Thursday, 26 February 2009

News from the Alpha Groups

On Sunday evenings, the Alpha groups huddle together not only to listen to the entertaining sounds of Radio raleigh but also to let everyone know how each of their groups are doing. 

We bring you little snippets from the Alpha groups!

Alpha 1
They are enjoying their time in the beautiful Kampung Rugading, and the rain has finally paid a visit to the village after about a week of scorching heat. 

In other news, Charlotte has fallen down the long-drop, Peter has broken a pickaxe, and the iron shack gym has opened. The Alpha One team has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen with Milo cake, fruit cake, banoffee pie and fresh bread! On top of all that they have been making great progress on their gravity water feed system. 

Alpha 2
Alpha Two has now carried the tank up to the mountain and locked Harry in it. They went to church and gave football cards to the kids in the village. They've made garlic bread and weather wise, they had a drought but the rain is now pouring. 

Alpha 3 
Rain has also been pouring down on Alpha 3, but they have now completed the bridge and handrails on the bridge. 

Alpha 4
The group is looking forward to the loop, after which they plan to go on a day trip to the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary. Their days have been filled with fun, including a mud fight on the banks of the Kinabatangan after a hard day of work at the Eco Lodge!  

Alpha 5
The crew is chilling out, around the campfire, in the rain. They are enjoying the leeches and have done 7 river crossings in a day. They also gave Alpha 6 a kind preview of the dive island!

Alpha 6
Alpha 6 continues to thrive in the dangerous jungle environment, and are thinking about nothing but food! On Thursday they begin their diving stint on the island of Mamutik off the coast of KK!

Note to our readers: 
Dave our Photoman is working hard on the photos and editing them, so be patient, you will soon see photos your loved ones at their project locations on the blog, as soon as he's done, and that will be ASAP!

We at Raleigh Borneo would also like to thank everyone for the massive amounts of messages left on the blog! It feels great to know that you're eager to be kept updated with the expedition and that our blog is doing just that for you.  

Keep them coming, the venturers will be reading the blog posts and the comments at changeover, which will happen next Tuesday. No, we can't believe Phase one is almost over either! So soon! We will be wallpapering Borneo Paradise with blog posts, and don't worry if you've posted a message on a previous post, we'll make sure posts with new comments are also printed out for everyone to read!

'Til the next post, jumpa lagi!


gasman downunder said...

Hi George in Alpha 1 - loving the 'check shirt look', but then I know how comfortable it is 'cos it's my shirt.
I suspect that you are having a better time than you expected ie. it's really rather cool.
All well here in Brisbane. My new iPhone has the 'Light Sabre' App, with which I'm managing to impress dozens of people in the OR.
Hopefully the photographer dude at that end will post the next round of photos so we can click on them and see them in a bit of detail (please!!). Currently each face is about 10 x 8 pixels - but I can tell that most people are smiling.
Keep on having a jungling good time. Watch out for that tree. Think about where & what you'd like to do/see/go to/ be with after the Raleigh.
All the best for the rest of the jaunt. The old man. xx

jeroendekempenaer said...

Hy Matthijs at Orang Dua,

Let us know if you need more foorball cards

Rgds J.

Nick said...

Hi Jamie (Alpha 4),
It's good to read about wht you have been doing and that it isn't all hard work at the eco lodge. Hope the goat shed is as comfortable as it looks!!! Can't wait to here about your trip to the sanctuary.
Missing you still
Dad, Mum, & Josh
PS there are quite a lot of messages from friends and family scattered around the blogs, so hunt them out!

KarlTye said...

Lauren (Of Alpha 2)
Hope things are going well! You look very happy, apparently you have rain now, hope its not too heavy!! Your work sounds really interesting and fun! Im jealous! Borneo sounds great and it sounds from the blog like your having a great time. Im still missing you so much and thinking of you. Love you tons, Karl xxxxxxx

sarah mcmullan said...

Hows it going? Keep thinking of you out there havin fun. Hope you're having a fantastic time still.realy miss u.x nav

karim said...

Hi Tash
Glad to hear they are keeping you busy!Well done with building the bridge, shame bout the rain. Please ask them if they can also show you how to tidy a bedromm!!! You must be having a fantastic time. still wierd without you at home but Rhia is enjoying the car.
Take care
Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Rhia and Dom X

Charlotte said...

Can't wait to see more photos. It was soooooooooo good to speak with you on Facebook. Everybody has been asking about you and it's great to be able to tell them some news, especially about the leech bites!! Love you so much.

Kar Lye said...

Hey there KL venturers,

You should see this during changeover. Remember, this is just Phase 1! There are 2 more phases to go (Well, I really hoped that you changed your mind... Roslyn!). Hope you girls are having a blast out there. Take care loads. Be safe. Drink Milo. Eat Porridge. Cook Nasi Lemak. Play Football. Smile at leaches. Enjoy Mother Nature. Hmm... Happy kan? Selamat berfasa dua!

Lots of Love,
Kalaivani Tambipilay

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard (and Alpha 1)
We received your first letter today and have been ROFL. Hope you can now put up a mossie net, hammock and tarp quickly and securely and that you actually have a full night sleep without falling out. I'm glad the games are providing the team with some diversion. Dont' worry about the GST claim back (if you have any info keep it).

Sorry to hear that Charlotte fell down the long-drop - hope that was whilst it was in construction, and not whilst in use! Notice that you weren't mentioned for breaking a shovel - does that mean you're now an expert or haven't you actually used one? Hope it's the former, so you can help Dad fix the driveway once back home (the ruts are getting bigger). Good thing that you're a team player and wouldn't let them down.

Can't wait to see pictures (I'm with George's dad - please can we click on them so we can see you a bit clearer - after all these old eyes can only do so much). I can always tell which is you Richard - it's the silly face. Even Lincoln and Liya commented. Hope you're learning lots in the cooking line - looking forward to trying Milo cake when you return.

I have the KK weather forecast showing on my Google page, so am thinking of you as they're predicting storms over the next few days.

My FB status says "Susanne has decided that the only insect screen that stops bugs is a solid glass door". Don't you hate the tiny little ones that can even get through mossie mesh.

Love you lots and only 51 days until I can give you a proper hug. Love Mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham (Alpha 2)
Missing you very much. All of my stolen friends want to know what you are up to. Had a great hike Wed in Mentougou - we were completely lost but ended up at a beautiful village with frozen river. Had to go down what looked like a cliff, but once we got close, saw that it had been terraced all the way down. Relief as we did not want to spend the night out in the freezing cold. It is a little warmer today, could almost be a blue sky day. Water in apt still not good, altho watsons has changed everything. maybe you can sort it out when you get back.
Hugs, and anticipated greetings from Yan, John, Fumei, Sue and maybe Peter who I'm seeing tonight. Dad still in US - will meet Mike the boyfriend tomorrow!
Love you lots,

dignum said...

Hi Lauren, Alpha 2. Same comment as other about being able to click on photo's to enlarge. I am impressed if you had to carry the tank up the mountain my lovely, sounds hard work.Look forward to enjoying your new found cooking skills, garlic bread, tasty!!! The rain is probably a relief and sure your hair looks wonderful! We are off to quiz night this evening at school, and as you know I so love a quiz night. Dad has booked his ski-ing holiday although he is still hurting from his snowboarding. I spent the day in Brighton last weekend and it was a beautiful day, sunny and quite warm, so weather improving for your return.Looking at summer holidays now, you know us always busy planning and being organised! Decorating not progressed much so don't expect too much change - bit difficult when Maidstone calling on Dad's time quite a lot. Missing you like crazy and really looking forward to more pictures and hopefully might hear from you. The projects all look fantastic and hope you are taking lots of pictures and recordings. Lots of hugs and kisses my lovely, a very proud mum and dad xxxx

bomma said...

wrote you a long letter but afraid it will not reach you. Thanking you for our 55ste weddingday.
amazingly lovely.
we read the news from alpa 4 to know where you are and what you ar doing
bompa will try to contact you but it is difficult love bomma said...

Hi Cal ( Eco-Charlie)
Just catching up before we go sking. Life must seem normal for you in the jungle now, you won't want to sleep in a bed anymore. Swing bridge looks good It sounds like you have been working in very rainy conditions, hope the dry bags work!!
Eco-Charlie is doing fine. Brown bags from Monument are arriving on Monday 2nd March they had a machinery breakdown. We are still waiting for the Notcutts order but the good news is that Eco-Charlies purchasing account is now set up and the terms agreed with them. Nick says this is normal for them to keep us waiting. We have baged up 650 bags,we can do 90 per hour, speedy or what! Received an e-mail from Sainsburys saying they have your business plan and they will come back to us in a couple of weeks and Secretts have contacted us and want to make a payment. Another house has sold only biggy and and one more from Burway to go.Chloe getting excited about her trip. Taking your lap top sking so we can keep up to date with everything.
Thinking of you lots of love
Mum & Dad
PS Dad said Scolari has been sacked!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Matthijs en Emilie,
Koud, nat en verlangend naar de lente is het goed jullie avonturen te volgen via deze site. Zoonlief wil ook met Raleigh mee 'als hij groot is.' Hoe komen we trouwens aan de bestelde wijn?
Groeten, Elsbeth

Mark said...

Hello Seb,
Your dad is wrong- we do not have internet yet (bloody France telecom) but I am in the library at Capestang and for once have a little spare time (no French teenagers looking over my shoulder wanting the terminal). It says on the blog that you Alpha4 s are doing great and will be visiting an orang utang sanctuary -dont get left behind ha ha. Also, be careful of the long drops, someone fell into one in another alpha group - could be nasty. Im not entirely sure what youre doing except a bit of tree planting but im sure itll all be in my postcard. Actually, Jill says not to expect any postcard as you are in the jungle; I suppose she has a point! I bet you love sleeping in the hammock- it sounds really cool. Cant believe you have been there 3 weeks already. Will send another blog when next get to a computer but have sent letters in meantime. Hope you are getting them. We are all good. Danny is learning French but Ben only knows how to say "shut up" (taise-toi) Not good. He has written to "Susan" asking her not to marry anyone else but I suggested to Will that he doesnt show her his letter- poor girl will think shes being stalked by a 5 year old. Love you lots, Mum and Mark in sunny France (18deg today)

the vermonters said...

Amy E (Alpha 3)

Hear you've been having fun and have finished the bridge despite the rain (bet you've seen leeches - cute little things aren't they??) - better than the snow and Arctic temperatures we've been having here in Vermont!

Wonder where you're off to next - wherever you go have a great time - hope you see some good wildlife.

Susan and Dean

Pien said...

Ha Matthijs (alpha 2)
eerste project zit er bijna op, maar het klinkt alemaal geweldig. Er liggen hier nog massa's voetbalplaatjes, hoop dat we volgende week even contact hebben om te weten of we nog moeten sturen. Zo ja dan zal je zien dan iedereen dat gaat doen, hi hi. Hier alles rustig, gisteren heerlijk dag met M en Annelies in Nijmegen, alleen waren er veel te veel scholieren. Gisteren probeerde ik ook een blog te sturen maar lukte het weer niet, ggrrr. Weet niet waar dat aan ligt en de Technische dienst zit in het buitenland.
Ik hoop heel erg dat we weer wat horen volgende week en zo niet ben erg benieud wat je hierna gaat doen. heel veel liefs Pien

robert said...

Hi Tash
Hope you are ok in the hammock with all that rain.i am in manchester to see ma as she is not feeling too well.
Spending some time with Nurshina and Rob.Ilias is asleep and syrah is at Chets
Yasmin is coming tommorrow for a week.will get to speak to her and also Bilkis and Louis and boys
Lots of love dad

Alessandra Anzante said...


Nick said...

Hello Jamie,

Ive missed being beaten up every night, and your mud fight sounded like fun. While you have been away i have been on the ski trip,which was awesome.Even though someone broke their right leg in two places! WHIch is worse than what you did!! Also Mum and MAT made me go to explorers which was better than i thought it would be, but still it wasnt that great.
Love josh


It's just PRIMO to hear all the exciting things you're up to, I can't wait to see photos. Hope all is well.. If you ever have a tough day, just magic up some TEAM GLENO love to pull you through! - TEAM ALPHA 4! Thank you so much for my FB message.. Take pics of the boy!!! Love you muchly mayte and missing you a ridic amount! Stay safe homey x Ali Baba x x x x x x x x x x x x

Anonymous said...

lieve Joost,(alpha 5)
je bent nu aan de laatste dagen van de trek bezig,heerlijk om te horen van Marlies dat An het zo geweldig heeft gehad.We zijn ook heel benieuwd naar jouw verhalen! Erg leuk die post die we van je krijgen en met de kaart waren we een beetje jaloers, wat een prachtig eiland! hopen gauw weer iets van je te horen, veel liefs van ons xxxxxxxxxxxx

karim said...

Hi tash
How are you? We are all fine. Dad has gone to Manchester this weeken to see Ma. Yasmin has also come over. We were worried that Ma wasn't well but he says she is ok. She didn't know that Dad was going so it was a nice surprise for her. It is lovely and sunny in Jersey today so will do some gardening. Miss you badly but so proud of you and what you are all doing.
Hope you get your letters
Lots of Love
Mum, Dad, Rhia and Dom X

Anonymous said...

Hello Megan!! (Alpha 5)

I hope that you're having an absolutely fantastic time and I can't wait to hear all about it ... It all sounds very exciting when I read about it on the blog. I can't believe you're almost at changeover already.

Today it is sunny and springlike here in Berlin which is making me happy. Last night we went out, and I came back and had bread and butter sitting on the floor, and it so reminded me of us :o)

Hopefully you've got/will be getting my letters.

Missing you lots, lots of love from Chip X

Helen said...

Hey Alice- hope all is good with you -can't believe you've been gone 3 weeks already! Hope you are not too homesick and are enjoying all the wonders of jungle living!!! Can't wait to hear all about it - we are having an 18th party for Ellie on the 25th April so hopefully will be able to catch up on all your news then. Take care and lots of love xxxxxx remember - don't go changing!

Chloe said...

Hey Callum! ( Alpha 3 )
Just got your letter, mum and dad went skiing this morning,(so jealous) so they just missed it arrive! They send their love. I called and read it out to them over the phone! made us all well up!! sounds amazing where you are staying.we will watch that bbc program again when you back.Glad to hear your still stacked! Ben and I went into 140 for lunch today and jason looks really lonley with out his partner in crime!! I cant beleive you have been gone for over 3 weeks, it has gone so fast. starting to think about my trip, need to get organized! really looking forward to seeing all your pictures on the blog! I check it every day at work! cos im so busy. missing you, lots of love Chloe and Ben xxxxx

Matthijs Alpha 2 said...

Hi, Matthijs (Alpha 2) Leuk die ene foto van jullie groep, maar je bent bijna weer toe aan een nieuwe üitdaging! NU dus regen en storm blijkt uit blogs van anderen, hier beetje voorjaar, denken sommige mensen.P+J+D komen morgen na een hockey "promotie"wedstrijd??? in Den Haag hier, dus hoor weer wat van jou,hoop ik. Verder geen opwindend nieuws!! lOVE Omie

Jerry Roberton said...

Hi Amy E,
Have been looking through all the photos and reading the progress reports - looks great! Glad I won't have to go on some of those shaky looking bridges! Yesterday the Greenhouse base got put down - apparently Oliver is going to put the greenhouse up. Weather very mild at the moment but set to get colder. Tonight me and Dad are going to the picture (Slum Dog..) and before for a meal at Zio's.
Wonder if you got my letter yet will send another soon.
Take Care. Lots of love, Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

ha matthijs,
ik zit hier bij jou thuis te eten, het s nu al erg gezellig. wat denk je dat we eten? SHOARMA!
niet verwacht dat we dat gingen eten op zaterdag. 2 de brief net aangekomen. studie gaat goed , bijna afgestudeerd. het weer is hier nog prut , maar dat mis je zeker niet . goed dat je ook een keer naar de kerk gaat.

AZ wordt kampioen en psv gaat slecht , ajax is door met europa.
doe ook de groeten aan emilie
groeten van allemaal
en die van mij

groetjes jorrit


Anonymous said...

hey jamie (alpha 4) :)its rhian again :)
there are so many blogs so i dunno if you get to read all the posts, hope you got my last one, eveything still looks great, and i'll make sure josh has a good time next time he goes to explorers lol, not much happening over here your not missing much, off to london again tomorrow. i'm so tired i need to catch up on all my sleep,
hope i hear from you soon :)
ly xxxxx

Marlies said...

Hoi Anne-Fleur (alpha 6)
Wat was dat een heerlijk telefoongesprek afgelopen woensdag! Zo fijn om te horen, dat je jungletocht zo geweldig was.Heerlijk, dat je geen last had van bloedzuigers, niet van blaren, geen schouderpijn, geen verwondingen, geen regen.Een fantastische groep , goede conditie,genoten van de prachtige natuur;;;;;
Wat wil een moeder nog meer? En nu dan het duiken.Volgens jou kan dat nooit leuker worden, dan de jungletocht.
Ik ben heel benieuwd.Laat zodra je je mobiel weer hebt opgeladen, gauw wat van je horen he.
Groetjes en van ons allemaal en dikke kus

Jerry Roberton said...

Feb 28

Hi Amy E just thought I'd tell you the concrete has been poured for the greenhouse base. It took a day. By the time you get back we'll have bananas and mangoes ripening inside. That is if Oliver pulls his finger out and starts the construction.

Off to Slum Dog now via Zio Toto's.

Love from Dad

Anonymous said...

Emily (Alpha 5)

Missed you last night. We were all round your house eating Jills chilli and Morrisons garlic bread. Joe enjoyed both.
Alison and Jill disagreed over the role of Margaret Thatcher in British political history while I drank wine and smiled. Your mum laughed alot.
The leeches sound fun. I find you never feel alone with a leech.
Enjoy the rain, we are.

See you eventually.

Robin and Alison

Nanna and Grandad said...

Carry on with the good work Frances (Alpha 2). Look after yourself hope to see you soon.
Love Nanna and Grandad

Georges' Mum said...

Hey, George, SO thrilled to get your letter which arrived yesterday. Took 12 days to get here but worth don't stop!!!! All's well here. Jeremy and Caroline are arriving from NZ on Wednesday and will be with us for about 4 days. Really looking forward to seeing them and know they will be sorry not to have seen you. I'll get them on to the blog so they can see what you've been up to. Jon, David and I are putting down the decking boards today. That will make a huge improvement. Have been making phonecalls re work when you get back. Advised to send your letters and CVs out about 2 weeks before you get I'll get on to that. Still miss you heaps....who wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!? Glad you're having a good time. Sounds AWESOME.Heaps of Love and big hug MUM x P.S Will blog the boys addresses to you

Marlies said...

Hallo Anne-Fleur (alpha6)
Ik probeer nog een keer je te mailen.
Ik heb echt genoten van ons telefoongesprek van woensdag.Wat heb je een fijne jungletocht gehad met een leuke groep.
Ik hoop, dat het duiken ook net zo leuk was.
Hier gaat alles zo zijn gangetje. De lente probeert al een beetje door te breken.Aimee is met vrienden naar Champoussin en papa en ik gaan volgende week nog een keertje met sonja en haar man.
Kusjes en ik kijk uit naar de verhalen van het duiken.
Kus mama

Jacobs family said...

hello callum,
it's chloe...guess where i am!! at the jacobs, laura and I went to the cinema last night! ooooooo now its laura... we saw slumdog millionaire :) it was amazing. you probably haven't heard of it but it has just won loads of oscars! you will have to watch it when you get back. we are all missing yoouuu!!! we also got your letter... i like the end bit 'oh crap the postman is here' and i can't believe you are showering in a waterfall!!! sooooo jealous. look forward to seeing more pictures. hope the scuba diving goes well and you see lots of borneo creatures!
hi callum ... its will
its really strange having you not popping round every few hours.
hope your having a great time!

look forward to seeing you when your back. miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x

lots of love Chloe, Laura and Will xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

sup george e boy, its braydz, just been over at your dads watching that movie "taken" its so awesome. sounds like you are having a great time, we just read your letter. happy for you mate. what did you end up cooking for everybody haha. keep safe george, dont break too many hearts, will write again soon. much love braydz

Hannah said...

I just read that Chip had bread and butter on the floor on her own! Without us. She is a loser....

I am leaving Cambodia in TWO days...I'm actually in shock about it...
Also...I crashed my bike!!!! You would have laughed...
I miss you insane amounts (see email I sent when you get the chance...)
Love Han X

Tim O'Shea said...

Hey Amy (Alpha 3)

Love you loads, liking the bridge looks good. Hope you are having fun despite the rain. Can't wait to see you again.

Love you x x

Mum said...


Je begint zeker al een aardig kleurtje te ontwikkelen of is dat na "The Mud Flight" eraf gewassen. Ik post morgen een brief met een nieuw simkaart. Voda zei dat als je het in het buitenland activeert dan wordt het niet geaccepteerd. We hebben er al een pin code opgezet voor het geval de brief door iemand anders wordt open gemaakt.Ik beschrijf de code in de brief wel. Hopelijk heb je 'm snel.

Ik ben nieuwsgierig naar wat je hierna gaat doen. Adventure or Community. Aan de foto's te oordelen vermaken jullie je wel. Ik wacht nog steeds op de nieuwe foto's.
Pieter en Louise zijn naar oma. Het gaat de laatste twee dagen niet zo goed. Veel pijn en haar handen zijn opgezet. Maar we kennen oma's vechtlust ondertussen, dus ze zal wel weer opknappen.
Roy komt straks op bezoek. Gezellig, wij houden contact met elkaar over jou wel en wee.

Nou dit is het dan voor vandaag


Nick said...

Hi Frances,
I hope Alpha 3 make it back to camp succesfully and that the bridge is still standing. It looks good in the pictures. We got your letter yesterday. Good to hear you are well and enjoying yourself. Sorry about the leeches, snakes, scorpions, rain etc. but it sounds like it is all worth it.
Stay well and stay in touch,
Dad xxx

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham (Alpha 2)
Wishing you were here to explore the areas around Hua Qiao Cun. I went to the old city wall - only 1 out of 40 kms of it left, mostly reconstructed. but it is only a 5 minute walk from here, a beautiful day for dog walkers and kite flyers, and wall watchers.
Saw Mr Gerber at church today with his wife - she is very cute and they seem like newlyweds. He is a big fan of yours. Last night went to a restaurant called Kashgar - lamb about 8 different ways, each more delicious than the one before. I have been using the subway a lot - very crowded but convenient.
Hope you are well and that between sessions you can email us an update. Lots of love, Mom

the-elliotts said...

Hey Rosie, Good to see a pic of you looking gorgeous as ever, you're lucky they let you leave the Orang-utan place and didn't mistake you for one of the residents!!hehehe!! It's now 4pm Sunday and I'm starting to feel the effects of having a bit of a heavy night at Flo's last night with Ol and Clairey, and not going to bed until half 4 - d'oh!!Sounds like you're working hard out there, it'll all be worth it in the end. And stop worrying about everything else that is going to happen in the next few months, worry about it when you get to it but not now, we can tackle it when you get there. Steve and I had an old people weekend last week and we planted onions, shallots and garlic in the garden and dug various other bits of the veggie plot, all in preparation for this years chutney ingredients!!! however nothing has grown yet which quite frankly is a bit rude really, maybe it'll happen this week - what d'ya think the chances are?!?!?!? Right, I'm going to try and drag myself out of this chair and perhaps see if someone can take me back to farnham - my car's still in the garage, it's been broken since the 9th of Feb, which has meant a nice cheap month on the petrol front but getting a bit boring being taxied round everywhere, have had a bit of micra action tho, what a mover!!! Also, mum has been trying to sabotage my message coz she's still incapable of doing her own but i've fended her off, but now will be stuck trying to learn her to do one herself - wish me luck!!! Love u millions, keep stocking up the stories, can't wait to hear them all, Ru xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the-elliotts said...

Hi Til,
It's sunday and i'm sitting in front of a computer - yuk! you know how I love them and I'm not very good at this blogging lark - should leave it up to the others. Just come in from gardening after cutting back all the dead stuff. It's getting near that wheelbarrow time again which you love so much! Daddy is building defences to stop us gradually sliding into the field next door! About to make a carrot cake to take into work tomorrow - Ruth was quite interested until she found out there was banana in it too(lots of bananas left in school, that's why)Ruth is slightly hungover after a night out so she's gone for a shower. I started another letter to you yesterday but nothing much has happened here so you're not missing anything. Watched Michael Palin in Borneo last night, very envious. Lots of schoolwork to do now - another yuk!
Great to get your letter and by the time you'd finished it you were obviously feeling a lot happier. Hope the sun is shining now and you're drying out! Good luck on your next project and to all your team.
Lots and lots of love and hugs. Mum

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel (Alpha 2)
We received your letter yesterday(28.2.09)it was great hearing all your news. You are working so hard. Hope Harry is ok!! We are so proud of you hun. It was pancake day on tuesday and we missed having you making them with us. We are also missing your cooking bet your garlic bread was brill!!! Dad and I found a new restaurant last night we will have to take you when you get back.
We are all ok all our news in our numerous letters.
Dad and I deciding where to go on holiday with you on your travels and Boo in Malyasia.
Love you loads and missing you all the time lots of love Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxx

Philly said...

Hey Laura (Alpha 2),

Everything sounds so great. I am so glad that you are ok.. Saw a small picture of you and you smiled so you are doing great! ;) Now after finding this site (Clemmie ;-)) , I will write you more often!

I hope the rain is not to annoying! I miss you! Take care!
lots of love
Ps:I guessed you are in Alpha 2, GARLIC BREAD!

Anonymous said...

Hiya, Chris T (Alpha7)

Dad here, Hope you and the other Alpha 7s are enjoying your latest project. Has it been raining on you as well? Good weekend here in Aberdeen, been out on my bike this afternoon, 36 miles and a couple of quite long hills thrown in.
Quite quiet here, Lucy is learning to irk very well in your absence. She left the house keys up at the stables today, and the we couldn't find the because Emily had taken them home in the meantime. Irksome! Will's coming back on Wednedsday for an early Birthday celebration as Lucy is off skiing next week,
Hope to hear from you soon


Susan C said...

Hiya again Emmie (H),
Missing you lots but you know all about Friday night's chilli and politics from you-know-who! Watched the BBC series about orangutans in the jungle tonight - Grandma was watching too & we thought of you...hope you get to visit them. I'm on holiday this week - painted today, will sleep a lot if I can! Have sent letters so hope they arrive OK. Dad's still cooking, Pip's still squeaking, Joe's still singing (!) sending ooooooo & xxxxxxxxx from them & me, Lots of Love, Mum.

Susanne M said...

Hi Richard (Alpha 1)
Received letters no 2&3. Have sent you a letter - but it takes about 2 weeks. Will be in touch with your friends as requested. Lots of love Mumx

Anonymous said...

Hai my girl venessa!
Dad, mum, virgil and ibu so happy went we hear your voice that day you called. Anyway change over coming soon. Good luck on your next project and to all your team ok.

Mum ask aunty Susan to bring your pants, some cookies and mum also baked you one chocolate moist cake for you all to eat.Enjoy your day.....

Take care and lots of love from mum and dad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte (alpha 1 )
Had some friends round yesterday for a farewell drink, Wendy, Robert, Pam and Alfie had come up for the weekend and took the cats back to Liverpool with them, it was a very sad day saying goodbye to everyone. The cats arrived safely and Pam said they seemed o.k. exploring there new home! Tom had a party Friday night lots of friends turned up and most stayed the night.
Hope your ok, think its next week you change projects but was a bit confused because blog said it was this week, would be lovely to get another letter or e-mail, have read the other letter several times! I have got last minute packing to do today, we leave for airport 6.45 in the morning, I am not looking forward to the flight! Hoping for an upgrade.

Miss and love you Mum, Dad, John and Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tania said...

Hi Scooby (alpha 6)

Nothing exciting to say other than we miss you tons. Dad in Korea, KK home sick, and I'm at work thinking of you! Hope the scuba diving is fun and you haven't run into any pirates?!Rugby world cup this w/e - Dad going to keep Baza company. Love you and axious to know if you've received any post? Love you Mom x

nicky said...

Hi Jamie
Thanks for the face book message, wish you had had more time to tell us your news. I took Rhian her birthday present and card but no one was in so I hope she gets it ok.I bought a new car this weekend - a Corsa - silver dead smart! Havent got a name for it yet so get your thinking cap on. I've not broken the news to Trusty yet - can't summon up the courage, but I'm going to treat her to a makeover before she goes.Looking forward to seeing what group you are in next. Look out for the killer fish. Lots of love

karim said...

Hi Tash
Went to Manchester to see Ma.Yas ,Bilkis and Nurshina and all the kids.Ma is getting better but still a lot to go.
Went for a meal with them all and it was great fun.
Back at work today!!!
Hope to see you soon
Missing you lots
I am sure you are having a great time building bridges.
Raz was very pleased to get your letter

Margie Long said...

Hi Graham (A2), Went to work on Small Change Appeal again today and they are almost double where they were a week ago, meeting their goal and now asking for more children to support. They will raise more than we did last year - yeah! - as the fees have gone up a lot for some. Bj very chilly today. Dad is in Amsterdam for the day, then off to Geneva and London. His typical jetset life. Snowing in Bmore, where dad had lunch for your grandparents, Ruthie and family, and some of the Roths. Sunny day so the girls went for pony rides at the Roths. Coco hasn't said, but I imagine she was well walked and petted. Did I tell you I am now on facebook? SLowly but surely will be part of the 21st century. Love and misses, Mom

Stephanie said...

Hi Alice
Hope you had fun diving on Mamutik Island. its looks lovely! Its change over for you this week so I am sure you will have a great time on the community project. Its your fourth week and we still really miss and can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventure. Everybody sends their love and hope you have received the letters. Lots of love Mum,Dad and Willxxxxxxxx

Gideon Mendel said...

Hey Zoe (alpha 3)
Hope your having a great time. Got your letter. hope you got mine! i want more photos!!!lol
love you and miss you

Anonymous said...

Dearesto daughtero Hannero Aldertonos. Da weekos passio quickias allasez di misse diao muchero. Lovistimo Daddio.

Mum said...


Ik vind het geweldig om te zien hoe familie en vrienden zich inzetten om jou een berichtje te sturen......

Heb inmiddels wat telefoon nr's verzameld omdat ik vermoed dat ze allemaal verloren zijn gegaan, Roy was zo vriendelijk om de nr's van de Tequila Squad te geven. Alles in DE brief gedaan.
Oma is een beetje beter dan gisteren. Soms lastig te verstaan. Leo, Selma en Lianne gaan iedere zondag op bezoek, is dat niet dierbaar? Marthin is er ook een aantal keren per week.

Ik verheug mij erop om je weer te spreken.

Heeel veeeeeeeeel knuffels,

Anonymous said...

Ha die Lot,

Eergisteren hebben we je brief ontvangen, en er is er ook één onderweg naar jou, maar het duurt nog wel een weekje voor die er is. Iedereen hier (vooral de oma's) leeft met je mee. Hier is alles goed, Judith is druk aan het werk voor de proefwerkweek die woensdag begint,Jochem is vrijdag jarig, papa heeft muziek gemaakt dit weekend en ik ben weer bijgekomen van de ski vakantie! Geniet van de luxe van een zwembad en een douche de komende dagen! groetjes, mama, papa en Judith

Madelon said...

Lieve Emma,
We hebben je brief ontvangen en Willem en Coco vonden het leuk om te lezen dat je met al je kleren aan in de rivier je moet wassen. Tegen de tijd dat je dit krijgt ben je aan de tweede fase begonnen. We zijn erg benieuwd wat jullie nu gaan doen. Ik heb je ook al brieven gestuurd. Bij de laatste, vorige donderdag 26 feb gepost, heb ik wat Maleisische ringit (omgerekend 6 euro of zo) gedaan die ik nog vond toen wij er waren geweest. Hoop dat ze dat niet vinden. Wij wachten nog op de foto's die ze zouden posten want we zijn natuurlijk heel erg benieuwd en kijken uit naar elk nieuwtje. Hier geen spannend nieuws te melden. Geniet er maar goed van. Ik heb uitgerekend dat ik nog 3 x kan schrijven, als ik elke week een brief schrijf. Zo heb je toch nog een beetje post van thuis.
Veel liefs van ons allemaal, pap en mam said...

Hi Cal,
Here we are in the mountains. You would love it we have very snowy weather!! We even ventured out in a white out today!! Thanks for your letter Chloe read it to us over the phone it was lovely to hear from you. Good luck with the next phase of your adventure. Are you looking out for ideas for Eco-Charlie?
Love & hugs
Mum & Dad
P.S. Dad said its best your busy in the jungle because you wouldn't keep up with him this year!!

Sally said...

The only Alice in my life...i miss you! Hope everything's going well, your mum updated me on how you're doing, and although loads is going on here, i feel at the same time, it's nothing compared to what you're up to. I keep meaning to write in the book, just been so busy. People miss you and send their love...i'd like to add a cheeky cryptic msg here, but i'm all out at the moment. Sunny day today...and driving is going good, weee! I'm off to Barcelona soon, then you'll be back.
Remember, to every ounce of it peachy!

Oooh we played a lil'game the other day at work to pass the time, who would you marry/kiss/punch...immature i know. But let's just say that Lee's answers would make you say 'told you so!'

love you loads, Sal xxxx

Anonymous said...

Mutt and Jeff ( Alpha 5 )
Did you take the strain without injury ? Are you Bigger and Better for the trip or have you shrunk through too little food ?
I never saw you as imitating fish but I hope you caught some to eat.
All well ! SA was good .

johnandang said...

Hi Frances (Alpha 2) Great to receive your letter and all the news. Hope you enjoy the next project as much as the first. If possible ring when you get back to camp about future arrangements.
love Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

HAZ – Alpha 2
You should be back at the FB now, having completed your project. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Mail is on the way from your Dad! Not so much happening here. I caught up with all your laser buddies at the weekend. They all send their best and looking forward to seeing you back on the water – you arrive back on the day of the QM Open. Still you’ve got a ‘mountain’ to climb before then! I expect your all swopping your tales of adventure. This week I am having a special Malaysian culture day as I have three Malay children in my class. We’ll have another one on your return and you can share your photos.
[HAS!! I miss you plenty. New heroes has started. Get on it. Love Ed x] The boys are off wind surfing – in the rain leaving a trail of devastation – nothing changes!
Looking forward to your next installment. All my love MuM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dignum said...

Hi Lauren (Alpha 2)

We all hope you had a fantastic time and can't wait to see you on Friday. I have sent an email conatining your hotel voucher for Shangri-La Tanjung Aru - Kota Kinabalu, booking reference 40910490, to the Field Base - you need to get them to print it for you (if for any reason they can't, just go to the hotel....I've sent a copy to them as well). I'll call you at the hotel on Thursday at 6pm your time (10am UK time) and hourly thereafter if you don't answer!! Can't wait to speak, love Mum and Dad xxxxxxx

belinda said...

chazzzy b!!!

how r u?? I keep drivin by ur house n only just realised ur mum moves to oz in like a week!!Miss u bare!!! i laughed hardcore on this thing when it said you fell down the long drop! ur the biggest princess i no n images of u doin that made me smile!! but babes we do miss u soooooo much!! Stay safe munchkin!!

Love you

Bill xxxx

alexander.young3 said...

Hi Jean (Alpha 1)
Glad to hear that we will see photos of all the hard work your team are doing (and you of course) as we hear much of the work but have so far seen no results!
We are thinking of you.

tania said...

Hi Scooby

Just a quicky to say I've managed request your hall for Sept. Put Castle Leazes as 1st choice and Richardson Road as 2nd. Couldn't reserve en suite but after a long drop I think you will be able to manage! Prince Andrew! Love you and will let you know when confirmed. Also emailed Sarah to get request a place for Archie. Morexxx Mom PS spoke to Oma who will sends her love x

tania said...

Hi Scooby

Just a quicky to say I've managed request your hall for Sept. Put Castle Leazes as 1st choice and Richardson Road as 2nd. Couldn't reserve en suite but after a long drop I think you will be able to manage! Prince Andrew! Love you and will let you know when confirmed. Also emailed Sarah to get request a place for Archie. Morexxx Mom PS spoke to Oma who will sends her love x

Anonymous said...

Jacky from Wales said
Hi Darren.(Alpha 3)

You look as if you're enjoying yourself in your photo. Heard about you leach and tic problems!! Bet you're missing a fry up! And no Jo or Helen to make you rollies! Enjoy and see you soon. Jacky

Mark said...

Hi Lottie, lovely surprise to hear from you today.

I dropped mum and Tom at the departure gate today and it was very sad. Mum had a run-in at the check-in over the fact that we had three suitcases instead of two. Event though the total weight was okay they still made a fuss. We managed to sort it in the end.

I have someone coming to visit one of the rooms tonight and John will be moving in at the weekend. Until then it will be a bit quiet, especially as the cats have gone. I am moving into your room until I find someone to take it over.

We now have new beds in the top two rooms and the family room and I've moved the wardrobe to the family room too. I really need to clear the garage to get some space for storage but at the moment it looks like I may have to work every weekend in March.

Mum will probably not be able to blog for a few days until she gets a connection so I'll try and add something every day.

Love you, Dad.

grandad o said...

james (alpha4) we visited E Leake again at the w/e all seemed well. Josh had been out on a DofE practice; Grandma thinks he is beginning to look like you, maybe a tad shorter but he is working on it.Looking forward to the report back from base camp & to see what comes next.
Keep well, Grandma xx & G'dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

Hope your having a fab time!
It sounds as though you've been really busy, and I hope your having fun!
Hope to hear from you soon,
Lots of love

netty said...

hoi, Ems, ik zag je zowaar op een foto staan bij het geitenhuis (of zoiets). Er zijn meer foto's beloofd, dus ik ben benieuwd. Brief is weer onderweg. Grappige manier om in contact te blijven, het is eenzelfde soort blog als ik ook heb. Zelfs op het verste plekje in de wereld ben je bereikbaar via internet. Geweldig.
Liefs en tot een volgende keer, oma Netty

Anonymous said...

Sarah,just been speaking to your mum and she can't post a blog so I thought I'd try! Hope you are having a great time. Your adventures sound amazing. Hope the garlic bread was good... We are all fine here. My dad is staying for a few weeks and the boys are really enjoying seeing their grandpa. Hope I see you soon.
Love Kathleen, Graham, Angus & Finlay

Kathleen Beggin said...

Hi Sarah(Alpha2), just been speaking to your mum and she hasn't been able to post a comment so I thought I'd give it a try! Your adventures sound amazing and the garlic bread sounds good! We are all fine. My dad is visiting at the moment and the boys are really enjoying seeing him. Hope I will see you soon!
Love Kathleen, Graham, Angus & Finlay xxxx

james.mcmullan2 said...

Hi Sarah
Mum here trying to ert to grips with technology!

james.mcmullan2 said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you.I've been trying to post a blog & think I've finally figured out how! There must be at least ten blogs floating around cyber space that I've written & not managed to send!If this is successful I'll try again! We're all well
Love MumXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Freds, (Alpha 4 ). Hope all is well in Costa Rica. Mike and Louise are staying and send their love. Message from Mum, Dad, George and Ellie, please don't come home until you've grown your hair again!! Everyone fine here including dogs, cat and goldfish! Can't wait to hear what your up to, I'll keep looking at the blog everyday to hear the latest news.

Miss you, and lots of love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pien said...

Ha Matthijs,
geweldig om je even te horen, wat een super ervaringen allemaal. Ik las net je mail over de eco-lodge, hou ons op de hoogte! Klinkt goed. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je volgende project wordt, ik hoor het vast en hoop snel weer eens wat foto's te zien.
Ik ga nu naar Keke, verder nog geen baby nieuws van C. Hou je op de hoogte.
liefs Pien

emily-van-dedem said...

Hoi Emilie, wat was het heerlijk om je stem te horen en zo enthousiast! Willeke die meeluisterde zei dat ze je nog nooit zo lang achter elkaar had horen praten! Fijn dat je het zo goed hebt en ben reuze benieuwd wat je volgende project is. Hopelijk gaat je hand niet veel meer pijn doen en als je dit berichtje leest is het misschien ook al weer over.
Loeloe gaat redelijk, ik geloof dat de antibiotica aanslaat. Ze huppelde vanochtend weer achter een stok aan. Lief...!
Het is hier verder koud en winderig, weer om lekker te lezen en bij de haard te zitten. Als die aan is tenminste. De sneeuwklokjes onder de Magnolia mis je nu, ze staan er weer met z'n duizenden en de narcissen komen alweer 20 cm boven de grond uit.
Dag liefje, geniet!

karim said...

Hi Tash
You must be soaked in your summer clothes!!! he he. At work quiet with credit crunch but sam getting busier. Have booked 21/03 till 06/04 off.still trying to confirm flights to Fiji.
If all ok will meet up in Fiji.
Try and ring when you back at campus then we can arrange to meet up . miss you
lots of love

Dom has all his exams today. He was very nervous as he had not spent enough time revising!!!!
Hope he gets thro.BYEEEEEEE

strietman said...

Ha Lieve Youp, wat fijn je gisteren gesproken te hebben, dat was niet makkelijk maar tja het was niet anders. Het deed me goed je opgewekte stem te horen en je enthousiaste verhalen, volgens mij heb je het echt heel erg leuk. Je brief is ook aangekomen, we moesten wel lachen dat jij het "overheerlijke snoep" mist, bij het schrijven daarvan kreeg je vast water in je mond. Straks weer op weg naar het volgende project, weer spannend hoe dat zal zijn waarschijlijk weer heel anders. Jullie zullen vast wel heel veel lol hebben. Lieverd genier ervan, love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, I'm not so good at this stuff. How's it going? Have you taken lots of photos. I look forward to hearing about allllll your adventures.
Have you found any big cats that might enjoy your mum's company?
I'm back to uni tomorrow.... Systems and climate change! YES. Can't wait! I'll be finished in July.
Take care dear boy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie and all in Alpha6
Dad here(in Dallas at the moment)Thinking of you under water surrounded by bubbles looking at fearsome fish.
Hope the diving is going well and looking forward to having you teach me how to do it in some exotic location (Ferry pool would be cool)
Got the old car back home at last,got lost on the way home(forgot the Satnav)but it goes well and we can go for a whiz if you come back!
Grandma H's flat is on the market and someone is actually interested - fingers crossed.
Mum's hosting a table at the lent group at church tonight,last week's meet got a crowd of over 50!
Mo and Colin are staying with grandma B and James may pay her a visit with his quiet friend from Stoke.
Still trying to confirm your accom at Talybont north. Will let you know.
Look out for sharks
Lots of love

Becky said...

Hey Dave where are the photos ???? My dear alice missing you loads and loads and counting the days til you come home, I loved hearing your news via your mum. Josh wants to say that he misses you and wants you to come home from the jungle, (Meg thinks that of course too) they wondered whether you can bring them a little something home from your trip?? COME HOME SOON LOADS AND LOADS OF LOVE xxxxxxx

grandad o said...

James (alpha 4) hope you are continuing to enjoy life in Sabah. We were at E Leake again lt. Grandma thinks Josh is catching you up height wise - he is now taller than your Mum !
My previous 2 attempts to get on your blog have failed; I know not why; so I hope this does better.
Grandma xx & G'dad

karim said...

Hi Tash, How are you.
love mum

karim said...

Hi Tash
Bet you are sat with your feet up whilst we struggle out of our nice warm bed in the morning, stagger to the shower, wrestle with the hairdryer, arms aching as we straighten our hair before putting on our clothes which we have had to spend hours washing, drying and ironing, then we stomp through the wind and rain to work. It's a hard life!!! He he
lOts of lOve
X Ps look out for a message that says Robert said... cos that was Dad at Nurshinas

Daniel said...

hey richard, hope your having a great time over there, and make sure to spread the froodle word for me! Don't lose to many items while ya over there XD Have fun on ya next assignment. Daniel

Anonymous said...

hey guys good work keep it up
george cowan
costa rica raleigh expedition 09a

El said...

Lieve Eem!!!
Hoe gaat het daar?? De verhalen en foto's zijn echt super leuk om te zien!! En dank je wel voor je leuke brief! Echt heel erg leuk om zo contact te hebben:D! En super leuk papier:D Hier gaat alles goed. Volgende week ga ik naar London met mijn studie! Heel veel zin in! Ben heel erg benieuwd naar je nieuwe project!! Geniet heel erg lieve eeempie, het ziet er fantastisch uit!!! Heeel veel liefs El x

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry - thought I might drop you a line with the Moreleigh update. Had some more snow last night, but now it is a beautiful day. I am off to South Wales tomorrow to teach for the weekend and then, then Tom is coming and we are going to stay with the parents for three nights to do London - theatre and galleries and then celebrate Mothers day with Manda as well. Looking forward to the photos and report on the wild life on your next mission. Gosh it all sounds so wonderful - wish i could have done it in my youth, however, not sure that girls were aloud! Loads fo love - have fun, not in a tank i think? Lilla and Tom

Anonymous said...

To the talented Mr. Hartley of Borneo Trip 9b,

I know you requested a missive but I'm afraid for now all I can muster is this wall post. Hasn't the internet made me lazy??? I'm sad that you're away for so long- I didn't see you nearly enough back in London. You're missing out on lots of fun - Fashion week was fabulous. Great Qasimi show starring Erin O Connor and Lily Cole. The theme was 'loss borne of heartbreak building strength' and it featured some stunning Victorian embroidery. Very widow chic. We've also found some cool new haunts - off to Favela with Bianca tonight and then venturing into Camden on the weekend with the Hildas girls. I've got a Sydney friend here now so trying to squeeze in a few tours in amongst the essays. I'm jealous you'll be back in Sydney before me. I'll put you in touch with some fam and friends so you shan't be alone. How are all the 18yos? Hope they're giving you the deference you deserve

Miss you xxx


karim said...

Hi Tash
I love you, Dad loves you, Rhia loves you, Dom loves you, Roxy loves you, Dusty loves you, and everyone that knows you loves you! How lucky are you?!!!
The Hirani's minus one.X

Anonymous said...

hi frances!
twiggy did well today hunting down a huge redcolored boar. We were out on a nice sunny walk to capture on lens the first signs of spring when she set off. After a lot of barking and noises from the young woods I heard them approaching and realised they were heading straight for where I was standing. Yelling at the top of my voice it diverted when 5 meters away from me. SCARY!!!! but surely not as scary as all those unknown djungle creeps.
Be Good!
Love you loads/mamma

Hannah and Jess said...


So we've just read your email and its sounds like you're having an amazing time...
Sarah has gone to the we went to the biggest indoor theme park in Asia today. As you is very normal!

We're staying in China Town at the moment...but hopefully we're going to get the jungle railway up north on Monday...
Um...also, what are your feelings towards Laos?! We were thinking after we meet you before Vietnam it might be fun to spend a while there?! What do you think?!

Anyway...the diving sounds amazing...hope you enjoy the community bit as much...Miss you loads and loads
Now we must go and find Sarah!
Love Hannah and Jess Xxx

Anonymous said...

Hoi Huub,

ik heb inmiddels mijn eigen blog maar dat was niet de bedoeling. ik zal kijken of ik hem kan omzetten naar deze blog.
veel plezier in de jungle!


Anonymous said...


ben nu Mia aan t leren bloggen!!!

Joe Nelson said...

yo sebastian!

looks briliant out there mate bet ur having an amazing time! hairs atrocious may i quickly say and some funny pics of u lol :p. i found marky cakes's comment up above and seems like ur going/gone to see the urangatangs(sp) soon, im sure that will be amazing but make sure they dnt try and lock you up with them, judgin by some of the pics :p. wat sort of stuff do u get up 2 in the day, i read a bit on the blogs, is it like building and helping out locals etc?. funnily enough there was a programme on tv the other day about Borneo, was keeping an eye out for you lol. i presume uve made lots of friends as well hopefuly met a couple of babes :p lol (doubt it tho ;)). anyway im not sure how i will get a reply/ i expect you're having far to much fun to bother anyway, will write again soon, have an awsum time (Y)


Anonymous said...

How the devil are you mate?!!

Just thought I would leave you a couple of lines on behalf of the Lynch mob.

I hope that you have enjoyed everything so far and that the locals haven't been too aggressive.... I hear they bite... a lot....

I'm talking about the mosquito's of course.
Borneo looks awesome, I can see from the pictures that you will come back with many an epic Hobbit tale to tell, which I must add I am eagerly anticipating to hear.

As for me- Work work work (or not).... maybe- Pub, Club, Sleep seems to be the most consistent reflection of my time at Cardiff.

Anyway, I wont take up much more of your time, enjoy the rest of your time out in Borneo, I am still bloody jealous of you!

Will try to write again.
Miss you matey,
Greg (and the family, mainly me though!)

P.S. Epic meet up when you get back, Squash, risk till the early hours of the morning, beers..... the full cherbatzsky! see you soon.

Anonymous said...

lizabrat!!! i miss you!! cant wait till you come back... hope your having fun and enjoying everything.. let me know if theres any guys i need to have words with when u come back! hahaha... lots of love, the best cuz in the world... Daveeeey

Isabelle said...

Hi Jeanie (alpha 1)

We miss you, group hug needed this end, see you soon but not soon enough xxxx

Steve and Moira said...


Just written from deepest darkest Huggate. We will be walking to the Pub tomorrow - 6 Miles. We are driving back. Any advice.

Just bloody do it.

Much Love Steve and Moira

Ali said...

Hi Jamie - Alpha 4

Thought the haircut is looking good - you can tell your old man that rude comments from him are only based on jealousy that you have enough hair to cut !! The goat shed looks a wonderful place to make new friends, and I hope you arent working too hard building sandcastles at the Eco Lodge- or have I got the wrong end of the stick ?

Hope you are enjoying yourself and avoiding all the nasty bugs out there. Dont eat any ice cream !!

Love Ali

Simon said...

Hi Daniel
hope you are well,another good win for the 'arse'


Fiona Crosbie said...

hey Clare Peter says dont eat the maggots-save them for cleaning the wounds!We are all good here.We saw your picture withn the group onthe beach and maybe your air cylinder in the water.?Stu has interview on Friday 13th for M.A. in London but still no news from Oxford. No change on UCAS. Shona has gone to Dublin for weekend to chaperone Yvonne so her guy doesnt think she is too keen! Miss you every day hope to hear from you soon XXXX m and P

Fiona Crosbie said...

Hey Clare We saw your picture with the group on the beach and possibly your air cylinder in the water. Interested in hearing what you thought of scuba? No word from UCAS. Hope mail getting through. Shona in Dublin for weekend with Yvonne Stu has interview in London next Wednesday to do M.A.We are both good miss you everyday.Peter says dont eat the maggots-keep them to clean the wounds XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne-Fleur,

Okay dit is mijn tweede berichtje, op een of andere manier heb ik degene die ik zojuist schreef lelijk gewist...

Eindelijk een mailtje van mij. Sorry Sorry dat ik niet eerder geschreven heb. Het was alleen even een beetje druk hier in het Amsterdamse. Huisje in de verkoop, nieuwe huis gekocht enfin daar ben je wel even druk mee. Anyways, niet belangrijk.

Hoe is het met je? Van mam hoorde ik dat je de heimwee achter je hebt gelaten en dat je het nu heel erg naar je zin hebt. Leuk om te zien wat je allemaal aan het doen bent. Volgens mij heb je de ervaring van je leven en heb je ook veel leuke nieuwe mensen ontmoet. Ennuh ook leuk je kapsel te zien zonder dat de stijltang er aan te pas is gekomen ;-). Ahh je weet dat ik je au naturel het mooist vind.

Ik mis je wel hoor, zeker toen we in Zeist waren en jij er gewoon niet was. Jij bent toch onze kleine die ergens in het huis aan het chillen is...

Nou lieffie ik ga aan de slag! Nu ik weet waar ik moet zijn om te mailen kan ik je vaker schrijven. Veel plezier daar en tot mails.

Liefs Aimée

Simon said...

Hi Daniel
Arse won last night-lost 1-0 but won on pens against Roma.Ye ha!


Anonymous said...

Hoi Huub,

Na een eigen blog te hebben gemaakt (die kwam natuurlijk niet aan) en een bericht via mijn Google account (ook niet) dan maar zo. Hopelijk is de tocht door de rimboe dragelijk. Als je dit kan, dan stalken in Schotland een eitje. Het geiten-afschot krijg ik maar niet binnen; verkeerde wind, regen, verstoring en de natuur is ongeveer 6 weken vertraagd door de koude winter. Nog 2 dagen; vandaag opnieuw op pad. Ik word er lichtelijk ranzig van; Liesbeth denk ik ook. Ik houd je op de hoogte. Hoe krijgen jullie je voedsel binnen? Met pijl en boog soms of ben je inmiddels een halve vegetarier? Alles went en op zich is dat ook best smakelijk. Hou je taai en ik ben benieuwd naar je verhalen. All the best, Hubert

the-elliotts said...

Hi Til,
Its friday at last, been a busy week but great fun in school for red nose day. Had to raid your wardrobe(and Al's and the loft) as we decided to dress in 70s or 80s costume. Found some interesting clothes which Lina, Lindsay and I wore - dont even ask what we looked like. The best was Chris in the old shell suit! Lilac really suits him!
Had my swimmers at the gala in Southampton too this mrng. Think the boys might go through to the next round in April.
Daddy's been busy in the garden again now the weather's improving. You could live in the greenhouse!
Al's still in NY and having a great time it seems. Havent heard from her since her birthday so she could still be recovering.

How's the jungle? By now you should be used to the bugs, lack of food, sore feet, bites, aching back etc! I,m sure its wonderful but I bet you're looking forward to the diving.
Can't believe you've been there 5 weeks.
Hope to talk on your change-over.
Planning to have a lazy weekend, which will be novel.
Keep laughing
Love you lots. Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

breda said...

Hi Daniel
4-0,against Blackburn,could have been 10 if it wasn't for Bendtner who missed about six clearcut chances,what a dope.Arshavin scored a cracker.where are you today?we've just booked to go and see omi and opi for Easter,your mum,dad and sis be home then to from Tenerife.More later


Anonymous said...

ha Joost en Annefleur en Joep

Even een berichtje van de Spijkjes! Wij vinden jullie wel stoer hoor!!!! Wij zitten binnen achter de verwarming te wachten op het voorjaar en m.n de zon. Hier in Nederland missen jullie niets. Geniet maar lekker en doe goed werk! Wij horen graag jullie verhalen als jullie weer terug zijn. Verder volgen wij jullie graag op afstand. Succes en geniet! liefs

Fairbridge Swansea said...


Oi oi. Glad to see all is well. Hope you're alright and not feeling it too much. Things here pretty much the same - Jacob and Chrissy are, well, Jacob and Chrissy and Brett is... well, unique! Seriously Da, big hugs, see you at the airport..


vee said...

charlotte briody. ahhhhh trusty blog feels very weird to be writing one and not to be reading one. i go back on saturday and im very very lost and finding coming home, although great to see everyone, very difficult. im sure you will be told about the raleigh blues....well we all seem to have it big time. i dont know which phase your on but what ever it is im sure its sick. it may not hit you what you have actually just achieved and done its only starting to hit me. you tell people what you have done and they look at you like your a nutter. anyway im writing an essay. love you to the moon and back. enjoy. and oh yeah getting bevved for the first time is scary it feels like the first time you get drunk. its vee by the way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx