Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The Loop Troupe managed to get some messages from venturers while they were out, and we're pleased to be able to post them up here. 

From Georgia Morley

Hi mum,

I just wanted to wish you a belated birthday, and Happy Mother’s Day! I am having an amazing time here. Lots of love to you and dad and hope you are both well. xxx Georgia


From Emily Hutchinson to Susan Crinage


Mum –

Happy Mother’s Day!!! (original!) Hope it’s an awesome day. Hope Joe’s done something (!) Sorry I’m not there but I’m thinking of you! Lorry loads of love, and I miss you lots too, Emmie xoxox

p.s. Thank you so, so much for the letters and blog. (only got 2nd (?) from R and A = very funny), 2nd letter today = loved rant and subtle Pip comments. Sorry not personal email before – time. Will write again soon xxx


From Anne Fleur to Marlies

Hi mam! Fyne moerderdag! Ik hoop dat ze je een beetje gaan verwennen! Heb je wel verdiena. Hier is et echt supek! Ik spreek je weer 24 maart dan heb ik weer changeover!

Groetjes aan pap! En heb er zoveel zin in dat jullie komen! Dikke zoen wiebel.


From Soph

Heya mum! Thank you so much for your letters I love getting them and hearing about what’s happening at home. Thinking of you and missing you lots so wanted to wish you a very happy mother’s day. Hope you have a good day, just remember to chill out and let everyone else do the hard work for a change!

Love you loads+loads

Hugs and bubbles

Soph xxx



From Megan Shirley to Jan Shirley

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your blog message and letters, I felt very loved! I hope Kate is looking after you and that you get breakfast in bed… this message is the best I can do I’m afraid! I am missing you lots and can’t wait to speak to you. Send my love to everyone. Love Megs xxx


From Poh-E to Kristy Kok

Hello Hello mummy! Thanks for your letter, and your daughter is doing good here! Take care and send my love to baba and Poh Kit. Happy Mother’s Day! And BIG SHOUT OUTS to Lucy, Jing Koon, Dom and Raleigh Kuala Lumpur! Kudos! Much love!



Harry Harding to Manda J. C. 

Happy Mothers Day from beautiful Borneo. I hope you have a wonderful day and Ed is there for your every whim. Love you, all the best. 

Haz xxx

To all Mothers, 

Have a wonderful mother's day and thank you for all your love!

xoxox From all at Raleigh Borneo xoxox


Susan C said...

Thanks for your message Emily, and thank you Loop Troup for posting it. I know its luck of the draw who's messages you are able to pick up and post, so I want to say Happy Mothers Day to all the other Mums, and Grandmas and God Mothers too. If you are like me its really hit you today just how much you are missing your daughters and sons. But at least they are having a fantastic time - thank you Raleigh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Seb

Hope it is going well, it seems like you are having fun. Will is well grumpy that you have more diving quals than him!

Love Dad

Pien said...

Lieve matthijs,

nooit geweten dat het in maart ook al mothersday is. Of zijn al die moeders jarig, dat mis ik dan weer. Hoop je dinsdag aan de telefoon te
hebben en te horen over alle trek- en duikverhalen. Ben ook erg benieuwd wat al je plannen voor daarna zijn. Denk je er wel aan om je ticket te verzetten?? Hier verder alles OK, T. is vandaag jarig, nog meer stijve grijze pootjes dan voorheen. Dirk met 5- 6 verloren gisteren na eerst 1-5 achter. Zonde. Hij had het druk met al zijn teamgenoten. Er zijn ook weer allerlei brieven onderweg. Nog geen baby bij K. ik hou je op de hoogte. Lief dat zij ook een blog schreef, net als Ineke en Maaike. Iedereen vraagt erg geintereseerd wat je allemaal uitvoert, dus ik wacht met smart op nieuwe input.
Liefs Pien

mormor said...

Hej Frances
Happy that we have found you and seen all the Alpha 1 pictures. You seem to have a nice time. We miss you and think about you everyday. We are in Markus house in Skåne, celebrating Mats bithday. We are leaving Båstad tomorrow to se mum and Wolter. We are going to take over Twiggy for Easter. Love from us all. Kajsa, Mats Markus. Mormor and Morfar.

Jerry Roberton said...

Dear Amy E,
We got your postcard yesterday and it was great to hear about your diving - sounds as though you are becoming very competent at all sorts of things. Hope the trekking is not too hard - rather you than me!It is Mothers Day here - and I am missing you but so pleased you're having such a great time. Oliver did remember and has bought me some more books for the holiday. It gets close now - only 2 weeks away.
Lots of love, Mum (Dad and Oli send love as well)

Jerry Roberton said...

Dear Amy E,
We got your postcard yesterday - the diving sounds great. You're learning some really good skills. Hope the trekking is not too hard - rather you than me!!It's Mothers Day here and I'm really missing you.Oliver did remember and bought me some more books for my holiday - not long now - only 2 weeks away.
Lots of love, Mum (Oli and Dad send love also)xxx

Manda said...

Haz - I was soooooooooo excited to have a message from you! I have had a lovely day - trip to Cliveden with Lilla and Tom and then we met up for a great pub lunch with Ra and Baba. Everyone sends oooooodles of love.
Hopefully hear from you at changeover . take care all my love MuM xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Mutt and Jeff ( alpha 4 )
You looked so good in your livin skirt you should have won the talent contest. I hope you have better luck this changeover. You must have grown this I last saw you but you are having to do up your belt tighter. Love D

karim said...

Hi tash
Can't tell you how lovely it was to get your text last night. Was worth being woken up for. So pleased you are enjoying the diving, it sounds idillic. Can't wait to see you again, t's so weird you being so far away but I am so proud of you.
Love you and miss you

Lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles
You will be sorry when you get back cos I will have a lot of the above to catch up on!

Lots of Love

karim said...

Hi Tash
Went to La Barca for mothers day meal, Dom was paying so we ate as much as we could ! Only joking. Neel was asking about you. Had breakfast in bed, then stayed in bed to finished Da Vinchi code, was a little tedious towards end, but very clever. Am now reading a true story about a boy who turned into a cat, amazing! got a nice new dressing gown,white with pink spots, some lovely daffodils and a box of maltesers. Don't know how you managed to sign the card but thank you very much. Spent the afternoon gardening and then off to LaBarca. Not a bad day, hey! Now wrapped up in gown and watching TV.
Love and kisses

Susanne M said...

Hiya Richard

Another blog from me - which you should get soon as changeover will be happening. Sent letter from Dad today and I will send you one this Friday. In the meantime... if you have a chance to send me FB message when you change over...

Do you need me to send you a small package of boardies, socks&jocks and t-shirt so you have clean (and fresh smelling) clothes for your trip home? Would need to send next week latest to get b4 you leave. Don't know if Raleigh Borneo are able to accept small packages in their PO Box - you would need to check it out.

Nana will be coming home from hospital on Wednesday - so that is great news. She can't wait to be back in her own unit. I'll be glad not to have to go up to the Wesley everyday.

Have asked all your friends to contact you... see that only Daniel has done so to date.

How was your diving.. hope you can send me a letter with all the details of trek and diving during this changeover.

26 days, 2 hours and 40 mins until I see you again. However, in the meantime, I'm going to have a glass (or 2) of wine and put my feet up. Love you heaps and heaps and so proud of you. Mum xxooxxooxx :)

Elaine and Keith said...

Hi Frances (Alpha 5)
Following you on the blog, great to see what you're up to, looks like you're having a great time. Been up to Sheffield today and enjoyed your dad's bread and butter pudding! Looking forward to finding out what you're doing next. said...

HI Cal or is it Kaka now.did you show the locals some of your moves from cranleigh football days,[scary]. Nanny P enjoyed reading all your letters this weekend when she stayed sorry we didn't get our act together to send you any.
Chloe getting very excited again she has started packing and unpacking her rucksack!![typical blonde],Hows the treking going? It must be tough fighting through the jungle and fending off all the girls and leaches!!
This will be the last blog we write before we see you at the airport. Take care on your journey back stay safe lots of love see you Friday Mum & Dad

tania said...

Hi Andrew (Alpha 1)

Back in Dubai safe and sound. Flew back on the A380 which was pretty swish. Trying to stay awake at work but nearly time to go home. Everyone really well and send their love. Miss you tons and not long now before we speak again. Love you Mom xx PS Thanks for the post card.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Matthijs,
heb je het gezellig daar? Ben je al bruin? Is het duiken leuk en zijn er leuke meisjes daar?
groetjes Ines

Anonymous said...

Hoi Lot, via Steven begreep ik dat je telefoon geblokkeerd is i.v.m. overschrijding bellimiet. Ik heb net geld over gemaakt, dus het kan zijn dat hij het morgen nog niet doet, mocht dat zo zijn dan weet je waar het aan ligt! Verder breng ik zo een brief voor je naar het postkantoor, dus het duurt nog wel even voordat hij je bereikt heeft. Woensdag eet Steven hier en gaan we de dec. sel. afronden. Groetjes, mama

melissam-h said...

Hi Robbie (alpha 5) this is second message in about five minutes - me again. now in a total panic as i can't find any posts from me up here and not sure if i've been pressing right buttons! Here's another one just in case as i don't think the one i sent a few days ago went through. Just so you know we talk about you every day (in the best possible way - promise!) and can't wait to hear some news from you. In one message i said i'd written a long missive on factbook which hopefully you'll read one day. Also Harry's off to Poland as part of team GB later this month which is fantastic! He's not too keen on all the excitment and just wants to fence in peace though. Having thought we would be escaping the builders whilst having a break in Malta, Granny's announced she's got people in to blow up the pool and rebuild it whilst we're there - yipee! Shall now go and do some painting - beginning to wonder whether we'll actual finish with builders before you return. Love you lots and lots mummy x

Stephanie said...

Enjoy your last few days in Borneo and can't wait to see you on Friday! You will probably be on changeover when you get this, so have fun with your friends and look forward to giving you a big hug. Thank you so much for my Mother's day card.
Lots of Love Mumxxxx

Mark said...

Hey Lottie (Briody),

Last blog update said you were out in the jungle and very wet - hope it wasn't too bad.

I expect you will be back at base soon for the last changeover and hopefully you can email or phone.

We have three rooms let out now and Gordon Street should be finished with central heating and new bathroom by next weekend. Uncle Paul came down to help me clear the garden over there and to clear out my garage.

Got just under 4 weeks before I finish and fly out - I am counting the days. Mum and Tom move into the new house on Wednesday - exciting. I will email you details so you can take a look. We are 5 mins from the beach and the town sounds lovely.

Had an email from Wendy - apparently Alfie is exploring the area but Frankie only comes to the doorway, sniffs then goes back in. Hope she is not too disturbed!

I have joined Facebook but can't figure it all out - I need your help.

I will put some money in your account in time for your flight - I already cleared your overdraft. Have applied for your student finances and you had a letter about accomodation saying they will let you know in June or July - quite late.
Anyway got to go do my washing now. Hope to hear from you soon.


mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
Had a fantastic mother's day yesterday. Went out to Electric Cafe for lunch. Thank you for the flowers don't know how you managed that one!! You were greatly missed! Can't believe you will be on your last phase soon. Hope your not too tired from the trek. Looking forward to speaking to you on Wednesday. Only two weeks until we off on holiday. Dad off to Brussels for a few days tomorrow. Think I need to organise a few trips away as well!! Uncle Simon, Breda, Liam and Katie coming over at Easter which will be fun.
Love you lots hugs and lots of kisses Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

johnandang said...

Hi Frances (Alpha 5) hope you survived the trek and leeches, no doubt looking forward to a good shower and a comfortable bed.

Decision time when you get back, Newcastle are playing Manchester!

Missing you and looking forward to all the stories when you get home, hope final project is enjoyable and is a fitting end to the expedition.
Love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy E

This is rubbish but thought I should let you know I haven't sent another letter to you or done your mothers day stuff (appologies to the Robertons). Sat down to write something to you but I just can't (a long time was involved and secondly I've got no garauntee it will get to you, so don't wait for another letter lets just hope you have read my first two and posts so far) See you around toots x

Anonymous said...

Harry H.
Well done for the Mothers Day message - I wish you could have seen her dancing all round the house when she saw it!
Si got back today - very tired but he had a great time. Bit of a hiccup in the middle when Luke was ill but otherwise all went well. Ed's trying to book his tickets to Indonesia, he wants to go in about five weeks time so you will be back.
Team still top of league, there are only 7 games left so not much more pain to endure this season.
I went out in my Laser last Saturday for a couple of hours. It was great, sunny, warm and breezy. Ed took out a club Laser at the same time. Must do it again soon. Really enjoyable.
Take care. Enjoy. Talk at changeover?
Love Dad. xxxxxxxx

Susanne M said...

Richard.. dodgy...John.. deep-trouble.. Mulholland
I, your mother (dearest), have just noted that you have managed to update your FB page and add new people as friends... but did NOT send a message to the one person who has insured that you receive letters!!! Thin line my son, thin line. There's no loving today.

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham
Dad and I really enjoyed getting your emails as your letter don't seem to be getting here. It's been a rainy day with not much on the calendar. Last night I went with the Madrids (remember them from Chung hom kok?) to a show of burmese painting at an old WW II group of bunkers that have been converted into a restaurant and club, Some of the paintings were nice, some a little odd. I ran into my old piano teacher, which made me feel like I wanted to start playing again. only problem no piano here. Anyway, it was an interesting setting just below where we used to live in Shouson Hill.
Thanks for the Sanlitun info - not for me as much as for Dad's friends who are going there next week. We have the 7's this weekend, but may go up to BJ for a Sunday picnic with the Gang and then spend a couple days.
Lots of love, Mom

melissam-h said...

Hi Robbie darling. Slightly worried as i just tried to phone you and a strange person answered it. Have you lost it - in which case can you contact me some how? Have just topped the phone up. All in a tizzie as you are leaving for singapore tomorrow and want to make sure you've managed to get some money out without problem. So loved hearing you yesterday, but want to talk more. love you lots mummy

Anonymous said...

I love you x x (you will work out who you are)

Manda said...


I can't believe I missed your call and that it's change over all ready! The boys tell me your off on your trek tomorrow. Have a great trip. Mind the leeches! Think of you all the time. All my Love and take care. MuM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Venessa,

Wow, U r so trim now! Hw V admire U! No need to go to the gym 4 work out! Ur mummy told me that U r really enjoying yourself out there! Oh Yea, congrats for your recent excellent results.

Take care and God bless.


Auntie Selina

Anonymous said...

I love you x x

james.mcmullan2 said...

Hi Sarah (alpha 6 ?0
Mum here. We were delighted to get your lovely long letter. It was fab hearing all your news, and its just like hearing you speak! Sorry that I'd gone to work when you phoned. I was disappointed not to have spoken, but Kirsty was delighted you phoned her on her birthday. We went to Swan Lake last night. Kirsty & I thought it was beautiful, but your Dad & Niamh weren't so sure! It's great that you've got the diving cert. Bet you cant believe the trip's nearly over! You probably don't want to come home but if your letter's anything to go by, we cant wait to have you home & hear all your stories!!
Missing you loads
Mum xx

Anonymous said...

I love you x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Stevie, how's it going? One week to go before the Easter hols, we can't wait. Hope you get my letter at changeover. Have you been dam builders or dam busters I wonder?!! Spellen's taken your card to Oz but you will need to make a phone call as we didn't get the other one. Everyone is fine here - you take care.
Love Mum, dad and all

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your expedition and look after yourself. Enjoy as much of the diving as you can - I would love to buddy you on the dives - but not so keen on the hammocks...
Love Dad
(Possibly not the same anonymous as the other messages)

nicky said...

Dear Jamie
How fantastic it was to get your phone call and then to chat via the computer. You have made my week. I am so sorry that I kept putting the phone down to start with - I really thought it was tele sales. You sounded fantastic. Hope the diving is going well. Josh has gone off to brave another Easter camp, I hope the weather was better than last Easter and that the food is better than October, when Josh had to come home poorly. Dad and I have still got another week at work, but then hope for some sunshine so that we can get on the allotment. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures of you on the blog, take lots yourself too, perhaps the camera might work underwater? Missing you more than ever. Love you lots. Mum. xxx

Anonymous said...

Halo Matthijs,
Banjak orang orang datang disini buat hari ulang tahun D.C. Menyenangkan! Kami mimikirkan anda.
Slamat jalan terus.

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham
A rainy day in HK, so we are ditching the 7s tonight. We are definitely heading up to BJ tomorrow night for Peter's picnic Sunday, returning to hk Tuesday. Katherine has handed in her thesis - 100 pages - so she is very happy to have that scratched off her list. She has her Teach for American interview today and zone riding competition this weekend. I am enjoying using my ipod, as am doing a lot of walking around hk. Thank you again for getting it set up.
Love you

Pien said...

Lieve Matthijs,
kijk dat is nu eens een blog hierboven voor jou, in het Maleis! Ben benieuwd of je er uitkomt. Goed nieuws, K. is vanochtend bevallen van een zoon, Meint Karel. Opa C. en Niels natuurlijk zo trots als een pauw,Ik heb de informatie over Maliau basin nogmaals op de post gedaan, ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik hoop dat er snel ook foto's van Imbak op de blog komen. Spannend al je verdere plannen nog in Borneo. Ik ga volgende week een paar dagen naar Barcelona, van 2-5 april
Heb er veel zin in,hopelijk ook een beetje warmer dan hier.
liefs Pien

Anonymous said...

I love you x x

Sophia Maudslay said...

oi frankie
im not sure if this will work, as i cant work the india blog either!!!
how are you you crazy goon??? am missing you so much!!! what phases have you done yet?? am having the most amazing time, cant believe how quickly its gone by!!! i dont want it to end - that post raleigh withdrawel thing is going to hit me hard.....
i hope your nice and sweaty

tania said...

Hi Scoobs

Great to hear your voice last week. Dad bummed he missed your call. He's off to Chile tomorrow for the week. All well here, starting to warm up. Got your second post card which was lovely. Your tiny, tiny writing comes in handy sometimes! Enjoy your last phase and keep know me and photos. Be good and thinking of you always. Love Mom x

Anonymous said...

I love you x x