Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Venturer Arrival Part 1

With staff allocations determined and Project Planning Visits completed, staff induction was a wrap-up. It was then time to welcome the reason we are all here for: the venturers!

The Sabahans 

And fresh from the airport, the West Malaysians

On the first day of venturer arrival we welcomed the participants from Malaysia. 7 smiley Sabahans and 5 wicked West Malaysians arrived at the legendary Fieldbase on the morning of the 6th of February, greeted by the volunteer managers. After being introduced to everyone and getting their kit sorted out the venturers, some volunteer managers and The Yolanda headed to TAC for the first day of host country venturer induction and to prepare for the arrival of the international venturers. 

The staff waves the venturers off to TAC

It rained since their arrival and the rain only let up once everyone had set up their beds and the sun had set - you'd think this was a bad thing but it came up several times during the review at the end of the day that the rain was the highlight of the day for most of them!

We also had a cook-off to see who could come up with the most delicious and creative recipes with Raleigh rations - it's as hard as it sounds, and the winner was Team Numero Uno which consisted of Lela, Jia Yee, Roslyn, Mun, Wan and Venda. They with their rations of rice, tomato puree, chicken-spam, beef curry, kidney beans and peas, they served a scrumptious spread of a tomato meatloaf, beef curry, bean salad with rice. Team two was not a write off - they won a special mention in the catogories of Best Rice and Best Time.
On day two the HCVs did some radio training and then practised their little surprise for the 65 tired, jet lagged, hot and sweaty international venturers, which we''l tell you about in the next post! Meanwhile, introducing the HCVs: 

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