Thursday, 12 February 2009

Off they Go!!!

First of all a BIG thank you to all who left messages on the blog recently. Everyone had the chance to check out the blog before being deployed today and it was nice to see that friends and family are thinking of us! 

Apologies for the delay in updates but with contradicting locations and Internet availability we just couldn't update this blog as often as we liked to.  With this post, however, we have finally made it to real-time! From now on you can hope I'll be able to bring you news as soon as they come in. 

Not all of the time though - I count on being sent out on loop/assignment so I'll get to see and take part in the action myself!

We will be posting messages from the venturers and project managers themselves as often as they come through so keep an eye out for them in the 'comments' section!

Still about the 'comments' section: don't worry if you don't see your comment immediately, we moderate comments before approving them to avoid publishing any awkward comments! So all you have to do is write your say, click on 'PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT' and contemplate the joys of life while waiting for your comment to be approved!

And now for deployment news. 

After TAC the venturers and all VMs were then herded to Likas (you pronounce that in the way that makes people snigger) yesterday. 

It was all busy busy busy as we spent our entire time there checking off our kit and food lists, paddling in the sports complex's swimming pool for swim tests, and ramming everything into a rucksack bigger than ourselves 'til late. 

And before we knew, it was Deployment Day! Teams were up up bright and early - and we mean early - some were ready to load their coaches as early as 5.30am. 

So, since you already know what the projects are, I'm guessing you now want to know who's going where! Well, in Alpha group order:

Alpha One - Gravity Water Feed at Kampung Rugading

VMs: Sarah Potts, Fiona Kendall and Jean Young. Venturers: Roslyn Ruslan, Ridwan Bin Nases, Richard J Mulholland, George Crozier, Laura E Macfarlane, Rebecca Firth, Pieter-Bas Dekkers, Emilie van Dedem, Charlotte E Briody and Stuart C Dawson 

Alpha Two - Gravity Water Feed at Kampung Tampasak

VMs: Matt Jones and Daisy Ford. Venturers: Jonathan Liwas, Chan Mun Mun, Graham A Long, Lauren J Dignum, Anton N Orzel, Charlotte Duinkerken, Matthijs G de Kempenaer, Harry R Harding, Sarah McMullan, Daniel J Bridges and Frances Wardle

Alpha 3 - Infrastructure Construction at Imbak Canyon 

VMs: Ben Cocks and Hazel Hooper. Venturers: Chin Jia Yee, Clarice Marcellinus, Conor H Nola, Callum Davis, Amy E Roberton, Youp Strietman, Frances O'Donohoe, Darren Welke, Samuel J Hodson, Zoe R Lederman and Natasha Hirani

Alpha Four - Eco-Lodge Completion at Batu Puteh

VMs: Georgina Combes and Christiane Niemyer. Venturers: Venessa Venda Vitales, Fakruz Rozi Bin Willy, Emma Steenstra Toussaint, Huub Van Woudenberg Hamstra, Elizabeth E Campanell, Rosie J Elliott, Robbie Mailer-Howat, Sebastian Cowell de Gruchy, Isobel V Edwards, James C Palmer

Alpha Five - Dive and Trek

VMs: Sarah Young and Simon Grewcock. Venturers: Nobella Binti Ramlen, Chong Poh-E, Emily M Hutchinson, Joost A van Houwelingen, Annetje Bosch, Molly E Beck, Jake A Harding, Hannah R Alderton, Megan H Shirley, Lars Peter Lucas, William P Strang

Alpha Six - Trek and Dive

VMs: Andy Heaton, Lorna Fox and Wendy Streeton. Venturers: Teoh Shu Woan, Nurlela Binti Latip, Clare R Mcmanus, Tom E Silcocks, Thomas F Parson, Ivo Neefjes, Stephen E Skaleck, Andrew D Filus, Sophie Hunter, Anne-Fleur L van der Paardt, Alice Poole

All 64 venturers and 12 volunteer managers safely boarded their coaches and into the horizon towards their project sites. After waving, and hugging everyone goodbye, the 9 fieldbase volunteers and staff got packing and headed back to relax and soak in the fieldbase jacuzzi. NOT! Work continues as we prepare for changeover weekend for the next couple of weeks  - there's no rest for the weary! 

We'll bring you updates before then, so watch this space!


Susanne M said...

Good luck Alpha 1 - I'm sure you've come across Richard's sense of humour (and organisation) by now. Richard, love you, miss you. Furball says "Neep". Will restrain myself from saying any "remember to..."-(very hard). Mumxxx

KarlTye said...

All the best to Alpha 2! Lauren Dignum, I miss you!! I hope everyone is having an amazing time. You look so happy in the group photo Lauren, stay happy! I love you and miss you tons!
Thinking of you every day.
Karl xxxx

gasmandownunder said...

So it's Alpha 1 for George. I can't begin to tell you how envious I am of this whole adventure.
I'm sure that some excellent and longstanding friendships are developing already. Have fun guys.


Rah Rah Roslyn! Go girl go!
We miss you but we know you're having a great time. Love you.

The Ruslans

KarlTye said...

All the best to Alpha 2, hope you all enjoy it. Lauren Dignum, you look very pleased in the group photo, I'm glad your enjoying youself! I miss you, but am glad you seem happy. Love you tons Lauren, thinking about you every day. Take care.
Karl xxx

karim said...

So its The Canyon for you Tash.
What a fab location. Miss that smile but I know you are having the time of your life.

Good trip guys and will be thinking of you
lots of love

The hirani,s -1 hehe

karim said...

just a note to say
There is no "Get me out of the jungle"
Just got ot get on with it ,all the bugs and wildlife HaHa
Good luck to Alpha 3

beckypostlethwaite said...

Hey Alice you look like you are ahaving fun and I am so jealous. We all miss you especially Meg and I. I have downloaded a picture of you from the blog onto the desktop so we see you siley face every day. Have fun and can't wait to see you already loads of love and hugs R,B,J and M said...

Hi Callum
Great to hear your ok and off to do some real work.Seen photos of you in action.sounds cool going to Imbak Canyon.both missing you mum and dad. said...

Hi Call

Glad to see your ok and looking super fit in photos.Have you taken charge of group yet so they do all the work and you watch.
Have a blast
Both missing you Mum/Dad

jeroendekempenaer said...

Hey Matthijs, enjoy your Aplha 2 project! Good choice to make a Dutchie work on a water project. Best regards to your team


Stephanie said...

Hi Alice
Looks like you are having a great time. Lovely to see the pictures of you all. Have a great time on the trek and dive. Look forward to the next pictures.
Missing you loads. Love and Hugs
Mum, Dad and Willxxxxx

Stephanie said...

Yay Alpha Four!!! Elizabethh, i miss youu!!! best of luck on your journeyy! I've been checking this site everydayy!! I love getting on here and looking for photos of you! =) lookinggg realll good like your about to change the world or somethingg! haha have fun on your first adventure! i can't wait to hear about it! you look really happy in your picture!! im so glad! love you and miss youu girl! have an amazing timee! i shall check in again later! miss youuu like no other!

André said...

Ivo and all the others,
Have a good time! It's nice we can see what you're all doing on this blog.
André, Wilma , Tim en Marijn Neefjes

camilla said...

hello frankimus,
cant believe your out there, AND your headed to youll be getting my cool coathanger any time soon.
i miss you SO much, englands dead everyones left (seriously).....i cant live without you. you look like your having an amazing time.
i cant cant WAIT till nz, ill blog every now and again (dont want to bombard you and make you look uncool hey) the way. the glasses look SHHHEEEXXXXXYYYY.
ill write soon.

i miss you.



PS how are you surviving without the beer??

Nick said...

Hi Jamie,
Really good to see you in some pictures, and glad to see you're off to the eco lodge. Enjoy the project work.
we are all missing you.
Dad, mum & Josh

Mark said...

Hi Lottie

Great to see the pics 5.30 am and you were smiling ! I finish work soon cant believe it, everyone sends their love, still snowing here, take cars lots of love Mum, Dad John and Tots x x x

johnandang said...

Great to see you on the blogs, Frances (W). Enjoy the project. Manchester is good!
Love Mum, Dad and Alex.

David said...

Hey Alice, Looking good girl. Take care and enjoy yourself. So good to see you in the pics. Letters are enroute. Love Mum Dad and Wills. xx

Mum said...

Hey Huub,

I posted a letter today so it should be there before you leave! It was nice to hear from you, hope you all have a good time on your project.
Love from Aerdenhout

Pyrosheep said...

Good luck to James and everyone else in Alpha 4 :) Hope you all have a great time, I'm more than a bit jealous!

PS James mate... I'm loving some of the photos!

dignum said...

Lauren, you look like you're having a great time with Alpha 2. We are missing you and, although the house is tidy, it's also quiet without you! Enjoy the water gravity feed project ... we'll save any plumbing jobs 'til you get home. All our love mum and dad.

Gideon said...

Hey zoe hope ya having a good time.
gota love a bit of the old canyon reconstruction!

love you

Manda said...

Has H, Alpha 2 sounds great! I look forward to hearing your tales so we can share construction stories. Mum is going to sail 'Razzle Sailing' for you from tomorrow - the fleet does not know what's coming! More later, take care. Dad.

Sally said...

Alice! Looks like you're settling in nicely, that's what i like to see peachy...everyone sends their love and don't ever forget tuuuune. miss your laugh!

Good luck to everyone in alpha6.

ps. i'm fine ;)

kate said...

Hi Meggie meine leiblingsschwester,
Looks like you're having an amazing time, liking the Alpha 5 pyramid - impressive!
Missing you loads at home, turns out it is Mum and I who are the messy ones!
Hope you survive the trek with your HUGE rucksack...
Lots of Love and Hugs
Mum and Kate xxxx

nicky said...

Hi Jamie the eco lodge project looks fab. How's the sun tan coming along? we just keep getting more snow.We break up from work and school today for a week now so we'll be off on our various trips. What's with the name - james? missing you and the noise and the offers to fight! Loads of love. Mum

Katy Alderton said...

Hello Hannah,

So pleased you have arrived safely. Hope you are all having lots of fun.

We will write very soon.

Love Mum & Saskia

strietman said...

Ha lieve Youp, Wat spannend allemaal, we zijn heel benieuwd wat je zoal aan het doen bent bij Imbak Canyon. Volgens mij sta je niet op de foto, of zie je er al zo anders uit (haha)dat ik je niet herken. Ik denk aan je, het zal daar wel helemaal top zijn!! Hou van je
XXX mama

laurajacobs said...

i have been keeping up with the blog... sounds amazing :) have you made any nice bug friends yet?!... not the really brightly coloured ones i hope... acid green is bad. your imbak canyon project sounds good- enjoy! hope everything is going well and you are loving it... your beds look really ummm nice... i'm sure i could make them appear comfy! x x x x x

the vermonters said...

Hi Amy E.

Hope you're having a great time. We are jealous! Hope you're keeping a list of the birds! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Love, Susan and Dean

skaleckis said...

hi steve
we saw the pics of u and stuart on the blog - yr looking good! Just 2 let u know yr parcel from Tanzania arrived 2 day and pete is sporting the banana tree vest as we write.Yr postcard arrived on the 9th feb hope our letters get 2 u quicker than yr parcel did 2 us. Good luck with yr project
love everyone!

the-elliotts said...

Hi Rosie, impressed you'll be able to rebuild the garden shed when you're home. Best of luck to all in Alpha 4.Off to NYC now. Dx
At least its warm where you are - we're going to minus temperatures, i've even found an old hat of yours to wear, remember the old purple gap one, I should look delightful in it! Have fun on your project - we'll keep in touch. Love you Mx

the-elliotts said...

hey rose,
hope you're doin good kido!! not alot going down this way-been doin work exp this week and gonna go back next!! also, i booked flights to NY, going 6th march-24th and might be going skiing for 5days in either vermont or canada while im there which should be good!! hope its going good your end though though...good luck with it all...big up the alpha 4 massive!! miss you toes,
love you,
al xxx

karim said...

Hi Tash
Not the same without you, we all miss you. Looks like you will have a fabulous time. Loe you so much.
Mum, Dad, Rhia n Dom

johnacamp said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I was so excited to see the photos!! Have fun at the Eco-Lodge. We all miss you but know you're having a great time. Rocca and Moose are doing fine. I sent a letter so hope it gets to you soon. Don't forget your malaria pills!

karim said...

Hi tash
Happy Valentines Day from
mum dad rhia and dom

mandyb said...

Hiya Daniel

Great seeing you arrive and your photos. Hope uou ok. We missing you loads. Good luck alpha 2 on your assignment. We all ok Dad in Ireland Simon better. Posted this 2 days ago hope it gets posted now!!!! Lots of love Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Manda said...

Hey Haz
Razzle Sailing has begun, currently at 26,085th and creeping up. My dashboard clock says that it is 9.15pm - I've got it set to Borneo time!
I love seeing the photos and reading the blog. I'm thinking you've probable been doing lots of clearing and digging! Mail is on its way.
Half term has begun. Lots of work to do. Missing you loads but know you'll be having the time of your life.
Sleep tight mind the mossies don't bite! all my love, hugs and xxxxx MUM

Jerry Roberton said...

Feb 14th 2009

Hi Amy E
Just spent the last hour trying to get a comment into this system. We delivered your cards to Tim this morning. Hope the local food and drink is going down well. You seem to be in one of the pictures. By the time you return there's some brickwork that needs attention.

Mum will probably want t o do her own message, I'm just tech support.

Love from Dad

Gwynneth said...

Hi Molls
Wonderful to see you in the photos! Hope you are having a great time on the trek. Nice to think of you being in the warmth-still awfully cold here! We all miss you. Pickle has still to transfer his affections!!
Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Hamishxxxxx

EJ said...

Hi Lottie

Hope you have a fantastic time. Mum, Dad and Tom are here at Nanny Jean's visiting.

Uncle Paul

Jerry Roberton said...

Hi Amy E,
It was great to see your photograph on the blog. Susan says you have gone to the best place - Imbak Canyon is screaming with wild life she says. Hope you had a good birthday - it was very strange not being able to talk to you on your birthday.
Love you lots, Mum x

taniafilus said...

Happy Valentine's Day Scooby. Don't forget to change your sheets and undies everyday. Life at home quiet except KK has moved into your bedroom as she had bugs in hers! Thought you were the one living in the jungle. Miss you.

More xx

Jordan said...

Elizabeth Campanella:
Yo girl! Happy Valentines day, hope you are having an amazing time! I will be spending v-day with my two favorite men: ben&jerry! Be jealous :) I miss you alot but I know you are like changing the world, or something like that ;)cant wait to hear from you and about all your adventures! Miss you and love you lizard!!

Kevin Cowell said...

Hey Seb

Good to see that you have got there and the new short hair looks awesome! Thanks for the birthday card, it made me laugh (it is my birthday today). It seems like you are in for a good time and it will be great to hear all your news when you get back in June.

Will and Lara and Olivia say hello. Abum says dat? (his latest word)

Granny wishes you well and says send a picture of an Orang Utan.

Kylie says have a great time.

I am very pleased to see your picture and very proud of you.

Have a great expedition,

Love Dad x

Sarita said...

My Dear Ah Mang,

I miss you lots cause nobody is helping me to take care of my stuffs now. hehehe.. wish you have lotsa fun while helping the local community. Happy discovering your true self.

Lots of love from ah ma, ah ba, ah san and me.
we miss our chiwhuawhua. T.T

Allan Bridges said...

Hello Daniel (Alpha 2).
Greetings from Oz. Big hello from Matt and Hayls. Matt off to uni next weekend, he got himself a tattoo !
Nice photos, Matt says you must be hot in all that gear.
Have a great time.

strietman said...

Ha Youp, goed om te lezen dat je zo'n leuk en spannend project hebt midden in het tropisch regenwoud. Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat, een leuke groep hebt en dat je geen last meer hebt van je tand. Ik wens je een prachtige tijd en hoop dat je nog een paar orang oetangs en olifanten ziet. Blijf genieten.

laurajacobs said...

Callum. hahahahahahahaaha your replacement is so funny, just eats bananas and watches the simpsons with your dad.... mate dog nd a wok my shoulder is getting loads better soon to be back in the gym, still keeping tally of reps you owe me. lots of love from hailey

strietman said...

Ha Lieve youp, Hoe is het daar, spannend! Heb je al apen gezien? Ben heel benieuwd naar de verhalen, je zal al best gewend zijn aan het weer, eten ed. Je staat niet op de foto (volgens mij) of zie je er al zo anders uit, haha!
Denk aan je, Love you,
msma Paméla

Tracy said...

Hi Dans, hope you are having a great time, we all miss you very much especially karlo who is counting the days until you return,love from Grr, Nanna, Tracy and Karlo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dignum said...

Hi Lauren (Alpha 2)
Hope you are having lots of fun at Kampung Tampasak and not too many insects to put you off!! Big hello from everyone and we are all very envious as it all looks amazing. Dad moving very gingerly at the moment as pretty bruised from his snowboarding.Missing you lots, my lovely.Look forward to seeing you so happy in the next round of photo's! Love and hugs, mum xx

pamelamorgan said...

Hi Lotti, its auntie pam and uncle david and cousins. We are all very proud of you and what your doing. Have fun and we will watch out for your progress reports x

Jonathan M said...

Hello to Laura and the other intrepid members of Alpha 1. Get that water flowing soon (gravity is a wonderful thing if you can get it to work for you) and have fun while you are doing it. Lots of friends and family at this end wanting to know how you are getting on so it is great to see the blog and get news that way. Letter (ok so call me old fashioned) is on its way.
Loads of love
Dad x

Nick said...

Hi Jamie,
It's 3 am here in the uk. Josh has headed to Italy for his skiing trip, so we are enjoying the peace! Hope you are well and enjoying the project.
Missing you
Dad & Mum
PS.England lost to Wales, as expected.

tania said...

Hi Andrew, This is a test mail as I am useles at computers. Love u and miss u loads Mom xx

Maddy said...

Hi George!!!!!
just thought i would say hello and hope you are having a wonderful time. looks like an awesome trip so far. thinking of you heaps little bro. will probs write to you again soon. love your big sis. madeleine xoxo

Georges' Mum said...

Att: George Crozier
Hi Gorgeous George-ous!!
It's Jacqui here...Jon's (mental) sister.
I'm here trying to help them both post on her blog, I don't know.. these "old" people have no idea!! (just joshin')
Hope you are well & fighting fit & of course doing some good work over there..well done is all I can say.
BTW...I just love your PC ( just downloaded ACDC) and your fabbo bouncy bed...when are you coming home?
We've got floods & cyclones in the north & raging bushfires down south...go figure!!
The Aussies have raised $100 million so far for the bushfire appeal..howzat?
I'm ringing mum back in an hour to help her get her posting going so she can tell you all her news and give you a "big blog cuddle"
All the best, might see you at Christmas.
Take good care George, thinking of you over there
Jacqui, Dazza & Chelsea

Georges' Mum said...

Hi George, Have been having great trouble in trying to contact you. I wonder if this is going to work??? Have seen all the blogs and looks so good. Hope you're having a good time. We all miss you heaps. Hope this reaches you this time. All our love M, J, N, M, M, F, H and of course B!! xxxx

Georges' Mum said...

Hi George..again!!! So excited!! I think this blog site might now be working. OMG! It was so good to see that you arrived safely and are really enjoying seeing the photos that come through and what you're up to. Hope your well. All is good at this end. Harry a little bigger in size and wanders around with one of his towels in his mouth waggling his tail when greeting you. Quite funny to see. Everyone is well but must say that we miss you heaps. Miss your music and guitar playing. Lots of Love MUM x

karin lucas said...

Hi Peter,
Lovely to hear your voice on the phone. I am so sorry that you had to pull out of the diving. Don't let it get you down, at least you've had the experience. Hope those ears will get better very soon. I had a call from the Raleigh people in London with an update. Apparently you now have the luxury of a Mexican meal tonight - and enjoy that shower!! Look forward to receiving your letter. Take care and enjoy the trekking. Lots of love, MUM xxx

the-elliotts said...

...someone has stripped the rabbit of its eye and bow??? whats that all about???
also...ricky (cleaning ricky) came into the bull valentines day...gross
and also i got more aus contacts, u rememeber soph who i was at uni with...shes wicked. she's livin in brisbane. sorted!!
hope its all going good with alpha 4 your end.
i love u mate, big kisses... kimmi !! x

beckypostlethwaite said...

Dear Alice, Great to see you in the pictures, you look as if you are having a good time. Look forward to seeing more action. Lot of love the GG's!!

Leonie said...

ANNETJE!! Even in het Nederlands want dat gaat wat soepeler dan m'n Engels. Super leuk je snelle mails vanuit Maleisie te lezen. Ziet er allemaal gaaf uit op deze site en heb je ook al op de foto gezien! Hier alles goed, behalve dat ik jou ook mis!! Succes in de jungle (gaat helemaal goed komen na alle fitness-sessie) en beterschap met je kabouter-plop-oortjes. ;-) XX leo

PICKELS said...

GEORGIEEEE PORGEYYYY!!!! wow!!!! the photos look amzing, glad mummy got her blog working, she was so worried u hadn't got any msgs... by what i see you have got more than enough! haha. i hope u are having an amazing time. it certainly looks like it. are u working hard?! well i start back at uni next week! eeek, alongside all of your friends!! im sure they are all jealous they arent over there with you. I know i am! cant wait to see more photosss. woo! miss you lots. love you! keep safe g-unit. brady says hiiiiiii. ill write again sooon! we are checking this site everyday!
love pics x

Anonymous said...

Hai Ci.....? How are u? Yesterday 16/2/2009 Sabah Times paper got your picture with the alpha 4 at Sandakan. U take good care yourself k. We miss you so much. Uuuuuumah...... Lots kissess and hugs from mum jennifer.

P/s - selalu zou post comment kumaa diau tapi au kaanu. Sorry dear.

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard, it's been 11 days now and 61 to go. The house is too quiet, so I've decided you should really come home now..., no chance huh? Thought so. To follow your good example I've had my haircut - 22cm and your Nana didn't even notice. See some things never change. We've been in touch with George's father, Bill - so know you have some Aussie company (and somebody who can spill the beans - hehe). Love you lots and lots. We both very proud of you. Keep safe. Mum xxxx

Stephanie said...

Hi Alice

Hope you are enjoying the trekkng and hope the diving goes well. Great to see you in the pictures and we look forward to seeing you in action. Mind those leeches! Letter on the way.
Missing you lots. Lots of Love Mum,Dad and Willxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Third attempt at comment. Read everyblog comment. Great photos.Lovely to share .Bring home some leeches for the LEECHES jar to impress the ''Stours'' Keep fit.

Gideon Mendel said...

hey zoe.
looks like you been busy
hope ya having a good time
love you and miss you

Camp Craig said...

Hi Call,

Got your details, so keeping up with how you're getting on. Looks great fun! I'm jealous, is it all 5*luxury or do you rough it sometimes?!

Big kisses, Auntie C xxxxx Stephen, Liam and Courtney. xxx

Marlies said...

hallo An,

Gefeliciteerd met Aimee! Ik denk, dat je in de bush geen idee hebt van tijd en data.Klopt dat?
Hier gaat alles zijn gangetje.
Hoop, dat dit bericht jou bereikt,want het lukt me niet altijd om het verzonden te krijgen.
Hou je taai en geniet van de mooie natuur.

Groetjes van rene en mamalies

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, your looking well and look like your having so much fun. Keep up the good work.
Gill xx

Anonymous said...

Hallo Janie,

prima, dass wir hier immer schauen können, was du gerade machst! Jacob hat heute "Jaje" gesagt, als ich ihm Tante Janie am Bildschirm gezeigt habe. Ganz viel Spaß bei eurem alpha 4 (schönes Foto), klingt alles ganz spannend. Versuche einen Brief hinzukriegen in den nächsten Tagen; arbeiten läuft gut, aber es bleibt noch weniger Zeit für alles andere...
tausendXundO -auch von Mama, Papa und Jacob- Dodi

Mum said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Graham, Last attempted post didn't get error message but don't see it so not sure what the deal is. Edie contacted dad to see if yo wanted to work for her in spain this summer. you could go early to get your spanish up to speed. dad sending you details but if you can send us a yes or no re your interest we can forward to her. snowing in bj still altho not much accumulation. looking very pretty. Love you and hope all is great, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Lauren!!
Oh dearest Dignum I hope you are having an amazing time, I wish I'd been able to see you before you went... I bet it's not snowing in Borneo!
Enjoy the rest of your time there, I cannae wait to see your tan when you get back, while I'm getting whiter by the day... there is no sun up north.
Lots of love from your best friend in the entire world, Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

Hoi Meis, ik probeer het nog maar eens, op de een of andere manier komt mijn bericht er maar niet op. Even bij Pien geinformeerd en maar weer geprobeerd. Hier alles goed, heel rustig koud weer, eigenlijk geen ... aan.
Ik hoop dat je de engelse lessen hebt mogen geven lijkt me echt heel gaaf!
Daan was hier ook even gisteren, de jongens hebben vakantie.
Veel plezier nog daar en ik hoop op mooie foto's binnenkort!
Liefs mama
PS Had nog een berichtje met Bonpa op de site gezet maar die heb ik ook niet gezien.... jammer!

Chloe Davis said...

Hey Cal, Hope your having a fab time. glad to see in the picture your wearing mums favourite trousers! very impressed with your bridge making skills!, looking forward to hearing about all the animals and bugs you are seeing!everything is ok at home. Miss you loads, lots of love Clo xxxxxxxxxxxx

pete & nancy black said...

Message for Emily from bonnie Scotland, great to see you out there, it looks great.
Lots of love and have great time from
Pete, Nancy, Biscuit and Maisie

Nikki and Jonnie Clegg said...

Hey Lauren (Alpha 2)
hope you're having an amazing time and enjoying the experience
Jonnie checks the weather in Borneo everyday at work on the BBC - looks like you're having a lot of rain!!
Hope your hair not gone too frizzy
Good luck with the water system
We love you and miss you
see you soon

Kay W said...

Hi Lauren in Alpha 2. Looks like you're having a great time. Am keeping your mum and dad company..we're plying each other with plenty of wine!!
Take care.
Lotsa love, Kay xx

kay w said...

Hi Lauren! Anthony says hi and good luck. xx

Steve and Moira said...


Don't understand why previous posts have not appeared. I just know you will be well and truely going for it.

Leonie said...

Hai Annetje! Zie net je ansichtkaartje vanuit Borneo! Super bedankt, echt leuk. Ziet er mooi uit daar en je klinkt enthousiast! Jaloezie hier hoor. Probeer hier af en toe berichtje achter te laten, maar weet niet of het wel altijd lukt, dus hoop dat je er iig een aantal ontvangt. Zal je binnenkort ook even een kaartje sturen. Ohja, ik heb laatst over je gedroomd! Haha, heel raar maar wel leuk want je kwam "eventjes" overvliegen, gezellig! Succes en plezier in de bushbush! -XXX- leo

suzi baker said...

beautiful lauren!

i hope you're having the most amazing time, you look so cute in that photo.

i miss you terribly [i've been crying every night...almost!] i did almost cry just then when i saw that picture of you haha i can't wait 'til you come home.

love you so much xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare Ruth, it's Dad from following yer progress and looking at the pictures..... Looks Terrific.


Anonymous said...

Hello Daniel, Hope you had a great time diving and trekking. Thanks for the birthday card, Karlo loved the cheetahs. Hope you get this message- you know my computer skills! Still haven't moved! Missing you, love Bupa x

Anonymous said...

hai clarice m

Boo miss u very2 much..
boo love u so much..
when u come back n finish..many things boo wnt to tell u..

clayzza de boo