three babies home for mothers' day, but missed my boy! We were fourteen for lunch in the field with some sun amazingly your Godfather Harry turned up and said if you need somewhere in Singapore say the word as his sister lives there and he can fix it. I'm hoping the diving's fab and the trekking has been fun although I'm not sure about the leeches in the rain. Love you lots as always.
mummy x

Mum said...

Hey Huub

gelukkig heb je de tweede fase overleefd, een beetje snorkelen en twee boeken lezen kan dodelijk zijn. Wel jammer dat je niet mag duiken maar zo had je toch nog wat "alone time". Het laatste stukje is in gegaan en Jaye begint vaker te sms'en. Heb haar alle gegevens gestuurd plus jou telnr. Je zal binnenkort wel iets horen. Ik stuur maar geen brieven meer, die stuur ik wel naar Australia. Pieter's reis begint ook vormen aan te nemen, eerst NZ dan Oz en als het mee zit direkt door naar Canada. Daar gaat hij waarschijnlijk les geven, hij wil graag naar Whistler, 1 vd mooiste skigebieden ter wereld.
Louise blijft zitten dit jaar, heeft een paar grote missers gemaakt die niet meer op te halen zijn.
Emilie D was bijna gestikt in een stukje vlees vorige week, net op tijd gered. Ze heeft er wel een kleine hart beschadiging aan over gehouden door zuurstof gebrek!
Oma vraagt dagelijks naar je, heb je nou een briefje gestuurd of niet. Je kan naar beide oma's hetzelfde schrijven, Oma R begrijpt er niet veel meer van. Ze begint nu wel heel zwak te worden, als ze gegeten heeft doet ze haar ogen vaak dicht terwijl ze nog in de rolstoel zit.
Ik hoop dat er weer snel foto's op de site komen, ben erg nieuwsgierig.
Ook wil ik graag weten waar je nu mee bezig bent
Het ga je goedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmumxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having fun. School has finished so i am on easter holidays now! On the last day got colours for waterpolo, swimming and maybe hockey! So am happy with that. Have got my exams next term so should probably be revising. Going to England Ukraine on wednesday with Ben, and then we might be going away to Spain for a bit. Can't wait until your back.

Jason said...

Hi Charlotte( Alpha 3 )

Just saw your picture with your friends and it is so preeeety where you all are. It looks like paradise. I hope you don't decide to stay for good. Jersey is just as nice( Ok, not quite). Have you decided if you'll be coming back for Daddy's party?

In any event, enjoy the rest of your trip and can't wait to hear all about it.

Lots of love
Jason & Patricia. XXXXXX