Monday, 9 March 2009

Changeover 1 - Days 2 and 3

After a good night's rest in proper beds, Day 2 arrived, the day that they'd find out their fate for Phase 2, bond with their new team mates and PMs, and get ready for their new project sites. 

But before we proceed, just a little news about the comings and goings of some venturers. 

After enjoying a stint here at Raleigh Borneo, there will be a couple of venturers leaving us after just one phase. We bid farewell to Lauren Dignum from the UK and Roslyn Ruslan from Peninsula Malaysia. Keep in touch, you two and best of luck in your future endeavours. 

On the other hand, we have two newcomers from the UK who will be joining us for Phases 2 and 3. Welcome to Nikolai Hartley and Georgia Morley!

Also, to help make this expedition run smoothly, there will be some swops in PMs in Phases 2 and 3 of expedition 09B. Announcing the PMs for Phase Two:

Alpha 1—Fiona and Jean

Alpha 2—Matt, Daisy and Esme

Alpha 3—Ben and Lorna

Alpha 4—George and Christiane

Alpha 5—Sarah Y and Simon

Alpha 6—Sarah P, Andy and Bev

PM Hazel will be part of the Logs team this phase and will re-join Alpha 3 in Phase 3.

And now, without further ado, presenting the new Alpha Groups!

Alpha 1 - Community, Kampung Rugading, Gravity Water Feed System 

Clarice Marcellinus, Samuel J Hodson, Emma Steenstra Toussaint, Stephen E Skalecki, Frances O'Donohoe, Andrew D Filus, Alice Poole, Molly E Beck, Lars Peter Lucas, James C Palmer, Venessa Venda Vitales and PMs Fiona and Jean.

Alpha 2 - Community, Kampung Tampasak, Gravity Water Feed System

Youp Strietman, Isobel V Edwards, Megan H Shirley, Nurlela Binti Latip, Chong Poh-E, Elizabeth E Campanella, Sophie Hunter, Darren Welke, Tom E Silcocks, Joost A van Houwelingen and PMs Esme, Matt and Daisy.

Alpha 3 - Environment, Imbak Canyon, Infrastructure

Stuart C Dawson, Thomas F Parson, Harry R Harding, Emilie van Dedem, Emily M Hutchinso, Nobella Binti Ramlen, Jake A Harding, Chan Mun Mun, Anne-Fleur L van der Paardt, Hannah R Alderton and PMs Lorna and Ben

Alpha 4 - Environment, Batu Puteh, Eco Lodge
Anton N Orzel, Jonathan Liwas, Rebecca Firth, Annetje Bosch, Nikolai J Hartley, Georgia Morle, Teoh Shu Woan, Ivo Neefjes, William P Strang, Laura E Macfarlane, Clare R Mcmanus and PMs Georgina and Christiane.

Alpha 5 - Adventure, Pulau Mamutik Dive and Long Pasia Trek
 Pieter-Bas Dekkers, Robbie Mailer-Howat, Callum Davis, Charlotte Duinkerken, Sebastian Cowell de Gruchy, Chin Jia Yee, Frances Wardle, Amy E Roberton, Daniel J Bridges, Charlotte E Briody, Fakruz Rozi Bin Willy and PMs Sarah Y and Simon

Alpha 6 - Adventure, Long Pasia Trek and Pulau Mamutik Dive
Richard J Mulholland, Conor H Nolan, Natasha Hirani, Matthijs G de Kempenaer, Zoe R Lederman, Graham A Long, Huub Van Woudenberg Hamstra, George Crozier, Ridwan Bin Nases, Rosie J Elliott, Sarah McMullan and PMs Bev, Andrew and Sarah P

As you can see, everyone is mightily excited about their new team and project sites! 

Before they set off, however, we had an afternoon of fun and games in our own version of "It's a Knockout", got their supplies and re-packed for the next phase. 

It was great to see them all, but it was also necessary to send them on their way to their new projects very early the next morning. They loaded their buses, sat down, strapped in and waved the Fieldbase staff goodbye-for-now. 

Photos will be uploaded to Facebook tomorrow and the link will be posted here. 

Watch this space for more updates!

Raleigh Borneo 09B


Madelon said...

Lieve Emma, We lezen dat jullie nu community service hebben en engelse les gaan geven en het water gravity systeem verder helpen bouwen. Wel weer spannend, een nieuwe groep.Ik heb een brief gestuurd dit weekend met weer allerlei nieuws en onzin wat er hier gebeurd. Het laatste nieuws kregen we vanavond. Alinghi heeft een puppy gekregen...maar 1. Het is een meisje en zij is voor ons. We kunnen haar in de meivakantie gaan ophalen. Leuk he. Nu moeten we nog een leuke naam verzinnen. Denk jij ook maar met ons mee. Misschien een leuke Maleisische naam. Pamela stuurt ons een foto dus als het lukt stuur ik die met de volgende brief mee. Het zal vast een lekkere vette puppy worden nu dat het er maar 1 is. Ze had er twee en de tweede was helaas niet in orde en moest via een keizersnee - door Kek uitgevoerd - verwijderd worden. Ik laat het hier even bij. Heel veel liefs van ons allemaal xxx Mam

karim said...

Hi tash
seen the photos of you at last . not left behind in the canyon he he .your new project sounds fab. don,t forget to breathe through your nose when you go diving , now you can!!!!lots of love dad xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hai my girl Venessa (Alpha 1),
Wah! congratulations with you new project and new friends. Hope you enjoy and have fun with your project. Anyway all the best!!!

Love and miss you aaaa.......mah.


Roslyn.Ruslan.Rahman said...

To the Original Alpha Ones (consisting of Laura Macfarlane, Richard Mulholland, Stuart Dawson, Pieter Bas Dekkers, George Crozier, Charlotte Briody, Ridwan Nanes, Emilie van Dedem, Rebecca Firth, Fi Kendall, Jean Young and Sarah Potts):

Guys, can't wait to meet at the Raleigh party (if Amy lets!). Try to convince her for me, will yea?

p.s. Laura, Laura Marling is fantastic. Now we have more songs to sing off key to.

Love, Roslyn

Anonymous said...

Hoi Matthijs, ik heb inmiddels ontdekt dat je Alph 6 bent en leuke dingen (moeilijk wel) gaat doen.Vooral de trek en de dive lijken mij geweldig. Op een van de foto's zag je de zee op de achtergrond, waar iedereen naar keek,beh. jij, ha ha!!kon je daar ook zwemmen of te veel trek?? Hier nog steeds koud en regen: je mist niets! Leef met jullie mee, er zit volgens mij nog een Hollander in je groep!! Dag love Omie

Ian said...

Hi Molls,

It's great to see your smiling face! Hope Phase 2 is as good as Phase 1.

I arrived in KL last night and will be here until Saturday. Don't worry, I'm not going to venture over to KK! It's nice to think that we are in the same time zone, at least for a few days.

Mum and Pete are fine. We miss you loads! Take care.

Love, Dad xxx

Anonymous said...


nieuwe groep, alpha 6 nu dus, ik zal het door geven hahaha, suc6 met je trek tocht, en suc6 met duiken! vet ouwe

Isobel said...

Hey Georgia!! So great to see photos of you, where you are and everyone you are with! It all looks amazing hope you are having lots and lots of fun! Everything is might have already been told by your parents somehow but Isla went back into hospital (Torbay) on Sunday. Her wound got wet and consequently very infected so she was rushed in with a high temperature and pumped full of anti-bs. She seems to be doing fine but if the infection has spread then she will have to go back down to LDN for another op, so fingers crossed! Chrissie's coming next sunday though which is definitely a good thing! Will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything. All is well up here in Scotland...actually sunny for once! Exam panic setting in slightly, missing you loads, can't wait to hear aboutall your adventures, have fun and take care of yourself! lots of love Izzy xxxx

Gideon Mendel said...

hope youre having a good time after the changeover. i miss you so much. have sent you a letter, hope you get it. ooo i got my job back for a bit which i sick!!!!! all is good over here. spk soon

Marlies said...

Heb genoten van de foto's. Veel succes met je nieuwe alphagroep en we blijven je volgen via de blogs.
Kus mamalies

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard
I'm so excited to see photo's of you, 'though I don't recognise the t-shirt. Have you already lost all yours?

I am thinking about you on the trek and diving and not sure how good the vis will be if the weather is bad. Hope it improves. The cyclone off the coast of Queensland hasn't actually hit land, so we've only had strong winds and heavy showers.
Dad and I went and saw "The Watchmen" last night. You're going to love it.

Letters going out twice a week to you. Love you loads and only 39 days till a proper hug. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

janmshirley said...

Hello Megs
It was great to see all the photos but couldn't manage to find you in the group photo.It looks as though your having an amazing time out there. Life here is very dull in comparison! I spoke to Sarah at the weekend - they needed your passport details to book the flights to Vietnam - it was good to know that they had met up okay. The parents are still trying to set a date to all get together but we all have such wild social lives (we wish!) it is quite difficult. The Chips and I are doing trail monitoring this weekend, weather permitting.
Dad, Ian, Carol and I went to the Fox last night to celebrate the allotment's first birthday!! Its now nearly all dug over and ready to plant when the weather gets a bit warmer. Dave is coming to stay next weekend and he and I are going to see the Ukulele Orchestra as part of the Oxford Folk Festival, should be fun.
Kate is a lot better and back to work with the boys, we had a good shopping expedition to Bicester Village last week and got lots of goodies for a change.
Still missing you loads - your bedroom is looking far too tidy!!
Lots of love and hugs from us all, MumXXXXXXXXXX

Jerry Roberton said...

From Postford

3 paper letters on their way to you. Even Oliver has written one. He banged his head in the Vine last Monday(9th) and Tim,Keith and John rushed him to St Peter's to get his head glued together. We had a 1.30 am call from Keith to announce that he( Oliver) was in casualty but not to worry.

I dropped 2 Elbow tickets off to Tim. The schools music festival went OK - your Yamaha, Amp and mikes behaved well in contrast to one teacher that clicked, hissed,hummed and buzzed through every song.

Today (13th) is red nose day and to make sure we did something really stupid our jive instructor turned up at the school and we did our stuff to 280 infants. They thought it was hilarious.

Are you in Alpha 5 now? each number a different challenge?

That dried seaweed looks like a used air-filter from a kebab van chimney.

Stay safe and enjoy the dangerous bits.
I've sponsored 2 girls in the office to abseil down the side of Twickenham rugby ground - I think you could do that !

Love from DAD plus Mum and Oliver

Isabelle said...

Hallo our Jean - having trouble spotting you in the photo's, you always seem to be at the back! Is it cos your hair looks like it's having as much fun as you or cos you keep having a sneaky fag? shall have to send Doris & co out there to sort you out! ACTUALLY we all think you are doing a fab job - keep up the good work and we'll see you soon.

p.s. Just make sure you get to the hairdressers before you start your new job - as you know the PCT have standards!!! ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hope you got the letter birthday cards are in the post ur leter so nice thanks .These fotos are great hope your having alovely time .
me and mum are going up to leeds next week ah .
Hope ur happy and well i cant wait to see you in china lots and lots of love rachel .

Rachel said...

Hey zoe
i dont know if the first one work lol.Mums with me and send her love hope ur having a lovely time cards are on thier way .Happy Birthday hope u have a great day on the 23.
Love Rachel Lederman and mum

Jerry Roberton said...

Dear Amy E
Good to see you looking well on the recent photos and now we'll keep a look out for news about Alpha 5.
Me and Oliver had to do the heimlich manouvere on Dad on Friday evening and luckily it worked and dislodged the piece of stuck steak!!Glad i only did my first aid training in November.
Today is warm and sunny - long may it last. We are going round to Rosemarie and Jims for lunch. Loiver went to the Elboe concert last night with Tim and John - said it was good. Hannah is supposed to be moving today but their new flat is in a disgusting state so she's hopping mad.
The music festival went really well last week and I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Think about you lots but so pleased you're having a great time. Walton will be very tame in comparison!
Lots of love, Mum (&Dad & Oliver)xxx

Marlies said...

Hallo Anne-Fleur,
Ik stuur je dit berichtje vanuit Champoussin, waar we een heerlijk weekend hebben met Sonja en Jan.Heerlijk stralend weer.Met Guus gaat het zeer goed, we hebben een soort co-ouderschap afgesproken.Ik ga haar iedere week een paar dagen halen. Ze heeft het erg naar haar zin op het landgoed en bij de nieuwe familie. Ze kwispelt en holt naar haar nieuwe baasje toe en ook als ik haar kom halen is ze weer blij om mij te zien, dus dat is een heel prima formule zo.
Ben benieuwd wanneer we weer kontakt hebben en ik hoop, dat ook het tweede onderdeel geslaagd is. Let goed op jezelf en ook op de anderen van alpha 3.
Groetjes weer en tot bels.

strietman said...

Lieve Youp, jeempie alweer 2 weken geleden dat wij je even aan de telefoon hadden, ben echt zo benieuwd weer wat te horen. Hier alles prima hopen dat het een beetje voorjaar gaat worden. Nou de zon zullen jullie genoeg zien, en wij zijn daar ook aan toe. Doe voorzichtig en hoop dat jullie het weer heel leuk hebben, love you,
XXX mama

grandad o said...

Hi Jamie Palmer,
Just to let you know a letter is on it's way.Hope the 2nd phase is going well and we look forward to an interim report from the loop in due course. Spring seems to have arrived and the lawn mowers were busy at the w/e.
We will be in touch after seeing your family at J&K's on mother's day.
Love Grandma & Grandad

Mark said...

Hi Seb, I have just been looking at some photos of you carrying some kind of large tank thing and other Raleigh type activities. We also got your letter- it sounds like you had a cool time on phase 1 and I hope all is going just as well in phase 2. Finally, finally, we have the internet at home so I shall be able to check out your Raleigh photos and news more often but I still expect another letter! We are all great here, basking in 25 degrees. Spring has arrived and it is very beautiful. Mark is finally off his crutches,and very pleased at that, although he overdid things on the weekend and is limping like mad at the moment. Jane and Joe have been to visit and mum and dad are coming in 10 days. The photos of Malaysia look amazing but I do hope you haven't had any leaches- there is a photo on the site of someone's leech bitten ankle- yuck. Wew are all thinking of you, lots and lots of love, Mum and Mark

Anonymous said...

Hoi Matthijs even een berichtje!! Vandaag of morgen komen jullie uit de bush, hoop alles is goed gegaan ,geen gewonden of andere dingen! En nu het duiken en wat een plannen, Pap zond mij je brief op, groot gelijk om nog even daar te blijven in de buurt!! Wel met gezellige lieden,hoop ik!! Hier nu vandaag 1e lente dag, met een ook geweldig!! Zag Lex vandaag, geniet ook als snow-board instructeur,gaat Zat.dag weer terug tot eind April=einde seizoen Ga wat eten, andere tijden dan jij! Love Omie

Anonymous said...

hi stuart,
the pictures look amazing, sounds like you are having a great time, still miss you and cant wait till you come home, we are all fine here at home, Ireland won the grand slam today if was so close, and we beat scotland. Dad won at football and scored. Aidan won the last two games for st joes, and he only has a few games left for sundon. shannon has written you a letter so hopefully you should get it before you leave to go to Austrailiaxxx love you take care and hopfully speak to you soon.
all our love xxoxxo mum dad shannon and aidan xxooxxooxxoo

Elaine and Keith said...

Hi Frances (Alpha 5)
Following you on the blog, great to see what you're up to, looks like you're having a great time. Been up to Sheffield today and enjoyed your dad's bread and butter pudding! Looking forward to finding out what you're doing next.