Tuesday, 20 January 2009


A big Kopivosian (or 'welcome' in the ethnic Kadazan language) to the Fieldbase team who arrived at Fieldbase last Thursday!

They were given a quick tour of Fieldbase by Deputy Programme Manager Amy Holmes and then got cracking immediately - we got the Chinese New Year decorations out and adorned Fieldbase with red lanterns and paper pineapples to get into the festive mood of the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Fieldbase - the heart of Raleigh Borneo. 

All decked out for the season.

Introducing the Fieldbase team for Borneo Expedition 09B: 

All the way from South Africa is Elda who is in charge of Finance, with Jim our Country Director and Mac, the Country Programme Manager. 

Val, our administrator and Amy, 09B's Deputy Programme Manager working on visa applications.

Here is Val again, unloading supplies from one of our Bravos. 

Our specially recruited high speed doctor, Simon busily preparing the medical kits 

Once again our high speed doc is enlisted to change a tire, the rubber nearly melted.

Steph, our sole logistics staff, showing us she only needs two index fingers to get the job done.  

Mac and Yolanda, the Recruitment, Support and Media Coordinator. Yolanda also doubles as the communications officer for 09B.

Dave our snap-happy photographer and his trusty camera.

Back for the second time in a row is volunteer manager Sarah Young. Sarah was a volunteer manager for the 08H expedition last year (as was our DPM Amy) and loved it so much she came back for more! 

Sarah is back in Borneo, and gleeful about it!

The team is currrently working hard in preparation for the arrival of the rest of the volunteer managers this Thursday on the 22nd January and venturers on the 7th February. 

In the next post, we will introduce you to the rest of the team of 09B. Be very excited!


Adeeba said...

Mac - cheer up - finance isnt all THAT dull...! Good luck to everyone for what will surely be a cracking expedition

Jules said...

Welcome to the Volunteer Managers and our very special Sarah Potts from Cairo - you have an amazing few months ahead of you and mabrouk on the role Jules xx

caz said...

hi ames

hope all is going well with you- all ok here

good to see the start of borneo '09 and some of the preparations.. and your tan looks good, too!!

take care
the holmes etc
x x x x

ninoamigo said...

btw, mount kinabalu is the 4th (not 3rd a written on the blog) highest peak in SEAsia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Mount_Kinabalu

02L Sabah

Fiona Crosbie said...

Good luck to all the 09 venturers and field team
Kung Hey Fat Choy
Fiona (aka Clare McManus' Mum)

Pien said...

Hi Matthijs,
geweldig om de foto's van jullie daar te zien. Spannend project ga je mee beginnen en direct goed de bush in!
Good luck to your group,

Mum said...

Hi Sophie,

Trek and dive sounds great. The snow has virtually disappeared here. Dad going back to work on Sunday, which is just as well, as we can both do with a rest. Enjoy the diving! Love Mum

Steve and Moira said...


Great to see you there, seeing Borneo brings back memories of our trip. Trek and Dive sounds exciting. Deep snow hear I did not get home on Thursday Snow Bound in York.

Have a great time and be sure to enjoy every minute.

Much Love Steve and Moira

Tricia said...

Hey Dave,

Great photos! Hope you're doing well and that the project teams are enjoying themselves, too.

Went to the Trappist last Friday and thought of you! We all miss you very much! Keep up the hard work... looking forward to hearing all of your stories when you return.

Take care... xoxo

Anonymous said...

ewa swa anna!

kreeg een berichtje van Kirsten dat ze je vannacht had gesproken en dat je al gewond bent! aijh!! balen van het duiken! ik hoop dat je oor wel helemaal weer in orde komt! ben je verder wel volop aan het genieten?
In de sneeuw gaat alles weer goed! geniet geniet!!

Jorrit said...

hey Matthijs, neem aan dat het allemaal goed gaat, veel plezier nog de komende tijd! hier natuurlijk weer nat, grijs en koud. verder alles goed, de groeten van iedereen hier.

Jerry Roberton said...

Hey Sis,

I hope you are having an awesome time. You are not missing much in Walton. I have moved into your room but I am taking care of it. I hope you are having fun with the group and met some good people. I hope you see some orangutans, miss you, Olly x

Anonymous said...

Howzitt Callum We are all fine, thanks for the letter, sounds like you are in bug heaven. Had a great time in Siusi, tons of snow and very mellow. Building work has started and happening quickly. Usual sort of stuff going on here. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks enjoy it Love N, P, L & W and Buzz xxxxx

Katy Alderton said...

Hello Hannah,

Hope you are still having a brilliant time. The house feels very quiet without you here.

When you have a moment please could you email me your passport details for your finance application form.

Dad told me you called him, would be lovely to talk to you when you can.

Mum xxx