Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Amidst the White Noise

 Troo troo troo troooooot, beep-beep-BEEEEP!!!
-Fieldbase Radio

At Fieldbase, that's the sound of an alpha group calling in on the radio with updates. Just 5 days after deployment, the Alpha groups are good and already been up to all sorts of things. We bring you the news from each alpha group: 

Alpha 1 have started digging the path to the dam and the area for the dam, while those not working on the dam have been / will be going down to the nearby village of Kampung Kinapulidan to teach English to the children of the primary school there. 

Alpha 2 are constructing a 'w' shaped dam, while those stationed at camp are constructing a shoe rack. 

Alpha 3 completed a bridge and is now laying logs in the ground for the construction of some stairs. 

Alpha 4 has planted some tree seedlings, and recently went for cooking lessons at the nearby village. 

Alpha 5 is seeing the end of their diving course, and will begin trekking on tomorrow!

Alpha 6 is in good spirits and is making friends wih the local leeches. 

Also in today's news, the Mini Loop has set off to the lovely village of Kampung Rugading this morning! Jim, Amy and Esme are spending the night with Alpha 1, bringing with them supplies and YOUR MESSAGES FROM THE BLOG! 

Val, stocking up the A1 Loop box. 

Bon Voyage!

The Mini Loop will be back tomorrow, and then set off on the normal loop again on the next day! 


mum said...

Hi Roslyn sayang,

We're missing u a whole lot here - so much so that I wrote your name instead of Seroja's on her school form! Even the school admin says that I must be missing you.

Hope it hasn't been raining too much there. Luv u.

dignum said...

Hi Lauren (Alpha 2),

We've had our first update on your exploits and pioneering adventures.... how is the shoe rack?!!
Still finding it difficult to sit and walk having not mastered the snowboarding techniques on the dry slope. Fortunately the course has finished now. We're off to Kay's on friday evening for a glass or two of orange juice....to keep her company while A&A are off skiing. No emails from Nottingham re accommodation yet. Mum is ticking off the days to you return....I'm using the car while I can. All our love, thinking of you everyday, Dad xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hoi lot!
Veel plezier en succes met je riool! En je 'w' shaped dam, natuurlijk. Wij zitten hier nu in Oostenrijk en het sneeuwt hard dus we gaan deze ochtend even nog niet skien.
Het is hier gezellig. Het skien gaat wel goed bij ons. Mama zit op les voor 3 dagen en bij haar gaat het ook al beter dan eerst. Ze ging gister zelfs van zwart een stukje!
Nou, wij gaan weer!
Juut en papa en mama

Madelon said...

Dear Emma,
Hope you are having a wonderful time. Alpha 4 can profit from your extensive gardening skills... Hope that the mosquito's leave you alone a little. We miss you here.
Love from mum & dad

Marlies said...

Hallo Anne-Fleur,

Al 5 dagen in de jungle.Hoe gaat het met je? Wij denken veel aan je en hopen dat, je een fijne tijd hebt in een ,denk ik, prachtige natuur.

Veel kusjes van mama

Anonymous said...

Ha Matthijs,
P vertelde me over deze site, wat leuk om je zo te kunnen volgen! Geniet van je tijd daar en succes met je 'watermanagement'! Groeten aan Emilie.
Elsbeth, Simon, Sebas en suus

Pien said...

Hi Matthijs,
lees net dat jullie een W-shaped dam aan het bouwen zijn, hebben we je vast geleerd in Pura?! Hier alles OK, behalve het druilweer. Doorn heel rustig, iedereen skieen. Hopelijk niet te veel leeces, maar je weet: gillen helpt ook (soms) liefs Pien

Mum said...


love the cooking lesson thing!!! Your gonna have to prove yourself when your home. Got letter from J she's looking forward to seeing you, there will be a dutch girl of 22 staying with her a the same time so you might both stay at Katies. Do you have your working permit with you?

xx Elizabeth

mandyb said...

Hi Daniel
Just had an update about Alpha2. W shape dam building sounds interesting! Where does the shoe rack fit in?! Boo on half term and missing you lots. You missed a cracking episode of Lost the other night! Hope you having lots of fun. Letters are on there way to you. The last of our snowman melted this morning!!!
Will sort out finances for uni this week.
Thinking of you every day love you lots Mum Dad and Boo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

KarlTye said...

Hi Lauren and all in Alpha 2!
Hope you're all loving it out there. The Dam/Shoe rack sounds great,, hope progress is fab!
I miss you so much Lauren, can't wait for your return! I hope the loop takes our messages to you!
Thinking of you,
Love Karl xxx

strietman said...

Ha Lieve Youp, ik heb gelezen dat jullie al een brug klaar hebben, wat knap zeg, en nu zijn jullie een trap aan het aanleggen. Wij hebben heel erg veel bewondering voor je, zo daar in (wat ik op internet heb gezien) een prachtige natuur. Denk aan je,
Veel liefs XXX mama

Anonymous said...

howz it goin daz,its chrissy.not heard from ya

Anonymous said...

Hoi Lange,
Graaf je netjes. Lekker warm.
D.C.1+2 & Muis

hou je zelf heel daar

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophie,
Great to hear that Alpha 6 is getting to know the local creepie crawlies!
I'm in Singapore at the moment so if I shout loud enough you might be able to hear me.
Hope you have got used to the heat and are OK with the local spag bol?I have just lasted 30mins on a tennis court at the hotel where it is only 28 C.I think I would rather be on your scuba course. Good luck with that.
Mum's birthday today so she is meeting her girlfriends for lunch(tesco vouchers) and having a meal with James tonight!!!???
Had a good trip to Salisbury last week to check out the local house scene - what is your mud hut like?
We all look forward to reading the blogs so keep them coming.
Take care,

strietman said...

eeey youppie!
hoe gaat het er nou mee? hier gaat alles zijn gangetje hoor dus je mist verder helemaal niets hier behalve mijn gezelschap dan natuurlijk! hoorde van mam dat jullie een brug hebben afgebouwd en dat jullie nu een trap daarvoor aan het maken zijn, lekker bezig hoor! maak je ook nog een paar fototjes daarvan of heb je geen camera? hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt daar in het verre oosten en dat je het nog wel een beetje leuk vind in de rimboe!!

xxx max

Jenivie!!!! said...

HARRRRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Just thought i'd stop past and say heyyyy, me and ed house sat saras house this weekend, it was rather fab!! how is the w shaped dam or shoe rack going??? what on earth is a shoe rack? a rack for shoes?? i'm sure they will be amazing!!!! loving the picturess, you are the macs background- be pleased. a star of the back room i tell you, a star!! all the 'alpha b' people look ever so lovely, say hello to them from me. i think i'm going to wagamamas tonight - exciting.com. aywayyy.... i'm rambling as i tend to do, see you later aligator- have you seen any aligators?? no? shame. have fun haz baz snaz!!! love, jennycobana xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey joost,hier een berichtje uit serfaus. we hebben het super, prachtige sneeuw en erg gezellig wel vreemd zonder jouw. veel succes met de jungle trek en tot horens veel liefs en een hele dikke kus van pa, ma,coen en tijn

johnacamp said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Shai is coming this morning to ride Rocca, I think she is coming on a regualar basis to do this. Hopefully she will be fit and ready for you when you come back in May! All is well here. It's mid winter break so we are off to the movies!
Love, MumXXXXX

johnacamp said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Hope you are having fun! All is well here, Shai is coming to ride Rocca! Miss you so much but so sure your having a great time. I can't wait to hear from you. Have you sent a letter??
Love from all of us.

Loughborough Explorers said...

Hi Jamie, Hope you're having a great time!
Looking forward to watching your adventures on the blog.
All the best from Jenny, Colin and Loughborough Explorers!

johnandang said...

Hi Frances (Alpha 2), hope you are enjoying the project - shoe cupboard needs rearranging when you get back!

love Mum and Dad

Maha said...

Hi Hana,

We miss you so much. We're always thinking of you and longing to see you. Everyone is asking about you. Lots and lots and lots of love from Hadi, Maha and Mo.

Anonymous said...

Mum says!!!

Hi to Stuart in Alpha 1,
Hope your having a great time, see your helping to build a Dam sounds great, we miss you lots, everyone is asking after you and sending their love, your parcel arrived today, trainers and t shirts.
love you lots
mum dad shannon and aidan xxxxxx

Fiona Crosbie said...

Hey Clare glad to hear you having good time trekking- met any good bugs? Remember, the only good bug.....Shona says miss you XXXX

karim said...

Hi Tash
Mum and rhia watching mistresses!!!
Dom on playstation and dad on comp.
We are all missing you dreadfully.
I am still thinking of coming to fiji to chill with you.HEHE
We can party together and have fun just exploring.
checking out the flights right now
Lots of love.............from the hirani crew!!!!

Susan C said...

Hello again Emmie H, missing you and thinking of you every day. Hope the diving went well and the leeches aren't biting (sucking?! - yuk!) now you're trekking? Best wishes to all of Alpha 5. Enjoy the sun, its grey here again & the snow has gone. Guided tour of Curve today - its an amazing place - tickets as a treat when you come home!! Hope this gets to you via the loop, Love you lots, Mum, Dad & Joe xxx

Anonymous said...

Jennifer said....
Hai Venessa and all in Alpha 4!
Hope you find out there. Wah! u have planted some tree and learn cooking already ci.....that great!We proud of you. Lots of love from mum,dad,virgil and ibu. Miss you Uuuuu.....mah lots kissess.

Anonymous said...

Virgil said......
Wah cici! i saw you enjoy out there from the internet but i proud of you. All the best ok. Ci.... u know what i miss u so much. The house quite no more your laught ha.....hh....that expecially when watch American Idol. Lots hugs from your sister Virgil.

Anonymous said...

Dad said......
Hai my girl Venessa. Hope you ok out there.
Mum said that recently u went for cooking lessons at the nearbly village. That great! so you learn how to make hinava and nonsom already? Dad want to try that? can's wait oready? Take good care yourself ok. Miss you and love from dad James.

Jordan said...

Lizabeth Camp,
Miss you tons! Hope planting is going well and your cooking lesson was delicious! I am currently stalling before I have to take a test :( blah!!! Oh, some exciting news, I submitted my app to UW! Hopefully I get in, I am real nervous! YIKES! Miss you more than you know, cant wait til your back in my arms ;) loveess youuu
-George <3

Gwynneth said...

Hi Molly
Can't wait to hear how the diving went! Hope it was amazing. Pete and I are having a very lazy half term. The Callaghans send their love, it was Gaye's birthday yesterday. Missing you,
love Mum for us all xxx

Stephanie said...

Hi Alice,
Missing you loads. I am extremely envious of you and i hope you are having a fantastic time. Im sure your making the most of it, and i cannot wait to hear about it all when you get back. Keep Smiling :) and Take Care

Wills xxxxxxx

Manda said...

Hey HAZ of the Jungle! How goes it? Weather here is 'dull', half term is 'work' your bro's 'sleep' - and you are "getting out there!" Looking forward to seeing pics of your projects. I'm going to London today to take in a show with your Dad, might do a gallery too. Lila has been checking you out but needs a lesson in blogging. She sends loads of love. Jen was hear yesterday - she is getting excited about your Big B' Day's coming up!!
She is coming down south to celebrate. More mail on the way. Thinking of you - Lot and Lots of love - your Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

tania said...

Hi Scoobs, so happy you are getting the trekking bit over and done with. Can't cope with the whole leech thing! Once a city girl, always a city girl. Hope the deet is working? Everyone asking after you and thinking of you always. Have you thought of the Hancook to put you to sleep yet? Seeing Jill this afternoon. Love you Babe. Mom x

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham, Missed you during the Duke of Perth last night, as did Vera and Camille - no sign of Pamina. Hu Yan, John, Sue, Bradfords all wanting to know if we've heard from you and how you are doing. Snowed all day today so we hiked the canal to the summer palace. Miss you lots,
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Hei che.. Hw r u?? Hope u r fine.. Syok ka over there?? Wat la u eat?? So boring owh at hse.. Haha.. Duno wat wan 2 wrte ody... Hahahahaha... Miss u!! Love alwayz, Virgil..

Anonymous said...

To Clare Mcmanus....
Hey! We don't know your alpha number but we hope this will reach you somehow. Hope the boys over there are everything you wanted and more :D how was the big val day? Did you have a love filled time? hope you're not getting eaten alive and the jungle boots are functioning well. to update you: unfortunately mr jingles passed last night, ruth has a new californian bbf who went to school with people from the hills and had met lady gaga and perez hilton,and lois hasn't killed anyone yet whilst learning to drive and is off to belfast this weekend for a nashville/belfast songwriters festival. so all is well on the Western front. We miss you lots and have nothing to do here really without you! lots of love, lois and ruth (your bbfs) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hallo Pieter-Bas,

Kon ta bai? Mammie mist de vertrouwde wekelijkse gesprekken en kijkt nu al reikhalzend uit naar onze ontmoeting in Bali eind april. Afgaande op de foto's met begeleidende tekst lijkt Borneo een geweldig avontuur te worden. Let goed op jezelf en op de anderen en tot binnenkort. Embrassa ook van mammie en Floris

Gideon Mendel said...

hey zoe, (apha 3)
hope your having a wicked time.
looks like you ben busy!
love you and miss you

the-elliotts said...

hey rose, hope alls going good. just thought id drop u a quick message.
iv been gettin free clothes from my work experience which is pretty damn sweet...nothing that nice but free clothes are good clothes!! ha!
im stayin in vics flat in london all alone cos shes skiin and her housemate is away too!! ts all good though naus has been joinin me.
mum and dad still in NY i believe back tomoro.
havnt sent a letter yet, so best get on that.
seen u been cooking with alpha 4...hope thats been goin ok, an ur not too rubbish without a microwave!!
miss you...oh yeah, ur letter from ali came the day u left...what a ball ache!!! when we can speak il open it and read it to u.-oh and also we confirmed ur plae at the arts institute cos u got a letter thru so ur all set for uni baby!!! love you...miss you face x

Mum said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mum said...

Hi Sophie, Hope that the diving was good and have fun with the treking. It was wet here today, but James is off to Barcelona to see Pete tomorrow. I tried to post a comment last week, but without success, hopefully you will get this.

Take care, loads of love, the Hunters

Gideon Mendel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gideon Mendel said...

hey zoe (alpha 3),
hope ya having a good time/ looks like u been busy.
love you and miss you

the-elliotts said...

Hey Rosie, this is all way too complicated for a bear of very little brain,hence the rather belated first message from me!! Hope all's groovy tho.Glad to see you've been planting trees, whereas all I did when I was away was weeding!!And cooking, hope you're going to be able to come over and cook for me local stylee when you get home!!Anyway, nothing new here, work still ok, busy as ever and would love to just run away. Anyhoo, there is post on the way when I get round to posting it!I'm off to bed.Love u loads, Ru xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hai Venessa (Alpha 4),

Ingkuo koh noh dii baino? Ahansan zou avasi koh miampai kouvang nu. Onu naakaan nu ci? Hope uyou fine over there k. Love and miss you so much.

Love from mum and dad

karim said...

Hi Tash (Alpha 3)
You are so missed, everywhere we go people askin bout you.Your room is so tidy tho ahhh... Lovely to hear what you are doing, am so envious. Matts mum read book, raved bout it. Second book in pipeline, first paragraph down! Love you so much, miss your gabble and infectious laughter.
Mum, Dad, Rhia and Dom X

emily van dedem said...

Lieve Emilie, ik lees alsmaar de berichtjes die ik heb gepost niet! Ik hoop dat het uiteindelijk wel lukt om ze op de site te krijgen. Nou ja, hier alles goed, lees het stukje van Pien maar, lekker rustig zo'n dorp zonder wintersporters.
Hondjes gaan ook redelijk goed, Ruby is te logeren, dan worden ze natuurlijk een beetje truttig! Loeloe gaat niet zo goed, ze eet weer bijna niks en wordt steeds magerder.
Ik vond het leuk om te lezen dat jullie waterproject zo goed gaat en ik hoop dat jij een van degenen bent die de dorpelingen engels gaat leren. Dat kun je vast heel goed. Dikke kus mama

Stephanie said...

Hey Elizabeth Campanella
No new updates with you from the last time i wrote to youuu! but i hope you are growing some fun things and are learning to cook some yummy thingsss!!! =) nothing tooo new here! im sick again though so ive been fighting a bad cold and back on antibiotics =( im going to hawaii for spring break though with chelseas family!! im excited! but i miss you a lot and am counting down the days until i get to hear from you again!! I cant wait to hear what your next adventure is going to be!! i hope you are having fun and loving it! Miss you and Love youu!
Love, Steph

Mark said...

Hi Lottie, hope you are having a great time. We are wondering if you are involved in the digging and how you are finding the food. Mum and Tom send their love and we are all missing you loads. Pam is coming to take the cats next week, sad..

Mum is sending another letter so look out for that soon. Love Dad.

helen ymca said...

hi Darren
we're all thinking of you and missing you loads, we know your doing well, keep it up enjoyyyyy
Helen and all at the YMCA xx

Anonymous said...

Lieve Matthijs,een woordje uit Rotterdam, waar alles Ok is en niet opwindend. Kijk iedere dag of er nieuws is op je blog, leuk om mee te genieten in de verte!
P en D komen straks hier, want D heeft vakantie en moet mij helpen met deze brief. Hoop snel over jullie te lezen. Liefs Omie

karim said...

hey its dom!
mum wants me to study but its not happening! :D
we got your postcard and your letter im jealous of you! don't go falling out your hammock! i know what your like hah! i have been out most of the holidays and only 3 and a half hours of revision has been done i need to do alot more but really can't be bothered! oh well ...
love you lots bye tash xx

Manda said...

Harry - Thanks for the letter it was just brill to hear your words! It all sounds amazing. Razzle sailing is hovering around the 10.000 ish!
Off to do some gardening - to get some legs like steel too!!! Not!
Loads of Love, hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxx MUM

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. Photos great. What an opportunity to keep in touch with these comments. We are all enjoying the blog and sharing the experience from the armchair.
love MnD

Dirk said...

he matthijs

hier alles goed , brief is aangekomen 19-02.
hier koud en nat.


Jerry Roberton said...

Hello Amy
19-02-09 got your letter today. Hope Imbak is improving after your work. Glad to hear you ae putting swimming skills to work. Have you got used to the Leeb- Leebs crawling all over you yet? Don't work too hard and leave some energy for enjoying life.

Love from Mum and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Lottie

Sitting here with Suzanne, Marj and Katie having a good laugh, wondering what you are up to.I have only got two days left at work! Happy digging, love you loads Mum x x

Marlies said...

Lieve Wiebel,
Hoe gaat het met je? Bijna klaar met de jungletocht?
Niet al te veel last van bloedzuigers gehad, hoop ik?Zaterdag vieren we de verjaardag van Papa en Aimee bij ons thuis.Het is hier rustig en vooral netjes,maar wel stil hoor zonder jou.
Ik hoop, dat je geniet en nieuwe vrienden hebt gemaakt.Hou je taai en we denken aan jou. Kua mamalies

Anonymous said...

Good morning my girl Venessa,

Hope you fine. Mum got your sms last night. Thank you dear. Dad so happy went read it.
We miss you a lots. Bye. Mum

woonchin said...

Shu Woan!!!! & d HCVs !!!
(Roslyn, Mun Mun, Jia Yee, Poh-E, sabah friends!)
Oppssie Poopssie...
Hope you all are doing great with all the LEECHes/ MOZZIEs/ SANDFLIES ... or whateva little creatures there!!! woohaaaaaa.....

Shuwoan, I am sure you enjoyed the underwater world and here comes the TARZAN world - Long Pasia!!! wahahhaaaaa... Hope you enjoying yourself to the max, gal!!!

Cheerios :0)
Chin from Semenanjung

woonchin said...

Ola dearest Jim ! Mac! Sarah(trek)! Yolanda!!!
It's CHIN (borneo 08H) here!!!
Time flies and the lucky 09B venturers already in their first phase!!
Hope everything is *wicked n SeXY* there!!!
Sarah!!! Don't just fly away without saying BYE if you happen to drop-by @ KL, okie dokie?

Best regards n luv loads from Chin :0)

Emily van Dedem said...

Hoi meis, hier alles goed, lekker druilweer. Je brief is gisteren aangekomen, mooi hoor! Gezellig om wat van je te horen. We zijn heel erg nieuwsgierig naar al je avonturen, maar dat is iedereen als ik zo de berichtjes lees.
Kus mama

Anonymous said...

Hi Kayu Malam,

Si Keruis Kubis dgn kuncu2nya pegi Maliau jalan2..ko nda dengki? :)

tania said...

Hi Andrew (alpha 6)

All fine at home, going to the Dubai tennis championships tonight. Murray won last night but Nadal and Ferderer have pulled out with injuries - shame. Singers back from skiing and sounds like they had a good time. Oma sent you a letter and I've sent 3 so far. Wonder how long the post takes to get to you? Stay happy and love you more. Mom xx

Anonymous said...

he lieve Fleur (alpha6)

Ik heb net even gekeken op internet waar je nu aan het duiken ben maar heb het vermoeden dat je daar dus ook geen bereik hebt... Vind dat wel echt suuuper jammer want zou echt heel graag even met je willen bellen en je stem horen! Ik hoop dat je het een beetje naar je zin hebt daar en dat het goed gaat! Hier gaat alles ze gangetje, over mij hoef je je geen zorgen te maken want ik kan alleen maar wachten tot je weer terug bent want ik vind het wel saai als jij er niet bent.
En over 2 dagen hebben we dan eindelijk een jaar verkering! woehoe! ik vond het echt een super jaar!

Ik hoop dat je dit wel kan ontvangen trouwens.
Want ik snap echt niks hiervan.

liefje het gaat helemaal goedkomen! geloof me!heel veel plezier en een dikke kus ook van kees

love you

Anonymous said...

Hoi Matthijs,
Beide brieven gelezen en ervan genoten. Heb geschreven, ben benieuwd of de post er nu is. Wat zal jij sterk worden met al die stenen. Slamat makanan en slamat didoer.
D.C.& Muis

Anonymous said...

Hoi Matthijs,
Gisteren je brief van 26/2 ontvangen. Leuk. Is nog snel gegaan. Brieven van ons zijn onderweg. Hier niets bijzonders. Wouter en 2 (kleine) honden hebben hier een nachtje gelogeerd. Erg gezellig. Kregen gisteren ook een kaartje van de babyu van Katrien. Geweldig.
Liefs, Muis.

Yen Jun said...

Poh E!!

How ru doing???
enjoying urself like crazy?? u should!!
I'm sorry tht I haven't send u a letter.
I think I should write to you here 1st though.
how's everything going??
I will write soon! if not I'll send it to ur house ;)