Friday, 20 February 2009

Going Loopy

Having left just yesterday morning, The Loop is now roaming the trails and making its way to Imbak Canyon to visit Alpha 3 after having been to Alpha 2 yesterday. 

This time the Loop team is a team of four, with a special guest all the way from Australia, Martin from Bridging the Gap. Everyone, meet Martin

Martin and his morning coffee before leaving FB. 

Bridging the Gap has been working with Raleigh over the past couple of expeditions, sending youth over from Western Australia in recognition of Raleigh's ability to help them achieve their mission of fostering personal development. Martin will be with us for a while, and is excited about visiting Raleigh project sites and checking out how much we rock here at Raleigh Borneo. 

Also on the Loop this time is

Jim, our Country Director, Esme and Steph from the Logs team, and

Stuff - supplies, equipment, mail and somewhere in there, messages from The Blog. 

The Loop will be back on Sunday and then off again to visit Alpha 4 soon after. 

And to you our family and friends, keep those messages coming! With almost 60 - 80 messages per post (amazing!), you guys sure know how to brighten up our days. Don't forget to send us post as well, we like feeling popular. Our address, if you don't know it already is: 

PO Box 14182, 
88848 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

Watch this space for more news and updates!


Mum said...

This is to all you great people that are taking such good care of our kids. THANK YOU. And loopy guys hurry yourself out to Alpha 4, I'm one curious mum. Doing a great job.

brigitte said...

Ha Pieter Bas,

Hoop dat alles nog steeds senang is in de dessa! Vordert de waterput al of geef je Engelse les? Hoe is je groep? Hier grijs en koud, we wachten op het voorjaar! Pappi en Floris gaan zaterdag nog vier dagen op vakantie (geheime bestemming voor Floris) verder alles rustig. Dikke kus, je moeder

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh Meg, it looks fantastic!!!
I'm so jealous...And I hope you are wearing all those delightful shirts we bought before I left!
I can't describe how fantastic Cambodia is, you're going to love it...
and I won't start trying to say how much I miss you because I'm sure you already know...
Can't wait to see you in KL!
Love you so much

strietman said...

Ha Lieve Youp, we laten steeds boodschappen achter bij de blogs, maar het duurt heel lang voordat het erop staat. Ik hoop dat de vorige berichten erop staan als het rondtrekkend team bij jou is. Dan zullen we vast nieuws krijgen op de site van alpha 3, ben echt heel benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. Denk aan je,
Love you, XXX mama

Anonymous said...

dat vond ik nou even leuk,
XXX mama

nicky said...

Hi Jamie. We are now back from Barcelona, no Josh for 2 more days though. You are planting trees I gather - great you will be an expert for the same job on the allotment! Looking forwards to seeing you in some more pictures when the loop arrives with you.Loads of people are keepng an eye on the blog. Love and miss you loads. Mum

Anonymous said...

lieve joost, we zijn weer veilig thuis na een heerlijke week skieen, we hebben je wel gemist!
coen en tijn hebben het heerlijk gehad, wat wel lachen is dat ze elke ochtend druk bezig waren dat ze vanavond naar de George zouden gaan, maar sávonds waren ze helemaal kapot dus gingen niet. ze hebben veel met gijs en zijn vader geskied.
Zijn heel benieuwd hoe het gaat in de jungle.
Hoop gauw iets van je te horen! heerlijk thuis komen en er liggen 2 brieven van je. hele dikke kus van ons!!!!!! pap, mam en coen

Mum said...


ik heb genoten van ons gesprek vanmorgen, leuk dat je Lou feliciteerde. Ben erg nieuwsgierig naar je kapsel. Ik kan me jouw niet voorstellen met een hanenkam.
Tot gauw,

Marlies said...

Ha Anne-Fleur,
Nog even een berichtje voor jou.Vanmiddag belde Monique en vertelde, dat Joost klaar is met diving en dat ook hij begonnen is aan de jungletocht. Ben heel benieuwd naar jullie verhalen.Als ik me niet vergis, ben jij a.s.zondag weer terug uit de bush.Klopt dat?
Morgen vieren we de 2 verjaardagen en ik heb dus de hele dag heerlijk staan kokkerellen.Het hele huis ruikt lekker.Nou meissie nog veel plezier,pas goed op jezelf en de rest van de groep en hoop snel wat van je te horen.
Kus mamalies

Manda said...

Hi Alpha 2 - Good to hear that the loop has been to see you!
Good old bravos! Thank you Raleigh FBVM's.
How's the gravity water system coming along? and the shoe rack for that matter. As I write this you will all be snug in your bashers!

Harry - it sounds like you're having a good adventuring time! Ray would be proud of you. I'm proud of you.
Razzle Sailing is still going well, we're now leading friends and family! Who said I can't helm a boat!
Mail on the way.
Love, hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MUM

André said...

Een berichtje vanuit Den Haag, want behalve dat jullie kennisgemaakt hebben met bloedzuigers, hebben we weinig idee wat bij Alpha 6 gaande is.
Marijn is vanmiddag naar Oostenrijk vertrokken, Tim heeft 4 tentamens gehaald (plus mondeling)en Wilma en ik zien lijdzaam toe dat ondanks de kredietcrisis nagenoeg de hele buurt naar haar wintersportbestemming is vertrokken. Je bij de Volkskrant bestelde verjaardagscadeau is gisteren gearriveerd. Take care and enjoy!

Nick said...

Hi Jamie (in Alpha 4)
We actually managed to make it back safely from Barcelona, having done loads of walking and looking at architecture around the city. We even managed to spend some time on the beach and get some sunshine. Glad you have been planting trees, at least our Carbon Dioxide emmissions have been offset a bit! Still waiting for Josh to get back from skiing, hoping he hasn't broken anything that he might need in the near future. Looking forward to seeing pictures and reading details of your project work and/or your new cooking skills. We are all missing you loads. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Hey zoe (alpha 3)
keep having fun!!
love you

Anonymous said...

To Roslyn Ruslan,
Hope you're enjoying your expedition and community work. We all miss you very much.
Another 2 weeks to go. Make the best of your time there.

See you soon...

Ruslan Rahman

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte {alpha 1 }

Just read the latest blog, hoping for some more pics soon, Katie left yesterday very sad, I finish work Tues, hope you have got your letters, love and miss you loads
Mum x x x x x x

Mark said...

Hi Seb
We are all thinking of you. Have a great time
Love mum xxx

jeroendekempenaer said...

Ha alpha-2 Matthijs,

It took a bit of a search, but I finally found out what a w-shaped dam is, I think( I am still puzzled about the "shoe-rack". An instrument to extract confessions or part of the equipment of a cobbler?
Will continue my search,
Best regards J&P&D

P. misses your vociferous presence

Kate S said...

Heya Emily! (Alpha 5). It's Kate here! Iona also says hi! We have both sent you letters so hopefully you should get them soon! Iona also said to tell you that hers has a stamp with an orang-utan on it. I'm afraid mine only has a boring stamp on it though. Hope you are having a fantastic time - you never told us you were going diving, that sounds fun.

By the way I got all 1st's in my chemistry exams and a 2:1 for my german module so I am very happy! Iona has to wait until 11th March to get hers. We both made an amazing cake yesterday. As always when we make one together, it fell apart so we stuck it together with various types of chocolate gooey stuff and then decorated it with her amazing barbie sprinkles. It wasn't quite as amazing as the Kranken cake though. Anyway I'll be off, my dinner is starting to go cold while I'm writing this!

Miss you lots
Love Kate xxx

the-elliotts said...

hey toes,

sounds amazing - hot photos too (of the landie at least). your airmail letter came this week - awesome to hear all your news. we've adopted the micra cos our's is busted (again). it's already full of alice's guff! lots of letters on the way to you. Lots of love, Stevie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev (FB Medic)

How are you sweetie? My stint at FB is almost up... i'm itching to go out on phase. I am probably going to a community although allocations aren't out yet. Phase one changeover is tomorrow, it going to be hectic! I hope everything at FB is going well for you. I am off Wed. Keep in touch Anna (CR!)

Anonymous said...

Bev (medic)

Oh I think I have finally and successfully posted a message... not sure though. I have been having a bit of trouble with the Borneo blog. Fingers crossed that it has worked. Speak soon. Ps When do we get our DTN results? How are you getting your? I have sent Claire an email but she hasn't replied to me. Anna (CR) XX

karim said...

Hi Tashywashy
Hows it going? Keep thinking of you out there havin fun. Hope you're having a fantastic time still. Went to see uni's with Rhia, Bournmouth no 1 favorite. Shopped in London of course and met Matt there. Had a Good laugh, at my expense when I flew off a step tht I didn't know was there. Another letter in post for you. Love you so much.
Love Mum, Dad, Rhia and Dom X

brigitte said...

Ha Pieter Bas,

Blij te lezen dat alles goed gaat, wij zijn erg benieuwd! Zal je ook een brief sturen, eens kijken of die aankomt voor jij weer weg bent! Pappi en Floris zitten nu 4 dagen in Lissabon heerlijk visjes te eten in de zon, ben zelf nog steeds aan het werk met het vreseljke gezag boek hopelijk is het eind april af. Ook nog optimistisch in de tuin gewerkt, wel wat anders dan het oerwoud! Dikke kus, je moeder

Anonymous said...

Hello Emily,
Hope you're having fun. It sound more like hard work.
We're all missing you. Grandma's seen your picture now so she's much happier.
Look after yourself and keep the sun block on.

Robin and Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte (alpha 1)

It was great to get your e-mail,Dad and I are so pleased to hear you are having a great time. Have just been watching videos of the projects so its been great to see where you are actually living, it looks like hard work ! We are busy packing and saying our goodbyes, hope your taking lots of pics

Love, Hugs and Kisses Mum and Dad x x x

melissam-h said...

Hia Robbie in Alpha 4. Not sure whether my posts actually go anywhere, but i'm still trying. Thinking of you everyday, but from what i can see in photos it looks as though you're all having fun including you. Gather you've had a cookery lesson whilst planting trees - both will be useful at the yurt! House is in a state with metal everywhere and no sign of the wall coming down yet, but i'll keep you posted. Georgie had a successful hitch to amsterdam and was there way ahead schedule. Have found a postal address on here so will now write a letter to you. Love you masses and stay smiling.
hugs and kisses too mum, dad, abbie, georgie and dougal!

melissam-h said...

Hey Sausie-boy, hope you're havin fun in the sun and broken in your boots! We christened the yurt at the w/e with dinner for 8 which was fun but not as cold as you remember it.. shame! Builder's mayhem at home with dust everywhere and I finally managed to take the Bandit out for a spin this morning. Do you have any snake stories for granny yet.. or leaches? We're all missing you lots and Dougal sends a kiss. LoL Dad

Anonymous said...

hi jamie (alpha 4)
glad to see you are having a good time pal. work is ok and we all miss you - spesh me and trev! i bet you are getting a good tan out there and im jealous already haha.
see you in april :)
ed x

KarlTye said...

Hey Lauren of Alpha 2 Team!
Hope all is well and your having an amazing time! Missing you so much and thinking of you every day. I cant wait for you to get back, but I know you're having a great time!
Love you loads, Karl xxxx

laurajacobs said...

Dearest Callum,

I am writing to inform you that ecocharlie has gone into liquidation and you are now £170 million pounds in debt. Have a nice holiday.

Love Ben x

laurajacobs said...

Callum when you get back can we go out on a date and you can get to know me?

Lots of love

Miss Masango x

netty said...

Ha Emma (in Alpha 4), je zit nu dus echt in de binnenlanden. Vandaag heb ik een heuse brief voor jou op de bus gedaan.Ik weet bijna niet meer hoe dat moet. Ben benieuwd hoe lang die er over doet. Intussen hier weer een groet van je opa en oma. Ik hoop dat je een geweldige tijd hebt. Ik dacht een andere Nederlandse naam in je groep te zien, dus dat is af en toe best gezellig, lijkt me. Heel veel liefs van ons beiden,

Clemmie said...

Laura .e. mac
darling - missing you soo much!! england is cold and boring - make sure you enjoy every minute as trust me you dont want to come back to this weather- i've lost my tan already!
exciting news though as I will be living in london as of april 5th so can see you all the time when your back!! I love reading all the things your up to (hey hey delta 1!) -and had a chat with mama jo just the other day to make sure you went ok shes fine . . and will get on with planning our next trip - Hope this get on the next delivery truck as i missed the last one - bum out!! hope you are teaching children and not digging - dont want you coming back butch now do we - kisses sweetie cant wait to have cornwall laughs - ill tell everyone to write you messages love love xxx clemmie xxx

mandyb said...

Hello Daniel (Alpha 2)

Thank you to the Loopy guys for getting all our messages around.
Becks and I back to school and work tomorrow!!! Was Opi's birthday yesterday went out for a nice meal. It was strange you not being there. Omi and Opi send their love.
Hope the dam is coming along nicely. When you get home I could do with a shoe rack in the hall for all those shoes that get chucked everywhere!!!
Still missing you lots and thinking of you all the time . Hope you are not too wet!!
Lots of love Mum, Dad and Becks xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mum said...

Hi Sophie,

James is back from Barcelona; the highlight was watching Barcelona loose at the Noucamp(?) Stadium.
Dad in the simulator for the next two days, while I am visiting Grandma. Hope the diving was good and that you enjoy the trekking. Loads of love, Mum xxx

Simon Lucas said...

Hi Peter (Alpha 5)
Hope you're enjoying the trek through the jungle!
V. quiet at home without you. Someone out there with you has surname of Mailer - Howat - wonder if his father is called Patrick, as I played in rubgy team at school with Patrick. Enjoy yourself and make the most of it all.
Missing you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Harry
It all sounds wonderful. You will have to be content with old English from Tom and I, its too late to learn Raleigh speak! Want to wish you a great birthday and good celebrations I have no doubt. Morleigh has been bathed in sun the last 2 days so its gardening time in between teaching and the rest. I can't wait to see all you photos.
Lots of love to you from Lilla and Tom xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey jamie its rhian :) hope you get to read this, jenny posted a comment from the explorers dunno if you read it i'm really missing you :( but it looks like your having a good time (Y) i'm going to london tomorrow to meet Ines from germany shame you can't meet her, little bit nervous tbh anyway hope your enjoying it
miss you

dignum said...

Hi Lauren at Alpha 2. I am impressed if you are involved in the shoe rack building as do not remember that as being one of your skill areas although slightly bewildered as to why needed in Borneo so look forward to finding out. I have been trying to make a dust free zone of your room and obviously I am having too much fun!!! You have lots to watch when you get back from all the recordings being stored! Really missing you but the trip looks brilliant.Speak soon my lovely. Lots and lots of hugs and kisses, Mum and Dad xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hai....Venessa (Alpha 4)
Just read the latest blog. Looking forward to seeing pictures and your new cooking skills.Your grandma always asking about you.We are all missing you a lots.

Love, hugs and kisses from mum Jennifer and dad James

brigitte said...

Ha Pieter Bas,
Soms "pakt" de blog op mysterieuze wijze de berichten niet, dus bij deze een nieuwe poging. Was blij te lezen dat alles goed gaat en de waterput vordert. Rustig weekendje gehad, pappi met Floris in Lissabon, lekker in de zon en visjes eten, ik thuis, ploeterend aan mijn gezagboekje, such is life! Het voorjaar is hier aarzelend aan het doorbreken en de eerste sneeuwklokjes hebben hun kopje boven de grond gestoken. Dikke kus, je moeder

karim said...

Hi Tash Alpha 3
Hope you are having the time of your life.
missing you lots love dad

Anonymous said...

Hoi Emilie
Het blijft moeilijk om een berichtje geplaatst te krijgen! Ik snap er nog niet veel van.
Hier alles goed, hondjes zijn lief en lui, het miezert hier gezellig bij 5 graden, kortom.... februari weer!
In de wintersportgebieden liggen meters sneeuw!
Veel liefs mama

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham (alpha 2), Missed you espec. Sat. night. Dad was down with cold/flu all week, but still managed a lively Duke of Perth and Mairie's wedding. Liz, Clare, Majorly Samrt and Jillian, all the German contingent and the Hu Yan/Sue/Fumei/Caroline crowd asking about what you are doing, which I can't answer very well.
I was at WAB today counting small change. HS has not pulled their weight, which is too bad as a lot of money needs to be raised this year for fewer children. dad now in US and had dinner with Katherine last night. He will go to bmore next weekend and see all your grandparents, Ruthie and family, and Coco will be well walked.
Looks like Lewis may buy us out at Hua Qiao Cun. would be good - we'll find a place so you won't be homeless on your return.
Love you lots and hope you are sunburn- and mosquito bite -free.

Stephanie said...

Hi Alice
Missing you lots and hoping that you are having a fab time. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your trek and dive adventure. It is very quiet here without you and we are thinking about you all the time.

Enjoy your time out there.
Love you loads Mumxxxxx

Anonymous said...

macam mana sdh ko muk? ok ka? ~ibu leha~

Mum said...

Hey Huub,

Mieke is bevallen van een dochter. Verder is alles hier rustig. Noor helaas gezakt voor rijbewijs maar Niek heeft 'm. Pieter gebruikt elk excuus om de auto te pakken. Jim teggen rotonde aangereden, oeps. Tot snel


karim said...

hey tash xx
its dom , urrmmm yh GCSE's r in 10 days and so im doing revision with mum and dad now :S
anyway i hope ur having a good time out there and i have taken ur jobs up of downloading songs and walking roxy :)
cya xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte (alpha1)
Looks like your having a fab time!! take care of yourself.
Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses
Aunty Helen, Sam Rachael & Alex.xxxxx

Emily Owen said...

Hey Jamie! Looks like you're having great fun. We came up to see Auntie Nicky and Uncle Nick on Saturday so ironically I've been to your house more recently than you!! Enjoy getting your hands dirty.
p.s Mum and Dad send their love and dad says Leicester got a lucky win against Worcester (5 tries to 1)

Becky said...

Hi Alice - i miss you can you come home now please!! xxxx lots of love Becky ps I have nicked all your Abercromie tops - haha ha ha xxxxx

Stephanie said...

Hey Elizabeth, (Alpha 4)
Just wanted to stop by and say i miss you and love youuu! Still havent heard any new updates yet, but I hope everything is going well!! By the way I forgot to tell you, I was talking to Brandon and Riley at a basketball game awhile ago when i was home, and they were pretty amused that you were a bar tender!.. or bartista.. haha just thought it would give you a little laugh! =) Miss you girlll!
Love, Steph

Jerry Roberton said...

Amy E Roberton

Compared to the other postings we MUST be the most boring. I persuaded Oliver to help cut down the apple tree where it is going to shadow the new greenhouse. Mum made me go and meet Timmy Mallet at his art show in Weybridge. Surprisingly his art is pretty good and much cheaper than Rolf Harris's. The picture I wanted got sold for £1165 before I could whip out my credit card(thank God).
Irene had a traffic accident that bent her steering therefore got trailered back to Cookham.

My mate Roger ( and Jo ) came for Sunday dinner and were given Mum's equivalent of stuffing geese with food.
Only she does it to the humans.

I think they had to pump the tyres up before they went back.

We got the tickets for Elbow and we will share them out. Elbow got some awards at the Baftas ( or Mobos, who knows).

Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars - the complete 9 yards as they say.

News from England, Britain, UK tick whichever you fancy remains very flat. You still have as much chance of getting a mortgage as winning the lottery without buying a ticket. Weather is fairly boring, it is now February and I have not yet seen an '09' number plate. Go figure how bad the economy has been screwed.

Please develop as many skills as possible.
Landscaping, bricklaying, groundworks and loft insulation will all be in demand when you return and I can fund a second hand van and a website.

From Dad ( who wants to go on the retirement package)

the-elliotts said...

Hey Rose,
We finally had some sunshine - almost tried to start work on the tan, think we could have a good competition going, however I think you've got one bit fat massive advantage especially with Oz on your side and the fact that I'm stuck inside at work all day, and also the fact that it's still Feb and no longer sunny!! Mum said she almost put her shorts on, but thankfully she spared us all the sight!!!She also says hey and would send you a message but she's not all that good at this modern technology and just happened to call whilst I was in the middle of writing this!Hope you're still having an awesome time and are enjoying getting cosy with the goats in their shed!Right,I'm off to bed. Love u lots xxxxx

Manda said...

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Harry (alpha2)
Happy Birthday to You

Tons of love, hugs and xxxxxxxxx MuM

Manda said...

Harry's Birthday Rap

Out in Borneo,
Doing gravity's work,
Getting the water to flow,

It might be manual labour,
A pretty tough job,
But you're out there,
dropping aqua from above,

Toiling away,
with spades and mallets,
Dropping rhymes like these,
In Borneo's 'got talent'.

You're saving the cheerleader,
Saving the world,
Taking Bears trousers,
Out for a whirl,

Hope they're holding up,
And your gears OK,
You've got more of it,
Than I've got things to say,

We don't really miss you,
But I guess I should plead,
Don't let the mossies
Have an evening feed!

Nah, just kidding,
We miss you alright,
Be careful when you tuck yourself
in for the night,

But its your birthday,
Thats why we're here,
So go and celebrate,
With some malaysian cheer!

Go back to camp,
Put your hammock in that tree,
get respectably merry,
and think of Mum, Dad, Si and me!


Kevin Cowell said...

Hey Seb

Will has just been here and we have been checking out your facebook profile with the classic tree shots, the cheese (very funny I bet it is happy cheese)and the various big fruit. What a crazy time you must have had eh?

Anyhoo hope your guns are on safety and you are enjoying the experience out there in the junglings. I see that mum has finally got internet, which is cool so there will be dual blogging from here on in.

Take care

Lots of love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hoi Emilie, hoe is het daar in de warme natte jungle? Leuk even wat van je te horen per mail, al was het maar kort. Ik ga het voor je regelen hier met Studielink!
In Holland is het hollands weer, het regent een beetje het is niet koud, maar ook niet lekker warm, kortom knudde!
(Ken je dat woord eigenlijk wel?)
Veel plezier daar en tot horens. liefs en kus mama

emily-van-dedem said...

Hoi meis, ik ben me toch aan het klungelen met deze berichten. Ik heb nu maar een livejournal account aangemaakt, anders komt er nooit een berichtje van mij op deze site en dat vind ik weer niet leuk voor jou.
Hier alles goed, Jeroen is hard aan het werk om tentamens en presentaties te doen, de hondjes maken het goed, Loeloe niet zo, maar dat wist je al. Ze krijgt tegenwoordig blikvoer door haar brokken, ze eet het braaf op, maar spuugt het een paar uur later weer net zo hard uit. Nou ja, dan heeft ze vast al wat binnen gekregen. De wandelingen duren nu ook erg lang, ze sjokt echt bijna alleen maar, heeeeel af en toe trekt ze een sprintje achter een stok aan, maar daarna is ze wel weer erg moe.
Leonhard en Q waren hier te eten zaterdag, was erg gezellig.
Iedereen is erg benieuwd hoe het met je gaat, veel vriendinnen vragen naar je. Ik zeg tegen iedereen dat je het super hebt en dat is ook zo. Toch?
Zorg goed voor jezelf, en geniet van elke minuut!
Veel liefs en dikke zoen, mama

harry-bee said...

HI Jamie!

Great to see its all going well, I'm so jealous of you. Ive just finished another 9am lecture, which i seem too have loads of this semester, so I will be going back to bed when i get home. Hope they put a few more photos up soon, you seem to be getting in quite a few.

Miss you loads


grandad o said...

hi James c
\we see you r getting plenty of messages just want you to know we r watching you too. Enjoy life

Jen! said...

HARRRY!! Happy Birthday!!! Woop woop, sending you lots of birthday cheer and craziness all the way from the lovely west kirby! Quite windy at the mo, there were loads of lasers out on sunday club racing, i really think you could give them a run for their money, you will have to show them who's boss when you return. Might be getting on the match racing team though, and they came 3rd in the worlds the other week, so fingers crossed i'm about to catapulted into a pro-team, but sadly, given my talents it seems more than likely that they won't want me though, so you shall have to do all the pro-sailing for the both of us!!! I hope you have an absolute bombastic time of a birthday!! I will do double celebrating back here for the both of our birthdays!! AHHHHH so excited!! as i'm sure you can well imagine!! Have fun, stay safe and remember some of the fabulous tips old bear has given us:- pine needles have 8 times more vitamin C than oranges (so no excuse not to protect from those pesky free radicals) also, if you can't swim well but you need to cross a large stretch of water, you can use your pants as a flotation device. Remove your pants, fill them with air, then tie off the legs. Raise the pants over your head in the water and it will act like a life jacket. Wow i feel so wise with that knowledge under my belt... pants, under my belt? geddit? oh how you miss my jokes!! Anyway, have a fab day, much love! Jenny xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hi Mathijs, ik probeer maar weer eens een berichtje hoewel het niet altijd lukt! Gezellige brief met plaatjes schreef je aan P.+J. etc, Muis en ik kregen hem ook ,ongelooflijk van de andere kant van de wereld! Hoe is het met de W-shaped dam en het shoereck? Jullie zijn inmiddels wel weer met een ander project bezig, denk ik! Hier nu een beetje voorjaar, sneeuwklokjes etc en zon!! OOm Gerrit Jan + fam terug van Lex =wintersport, Martijn + fam zit er nu, Joris solliciteerd in Denemarken!! Mijn fam. verdeeld over de wereld! Houd je taai en geniet van alle spannende dingen daar, vooral de warmte en nde contacten! Liefs Omie

Anonymous said...

He Anne Fleurtje (alpha6)

He lieve fleur hoe is het daar? Ik vind het nu wel echt lang duren hoor! Mis je echt! Hoop dat alles daar een beetje goed gaat. Hier is het een beetje saai zonder jou. Vind het vooral echt jammer dat ik je niet gewoon even kan bellen ofzo.
Maar we zijn al op een derde! en je komt ook weer terug! Ik kan echt niet wachten. Dan kunnen we weer op de boot kapiteinen haha! heel veel succes daar nog even lieverd het gaat helemaal goed komen, we zitten bijna op een jaar!!!! bel je me zodra je ergens bereik hebt? zou het super chill vinden om even je stem te horen namelijk!
Ik vond jou brief trouwens echt super leuk en ik mag bijna die andere openen! spannnend!!

dikke kus van mij, kees en poes ( die ik nog steeds elke dag instop met ze pootjes boven de dekers)
love you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emily! Hope all is going well and you've enjoyed your diving. Just thought I'd say hi :)


grandad o said...

hijamie there is a letter in post going to see mum dad and josh this weekend emily getting about well on here scrutches we went shopping in nottingdham on saturday hope you are having a good time love grandma

nicky said...

Hi Jamie
as I write to you dad and josh are watching the football and playing a physics game on MY laptop, so they are being great company! Josh went to exploreres again last night, he may even eventually decide to go to Germany with you all. Can't wait till they update the blog and we get to see what you have been doing. Bet you already look tanned, hope you are managing to sleep in that hammock, but I'm sure you aren't managing any of your mega lie ins. I have put you a second letter in the post so you should get it around 28th Feb. As always we are missing you loads but I'm sure you are having a great experience. Loads of love mum. x x x

janmshirley said...

Hello Meg! (Alpha 5)
Hope diving went well and you're having a great time trekking. Looking forward to seeing more pics when they're up, missing you so much! Well the tonsils are gone and Kate hasn't eaten chocolate for almost a week so it must be bad...Mum's just about coping with the wingeing, do you miss us?!!
Letters in the post and all the parents are meeting up to exchange travelling news soon. Off to watch mistresses but would much rather be in Borneo;)
Lots of love and hugs
Mum and Kate

karim said...

Hi Tash
Just off to work, same old routine. Have posted a letter to you, will do another today. Hope you are still having a great time, I'm sure you are, you lucky thing. Miss you loads.
Lots of love from all of us.
Mum, Dad, Rhia and Dom

Anonymous said...

Hi Lotsie

Hope your ok, I had my last day at work yesterday yipee!! Tom getting bored now, he says Hi, Wendy,Robert and Pam are coming over at the weekend we are having a few prople over for a goodbye drink. Another letter in the post, take care love and miss you

Mum x x x

Pien said...

Ha Matthijs
gisteren Jorrit gesproken, alles goed daar en hij ging ook een blog sturen maar ik zie hem nog niet staan.Alles rustig hier, zal je vanmiddag weer schrijven met het laatste (niet opwindende)nieuws. Ik hoop dat er snel weer wat nieuws over jullie op de blog komt,
liefs, Pien

Georges' Mum said...

hi george

Georges' Mum said...

Hi George, So how's it all going. Would be great to see some photos from alpha 1. Miss you heaps and hope your having a great time. Jon and I spent last w/end up the coast leaving madeleine to look after the house and puppy dogs. Harry up to his usual tricks....finding things in the garden. Apparently while we were away he found one of those hair clips with the big teeth in them that girls tie up their hair with. Well Harry found another use for it.....and came up the back steps wearing them in his mouth!!!!! What a sight!!!!!!!!! I'm back to work and uni and Jon working hard. Brownie and his dad might come over at the w/end to pick up his fathers ring. Every one is well. Nothing changed since you have been away although Bonkey has taken a liking to your bed!!. I think he suspects something is different. feels like you've been away for ages. Hope you're having a good time and enjoying the experience. Heaps of Love, Think of you LOTS. Brownie Dad wants to know how the orangutans are going????!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of LOVE MUM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

karim said...

Hey Tash
Jersey is back after skiing remember last year.
Dom is revising for his modules with lots of protest!!Work busy ,still looking for flights to fiji.Missing you lots
I am sure you are having lots of fun.
That was funny about the hammocks and hill
Did you fall out and roll down the hill?
I bet you didnt even notice Ha ha
Lots of love Dad

Madelon said...

Lieve Emma,
Er zijn brieven op de bus gedaan dus hopelijk krijg je binnenkort ook echte post.
We hopen dat je het heerlijk hebt. Hier is het miezerig winter weer, alhoewel de sneeuwklokjes wel aan het uitkomen zijn. Marian Kroese had deze ochtend Kaat aan de telefoon gehad uit Costa Rica. Daar alles goed. Zij is nu op weg naar Nicaragua voor een volgend project. Heeft blaren op haar handen van het harde werken maar verder alles prima. Zal deze week nog een keer een brief op de bus doen zodat je op de hoogte blijft van het wel en wee hier in NL.
Heel veel liefs van ons allemaal, Pa & Ma

Stephanie said...

Hi Alice

It was lovely to hear your voice and your news. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Keep smiling and enjoy every experience- it will be something you will never forget! I told everybody that you had phoned and they all send their love and miss you to. Have fun enjoy your pizza tonight and happy diving tomorrow!

Love and hugs Mumxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas Parson! Mum here, or there ha ha. Hows it going, made friends with the Orangotangs - however you spell it? Its miserable weather here at mo.Bet you have been sweating buckets! Hope you're getting plenty of jungle grub - with your appetite you are probably finishing off everybody else's, Got some of the photo's printed off. It all looked fun. Hope you are enjoying yourself. We all say Hi eeeee and byeeee for now . Mum xxxxxxx

Raoul said...

Ha Pieter-Bas,

Ik ben zojuist terug uit Portugal. Je broer Floris zal zich deze korte vakantie nog lang heugen. Hij heeft een enkele nacht deels doorgebracht in de badkuip. Ik schijn nogal te snurken, althans volgens hem. Ikzelf heb nergens last van. Lissabon was overigens prachtig en een aangenaam voorjaarstemperatuurtje van 20 graden onder een strak blauwe hemel deed de rest. Ik mis het leven aan de mediterranee en dat geldt zeker ook voor je broer. Hij heeft zich al helemaal voorgenomen om zijn gap-year in Italie door te brengen. Dank nog voor je mail-bericht. Goed om te horen dat je het erg naar je zin hebt.


Reedmans said...

Emily Hutchinson, Alpha 5, we are all thinking about you in the jungle and hope you are having a great time! We were pleased to see you on top of the pyramid and can't wait to see what else you have been up to (poo-pits excluded!). Its very cold here and might snow, expect you're roasting! Anyway keep your wits about you and have fun! God bless and lots of love from Aunty Jill, Uncle Paul, Todd and Bethxxx

Simon said...

Hi Daniel
It seems like you having a fun time!All ok here,kids are well if a bit naughty.Still bloody raining.The kids picture was in The Mail,playing in the snow.Matthew is enjoying college(ha ha-more like on the sauce)
More later

Allan Bridges said...

Hello Daniel,

Hope you are still enjoying yourself, looks like you are.
Matthew says hello, he has now been gone 3 weeks and is coming home for the weekend. Looks like he is having a good time. Sure he will show you the sights when you get to Adelaide.
Amalia and Hayley OK, Hayley just came back from a school snorkling camp albeit a bit burnt, all send their regards. Looking forward to catching up soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave
Mum here ,yes Dave,Mum.Thanks for the birthday flowers and chocs....which lasted 24 hours well almost.Flowers have been beautiful. The florist tried twice to deliver and eventually sent her husband after hours...still on the right day.
Dad's got his post cataract specs, so bowling improved and books voraciously read.Wonderful photos. Thanks to all the geeks who made such communication possible.Hope the tooth fairy is kind.
Love Mumndad

Anonymous said...

Hoi Matthijs,
Vorige blog op oude blog gezet. Dom. Nu beter, hoop ik. Niets bijzonders hier. Narcissen staan in bloei. Had niet gedacht dat dat dit jaar nog zou gebeuren. Alsmaar nat en koud.Maar nu zon!Groetjes, Muis.

Anonymous said...

Halo Matthijs
Benjak orang-orang datang disine buat hari ulang tahun D.C. Kami memikirkan anda.