Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mini Loop to Alpha 1

Hazel and I headed out to Kampung Rugading on the Friday, 13th March, for a mini loop to Alpha 1. 

Just about 3 hours away from Kota Kinabalu, the drive on the way to the Kampung is always a dream, we never tire of the view of the stunning Mount Kinabalu and the surrounding hills and valleys!

When we arrived, there Elda was at the bottom of the hill, waving us hello. Elda, our accountant had been spending a few days with Alpha 1 to experience the community phase life. The other Alpha 1 members there were PM Fiona, Frankie and HCV Clarice. 

We had a little tour of their place, which is actually the village headman's brother's house. It's a two-small-bedroom house with a medium-sized kitchen+dining area. 

The venturers sleep in the communal area. 

And there is a tiny guest room, where Elda sleeps and where we'll sleep that night as well. It's what I call the Bon Jovi room cos of the 90's poster above the door. 

The view from the window that afternoon was a group of cows, just hanging out and gossipping about strange foreigners in cow-language. 

When we stood outside on the balcony we admired the view of our little Bravo parked on the bottom of the hill. The air is cooler in Rugading, and some nights you'll actually need your fleece!

But the most amazing sight graced the house and the village everyday. Rugading has got to be the best place to live with a view like this: 

When you wake up in the morning, groggy and grumpy, look up and there you will see Mount Kinabalu in all its splendour. Suddenly it's the best morning ever. This repeats daily. Alpha 1 has got it good. No wonder they look happy!

It was Clarice cooked us some noodles for lunch, after which we headed to the site of their dam. Hazel and I got introduced and acquainted with Depression Hill on the way there, and since then I have joined the gym. With theAlpha 1 work crew was the village headman, Jamirin, helping them with the construction of the dam, which is nearly completed.  

At 3.00pm, the factory whistle blew and we all headed back to the village together. 

Dinner was chapati (a type of Indian bread), lentil curry and rice. For pudding, PM Fi made some Milo pudding, and the pot it was made in was licked clean by Alice and Peter, and I'm not kidding. Licked. Clean. (But still 3-bowled, of course). Entertainment for the night was Andrew and Steven stealing people's cameras and taking photos of themselves with them. 

It was great fun spending time with Alpha 1, they're a great bunch, everyone made us feel welcomed and happy to be there. Can't wait to see them at changeover and hear about their completed dam!


karin lucas said...

Looks like a fantastic place to be in. What truly beautiful landscape. Don't forget to take lots of photos. All those newly acquired building skills should come in very useful when you get home - fancy building me a garden wall ? Hope to hear from you at the next change over. Take care. We're all missing you .
Lots of love MUM xxx

David said...

Licking the bowl clean eh - must be hungry. Well I will be making Staffordshire Oat Cakes for your return a week tomorrow. Can't believe that 7 weeks has gone so quickly. All love and safe travels. love you more Dad xx

Stephanie said...

How great to see you in so many pictures. The place looks lovely and what fantastic views. Everything you are doing sounds interesting, can't wait to hear all about it. Only one week to go and we get to see you. Have a great last week with all yout friends and we can't wait to see you next week!!!
Loads of Love Mum,Dad and Willxxxxx

Gwynneth said...

Hi Molls!
Great to be filled in with what you are up to. Do I see some muscle definition in those arms?!!The views look wonderful and we all can't wait to hear all about it. Busy as ever here, Dad's away again and Pete and I are muddling along. Rehearsals start next week so it is the calm before the storm. Missing you like mad, lots and lots of love,
Mum xxxx

Madelon said...

Lieve Emma, We zijn blij weer wat foto's van je te zien op de blog. Het ziet er allemaal uit dat jullie hard moeten werken. Ik zal je dit weekend nog een brief sturen en dan denk ik dat het niet meer kan. Heb je de brieven so far gekregen?? Ik heb er ook een opgestuurd met je nieuwe vluchttijden van uit Heathrow naar Amsterdam. Hopelijk kun je bij changeover weer even bellen zodat we dat met je kunnen checken. Heb je al een leuke naam voor de nieuwe puppy??? Hier is Josephine genoemd, omdat ze op de ferme du domaine Imperial geboren is (vrouw van Napoleon) nou ja, dat wordt natuurlijk Joost - vind ik best wel leuk. Ik zal op deze misschien wel laatste brief nog wat foto's plakken van de pup.
Lieve schat, tot snel (waarschijnlijk aan de telefoon) sterkte met al het zware werk en maak veel pleziers. Liefs van ons allemaal dikke zoen Mam

Roslyn.Ruslan.Rahman said...

Ahahaha! Fi and Jeannie! The name "Depression Hill" lives on! At least I know I left something at Rugading =D

Oh, The Original Alpha Ones? Roslyn Ruslan will NOT be coming back for the Raleigh party. But I know that we'll keep in touch through blog comments and letters.

And did you get my postcards?

Missing you bucket loads,

Dad and Alex said...

Hi Frances,
Nice to see you in all the pictures. Looks like you are having a great time and getting fitter all the time. I have emailed Millie and I think we are all organised for some well deserved pampering in HK. Daddy x
Hello sister,
Got your Facebook comment but dad is promoting this form of communication instead.! Looks amazing out there. Very very different from here. But still so so excited that you'll soon be in a city where you can tell me everything! Btw, got a Blackberry yeeaaah!
Miss you x