Monday, 30 March 2009

Messages from Venturers

We have a couple of requests to put up messages from venturers for their mums!

To Fiona Crosbie
From Clare Mcmanus

Hey mum, sorry got cut off on the phone! I hope you're well! I'm off to my community project now, less mosquitoes there than Batu Puteh. I love you loads. Clare xxx

To Mum
From Amy

Happy Belated Birthday Mum. My birthday present to you is that I have given up smoking. Hope the holiday is fantastic and you have a super time. Love Amy x


Timmy O said...

Ok can't handle that at all see you face to face in three weeks.

Margie Long said...

HI Graham
Had a lovely day with the McKee-Hoffs, doing another semester at sea, here in Bj. Went up to the wall at mutianyu, but snowing so couldn't do the toboggans. then back for dinner at xihe yaju. now I am back with the mongolians. Return to HK tomorrow.
Sue want to organize at 1001 nights or Rumi for the Sunday after you get back, inviting Sam the canadian and James h, plus usual cast, to honor re-emergence of Otto. Hope that is ok with you as she is very keen.
Love you lots, Mom

nicky said...

Hi Jamie
Josh has just got back from scout camp that ended up at oaks, as Mr cooper got worried about the weather and wanted to be sure of a hut. However except for a windy day saturday the weather has been dry and a bit sunny.Josh says some of the younger scouts were wanting to know where you were, and wouldn't believe him when he said, so they checked with Mike who said you were in Korea- they were totally confused.We tried out a new Chinese restaurant in nottingham on Saturday. It was brill, if you can face it we will have to take you some time.It was an eat as much as you want buffet, even dad couldn't manage a pudding! hope the diving is going well, it's the most scarey part for me. Love you loads. Mum. xxx

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham, At the airport waiting to go back to hk. Dad went down last night for client meetings today. Had a fun tennis and lunch morning with Julie, Lili and Mary Kate. There was drilling on the roads all night last two nights, so am looking forward to sleeping on the flight. Don't know what your phase three project is - hope we will get a little more info. Dad got letter #2 yesterday and read to me over the phone. Glad you are bonding as well with the leeches as they are with you.
Hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,
Happy Birthday sweetie!! Thinking about you lots on this your very special day. Just been telling Matthew about your hurry to get into the world and my 55 minutes labour! He says you've obviously carried on with the same attitude throughout life, never letting the grass grow under your feet!! We're all so proud of you, everyone's always asking after you. Spoke to Jock & Debbie yesterday, they're very well and send their love. Chris has bought a bike, I've made him promise not to ride it on those Italian streets without a helmet on. He's having a fantastic time out there. Grandma has written to you, have you got your Birthday cards?? I'm getting really excited about Kenya now, we're off on the 13th for two weeks, this time we can fly straight to Mombasa. Well Darling once again Happy Birthday, we'll have a party for you when you get home. Love you all the World and sixpence, Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tania said...

Hi Andrew (Alpha 3)

Last day of term so pretty hectic. Dad coming back a day early from Chile so home tonight. Saw Tom briefly last night and he is hoping to get a letter in the post to you today. He had been out with Luke and Miles... don't think you're missing much! Stay well and remember I love you. Mom xx

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
We received your long letter today - the jungle trek sounded amazing!! We are off to Tenerife tomorrow, got to be up at 3.30!! just finished packing and its 11.30 you know what Boo and I are like. Dad finished ages ago. Dad will send you an email from Tenerife re meeting up in Bangkok. Not long now.
All our love Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard, I have posted your last letter today - so hopefully it will arrive just before you leave - as you come off your final phase. There's some stuff in it re coming home. If you don't get it you may have a chance to do a couple of FB sessions before you fly.
Remember to get everyones' email so you can exchange photos. Only 15 days 5 hours and 40 mins until you touchdown. Love you heaps. Mum xxx

Leonie said...

Hee Ann! Hoorde weer verhalen via Em! Nice! Hier nu super lekker weer!! Helaas moet ik wel veel leren, volgende week tentamen. Maar daarna eindelijk een weekje vakantie, alleen maar chillen dan voor mij, yes! Hopelijk heb je m'n kaartjes en brieven ontvangen...? xx leo

Anonymous said...

hi Frankie
only got to know yesterday about your wishes for chocklad. Alexandra berattade om brevet men far inte lasa det forran imorgon da vi mots i verbier. Skickar lite Milka mandag sa far vi se om du hinner fa det. SO SORRY!!!! Har nu varit i Lech i tre dagar. Sol, springsnow och varmt. Aker skidor i bara en flecejacka. Egon samt Elisabeth halsar sa mycket. Cuttis pappa har dott. Trakigt men han hade varit sjuk en langre tid sa det var inte helt ovantat. What work are you doing on this time? Miss you lots and lots. Call me when you are with dadda in HK. Love you/mammax

Jerry Roberton said...

Hi Amy E
Off to St Lucia leaving Oliver in charge. Texts and emails will work and we are 6 hours behind the UK. Can't wait for that first GT when we climb 10,000ft above Gatwick.

If all goes to plan we will be in T3 to meet you with the Dagenham Girl Pipers.

Mums 12 school music fest went like a dream, pity Michelle Obama wasn't around to launch it.

Oliver went to London for the G20 demos and ended up listening to Arthur Scargill and Tony ( Lord Stansgate) Benn - somebody has to do it.

Nor is back from Malaysia, not allowed to ride Harleys any more. Keith has bought an amazing Peugeot motor - every possible bell and whistle. Our houses now look like Arthur Daleys portakabin car park.

I'm cancelling our Google Street image on grounds of taste.


james.mcmullan2 said...

To Sarah who likes to headbutt trees
I can't believe the latest news! Poor you- you sound like you've coped very well with what has to be a difficult situation- I wish I was with you to give you a big hug! I have to ask myself- is this the same daughter who used to get me into her bedroom to kill spiders? Seriously though- you've been very brave & I'm sure you just want to get on with the project now so that you're not wasting any more of what valuable time you have left in the jungle!We're all concerned for you, but also reassured that everything fine.
I'm just helping Niamh with her final packing for America- the wally forgot not only the ski helmet, but also her passport!! Am up at 5am tomorrow, so off to bed now!
Lots & lots & lots of love
Mum xx

the-elliotts said...

alright kido,
missin you huge amounts at the moment, applying for jobs hoping something will come up soon so i can escape the bull and actually have a life outside of bentley and froyle. not that im complaining, dont have a prob livin at home at all...just not as fun not bein able to go off and do anything cos dont have any time or money to.want a job too so il have some money by the time you get back so we can make the most of the rest of the summer. soon to be house hunting for you down in btown...cant wait, will all be so much fun!! hope the last stage has been goin ok.thinking of you always, and hope its all good times and smiles!!.
will speak in the very near future im ahve so so so much fun to head on to as well...have been looking at oz and where you will be travelling to...very jealous kid!
we miss you loads, me the most of course, i dont function properly without you...did u get mine and justs post? hope so.
i love you i love you i love safe, and be happy always, speak soon, your al xxxx

Anonymous said...

hey huub looking forward to picking you up at airport 18th Brisbane. hows it all going? can send message to

love Jaye.

Susan C said...

Hi Emmie, (Emily H, Alpha 2)
Thank you for the card, its brilliant! I opened it early, sorry, didn't realise as I'm not really in Birthday mode - but now I can enjoy it for longer. I'm having a couple of days off work, which is full-on again, to try to catch up at home. Just saw a bit of the Malaysian Grand prix qualifying, it looks hot & humid! Its warming up here when the sun gets through, but its going to feel cold to you! Joe got his Sax grade 7 with 89% so he's very pleased. Pip has moved into the Utility room and doesn't seem to mind, and Grandma's off to Eastbourne for Easter. Aunty Alison & Uncle Rob came over yesterday but it was a quiet one with just the 4 of us (Dad not back from London till late). Everyone sends lots of love, especially for your Birthday of course. Will be thinking of you, see you soon, Love and hugs from Mum xoxoxox

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham,
We went to a bbq last night - one couple had spent some time in Borneo. The wife recommended using dog shampoo to keep leeches away. NOt foolproof, but it helps. Sorry we couldn't find any fur-so-fresh.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

ha matthijs,

ik heb je brief gekregen en stuur er gelijk 1 terug. vond het leuk om een brief te krijgen. ik weet niet hoe lang het er ongeveer over doet maar ik probeer hem nu zo snel mogelijk te posten.


Alice said...

Hi Sophie,Anne-Fleur,Clare,Frankie,Sam,Jamie & Molly- i miss all of you so much and can't wait for the reunion's when you get back. Home is same as ever so enjoy every moment while your out there!

love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard. How are things going? Mum & I are fine, as are the animals. There's been floods to the north of Brisbane and to the south but although we've been drenched we haven't been flooded in yet. Still in business and things are beginning to look up. Be good to see you again, it's been a bit quiet around here! Dad Mulholland

nicky said...

Hi Jamie, hope you are (or did) really enjoying the dive course. We havn't seen any pictures of your group yet, but we have seen pictures from previous groups and it looks idyllic. I guess that you are also looking forward to the trekking.I can't believe that it is only 2 weeks until you get back, we are all missing you loads. take care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about all you have done.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Huub,

Veel dank voor je brieven. We waren enigszins overdonderd met 4 stuks op dezelfde dag. We zullen ze bewaren. Het is inderdaad best interessant om brieven te schrijven. Als ik een brief schrijf, sta ik na afloop vaak stil bij de onderwerpen waarover ik heb geschreven. Bij mij schept ook afstand en dan ik het een en ander beter bekijken.
Afgelopen vrijdag met de mentor van Louise gesproken, de heer Debets. Een heel sympathieke man. Het ging over haar persoonlijkheids-kenmerken en toen kwam jij ook ter sprake. Hij wist nog precies wie je was. Ik heb hem verteld over je omzwervingen. Het kwam hem niet vreemd voor. Hij zelf moest op een goed moment de militaire dienst in en dat heeft een betere kijk op het leven gegeven. Hij was indertijd ook lid van Minerva.
Gisteren, 4/4 de brief bij oma Mieke gebracht. Ze was zeer vereerd en vervolgens ontroerd toen ze je aero las. Ze wilde direct in de pen klimmen. Ik zal haar het adres van Jay geven. Je krijgt in ieder geval veel liefs van haar. We hebben op de atlas gekeken waar je nu precies zit.
Vorige week de reewildtelling gedaan 's avonds en 's morgens vroeg. Ik ben toen op Berkeloord blijven slapen. Afgelopen zaterdag meegedaan met de voorjaarstelling. Zo rijd ik wel wat af vanuit Aerdenhout.
Verder heb ik het druk met het vervullen van vacatures in Raden van Toezicht bij woningcorporaties en allerlei ander bestuurlijk werk.
Wat voor soort werk doe jij nu voor de 'community'? Kom je veel in contact met de plaatselijke bevolking? Volgens Oma spreken ze daar Maleis. Dat kende ze vroeger een aantal woorden toen ze op Java woonde. In de loop der jaren zijn die weggezakt maar gek genoeg komen ze weer naar boven nu ze oud is.
Afgelopen vrijdag een hele doos met kleren etc naar het postkantoor gebracht voor Australie. Ik ben benieuwd wie eerder aankomt, jij of de doos.
Geniet maar van de laatste periode daar en wil je ook wat aantekeningen over wat je meemaakt, voor mij opschrijven. Telegramstijl is goed.
All the best!

grandad o said...

Hello Jamie,
I envy you your diving experience not only now but for the future, although I understand your Mum's concerns which Grandma shares.Heard of another broken leg from football kick about yesterday ( not in the family) so you are not unique in that department.
Leicester still ,ust, top the Rugby table so it will be an interesting run to the end of eason. See you ere long.
Grandma & Grandad

Jordan said...

Elizabeth Campanella:
Hello my love! I am so excited that you are coming homee so soon!!! Can you believe it, you went from Wahsington to Nebraska to London to Borneo back homee!!! I miss you so much and cant wait to see youu! I love love LOVE you and cant wait to cruise around with my lil lizard again! YEHOOO!!! Make these last few weeks count:) love you my little world changer

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
Its the 7th April my birthday today!!! Thank you for my card and the beautiful message you wrote. Really missing you today and so stange to not see you on my birthday. We are having a great time in Tenerife. The appartment and pool is great. It has changed a good deal when we were here 13 years ago.
We are going out for cocktails and a meal tonight and have spent the day chilling around the pool. Boo, Tracy and I may go clubbing tonight!!! Everyone says Hello.
Cannot believe you are on your last week already. We blogged you the night before we travelled but it does not appear to have been processed.
Lots and lots of love Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jerry Roberton said...

Hi Amy
Still enjoying it? We're in Rodney Bay area and due to go out on a sunset cruise on a 4 masted schooner built for 'Pirates of the caribbean'. Mum is hoping Johnny Depp will be driving.
The resort here is quiet about 30% occupied thanks to the bankers. Still it means no queues for hire cars and trips. See you on the 20th.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Campanella would like to wish her father a very happy birthday!

Pien said...

Hi Matthijs,
bijna alweer halverwege je volgende project, wat vliegt de tijd. Ik was afgelopen weekend in Barcelona, erg gezellig, heel veel gekletst, gelopen, gelachen en gezien. Toch wel bijzonder met al deze (10) vriendinnen. Wilden ook allemaal jouw avonturen horen. D. is vandaag naar Leiden voor een dagje meelopen met E. en natuurlijk een dagje geen school. Ben benieuwd naar al je verhalen over Imbak, geweldig dat je daar naar toe bent!
Hier staat pasen voor de deur, we zullen een mooi beschilderd ei voor je bewaren.
liefs Pien

Anonymous said...

Lieve annetje en charlotte!!!!!!!ik zit nu halverwege de trek en ben echt super moe, maar het is echt een en al geweldig!!!tip van de phase:probeer de teva's maar dan wel met je geitenwollensokken!!!!!!!!ik mail jullie snel als alles klaar is, geniet van je laatste dagen, want het is een van de geweldigste tijden van je leven!!!!!!heeeeeele dikke kus claire live vanuit india

Anonymous said...

hoooi joepie!hier een bericht uit het bruisende india, het gaat super goed met mij, hoe is het bij jou?ben je een beetje aan het genieten?en de belangrijkste vraag: heb je al een nieuwe opblaasbare gitaar gevonden?geniet ervan en ik zie je in het frisse holland!xxxx eveline uit raleigh india

Shona and Patrick Morley said...

Hello Geo
You've gone quiet - an ominous silence from the depths of a jungle trek - still I suppose blogging opportunities are limited! Bet you're now relieved you have a small backpack. Jamie home from snowboarding and had a 'wicked' time - back to uni in a couple of weeks - still piles of snow so maybe a long weekend when you get back as you'll be so fit! Have met the twins, so cute! Everyone ,misses you loads - just spoken to Isla who was anaemic but better now - slow recovery process - thought I'd pop in on Friday to say Happy Birthday from all of us - Maisie is 13 on Sunday 12th just in case you'd forgotten and we better say Happy Birthday to you on the 17th in case this is the last chance - Perhaps a party if it's the last day in Borneo?! Hope you are leech free ...
lots of love and big hugs Mum & Dad xxx

Fiona Crosbie said...

Hey Clare Thanks you for your Mothers Day blog and phone call! It was 1.30am here but just wonderful to hear your voice.Everyone is at home and we all miss you mucho and alot(Peter expression)Everyone is well and we are all thinking of you .Take good care -Stu and I are setting up a web cam so we can talk and see you when you get to NZ.
Stu says thanks for birthday card
Shona says you looking great!
Love and kisses from Milngavie Base Camp

Fiona Crosbie said...

Hey Clare I hope I am not repeating myself-not too clear with the tech sometimes.Everyone is home and missing you mucho and alot.Peter misses you and worries that you are such a small person out in a big world! I shed a small tear tidying your room .Take good care-Stu and I are setting up a web cam so we can see you as well as talk when you get to NZ.
Stu says thanks for the birthday card
Shona says you look great
Love and kisses from Milngavie Base Camp.

Anonymous said...

hi Frankie! When are we going to see more photos of your ventures? We miss you terribly much and Easter will not be the same without you. We are still in Verbier. The snow is surprisingly good and the weather warm and beautiful. Nightlife seem more fun than Lech as your sis is out most nights. Shes met friends from B'den and FH among others. Of course she forgot to bring your letters so I have to wait until we get back to London on the 14th. Can't wait to hear your voice again. Love you fr mamaxx

Stephanie said...

Elizabeth Campanella!!
(( i cant keep up with what alpha group you are in.. i just looked and i already forgot)) haha ah! sorry its been awhile since ive wrote on here.. but last weekend here at WSU was mom's weekend, so my mommy came up!! =) it was soo good to see her! she keeps asking me about you!! i showed her all the pictures i could find of you! haha you are done with your big borneo adventure in 9 days girlyy!! a little over a week! im sooooo proud of you! i could imagine how hard it must be, and let me tell you.. you are one brave girl!! im dying to hear all about it... i feel like we are going to need multiple days just so i can hear about it! =) all i gotsta say is may 5th.. when i come home... the first thing im doing is heading to your housee!! haha i cant wait!!!!! a little news... but first i should tell you that everything is fine.. and victoria is alright, but i just found out today, but yesterday (april 7th) she was teaching a lesson with a student.. and victoria was riding sully.. and they were walking across the street by the holding pond... and out flies a duck that spooked sully.. and sullys leg slipped and so both victoria and sully fell.. and sully fell ontop of her foot.. so she had to go get surgery on her foot cuz it was broken in three spots.. but ive talked to her she seems like she is doing alright.. shes in a walker to hop around in... they told her 3 months of no riding.. but of course she said.."we'll see about that" haha im going to go see her this weekend when i go home for easter.. and shes informed me she likes mini eggs and reeses.. haha soo i will bring her some of thatt!! =) i freaked out on her and was asking a million questions.. and i told her im sorry i just have to be the freaking out older sister for you right now cuz i know thats what liz would be doing! haha but no need to worry, she said she didnt even feel pain until she was on her way to the hospital, and shes all drugged up on vicodin so im sure shes just feeling dandy!! i guess you have no phone thats in use right now cuz your in the middle of the jungle?? haha or thats what victoria said atleast! haha anyways im sure you might be able to talk to your parents before you even get this so im sure you will know already, but if not.. dont freak out.. cuz shes just fineeee!! and ill send with her your love this weekend when i visitttt! ill take some more pictures for you so when you get on facebook again you will have some nice little surprises!! =) i miss you sooooooo much liz! i cant wait for you to get home... or atleast in talking distance!! i hope you enjoy the last week of your extrordinary journy!! your doing greattt!! love youuuuu bestiee!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
Hope you're enjoying your last phase. Home is terribly boring after everything we've been thru.


Manda said...


- only one more week Dad, Si, Ed and of course Me are so looking forward to your coming home.Was the trek was awe inspiring? I keep checking for photos! Hope you have captured some moments. By now you will be swimming in the beautiful briny!We have had one beautiful day here in Devon it was awe inspiring! Dad and I did our walk! The boys are working at QM. Easter is fast approaching. Enjoy your last week in Beautiful Borneo. Make sure you get all your contact e mails. You never know where your travels are going to take you.
All my love, hugs and xxxxx MuM XXXX

nicky said...

Hi Jamie
Sorry for the lack of messages but the blog doesn't seem to have been operational for quite a while. I hope your diving went well and that you got some fab photos. Just over a week now till you're home so I am in the middle of cleaning and tidying your bedroom, can't wait to see you, although I think there is a queue of people feeling the same. It's mid day here and you brother has just managed to get out of bed, so I think he seriously needs a big brother to sort him out.Talking of Josh he has sent you a couple more blog messages but they seem to have failed,but I am sure he will try again soon. No more news here, we are all on holiday so the allotment is getting plenty of attention and Josh, dad and the wiltshire bunch are off to see Tigers v Bath at the weekend then we are all off for a curry. It's also Easter sunday this weekend so will especially miss you then - I will have one less son to steal chocolate from! Love you loads and I'm really looking forward to you coming home.
Mum. xxx

karin lucas said...

Hi Peter (Alpha 4)
Can't believe that you'll be back home next week ! Thought I'd just update with the lastest news. Ollie and I had a great weekend in Copenhagen and Thomas and Mette are now officially married. The party started at 3pm with champagne and cake and basically went on til 3am. Some Danish rock star showed up and performed a couple of numbers and Thomas joined him playing the base. Sounded awful, but all the youngsters seemed to love it. I must be getting old. Dad and I had a great weekend in Les Deux Alpes and skiied all day Saturday and half day Sunday. Weather was superb and we got quite sunburnt. Ollie is coming back from Austria tomorrow. He's having a great time, but the snow is melting fast! We're all off to Brecon on Saturday to see Jo and Tom. Other bit of news is that Joachim may be coming to stay with us in September for a year if we can get him into Coombe Sixth form. Chris thinks it'll be the making of him !
Can't wait to see you on Saturday morning!!
Lots of love, MUMxx