Saturday, 28 March 2009

Changeover - The end of Phase Two!

So another changeover hits the peaceful Borneo Paradise, after a long day of travelling friends are reunited and stories are shared......

The inseperable two, Andrew and Stephen surround Wendy with one of their bear hugs...

Cuddles all around!!

While all the hard work starts Andy gets his priorities straight and tucks into a nice plate of meat and veg...

As the teams leave their oh so comfortable coaches they start the busy afternoon and evening ahead.

On the timetable they have, a team meeting with
Mac to discuss the how the phase went, Shop time with the lovely Val and of course they find the swimming pool!!

As you can see (we can smell) there is as usual a big demand for the laundry service, Matt returning back from Tampasak is fronting the queue (Esme is making sure he puts it in!)

The well awaited skits kick the evenings entertainment off and as usuall there are some that are very creative, some very strange and some just absolutely brilliant!

Day Two

On day two the bit everyone is waiting for.........allocations for the final phase! The PM's take to the stage in the morning and one by one call out the names of their new teams members!

The results!!

Alpha One

Fi, Sarah, Anne-Fleur, Hannah, Shu.Woan, Will, Clare M, Amy, Jake, Huub.

Alpha Two

Daisy, Esme, Jean, Annejte, Ivo, Nobella, Seb, Conor, Zoe, Emily H, Rosie, Vender, Jay

Alpha Three

Ben, Hazel, Lela, Poh-E, Pieter, Matthijis, Stephen, Andrew, Dan, Fran, George, Sarah M

Alpha Four

George, Chirstiane, Joost, Tom , Sophie, Ridwan, Charlotte D, Molly, Peter, Richard, Graham, Charlotte B.

Alpha Five

Sarah, Wendy, Matt, Youp, Mun Mun, Stuart, Elizabeth, Laura, Jamie, Frankie, Anton, Georgia.

Alpha Six
Andy, Bev, Lorna, Clarice, Darren, Harry, Sam, Emma, Izzi, Emilie, Jonathan, Rebecca, Nikolai

And then the bonding begins!

The rest of the day is spent sorting out their food and kit supplies for the next three weeks (lots of porridge mmm!), finding out everything there is to know about the project and then The Krypton Factor in the afternoon (all thanks to Hazel).

It's the little things in life........

A nice group photo.......or so we thought!

To end the great day had by all, we gathered by the beach to not only watch the sun setting in the sky but it was also our chance to say fairwell to some amazing people.

In the morning six venturers were sadly leaving us.

Tom P, Natasha, Megan, Robbie, Callum and Alice.

As six individuals you brought endless qualities to the team and from us all we would like to thank you and wish you all the luck in the world for your future ahead......

By Daisy Ford


tania said...

Hi Scooby (alpha 3)

OMG! You look like you (and everyone)are having a blast. Love the hat! Miss you tons. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I love you x x

Raoul said...

Hallo Pieter-Bas,

Het was erg leuk om na zo'n lange tijd je stem weer eens te horen. Ik denk dat je een geweldige laatste maand in gaat. Het zag er op de foto die we kregen allemaal erg vrolijk uit. We zien er erg naar uit om je na bijna een jaar weer te zien. Ik heb van 19 tot 26 april een hotel op Bali voor je gereserveerd. Goed aangeschreven klein familiehotel aan Kuta Beach, dicht bij de surfspots. Details en bevestiging van de reservering tref je aan op je hotmail-adres. Wij arriveren - deo volente - op 26 april. Dikke kus van mammie en een embrassa van ons allemaal.


Bill CROZIER said...

Hey George.
Looks like the skills you picked up at 'charades' all those years ago at Maleny are paying off during the skits at changeover time.
Seems like it's all going well. Hope you enjoy the final phase.
We have a plan to go ten-pin bowling at the Kedron Bowl near Madeleine's place upon your return. See if we can do better than in the video from 10 years back.
All our recent stuff is on my blog and on our various facebook pagesl
Paula's B'day yesterday - at 'Hog's Breath' - photos online.
I think I'd like to have a stroll up Mt. Kinabalu in the next year or two. Fancy going back?
Remember. You're only there to have fun.
Dad. xxx

Anonymous said...

Ha Lot, we hebben net de foto's gezien. Ziet er gezellig uit! Juut heeft al een paar dagen griep. Je papieren voor de d.c. zijn netjes de deur uit. Ik ga zo naar Amsterdam naar de interland Ned-Schotland. Laat je weten wanneer je weer in de lucht bent? X P

Roslyn.Ruslan.Rahman said...

Glad to know Richard, Georgie, Charlotte, Pieter and Wan survived trek and dive! And it's great to know that Laura, Stu, Emilie, Becky Wecky are now going thru their adventure phase =) Missing you guys a whole lot. Enjoy it, aite? I know I really regret not staying on.


Pien said...

Lieve Matthijs,
zit nu bij Omie en we hebben net alle foto's samen zitten te bekijken. Wat ziet het er heerlijk en gezellig uit bij jullie. We hebben net een glaasje jenever gedronken op Floor, het was goed! Zijn nu duf en gaan een hapje eten (niet bij St,) en dan rij ik weer terug.
liefs Omie en Pien

james.mcmullan2 said...

Sarah! (Alpha 3 now!) We can't keep up!
Great photos- you lot look like it's great fun. In one of the photos you're just about to get completely soaked!
We looked at the uni letters- Brighton have accepted you, don't know if you knew that before you left? The others were invitations to open days etc. You've also got two from The University of The Arts- certificates perhaps, which I'll leave for you to open. Still missing you but it's great to hear how happy you are
Love, Mum xx

Jordan said...

Hello my dear! Can you believe it, I am 19 now!!! YIKES! Spring break is coming to an end (I personally start the new quarter on Wednesday). Kens, Megs, and I went to Cali for Spring break and then drove all the wayy home! Freaking 18 hours!!!But now I have my own car :) I miss you lots and cannot wait til you come home! I hope you are having an amazing time and learning lots of new things! Cant wait to hear from youuu
loveeee georgey

Anonymous said...

I love you x x

Anonymous said...

The beard definitely looks better than your pre-finals moustache did last year, although that might just be because I can't see it up close! So you are going diving? That's so exciting! Don't get eaten by anything or try to wrestle sharks will you. I'm going to watch the boat race tomorrow - how do you always manage to be out of the country when it's on? I'll let you know how it goes anyway. Miss you lots - I have written you another letter but am mystified about where the post office is here...

Suzanne xxxx

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard

Final letters are being sent to you. Looking forward to seeing some wonderful photos. Remember to get contact details so you can get copies of their photos as well.

Was at L&L's for dinner and they were all commenting on your arms in the changeover photo. Nana Mophead wanted to know how you got them?! Lincoln had to explain that it involved hard physical work :P Dyls got a new girlfriend, so as you can imagine, we were all giving him grief - he's still obsessed with the movie and trying to figure out 42.

Dusk is sitting on my lap *gasp* and sends her "neeps". I've borrowed Liya's dog clippers and am going to have a go at Cheadle. I'm sure he will not be too happy.. but he will be clipped.

It's only 20 day 10 hours and 45 mins till I give you a proper hug. (FB countdown calendars are great!) I hope you relish every minute of the final phase of your wonderful adventure. I'm sure you're already making plans on how to save for your next one.

Take care my darling son and have a brilliant time. Love Mum xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi alsklings Frankie!
always great to watch the photos. Du ar sa smal och snygg! The view from the village is magic and it must have been fun to take part in a village wedding. Nina is expecting you on 2nd August. You will be missing another of their great parties in July. We are off to Lech and Verbier for easter holidays with your sis, Oscar and Otto.
Vi kommer att sakna dig hur mkt som helst! Love you and miss you all the time/mamma

Madelon said...

Hi lieve Emma,
Alpha 6 is het dus geworden. 't Was heerlijk je weer even gesproken te hebben afgelopen week. We hebben donderdag heel gezellig pa's verjaardag gevierd maar daar vertel ik je uitgebreid over in de laatste brief die ik nu op de bus ga doen.
Leuke foto's van de changeover.
Het ziet er inderdaad naar uit dat jullie een geweldige tijd samen hebben.
Als je dit leest zit je waarschijnlijk midden in de trek (of misschien wel daarna). Hoop dat jullie het overleefd eerste dagen zal best wel zwaar zijn vanwege het gewicht op je rug, of heb je de helft in het basecamp achter gelaten. Ik laat het hierbij. Geniet van de laatste paar weken! xxxx Mam

Anonymous said...

he fleurtje!

Ziet er super uit daar! lekker kleurtje heb je inmiddels ook zeg! Volgends mij is je batterij inmiddels leeg want heb je al een paar keer proberen te bellen... wel leuk dat je me moeder nog even aan de lijn had! Ik was gister ziek omdat ik vrijdag in de prinsengracht was gesprongen... niet zo handig! Ik hoop dat je ergens je telefoon kan opladen want ik vind het wel leuk als we nog even kunnen bellen! Hier gaat het prima.. deze week laatste proefwerk week en dan eindelijk klaar met school!
Ik hoop dat je het super naar je zin hebt met het lesgeven enzo. heel veel plezier!

love you x van kees poes en mij!

Manda said...

HAZ my boy,
Loved the letter and the photos from changeover. By the time you get this blog you will have climbed to the top of Borneo! I hope you enjoyed the challenge!
Time is racing, only one more week of the Spring term and then we are off to Devon for a few days and looking forward to it. Then it will be Easter, Eds Birthday and your homecoming!!!!!!! Hooray. Can’t wait to hear all your tales of adventure and give you the biggest hug in the whole wide world! And that’s big!
Everyone here is good. Si had a great trip to Texas, lots of funny blogs on their my space. Ed is busy sorting out his trip and all his injections! Your Dad and I are just plodding on with things like rewiring and plumbing. Oh to be young!
Enjoy your time in the beautiful briny.

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
Looks like you had great fun during the changeover days!! The pics are brill.
We are all ok. Boo and I went to the Vitality show yesterday and had a pampering time. It was Nanna and Grandpa Joe's 50th wedding anniversary also and we went for a lovely meal at Sophies Choice last night. Only hiccup was when George choked on his meat and had to be checked over at hospital! long story will fill you in my letter!! Boo bought champagne and gold chocs from you and her. Nanna and Grr say 'thanks' and are really missing you. We all went to the church they got married in over the common today and had a mass said for them.
Dad busy painting the breakfast room so we can have the floor laid when we are away. He has also sorted out your student finance.
Love you lots have a great time on the last part of your phase. Mum Dad and Boo XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Stephanie said...

Elizabeth!!! ((now an alpha 5!!)
youve made it through two phasess!!! and now youre on your third!! i think this is the last one right??? im not sure if you ever made up your mind on if you were going to stay a week longer to do the adventure part! but either way i get to see you 37 days!!!! i am done with school on May 5th! (Tuesday)!! im so so soo excited to see you!!! im sad that i missed you when you were online earlier this week! i was in class and came back and saw you had been on!! =( but i hope all is well!! your almost donee!!!! love you bestie! miss youu like no otherr!!!! i need some lizabeh back in my lifeee!! =)... and teenie says she wants you back because shes really wanting to go on a horsey ride again! haha love you miss you take care be safe!!!

Love, Steph

Anonymous said...

Hey Seb

you look proper tired in your picture or maybe it is lack of calories and muchos exercise. I hope those leeches are behaving and that you enjoyed the big trek.

The Will went skiing in his mankini which was frankly disturbing to see on Facebook, he is so wacky that boy...

Granny has shingles, which is not nice but is getting better.

I hope the next phase is fun and that you are still enjoying yourself.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...


Congratulation that you know at the Alpha 2 group. All the best with you new project and enjoy with you new friends.

Miss you and love you until we see you on the 17 April, 2009.

Love from mum and dad

strietman said...

Lieve Youp, Leuke foto's. Eindelijk sta je erop!
Het is goed te zien dat jullie het naar je zin hebben. Heel fijn je afgelopen dagen te spreken, zeker in deze situatie was dat prettig, ook voor jou (denk ik). Lijkt me heerlijk even zo'n tropisch bounty eiland, geniet er maar lekker van. Het zal straks wel even wat anders zijn in de bush. Love you XXX

Mum said...

Hey Iz

Nearly at the end of the first part of your amazing Gap Year adventure. So sorry I missed your calls at second changeover...I was sad for a whole day afterwards. Dying to see your photos - upload them so I can take a peek as soon as you can.

We are all going to Portugal next week for a week, primarily to accompany Hannah on a warm weather training camp. The weather looks like it is about 20 degrees - still not warm enough for me to swim!!

Hope your trek is wonderful - I know that's the bit you were most looking forward to. Remember to pop into a Singapore Airlines office in KK ASAP to change your flights - I cannot do it on your behalf, sorry.

Speak soon and before your ascent of KK.

Much love

Mum, Dad, Hannah and Ollie xxx

grandad o said...

Hi Jamie, Off you go on another adventure, From what your Mum tells us you are having a great time.
make the most of it while you can, the more you put into life the more you get back.
Love Grandma & Grandad O

grandad o said...

Hi Jamie. From what your Mum tells us you are having a great time. As always the more you put into life the more you get back. We are sure you will have plenty to tell us one of these days.
Love Grandma & Grandad O

Anonymous said...

Emily (now Alpha 2),
I've lost track of all the names. I hope you stay in touch with some of these people. They look really nice and some look almost normal.
Still missing you, it seems like forever ago since you were stressing over all the kit spread out on the living room floor. Have you needed it all?
I keep saving the phtot's of you onto my ipod for grandma to look at. But she can't see them. Luckily your mum has shown her on the lap top.
We're due another dinner at your mums and still no you. How much longer? Are dreading or looking forward to the return? I think Joe might be looking forward to it, but don't quote me.
I hope you have plenty of photo's. There are some on the blog, but I want some of you working.

Missing you. Love you lots.

Robin and Alison

Anonymous said...

Hey Frankie Amy Clare Rosey posey Anne Fluer
Its tash.. i miss you girlies lots already.. fiji is amazing i jet skied to the celebrity love island yesterday wish you were here or i was stil there!!
hope your all having fun in your new groups!
lots of love tash x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Frankie, Amy, Rosey Posey, Clare, Anne Fleur..
i miss you girlies loads already! im in fiji now its gorgeous i even jet skied to the celebrity love island yesterday i wish you were here or i was still there
hope your havin lots of fun in your new groups on your last phase!!!
love always tash x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Georgey Porgey!!!! YAY ten pin bowling soon!!! i CANNOT WAIT TIL U COME HOME. i am missing you so much you are even the background on my little phone. so it appears you have given up on growing your beard!! You're looking great! so i cannot wait to hear about your scuba diving!! i hope u are taking THOUSANDS of piccies on your camera! and writing down all your memories! Paulas birthday dinner was nice on the weekend at hogs breath.. havent been there in AGES! Scotty wont stop singing songs from the musical chicago and celine dion and kylie minogue and watching dvds of their concerts!! haha he is so funny. and he is going to have an xmas in july party which involves him dressing up as santa- but he says not the traditional santa... he is going to be wearing red sequined hotpants! hahahaha what a sight. so funny to live with.
mummy and i are both really busy at uni lately with assignments and evrything! i will be on holidays from uni when u come home!! so we can chill out! yay!
Madeleine has been a little social butterfly since you left!! going out all the time with her friends, and i cant remember what i last wrote to you, but she had a really nice party with a few people we havent seen in forever like montana!!! - funtimes
and other than that everyone is gooood- you will have to come and see bradys house!! omg the reno's are looking so good!!! you wont even recognise the place.
i have been chatting to a few friends who work at hospitals as wardys, so just incase u are still keen to do that when you arrive home, i am getting them to send in your CV's for you :) and i think mummy was going to do the same :)
lots of love! see you soon! love pickels xoxo

Omie said...

Lieve Matthijs, hier nu in eens volop voorjaar, echt lekker beh. s 'morgens vroeg dan vriest het nog! Kun jij je niet voorstellen, ha ha, P + ik aten lekker bij een net ontdekte Italiaan daarna was ik kapot!! Nu vanavond weer uit eten met de gymn.dames + 1 leraar, bij de indonees. Wat een ontzettend spannend plan heb je na afloop, ik heb het hele verhaal doorgezonden gekregen van P. en ben heel jaloers; als ik 30 was ging ik ook.
Geniet er van maar wees voorzichtig met al die beesten groot en vooral klein !!!!
Love Omie

james.mcmullan2 said...

Hi Sarah Mc
Mum again! Just opened a letter from Oxford Brookes- you've been accepted there too! Just thought you'd like to know. I'm now on holiday -yeeha! The apprentice tonight- what a bunch they've got this time- bet you feel a million miles away from all that stuff! Now in the same month as your return- it's gone so fast! Looking forward to some more news- hope you've received our letter
Love Mum xx

Anonymous said...

16 days and counting! Everyone cant wait to see you soon especially me and molly as we are going to take you out when you get back for all our birthdays and get drunk, well me and molly are! (not sure about you)? Just looking at the photos and you best be careful about touching girls they may not like it! Cant wait for all your stories and photos, oh and by the way ive moved into your room! Just Kidding (or am I). Hope you enjoy your last two and a bit weeks and we will catch up within the week you get back! Oh and dont worry im not lazing around too much, im now the ead coach for the girls squad at the club, not a bad job. Im just getting my last bits of my job in the summer organised, at the moment im going to NEW YORK which will be awesome, i might pop in on the president when im there, you know show my face!
See you soon
LOVE from everyone
Andy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nicky said...

Hello Jamie,
On scout Camp we moved camp site to Oaks in Charnwood instead of Wilesley. This was because the weather was forecast as really bad, and Mr Cooper couldnt get a hut at Wilesley. In the end the weather was cold, but sunny. Camp was fun but i had murray in my patrol which was alot of work.
Love from Josh

the-elliotts said...

Rosie-tosie-roo! Hope all's going well. Can't believe you've only got a couple of weeks in Borneo left - madness. And then you're off to have even more adventures which I really really promise will be wonderful, I can be your travel agent at any time of day, will give me something to pass the time at work when I can't bear it any longer!!!Sun's been shining here all week, but forecast for saturday is horrendous - typical! Easter hols start tomorrow so m&d are going up to lpool for a few days. And then next weekend is easter and steve n i are going up to the peaks to camp and climb hopefully in something other than rain!!Miss you lots, can't wait to hear about your last group, hope there's some'interesting' stories!!!! Big hugs RuRu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

emily-van-dedem said...

Nou ik hoop dat het vorige berichtje gelukt is.Kus mama

Mark said...

Hi Seb

I see you're off on phase 3 now though I'm not sure what that involves. Anyway, have a great last phase with alpha 2- can't believe you're 2/3 way through.

We had granny and grandpa staying last week which was lovely althogh they do do some bizarre things.
They timed it wrong though- after 3 weeks of great sunshine, they got 4 days of cold grey weather. Sun's back out now though which is as we like it.

Mark is starting to walk more normally at last. He re-injured himself cuttting wood at Tim and Christine's bbq and went to his brother's wedding barely able to walk. Today he was actually able to come up in the garrigue with me and Floppy. We have a little job over the summer doing pool cleaning and changeovers in a couple of holiday lets- so he needs to be fit. Before the season starts, I hope to come to England to see you so send me a text or e-mail with your plans when you next get to civilisation. It will probably be end May so I can see Will as well before he goes off to America. I hope you can out here for some time too- it really is lovely and we'd love to see you. Will is here next week, then Anne at the end of April.

Lots and lots of love from all the family

Mum x

Mum said...

Lieve Huub,

We hebben vanmorgen opeens 4 brieven ontvangen, wij zijn zeer vereerd. we zorgen dat de twee voor de oma's daar morgen zijn. Het is wel grappig te lezen hoe je over jezelf nadenkt. En inderdaad het schrijven van brieven is ook leuk, je moet alleen even tijd voor inruimen.
Het is vandaag plaatslijk 20 graden, heerlijk, lekker in het zonnetje gezeten. Vanmorgen voor het eerst in rokje getennist. Ik heb Joost gezegd dat jij in ieder geval 1 vriend uitnodigt om op zaterdag ochtend mee te spelen. De enige die overblijft van de huidige groep is Jan. Ik geloof dat Emilie van Gent(zusje Arnoud) ook wil meedoen.
Ik heb een kleine operatie aan mijn kaak ondergaan, niets ernstigs maar de hechtingen voel ik de hele tijd tegen mijn tong kietelen, rot gevoel.
Dinsdag mogen ze eruit.
Waarschijnlijk gaat Boxmeer niet mee naar Italie, alleen de fam. Linn en wij. Wij gaan bij Inge en Ronald eten de 18e.
Pieter maakt zich op voor een herendiner en wil graag dat ik zijn haar knip, hij vertrouwd de kapper nog steeds niet. Ik begin al aardig handig te worden Hoe gaat het trouwens met jouw mohawk?
Vandaag is eindelijk je pakket kleding naar Oz opgestuurd als het goed is, is het op tijd. Het duurt 8 tot 10 dgn.

Dit is het voor nu
Love you, miss you


Anonymous said...

nu dus alpha 1, je bent gepromoveert :P
Hier alles rustig, ik werk nu als glazenhaler/barman in de stalker op zaterdag tot 5(borel tot7) en ben dan dus zondag heledag dood :P Malo(je weet wel) was weer een weekend terug uit ierland en heeft mneteen weer schade aangericht in de squad(2down 5 to go(you're next:P))ze beide namen beginnen met t en hebben 4 letters....

hoe gaat t met jou en de locals?;)
Do en ik hebben 18 april 2 jaar!
school gaat minder, tentamen week is lastig dus ben benieuwd naar de uitslag. verder hier alles goed ook wat ik van jou fam hoor, cheers!

tania said...

Hi Scoobs (alpha 3)

Great to hear your voice this morning - I will speak to Carina and make sure Ed puts his plans of Asia on Facebook. You will have a wicked time together which is a bit of a worry!
No more post coming your way as not sure if it will get to KK in time. Miss and love you tons. Mom xx

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a tan to match your beard. Enjoy your expedition.
Love dad

emily-van-dedem said...

Lieve Emilie, hoe was het trekken door de jungle, ik betrapte mezelf erop dat ik meer aan je dacht dan anders. Nou, hopelijk ben je niet gevallen, heb je je niet gesneden of ben je gebeten door een beest.
Lekker duiken nu, ik ben jaloers! We genieten hier in NL erg van het lenteweer, vogels fluiten, narcissen bloeien, Loeloe is nog steeds life and kicking en eet zowaar al weer een beetje meer dan alleen maar boterhammen met leverworst!
Ik ga zo lekker golfcompetitie spelen; heb er reuze veel zin in.
Dag lieverd, geniet van je laatste week en ik bel je zeker even op je verjaardag, de 16e!
Dikke kus, mama

Anonymous said...

Nikolai, how are you doing. I am having loads of fun at home and I have broken Maksim's record of 51 in badmington with 53 with susanne. We played AoM across the LAN but Dom quit because I was barely attacking them. I was waiting for them to attack me but the LAN then crashed.
from Gregory

Anonymous said...

hope all is good in Borneo. Am on Easter holidays now, went to the england match and was sitting 10 rows back, was fantastic. We all really enjoyed it.
Your girlfriend came round two days ago, because we had the Chesters and Peter round for dinner. It was really fun and we played lots of badmington. Suzanne and I got a record of 72.
On the same day i played the last game of the season for Dulwich, played centre mid for the whole match and played really well. Mum is extremly worried though as i got stamped on my bruised toe from dofe. It has since then proceeded to swell up and the whole toe has gone black. We all thought it would fall off a couple of nights ago, but it hasnt, it just bleeds, and oozes pus continuously.
Dominic and I have also been going to circuits every monday and thursday, it is very good, but quite strenous on the arms.
We are going away to Majorca today. Cant wait to see you again.

Georges' Mum said...

Hey George, So good to see the recent photos. Looks like such a good time. SO...not long till you're home...SO excited...counting the hours. Of course will be there to pick you up. All the boys have missed you heaps and are looking forward to your return. Bumped into scott hartas yesterday who was asking after you. Well lovely, enjoy your last week with the troops. Can't wait to see you. Heaps of Love MUM xxxxxxxx

tania said...

Hi Andrew (alpha 3)

Just got an email from Sarah to say Archie is planning on going to Thailand on April 19th. I've asked her to ask Arch to Facebook you his plans. We're all well and hope you are too?! We'll speak shortly I'm sure. Love you loads. Mom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey nikolai, its the bridsons.( but its being written by ben)
Suzanne says you're getting called indiana jones now, which is cool cuz ive always thought that u look like harrison ford. Well I went on rugby tour to wales, where we had to play the U14s of the local club, bcuz they didnt hav enough for an U13s team. We got beaten 30 something nil, but it wasnt bad as theyre double our size.
Rosie has found out as im typing that she passed her grade 7 on piano with 126 marks, so she was only 4 off distinction. Adam is still doing badminton for cheshire, but he will fill u in on more details of his recent life, in his later comment. Thats all really, because this message is quite long now.hav a good time scuba diving,
bye from ben (and the others)

Anonymous said...

hello nik,this is adam doing his own message because Ben's one was rubbish. i have heard that you are growing a beard,i can't imagine it though.have you got bitten by a leech yet? Have you seen any cool fish ? i am still doing cheshire badminton,i sometimes do 10 hours in one weekend .We are going to center parks on monday,i am realy looking forward to it . Report back any INTERESTING things.