Monday, 26 January 2009

More and Merrier!

Well it's been a while since the last post, and much has happened since. 

After a week of excited anticipation, planning and preparations, fieldbase team finally saw the day that the volunteer project managers would check in to fieldbase. Although the new arrivals were tired, jet-lagged, hot and sweaty, everyone was all-smiles and absolutely thrilled to see some familiar faces and at long last be on Bornean soil. 

Wendy, one of our medics, welcomed with open arms by volunteer project manager Ben. 

Once everyone arrived and found their own little nooks for belongings and a bed, the fieldbase team gave the newbies proper introductions to fieldbase and fieldbase practices. 

Sarah Y unravels the mysteries of the Door of Destiny

Logistics volunteer, Steph, explains the workings of the 3-bowl System. 

Come grub time, it was time to line up and put what they learnt into practice. Instead of washing their plates and cutlery at the sink, the team is required to get used to using the 3-bowl system to get them germ-free. 

It may feel strange to be doing this at first, but come the last day of expedition, you'll wonder what you'd do without the 3-bowls!

Val and Ben Cocks, the mum and son duo, grab some grub. 

Induction continued on day two, which included  radio training from the radio pro himself, Mac. 

The radio is the most important means of communication on expedition, as most of the project sites are without telephone or mobile phone services. 

The two-day induction also included herding to the local haunt for some delicious local food for dinner. The team ate their own weight in fried noodles, fried rice and an array of roti, and at the same time tried to learn and remember food vocabulary, high on the priority list of words to learn in any language. 

Stay tuned for updates about day 3 - 5, spent at jungle camp, where the team went through a crash course of jungle survival. 

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