Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Venturer Arrival Part Deux

The most exciting day for the volunteer managers and staff of Raleigh Borneo spilled on to the next day with the arrival of the second batch of venturers, this time venturers from all over the UK, Australia, America and of course, The Netherlands!

The HCVs gave them a smashing welcome, singing traditional songs as they unboarded the bus and you could see on the faces of the venturers their jet lag and tiredness melting away when they heard and saw the the cheers.

Family and friends can now rest assured that everyone has arrived safely!

The 65 venturers were then divided into 6 Delta groups and found their specific sections of bashers and set up their beds.

Natasha: Hi!

The day continued with a welcoming message from Mac, who also introduced the staff to the group. The main man Jim also gave a welcoming speech, which left the group beside themselves with the excitement of what's to come.

With that, the Induction commenced and over the next few days the volunteer managers helped familiarise the venturers with the goods of Raleigh life - water purification, medical talks, the 3-bowl system, radio comms, river crossing, GPS reading, a cultural awareness talk and all sorts of other things.

It was all not just serious stuff - everyone had the chance to play together during the games and energisers, fast forming friendships and learning to develop teamwork!

The groups then took turns setting off into the jungle nearby for jungle camp but not before the session by the jungle master himself, Floyd, and his team of experts. Once they were taught how to set up bashers, dig loos known as long drops and what to do with leftover food, the teams geared up for their trip and marched on with much enthusiasm to get out there!

Everyone is having an awesome time so far and are looking forward to allocations and finding out where they will be going to in the first phase - we'll keep you posted!


melissam-h said...

Hia Robbie - Looks like the rucksack's a bit heavy! Loving the pics of you all and keep smiling. Stay away from the crocs x mum

Mark said...

Hi all. Pictures are great but our daughter (Lottie) isn't on any of them. Would love to see that you're okay. Please don't be camera shy! Missing you lots, love Mum and Dad.

Amy - Raleigh HO said...

Good morning Borneo 09B,
Have a great first phase - enjoy it!
Best of luck (I'm very jealous),

karim said...

Hi Tash
have a fab time
we all miss you
lots of love

The Hirani,s -1

karin lucas said...

Hi Peter. Hope you're having a great time, I'm following the progress of the expedition on the website and it looks so exciting ! Dad did his back in playing tennis and was in so much pain that Ollie and I had to take him to A & E. Luckily it was just a badly pulled muscle and he's already quite a bit better. Everyone's asking after you. We are all missing you a lot and can't wait to hear from you. Will write proper letter soon. Take care. Lots of love, Mum xx

Marlies said...

hallo Anne-Fleur,

Veel succes morgen met het begin van je tocht.
We love you and think of you for the next days.

Mamalies xxx

Marlies said...

Hallo Anne-Fleur
Veel succes de komende dagen
We think of you and love you


Bienvenido! said...

Hi Bev (medic) Just wondering how you are? Checked the blog couldnt see any pics of you... CR is fun. I am with a good team. It has been quite rainy though boo! Let me know how you are.
Anna Medic in CR XX

Mum said...

Hi All - it was great to have some news, glad you're all arrived safe and sound. You are going to have such a good time, It is looking amazing. We are going to really enjoy following your adventure. Enjoy the ride!!
Lots of love to you Harry '...ding' from your Mum xxxxxx

Susan C said...

Hiya Emmie (Hutchinson), its so good to see you in the photos - so you really are there! Missing you lots, especially driving home listening to my Christmas CD. Everyone sends their love especially us, Grandma and Aunty Jill - and Pip sends squeaks. Have a brilliant time with all your new Venturer friends - will be watching out for news. None here except that Karrie had a baby girl today!! All our love, Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
Lovely to see you all arriving and photos of you. Good luck Alpha 2 on your project. Missing you loads and thinking about you all the time. Dad off to Ireland tomorrow to see Simon who is improving. Have lots of fun. Love Mum Dad and Boo xxxx

netty said...

Netty said ...

Dag Emma (Toussaint), kon niet zien of je op de foto stond, maar iedereen was goed aangekomen en jij dus ook! Je hebt al in de jungle gekampeerd. Hopelijk zijn er geen muggen en andere steekbeesten, maar ja, je zit wel in het oerwoud, nietwaar. Ik zag dat er nog een Nederlands meisje zit. Heel veel plezier

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel
Really looking forward to following your progress and what you get up to. Sure you will have a great time.
Love Ali & Con

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare it's Dad in Dubai, looks like you are in your element with all the gear....All the soakings at the hut have come to good use at last...

Have you camped out in the Jungle yet ??

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel

Really great to see all the photos! Thinking of you and hoping you are having a super time.

Love Stephanie, John and Harry